Chapter 630: Guiding Hong shi
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"Indeed!" Crown Prince Ye Qian also widened his eyes in astonishment.

Given how you arrogantly declared that you were going to challenge the three of them at once, I thought that you must have some kind of trump card that would allow you to defeat them. Or at the very least, you should have been able to fight on par with them. And yet… in just a moment, you were already bleeding from your nose. What are you up to?

How was this a duel? This was clearly a one-sided pummeling!

"Perhaps he hasn't caught the flow of the battle yet and accidentally got careless…"

Ye Qian tried to rationalize the situation before him, but before he could finish his words, Luo Zhao's fist struck Hong shi's nose as well. Blood immediately spurted out from the latter's nose.

"Cough cough… Fine, I was mistaken. He isn't a match for the three of them at all…"

Ye Qian nearly choked on his saliva, and eventually, he shook his head in disappointment.

Hong shi wasn't weak at all, but fighting against three people with similar fighting prowess simultaneously was no easy feat. As the saying goes, 'hardly can two fists rival four hands'. But at this moment, Hong shi was facing six!

In the blink of an eye, he was already struck several times, and his face started swelling up.

Watching the sight from the banquet table, Luo Xuan and Bi Jianghai were on the verge of going insane.

They thought that, given how confident Zhang Xuan was, Hong shi would wipe the floor with the three of them and successfully win the slots for them. Who knew that he would be beaten up right from the start…

"Zhang shi, what's going on…"

They quickly turned their sights to Zhang Xuan, only to see the fellow with his eyes closed as if dozing off…

The duo immediately staggered on the spot.

It was just a moment that you convinced Hong shi to go up confidently, but now that the battle had begun, you actually started sleeping… What are you up to?

Even if you want to play a prank, you do know that now isn't the time, right?

If not for the fact that they had come together from Myriad Kingdom Alliance, they would have really thought that the other party was a spy…

"Zhang shi, what do I do?"

Under the furious assault of the three 5-star master teachers, Hong shi was about to come to the limit of his endurance. He quickly sent a telepathic message to Zhang shi.

Before the battle, Zhang shi told him that he would offer him some pointers to win after analyzing the movements of the other three. At this moment, his face had already swell to the size of a pig's head already, but the other party hadn't said a word at all. Panicking, he quickly turned his gaze over, but with a single look, tears immediately flowed down his eyes.

Aren't you going to look at their movements and analyze their flaws so as to offer me pointers?

Can you even see their movements with your eyes closed?

"I'm done for…"

In an instant, desolation struck Hong shi.

If he had known earlier, he would have never believed the nonsense of this fellow. Not only were they going to lose the three slots, he was even going to get beaten up badly at that… What the heck was this…

Just as Hong shi was giving all hope, he suddenly heard a faint voice by his ear.

"Advance half a chi forward and inch slightly to the left. Use the Seventh Form of Origin Palm. Afterward, bend forward and use the Third Stroke of Dragon Capturing Palm…"

"Zhang shi…"

Hearing the voice, Hong shi suddenly jolted. He glanced to the side and saw that, at some point, the young man had already opened his eyes, and a bright gleam glowed in them.


Seeing the composed and confident posture of the other party, Hong shi couldn't help but feel inclined to trust him. Gritting his teeth, he immediately moved as the other party said.

"I thought that you might have grown formidable given how you dared to challenge the three of us at once. To think that you would be such a disappointment…"

After striking Hong shi's face squarely twice, confidence glowed brightly from Feng shi's face. At this moment, his wounds didn't seem to hurt as much anymore.

"Stop spouting nonsense. Beat him into surrendering first!"

Luo Zhao was also equally excited.

He was still burning with rage from being slapped in public. With such an ideal opportunity for vengeance lying right before him, how could he possibly allow it to slip by? Roaring furiously, his hands thrusted forward so quickly that it looked as though he had eight hands.

Spirit intermediate-tier battle technique, Hexad Arm Divine Fist!

"Indeed. Since he's courting death, let's grant his wish!"

Bellowing loudly, Chen Yue sent a kick over.

Even though his kick wasn't a battle technique, it was well-positioned to strike at Hong shi's blind spot.

Feng shi assaulting from behind, Luo Zhao from above, and Chen Yue from below. In an instant, the trio had sealed all routes of escape, putting Hong shi in a desperate position.

Just when it was almost certain that Hong shi would surely be severely wounded in this encounter, as though having predicted his opponents' attacks, he suddenly moved forward and stepped into a spot out of range for all three attacks.

While he had already stepped out of range, the attacks from the trio didn't stop—or rather, they couldn't stop.

Feng Yu was punched in the head by Luo Zhao, Luo Zhao was kicked in the crotch by Chen Yue, and Chen Yue was struck in the chest by Feng Yu.

Peng! Crack! Huala!

Three loud sounds echoed simultaneously in the air. The trio found their vision darkening, and they nearly fainted on the spot.

In order to teach Hong shi a lesson he would never forget, they had harnessed their full strength behind the previous attack. How could they have known that they would hurt their own teammate instead?

"Damn it…"

With a roar, Feng Yu got back up and thrusted his fist at Hong shi furiously. But before his palm could reach, he saw a leg enlarging swiftly in his sight.


His vision momentarily turned dark, and in the next instant, he was already flying in the air. His head crashed through one of the table of the banquet hall, leaving the lower half of his body twitching violently.

"You're seeking death…"

The overwhelming embarrassment that Luo Zhao felt from having struck one another earlier on sent blood gushing to his head. Furious, he charged forward and sent a fist straight toward Luo Zhao.

But Hong shi seemed to have predicted his move as well. The other party adeptly positioned himself at the blind spot of the fist and sent a kick over.


He was struck in the crotch yet again.


A cry of agony, reminiscent of a rooster's call, reverberated loudly in the hall. Luo Zhao immediately fell to the ground, curled up in a fashion similar to a prawn.

Even a Transcendent Mortal 6-dan expert like him couldn't possibly tolerate being struck twice consecutively in his weakest region. His heart jolted wildly as he suddenly realized that… he couldn't feel anything below…

"It's your turn!"

Seeing that he had successfully sent two experts of the same tier flying, Hong shi's confidence burst through the roof. He took two steps forward before suddenly turning around swiftly with an outstretched palm.


The sound of a palm striking a cheek echoed. Chen Yue staggered backward weakly, and a mouthful of blood spurted from his mouth. If one were to take a closer look, one could see three to four teeth amidst the bloodied mess.

Previously, when he struck Luo Zhao, he had held back. But now that they were in a battle, there was no longer any reason to do so. If not for the other party's enhanced physical resilience, the full might slap of a Transcendent Mortal 6-dan might very well have knocked his head off his neck.

Seeing this sight, the entire hall fell silent. Everyone's eyes were popping from their sockets, and they found themselves pushed to the brink of insanity.

Wasn't Hong shi still getting beaten up just a moment ago?

Everyone thought that he was moments away from an utter defeat, and yet… in the blink of an eye, he actually made such an astounding comeback!

To think that even the combined might of three Transcendent Mortal 6-dan experts couldn't even stop him. But if he was this formidable… how did he get beaten up in the first place?

"He saw through the enemy's movements and took countermeasures in advance. That is why Feng shi and the others are completely helpless before him!"

The hand that Wu Zhen was using to hold the wine glass turned visibly paler, and a grim expression appeared on his face.

Honestly, he didn't have much interest in the duels in such a remote place. Who could have thought that Hong shi would be such a fearsome person?

In just a few moments, he had already finished analyzing the other party's movements and made countermeasures for it.

This was no longer about cultivation but eye of discernment!

But how formidable must one's eye of discernment and deduction ability be to make these kind of judgements ten breaths into a battle?

Even Wu Zhen knew that he was incapable of such a feat!

"Probably only those monsters in the academy can achieve such a feat…"

A few figures surfaced in Wu Zhen's mind.

He was a formidable genius as well, and in a remote place like Huanyu Empire, his talent and cultivation were indeed envied by many. However, in Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy, where all of the talented master teachers gathered, his skills could only be said to be average.

In fact, one of his companions in this trip, Luo Qiqi, possessed such astounding talent in fighting that he couldn't even start to compare with her.

Considering how Hong shi only managed to reach 5-star at such an advanced age, he honestly didn't think too highly of the other party. Thus, he never expected to see a battle adaptability that was on par with Luo Qiqi and the other monsters of the academy in him!

Are you for real?

"No, something is wrong. If Hong shi really possesses such capability, his name would surely be known throughout the entire Huanyu Empire. It also doesn't make sense how Luo Zhao and the others managed to strike him earlier on either if that was the case."

Wu Zhen frowned.

Earlier, when Hong shi was attacked by the three simultaneously, he panicked, causing his movements to be riddled with flaws and poor judgement. If he had such talent in battle, he should have shown it right from the start. It didn't make sense for him to suddenly be 'boosted' in the midst of the battle.

"Could it be…"

A slight frown appeared on Wu Zhen's forehead, and he quickly turned his gaze over to the young man who took the initiative to volunteer Hong shi for the battle.

The young man's lips were quivering slightly. Clearly, he was sending instructions telepathically to Hong shi.

"Telepathic communication? As I expected!"

It was obvious that Hong shi was reluctant to face the three in battle, and he had only agreed to it under the insistence of this fellow. Since this fellow had put Hong shi up to it, he must be confident of victory. Thus, Wu Zhen turned his suspicions to this person, and it seemed like his doubts were proven right.

"But still, a 4-star master teacher actually managed to influence the outcome of a battle among 5-star master teachers through his pointers? How can that be?"

The more Wu Zhen thought about it, the more shocked he felt.

There were two realms between Transcendent Mortal 4-dan and Transcendent Mortal 6-dan, but more importantly, there was a fundamental difference in their fighting style as well due to the utilization of soul.

Rationally speaking, it should have been impossible for the other party to understand the fighting patterns of Feng shi and others given his current cultivation realm… But reality had proved that not only did he understand their fighting patterns, he was even able to decipher them, granting Hong shi an opportunity to make a complete comeback. This eye of discernment… was so impressive that it was fearsome.

"I can verify my hypothesis just by trying it out!"

After a moment of shock, Wu Zhen suddenly thought of something and his lips crept up.

"Zhang shi!"

With a loud shout, Wu Zhen's voice reverberated throughout the entire hall.


Stunned, Zhang Xuan turned his head over.

He didn't expect Senior Wu, whom even the crown prince had to treat with utmost respect, would suddenly call for him.

Peng peng!


In Zhang Xuan's momentary lapse of concentration, the sound of fists and legs sinking into flesh sounded, and a cry of agony accompanied it.

With the abrupt termination of Zhang Xuan's guidance, Hong shi fell into a disadvantageous position and was currently in the midst of being lynched once again.

"An inch diagonally to your forward right. Then, turn around and execute the Eighth Stroke of Dragon Capturing Palm…"

Zhang Xuan began sending instructions telepathically once more.

Hu hu hu!

Under his instructions, Hong shi regained the upper hand once more, suppressing the trio to the point that they could hardly catch their breath.

"Zhang shi!"

But at that moment, Wu shi's shout boomed across the room once more.


Zhang Xuan turned around.

Peng peng!


Hong shi screamed in agony once more.

"The hell!"

Seeing how Hong shi was struck the instant his instructions stopped, Zhang Xuan hurriedly turned his attention back and instructed, "Leap up slightly and once you land on the ground, retreat seven steps immediately…"

"Zhang shi!"

But before Zhang Xuan could finish his words, Wu Zhen's voice boomed across the room once more.

"What do you want?"

Zhang Xuan was on the verge of breakdown.

"I… am just shouting casually, you don't need to bother about me!"

Wu Zhen waved his hands casually.

"…" Zhang Xuan.

The hell, was this fellow really a talented student from Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy?

Why was he so childish?

While Zhang Xuan was sighing helplessly, in the dueling ring, Hong shi was crying. "Zhang shi, can you keep your attention here… You can't toy with me like that. If this goes on, I really might just die…"



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