Chapter 632: I'll Challenge All of You
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"We have to share the remaining five?"

Everyone frowned.

This was especially so for the champions in Feng shi, Luo shi, and Chen shi's groups.

Under normal circumstances, they would be entitled to an entire Lake Eye themselves. However, now that they had to share their resources, there would surely be insufficient spiritual energy in the lake for them to cultivate for three days.

But while they felt indignant, there was nothing they could do. The Sixth Princess, Wu Zhen, and the others were Grade 2 students from the Master Teacher Academy, as well as their future seniors. It would be improper to have them share the Lake Eye while they each took one up for themselves.

Putting everything aside, even if the Sixth Princess volunteered to share her Lake Eye… who would dare to take up the offer?

To dishonor the princess of Hongyuan Empire, a 5-star master teacher… only if one was tired of living.

"Un. I feel apologetic toward you regarding this matter as well. I'll leave the distribution of the Lake Eyes to you all!"

Ye Qian said apologetically. "I'm fine with any allocation you all decide upon!"

"We get to choose? Alright then!" Luo Zhao hesitated for a moment before nodding. "I have a proposal. Other than the crown prince, there's still another master teacher from Huanyu Empire. He, along with Hongfeng Empire, will share two Lake Eye, whereas Hongfeng, Qianfeng, and Zhuyue will take the remaining three!"

"Indeed, we'll concede since Hongfeng Empire won the duel. I'm willing to give them the two Lake Eyes!" Chen Yue and Feng Yu's eyes lit up.

If they could take down one Lake Eye each, they could have their top three cultivate a day each in the Lake Eye. This would be the best deal they could take.

"No way!"

Hong shi frowned.

In the previous duel, the other party had already lost three slots, and they only had six people who could enter the Cleansing Lake. Six people sharing three Lake Eye against four people sharing two Lake Eye, wouldn't their position be equal then?

What would be the point of the previous duel then?

You must be joking!

"Then what do you want?"

Luo Zhao frowned.

"We want the two Lake Eyes independently! The remaining three shall be shared among you and the master teacher from Huanyu Empire!" Hong shi said.

"You want to take two Lake Eyes independently? You're dreaming!" Feng Yu and Chen Yue harrumphed.

Even taking into account the three slots they had just lost, if they were to allow Hongfeng Empire to take two Lake Eyes independently, that would be equivalent to seven people sharing three Lake Eyes. That would be a huge disadvantage to them, how could they agree to it?

"I disagree to it as well!" Luo Zhao shook his head.

"You disagree to the matter? Then why don't we fight once more to decide this? Since we have all taken the medicinal wine and our injuries are mostly healed!"

Hong shi flung his sleeves and stood up.

After winning a match against the three of them, he was overflowing with confidence.


The mouths of Luo Zhao and the others twitched.

Fight your head! Besides, which of your eyes saw that our injuries are mostly recovered?

You're able to walk perfectly fine, but everyone can clearly see that we're limping around. We weren't able to defeat you earlier on when we were in a better condition, how could we possibly defeat you now?

"Why? You dare not accept my challenge? Stop finding excuses! Each of you had two cups of medicinal wine earlier whereas I only took one. Even though I look fine on the surface, my injuries are as severe as yours!"

Hong shi raised his eyebrows.

"The heck with your 'as severe as yours'!"

Luo Zhao and the others were rendered speechless.

You are able to walk around perfectly normally whereas we can't even sit steadily, and you say that your injuries are as severe as ours? You sure are thick-skinned, you know…

"Fine, let's fight then. However, it won't be us since we just had a match, and there would be little point in repeating the same thing. Why don't we have the other members of our group clash it out!"

Gritting his teeth, Chen Yue gestured to the members of his group behind him.

"Indeed, instead of fighting once more, why don't we leave it to them to determine the distribution of the Lake Eye? In any case, they are the ones who will be impacted by the ultimate outcome!"

Luo Zhao's eyes shone with excitement as he quickly nodded in agreement. "The winning team will get to choose which of the two proposals we'll go by!"

"No! Like I said just now, the members of your teams have consumed Consonant Spirit Pills, and this is unfair to my team!"

Seeing the other party insist on dueling with Zhang shi and the others, Hong shi hurriedly rejected the idea.

Even the member with the weakest cultivation amongst them was a small realm higher than the member with the highest cultivation in his group. How could his group possibly win the duel?

If he were to agree to the duel, there would be no doubt that they would lose.

"The Consonant Spirit Pill can only be found in the capital, and in this sense, we're all on equal standing. You only have yourself to blame for a lack of preparation for the matter!"

Feng Yu harrumphed. "So, do you dare or not? Let me just remind you that we have the majority here. If you insist on having it your way, we can just bypass your objection when it comes down to it!"

"Indeed. We need not waste our time arguing with you. If you refuse to agree to the duel, I suggest you just admit defeat!" Luo Zhao added.

The three of them had already made up their minds to never fight with Hong shi ever again, so it was impossible for them to accept the latter's challenge.

On the other hand, the men that they brought here had already consumed a Consonant Spirit Pill each. With their superior cultivation, wouldn't it be a walk in the park for them to suppress those from Hongfeng Empire?


Seeing the three of them gang up against him, Hong shi's breathing hastened in anger. He was just about to say something when Zhang Xuan suddenly interjected.

"Alright then, we can accept your challenge… however, don't you think a three versus three is a too troublesome?"


Seeing the same fellow from before speaking up again, Feng Yu and Luo Zhao narrowed their eyes. "Then what do you suggest?"

"Simple, I'll face all nine of your men alone. I don't mind whether you come one by one or all at the same time. As long as you defeat me, our Hongfeng Empire will give all of our Lake Eyes to you… but if you lose, you will give all of your Lake Eyes to us. What do you think of it?"

Zhang Xuan glanced at them with a faint smile.

"You want to fight nine people singlehandedly?"

"This fellow must be joking!"

"Indeed! A mere Transcendent Mortal 4-dan cultivator actually thinks he can defeat nine Consonant Spirit realm cultivators in a duel? He must be dreaming!"

In an instant, an uproar broke out in the room.

Having emerged triumphant from the Master Teacher Tournaments in their respective regions, they were all proud geniuses. How could they possibly allow a fellow who was far weaker than them to mock them? This was intolerable!

"Luo shi, allow us to teach that arrogant brat a lesson! He has been grating on my nerves right from the start!"

A young man standing behind Luo Zhao stood up, and his aura suddenly burst forth—Consonant Spirit realm advanced stage!

He possessed the strongest fighting prowess even among the other eight who had consumed Consonant Spirit Pills as well.

"Feng shi, I'll go. That fellow caused you so much pain. If I don't get him apologizing on his knees, I will be unworthy to be called a master teacher of Fengyuan Empire!"

A young man behind Feng shi also stood up.

Following the duo, the other seven people behind Feng shi, Luo shi, and Chen shi also couldn't remain seated any longer, and they glared at Zhang Xuan furiously. If looks could kill, he would have been torn to shreds then.

Seeing the agitation and anger in everyone's eyes, Luo shi asked once more, "Are you certain you want to duel with him?"

"That's right!"

"That fellow has no respect for his elders at all; he deserves to be taught a lesson!"

The group of nine hollered angrily.

Very few people knew that Feng shi had plummeted from the sky due to this fellow, but they had seen how he made things difficult for Luo shi earlier.

In fact, the duel between Hong shi and the three pavilion masters was his idea as well. Not to mention, he was uttering such arrogant words at the moment. Unforgivable!


Luo shi turned to Feng shi and Chen shi.

This matter was important; he dared not represent the entire group.

After all, no one thought that Hong shi would be able to defeat the three of them earlier as well… but reality shoved the contrary to their faces.

This fellow may seem to be the weakest of the group, but what if he had some trump cards up his sleeves?

"To think that you would hesitate so long at my challenge! If you dare not accept it, we can drop the idea… I knew that you were all spineless cowards! Master teachers? Geniuses? Pui!"

Before Feng shi and Chen shi could make their stand, the young man before them shook his head in disappointment.


Luo shi and the others exploded into rage.

This fellow was really too much!

This was especially with the expression on his face at this moment, he was clearly making a mockery out of them!

Gritting his teeth savagely, Luo Zhao said, "Fine, we'll accept the challenge! However, I want to confirm if you can represent your entire team."

"If I lose, all of Hongfeng's Lake Eyes will be given to you. If you lose, all of your Lake Eyes will be given to us. Rest assured, my words can represent my team!" Zhang Xuan said nonchalantly.

"Alright then!"

Luo Zhao gestured to the person behind him. "Li Xiulian!"

"Luo shi!"

The Consonant Spirit realm advanced stage expert who was the first to confront Zhang Xuan earlier stepped forward.

He was the champion of Qianfeng Empire's Master Teacher Tournament, Xiulian gongzi.

Clenching his fists tightly, Luo Zhao angrily instructed, "Go up and teach him a lesson. Make him know that there's always a higher mountain!"

In a normal duel between master teachers, no matter how angry either side was at the other, they would be instructed to stop once the victor was clear. Yet, Luo shi was now telling Xiulian gongzi to beat Zhang Xuan up thoroughly. This reflected how angry he was at this moment.

"Don't worry, Luo shi! I'll have him know the difference between Clarifying Turbidity realm and Consonant Spirit realm!"

Harrumphing coldly, Xiulian gongzi stepped forward and gestured to Zhang Xuan. "Aren't you arrogant? Come, let me see if your skills are as formidable as your mouth!"

"Zhang shi… be careful!" Hong shi said worriedly.

He had great confidence in Zhang shi's skill… but the opponent he was facing was a Consonant Spirit realm advanced stage cultivator. There was simply too huge a gap between the both of them!

If he were to lose, Hongfeng Empire would lose all of their Lake Eyes, and everything they had done before would be in vain.

Behind him, Luo Xuan and Bi Jianghai were frowning deeply.

Zhang shi had indeed performed spectacularly back in Myriad Kingdom Alliance, but still, they found it hard to believe that he could match a Consonant Spirit realm advanced stage cultivator.

"Don't worry!"

Noticing the worry in everyone's eyes, Zhang Xuan chuckled lightly. He walked to the center of the room and glanced at the young man before saying, "I don't think you'll suffice. You should have the eight of them come up as well. Otherwise, I would feel like I'm bullying you all!"


Seeing how the other party was still spouting such arrogant words now, Xiulian gongzi clenched his fists tightly. "There's no need for it! I'm more than enough to handle you!"


Roaring angrily, he charged forward and smashed a fist at Zhang Xuan's face.

At Consonant Spirit realm advanced stage, one's soul was one with one's body. Amidst the furious gust of wind, there was a soul pressure that rendered one incapable of sprouting any thoughts of retaliation.

If it was any other Clarifying Turbidity realm pinnacle cultivator, he would have lost instantly to this blow without making a single move at all.

But Zhang Xuan was no ordinary Clarifying Turbidity realm pinnacle cultivator. Upon seeing the fist, he simply chuckled lightly. Bending his middle finger and thumb together… he flicked lightly.


The tip of Zhang Xuan's finger collided with Xiulian gongzi's fist. Before the latter could even process what was going on, he was flying in the air. After a flight of roughly a dozen meters, he crashed into one of the vats of wine placed in the distance, soaking his entire body in wine.

Placing his hands behind his back, Zhang Xuan stared down on Xiulian gongzi, who was lying weakly on the floor, and chuckled "It seems like…

"… you aren't enough at all!"



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