Chapter 637: Library of Yellow's Path
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To think that despite her standing as a princess and her beautiful appearance, the other party would actually ignore her entirely and walk away. Could a person like him even be called a man?

"Fine, we'll talk here then!"

Fearing that the other party would walk away once more, Princess Fei-er gritted her teeth and began talking telepathically. "I didn't know of your aptitude in deciphering stone pillars and lost to you. On that, I've nothing much to say. I did lose the bet fair and square, and I'm willing to acknowledge them… However, I wish to propose another wager. Do you dare accept it?"

Given this fellow's shameless face, how could she have ever expected for him to be a master teacher of such astounding capability?

She was willing to acknowledge her loss in the bet, but what angered her was the other party's demand afterward.

If she didn't rid herself of this 'master-servant' relationship soon, who knew when would this fellow suddenly go insane and command her to serve him wine or massage his legs?

Her pride as her princess would never allow her to do such things. If that was going to be the case, she might as well commit suicide this very instant.

"You still want to wager with me?"

Seeing how this lady refused to give up, even going to the extent of proposing another bet, Zhang Xuan stopped and turned to look at her with a peculiar expression. "As a maid, what rights do you have to propose a wager against me? Also, are you sure you have the capital to do so?"

"You…" Princess Fei-er glared at Zhang Xuan with eyes burning with rage.

If not for this fellow being a master teacher and winning a wager against her, she would have just smacked him to death.

"Alright, if you don't have anything else, I'll be taking my leave. It's already late at night, and I'm exhausted. I don't have the strength to be playing with you!"

Waving his hands casually, Zhang Xuan continued walking toward the living quarters of Hongfeng Empire. However, barely after taking two steps, a gust of air carrying a slight aroma suddenly blew behind him. The Sixth Princess had rushed forward and blocked his path yet again.

Due to her rage, her chest was expanding and contracting rapidly, seemingly intent on squeezing their way through her dress.

"Stop it right there!"

She waved her hands and zhenqi immediately gushed into the air, forming a wall.

"Just because I refused your bet, you decide to force me into it? Despite being a maid, you tried to lay your hands on your master. Don't you have any basic etiquette?" Seeing the lass getting anxious, Zhang Xuan chuckled lightly.

"I've paid you 700 spirit stones to redeem myself for ten days. At the moment, I'm not considered as your… maid!"

Harrumphing coldly, Princess Fei-er waved her hands. "If you provoke me any further, as your senior, surely it is within my rights to teach a junior a lesson!"

The top ten of the respective Master Teacher Tournaments were all given the opportunity to study at Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy. As a Grade 2 student, Princess Fei-er could be considered as Zhang Xuan's senior.

Going by this logic, it was indeed acceptable for her to teach Zhang Xuan a lesson.

After which, Princess Fei-er closed her hands, grabbing at the surrounding air.

She was simply too enraged at the fellow before her.

No matter what, she was determined to teach this fellow a lesson today so that he would know some manners!


Through the might of a Transcendent Mortal 6-dan Cosmos Bridge realm cultivator, the surrounding spiritual energy seemed to be drawn in by a bridge, forming a tight barrier that isolated the duo from the world.

She was clearly embarrassed at laying her hands on the other party after losing a bet. Thus, she sealed the space so that no one saw it.

"It's indeed nothing much to teach one's junior a lesson, but… are you sure you want to do this?"

Seeing the other party seal the space, Zhang Xuan glanced at her with a bizarre gaze.

It was just a moment ago that he pummeled a bunch of Consonant Spirit realm cultivators into shouting for their parents. This lady should be well aware that his true fighting prowess was far beyond Clarifying Turbidity realm. To intend to lay her hands on him before such uncertainty, she must be very confident in her strength!

"Stop spouting useless stuff! I'll make sure you obediently have this bet with me!"

Harrumphing coldly, Princess Fei-er rushed up to Zhang Xuan and thrust a palm at him.


Zhenqi gushed forth furiously from her palm and formed an intangible horizontal umbrella-like barrier, sealing all possible path of escape for Zhang Xuan. No matter where he tried to escape to, he would only crash into a wall of zhenqi.

Spirit high-tier battle technique, Seal of the Golden Umbrella!

Not only did this technique seal space, it also sealed a person's zhenqi as well, thus limiting one's mobility. On top of that, it was also tinged with the might of one's soul, causing one's opponent to feel immense lethargy.

It seemed she knew that even though her 'junior' may seem weak on the surface, his fighting prowess was astonishing. As such, she immediately executed her strongest attack at the very start of the battle.


Zhang Xuan's soul had been tempered by his cultivation of the Heaven's Path Soul Art. Even a Transcendent Mortal 8-dan expert couldn't faze his soul, so how could he possibly be afraid of the other party's attack?

Swiftly flipping through the book compiled on the other party's flaw in the Library of Heaven's Path, Zhang Xuan shook his head and stomped his feet on the ground.


Under the might of the stomp, a crack swiftly crept across the ground, causing Princess Fei-er's to lose her balance. This caused the trajectory of her palm to shift slightly, thus creating an opening for Zhang Xuan to avoid her attack.

With a slight tilt of his body, Zhang Xuan dodged the other party's palm. Following which, he clenched his fist tightly and immediately counterattacked with a punch.

While the other party was a Cosmos Bridge realm cultivator, she was still at primary stage. Given that the combined might of Zhang Xuan's soul cultivation and zhenqi cultivation far surpassed the other party's strength, it was hard to tell who would win at this point.

Not expecting the other party to deal with her Seal of the Golden Umbrella with just a simple stomp, Princess Fei-er was taken aback. But even so, she recovered quickly and swiftly returned the other party's fist with another palm strike.

A head-to-head collision!

In her view, no matter how powerful the fellow before her was, he was only a Clarifying Turbidity realm pinnacle cultivator. As a Cosmos Bridge realm cultivator, she couldn't possibly lose to the other party.


The collision of the two fists jolted Zhang Xuan's body, and he was forced to retreat several steps to nullify the force. On the other hand, while Princess Fei-er managed to stand her ground, her face was filled with horror as though she had seen a ghost.

She had put her full might behind her battle technique, and she thought that the sheer force would inflict grievous injuries and send the other party flying several dozen meters. Who knew that he would be completely unscathed after taking several steps back…

Was he really at Clarifying Turbidity realm? Why did he seem no weaker than her, a Cosmos Bridge realm primary stage cultivator?

While she was overwhelmed with shock, Zhang Xuan shook his head.

"Seems like it's time to upgrade my Heaven's Path Fist Art…"

His Heaven's Path Fist Art was flawless and invincible among those of the same tier… but its might was severely limited by the tier of fist art manuals that he collected.

While he could easily destroy a Spirit low-tier battle technique with his current tier of Heaven's Path First Art, it was hard for him to match up to a Spirit high-tier battle technique.

It was just like how even though a genius in a first grade could achieve full marks even in the hardest exams each time, he might not even pass an average seventh grade exam.

Heaven's Path battle techniques were indeed formidable, but they still had its limitations, especially against battle techniques of a far higher tier than it.

As such, despite his strength being superior to the other party, he was still forced back.

But even so, with this collision, he also got a good grasp on the other party's strength… and he could confidently say that it would be extremely difficult for the other party to defeat him as well.


Seeing how her younger 'junior' was actually able to stand on equal grounds as her, Princess Fei-er harrumphed coldly and charged forward once more.

"This lass…"

The other party's attacks gradually became faster and more forceful, but at the same time, more reckless as well, as though she had become desperate. Zhang Xuan shook his head. Aiming right at a flaw, Zhang Xuan raised his foot and kicked straight at the other party's chest.

"You… Shameless!"

Seeing that the other party was going to attack her chest, Princess Fei-er cried in anger. She subconsciously cowered backward, causing the divergence in the attack she had just launched. Naturally, yet another flaw appeared with this mistake.


Her palm which should have struck Zhang Xuan ended up striking thin air. Panicked, she quickly looked around, but the young man had already vanished from her sight.

"What? Where did he go?

In the blink of an eye, the other party simply vanished from her sight. Taken aback, she quickly tried to look around when her eyes suddenly narrowed. She hurriedly turned around.

However, it was already too late. As the other party's feet connected with her bottom, she felt a dull ache there.


With a cry of pain, she flew twenty meters into the air before falling back to the ground. The impact from the fall had created some tears in her elegant clothes, and her face was covered in mud.

At this moment, rather than a princess, she seemed more like a beggar instead.

"You hooligan…" Princess Fei-er cried.

Carrying the royal bloodline, the others wouldn't even dare to defy her words, needless to say, disrespect her.

And yet, this fellow kicked her chest to push her away, and making use of the chance in the opening of her zhenqi barrier, he maneuvered to her back and kicked her bottom…

The heck!

Don't you know that a lady's chest and bottom are not to be hit?

And yet, you actually struck the both of them consecutively… How much more shameless can you get?

The stinging pain on her bottom left her both embarrassed and enraged. Pressing against the ground, she immediately got to her feet and charged forward in a rampage.

At this moment, her anger had already turned into frenzy.

But before she could reach the other party, the other party had sent yet another kick toward her.

Upon seeing where the kick was headed for, Princess Fei-er's lips twitched violently.

The trajectory and timing of the kick were precisely timed to seal off her attack. If she were to continue charging on, she would definitely crash into the other party's kick.

Furthermore… as well as most importantly of all, the region where the kick was headed for was once again… her chest!

"You thug!"

Gritting her teeth tightly, Princess Fei-er thrust her palm against the ground instead, and making use of the momentum, she leaped into the air. Just as she was considering how she should launch her next attack, she felt yet another stinging pain on her bottom.



Once again, she was sent flying and fed another mouthful of soil.

This time, she crashed much more heavily, and her clothes were torn even more badly. Her face and hair were completely covered with mud.

"Can't you… fight fairly?"

Princess Fei-er was on the verge of tears.

As a man, you shouldn't bully a lady like that! To kick two times consecutively on the bottom, how am I supposed to face others in the future?

Don't you have the slightest morals or etiquette as a master teacher?

"If I were to say that I didn't do it intentionally… would you believe me?"

While she was on the verge of tears, cold sweat was also flowing down Zhang Xuan's back.

While he did possess strength superior to the other party, he was still at a significantly disadvantageous position due to his lower cultivation. Both his speed and reflexes were far beneath those of the other party. Thus, he had no choice but to move according to the flaws listed on the Library of Heaven's Path…

But the attacking regions that the Library of Heaven's Path reflected just had to be the other party's chest and bottom…

Zhang Xuan scratched his head awkwardly… Did he use the wrong library this time around? Could he have accidentally accessed the Library of Yellow's Path instead?

"Fine… I'll have a wager with you, alright?"

Frustrated, Zhang Xuan could only resign himself.

He was better off accepting the wager than continuing with the fight. Otherwise, it wouldn't be long before the other party's clothes were completely ripped and the stinging pain on her bottom prevented her from walking.

And if this were to be made known to others, he would die of embarrassment.


Princess Fei-er's lips twitched as tears flowed down her cheek.

This is no longer a matter about having a wager or not, alright…



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