Chapter 643: Zhang Xuan Losing His First Kiss?
Translator: StarveCleric Editor: Millman97

Shouldn't the spiritual energy in the Lake Eye be gentle and safe?

How could someone die in here?

A person couldn't actually cultivate to death here, could they?

"He's dead? How is that possible?"

Princess Fei-er was also shocked.

She had been thinking about how she could win a bet against this unreliable fellow, but never in her dreams did she expect the other party to simply drop dead like that…

"Let me take a look!"

She immediately leaped into the Lake Eye and touched the other party's body. In an instant, her face paled as well.

The fellow who was still smug over burning down five Spirit Cleansing Incense eight hours ago was now as hard as a rock, devoid of his breath and heartbeat.

To think that… he was actually dead!

Even though she didn't bear the slightest goodwill toward this fellow, she was still the other party's maid… how could this fellow die before she could even redeem herself?

Was this status going to remain with her for her entire life, unable to be dispelled?

"It can't be that he fell into this state because… he absorbed too much too quickly while trying to win the bet against me?" Princess Fei-er's body trembled, and her face paled at this realization.

The fellow had never left the Lake Eye, and this leaves only one single possibility—in an overly tenacious attempt to emerge victorious in this bet, he absorbed the spiritual energy from the Cleansing Lake too vigorously, resulting in a fault which eventually killed him.

"That's a possibility."

Luo Qiqi nodded grimly. "But if that's the case, there's a high chance it might be a pseudo-death!"

As a talented apothecary, she knew a fair bit about various medicinal conditions as well.

"Pseudo death?" Princess Fei-er was taken aback.

"Yes. If one were to absorb too much spiritual energy within a period of time, it might result in one's meridians being clogged up, thus obstructing one's blood flow. As a result, one might suffer from asphyxiation, resulting in a state of pseudo-death. However, this kind of 'death' isn't true death—as long as one is treated promptly, one can be saved… I've once read of such a condition on a book. Given that Zhang shi was still perfectly fine a moment ago, this is very likely to be the situation!" Luo Qiqi said.

"Then… do you how to save him?" Princess Fei-er asked worriedly.

Frowning, Luo Qiqi contemplated for a moment before replying, "If I recall correctly… we need to remove the spiritual energy from his body in one swift stroke!"

"In one swift stroke?" Princess Fei-er couldn't understand the intent behind these words.

"His meridians are currently bloated with spiritual energy, thus putting them under high strain. If we were to remove the spiritual energy from his body using traditional palm-to-palm method, it might cause a pressure difference in the spiritual energy in his body, and this could potentially result in his meridians rupturing. If this were to happen, it could complicate matters and make it even harder to save him. Even if we were to save him from such a condition by chance, he would be crippled for life. Thus, we have to remove the spiritual energy from his body in one swift stroke…"

At this point, Luo Qiqi's face suddenly reddened. "In other words… we need to remove spiritual energy from his body mouth-to-mouth!"


Princess Fei-er's face twitched.

Removing the spiritual energy from the other party's body palm-to-palm would indeed be inefficient, and a failure to maintain an apt pressure difference in the body could easily cause his meridians to rupture, given the feeble state it was in. Should his meridians rupture entirely, his life as a cultivator would be over.

But they were of different gender! To remove spiritual energy mouth-to-mouth…

With a face scarlet in embarrassment, Princess Fei-er urged, "Since he's your teacher, you should hurry up and save him!"


Luo Qiqi shook her head swiftly. "The relationship between a teacher and student is sacred. This… is a little too intimate, I cannot sully this relationship with this… Rather, aren't you intent on beating him in a bet? If he were to die, you'd have to carry the name of being his maid for your entire life…"

"This…" Princess Fei-er's face paled.

The other party had struck right at her vitals. This was exactly what she felt the most conflicted about.

Given that she had lost the bet, she would remain as the other party's maid. If this fellow were to die here, this shame would follow her for life!

Others might even think that she had killed him out of rage from losing. She could never cleanse her reputation were that to happen.

What the heck was this!

Just a mere bet, and she suddenly became responsible for the other party's life. The thought of it left her incredibly stifled.

Seeing that her good friend was still hesitating at this point, Luo Qiqi urged her again. "You should hurry up if you want to save him. The longer you delay, the lower the possibility of him being resuscitated!"

Conflicted, Princess Fei-er contemplated for a short moment before gritting her teeth. "Fine, I'll save him!"

She had always been doted upon ever since she could remember, and never had she suffered such a huge humiliation. Not only did this fellow beat her in a bet, he even made her his maid and left her bottom swollen with a kick, leaving her nearly unable to walk.

She was furious, but what she wanted to do was to beat him fair and square.

If he were to die, how could she get even with him?

This regret would follow her for life!

Before this, the gender difference seemed less significant in comparison.

Gritting her teeth tightly, she drove her zhenqi and slowly approached the other party's mouth.

"What are you doing?"

Zhang Xuan, who had just rushed over from the Cleansing Lake, happened to arrive on the scene at this moment, and he nearly fainted from the sight.

Due to the rapid growth of his soul, his control over it was lacking. Thus, to prevent anyone from noticing his soul, he had travel underwater, and as such, he wasn't aware of what was happening above. Just as he was about to re-enter his physical body, he saw the Sixth Princess holding his body, ready to kiss him, and he nearly died of shock.

The Sixth Princess looked normal on the surface, and yet as soon as he was gone, she actually tried to kiss him! Indeed, you can't judge a book by its cover.

Stifled, he was just about to push the other party apart when an anxious voice sounded.

"Sixth Princess!"

At that crucial moment, Xing Yuan arrived on the scene.

While he feigned calmness on the surface, his heart was crumbling within.

He had spent so many years wooing the Sixth Princess, only to be ignored and snubbed. Yet, the other party was now taking the initiative to kiss a fellow who nearly angered her to death a few days ago. What was with this crazy twist?

"Ah? Xing Yuan, you came at the perfect timing!"

Upon seeing that fellow, Princess Fei-er blushed in embarrassment. At the same time, she also heaved a sigh of relief. She quickly beckoned the other party over. "Hurry, come and save him!"

"Save him?" Xing Yuan was taken aback.

"That's right. There isn't much time to explain the matter in detail, but to save him… it would require one to draw the spiritual energy in his body out in a single breath through mouth-to-mouth contact. Hurry up, or else he'll die…" Princess Fei-er rushed the other party.

"Mouth-to-mouth contact?" Xing Yuan's body swayed weakly. "Me and him?"

On the other hand, Zhang Xuan's sight also darkened.

While I might not show too much interest in ladies… this doesn't mean that I'm interested in guys!

If I were to really be kissed by him, wouldn't I die of disgust…

"Indeed, hurry up. Otherwise, we won't make it in time!" Princess Fei-er nodded.

"I…" Zhang Xuan was about to puke blood. On the other hand, Xing Yuan was also on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Seeing the conflicted expression on the other party's face, Princess Fei-er said, "If you won't, I'll do it!"

Xing Yuan clenched his jaws and replied, "Never mind, I'll do it…"

He would rather sacrifice himself than see his goddess's lips stolen by another man!

Thus, he leaped into the Lake Eye, held Zhang Xuan's body in his grasp, and his lips began to approach the latter's.

"The heck!" Zhang Xuan was on the verge of crying.

"No, I must return to my physical body now. Otherwise, I'll lose my first kiss to a man…" At this moment, he couldn't care any longer. His soul immediately rushed straight toward his physical body.

As long as his soul entered his physical body, his body would regain its consciousness, and he would be able to salvage the situation before him.


But Zhang Xuan's soul came into contact with his glabella, he suddenly stiffened.

Due to his soul growing far too much in this round of cultivation, reaching a level beyond the tolerable limit for his physical body, he actually found himself unable to re-enter his body!

To put it simply, his soul was too big for his physical body, causing him to be unable to squeeze back into his body.

But… that fellow's lips were on the verge of touching his already!

"I can't care anymore…"

Seeing that the two lips were about to meet, Zhang Xuan couldn't hold it back anymore. Gathering his soul energy, he sent a kick at the other party.

While a soul may be intangible, it could materialize soul energy to fight with another.


Not expecting that someone would attack him, Xing Yuan didn't even have the time to react before he was kicked in the face. With an anguished shout, he was sent flying into the Cleansing Lake!

"AH, SAVE ME…" Xing Yuan screamed in desperation.

He thought that, just like the Spirit intermediate-tier weapon, he would melt into goo upon falling into the water. But after shouting for a little longer, he realized that he was perfectly fine, and his face began to slowly flush.

As the spiritual energy in the Cleansing Lake had been sapped dry, it had lost its violent nature and its corrosive ability as well. Let alone him, even an ordinary human would be fine in there now.

It could be said that the Cleansing Lake was no different from an ordinary pool of water at this moment.

"What are you trying to do?" Princess Fei-er's face was as dark and cold as the middle of winter.

She had thought that this fellow would be able to save Zhang shi swiftly, but who knew that before he would end up jumping here and there, screaming and shouting? What was he up to?

Did he suffer a stroke?

While an attack comprising soul energy might be intangible, they, as 5-star master teachers, should be able to notice that something was amiss if they were to pay closer attention. However, with everyone's attention on saving Zhang shi, no one noticed anything at all.

"If you don't wish to save him, just say so! There's no need to put on such an elaborate act." Not even waiting for the other party to explain himself, Princess Fei-er stomped forward angrily.

There was clearly nothing there at all, and yet this fellow leaped backward all of the sudden. It was clear that he didn't wish to save the other party. If he didn't want to do so, he should have said so earlier. This delay had robbed them of precious time.

"I…" Xing Yuan nearly burst into tears.

Can't you see this huge footprint on my face…

However, Princess Fei-er couldn't be bothered with him anymore. Puckering her lips, she began moving her face closer to Zhang Xuan's.

"Sixth Princess, Xing Yuan gongzi, Luo Qiqi xiaojie, this is…"

Before her lips could come into contact, a shocked voice sounded. Lifting their gaze, they saw Emperor Ye Wentian standing before them.

Ye Wentian was also completely stumped by the situation before him. He was going to evacuate the Sixth Princess and the others out of the Lake Eyes as soon as possible when he stumbled upon such a scene.

While he was feeling extremely awkward, he couldn't help but sigh…

Youngsters nowadays are getting more and more liberal! Even in the middle of a day, in a public pool, they would do such stuff…

Upon seeing Ye Wentian, Princess Fei-er heaved a sigh of relief and said, "You came at the perfect time. Something has gone wrong with Zhang shi's cultivation, so take a look quickly and see if you have any ideas on how he can be saved!"

The other party was a Transcendent Mortal 8-dan pinnacle expert, as well as the emperor of a country. In terms of eye of discernment and scope of knowledge, he was surely far above Luo Qiqi. Perhaps, he might have a better idea than mouth-to-mouth

"Something has gone wrong with Zhang shi's cultivation?" Ye Wentian was taken aback for a moment before redness slowly crept across his face. He thought that the duo was giving in to their carnal needs, but it turned out that something bad had happened.

Following which, his eyebrows slowly came together to form a tight frown.

This young man was an existence that could potentially become a combat master in the future. More importantly, he was also a person protected by Pavilion Master Mo of Hongyuan Empire. If something were to happen to him, he could probably retire from his position as the emperor…

Leaping into the Lake Eye, he walked up to Zhang Xuan, took a look, and frowned.

Seeing the grim expression on the other party's face, Princess Fei-er asked nervously, "What's wrong?"

"It seems like…"

Ye Wentian's eyes were widened, as though he could hardly believe what he was seeing.

"… his soul has left his body!"



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