Chapter 647: Yang shi Reappears
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Wei shi and Ye Wentian stared at one another in astonishment, as though they had seen a ghost.

Guild Leader Wu's entire body was trembling non-stop, as if someone was grabbing his neck. His eyes were widened so much that they were about to pop out. "I-it's the balance point! By throwing his shoe, he directed the energies to cancel one another out at the balancing point…"

The main difficulty with balancing the energies from the Verdant Mountain, Dragon-scaled River, and earth vein was finding the balance point. Once it was found, it wasn't too difficult to re-establish a balance.

Just that… Of all the things he had thought of that could resolve the situation, be it a formation plate, a formation flag, or some kind of formidable artifact, to think that it was a mere shoe that saved them from their impending doom… This was nearly inconceivable!

How formidable must that person be to achieve such a feat?

Who in the world was that person?

Just as Guild Leader Wu was completely dumbfounded, unable to utter a single word, Hong shi and Luo Xuan's lips trembled, and they hurriedly kneeled to the ground.

"Junior Hong Qian pays respect to Yang shi!"

"Junior Luo Xuan pays respect to Yang shi!"

The duo immediately recognized the figure as soon as he appeared in the air—it was no other than the man who subdued the alliance of the fourteen strongest regional powers in Hongfeng Empire singlehandedly, the supreme expert… Yang Xuan!

They thought that they would surely die this time, but who knew that Yang shi would actually appear at this crucial moment and resolve their crisis.

At this current moment, Yang Xuan was standing silently in the air, exuding a calm but unfathomable disposition.

Ye Wentian, Wei shi, and the others turned to look at Hong shi and Luo Xuan questioningly.

"He is…"

They were all in the midst of dire trouble when the other party suddenly appeared and resolved the entire crisis with the toss of a shoe. Upon seeing Hong Qian and Luo Xuan greeting the other party with utmost respect, they immediately turned to them for answers.

Given how the other party was able to easily resolve a situation that was beyond them, it couldn't be clearer that the other party was a formidable figure.

Hong shi swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he said, "This elder is… Zhang Xuan's teacher, Yang shi! Even Pavilion Master Mo from the Hongyuan Empire Master Teacher Pavilion has to respectfully address him as senior!"

Even though this wasn't his first time meeting Yang shi, the pressure which the other party exerted on him was still as powerful as always.

This was especially so on his soul. He felt as though he was facing an immovable mountain, rendering him incapable of even conjuring the slightest thought of aggression.

"Even Pavilion Master Mo has to respectfully address him as senior?"

"Zhang shi's teacher?"

Wei shi, Ye Wentian, Guild Leader Wu, and the others narrowed their eyes, and their lips twitched violently.

One must know that Pavilion Master Mo was a 6-star pinnacle master teacher, an expert who had reached Sainthood!

And yet, even a person like him had to address this person as 'senior'… How strong must this Yang shi be?

Furthermore, they had lost Zhang shi's body, and after the previous burst of flames, it was unlikely that even cinders were left of him. For his teacher to appear at this instant… how could they possibly explain this matter to the other party?

If only they had known that the other party had such a fearsome teacher, they would have surely braved through danger to look after Zhang shi!

The more they thought about it, the more nervous they became. Thus, the trio hurriedly bowed down.

"Huanyu Empire's Ye Wentian, Wu Zun, and Wei Jiang pay respect to Yang shi!"

With his hands behind his back, Yang shi stared down at the group coldly.

"If my student Zhang Xuan has erred, you can reprimand and correct him. To leave him to fend for himself in the river… do you think that there's no one behind him?"

"We dare not think so…"

Seeing that the other party had come due to this matter, everyone froze in fear. At the same time, they felt indignant as well.

We really tried to save your student, but in just a moment that our attention was away from him, he leaped into the lake himself. The situation back then was simply too complicated, there was nothing we could have done…

"You'd better not."

Harrumphing coldly, Yang shi turned his gaze away from the crowd. He turned his hand to the Cleansing Lake and grabbed. An unconscious figure slowly rose from the water.

It was Zhang Xuan!

Just by stretching his hand forward, this Yang shi actually managed to find Zhang Xuan and fish him up.

"Despite grabbing through space, there isn't the slightest sign of energy ripple in his movement at all?"

"Even a Saint 1-dan wouldn't be capable of doing so!"

Ye Wentian and Wei shi glanced at one another, and their bodies trembled in fear.

That movement might not seem like anything special, but as Transcendent Mortal 8-dan pinnacle experts, they had a clear grasp of how difficult the feat was.

They were also capable of grabbing something remotely through space as well, but to find a grab a person over a distance of several dozens of meters from the huge Cleansing Lake without the slightest energy ripple… This was a feat that no ordinary man was capable of!

Even Pavilion Master Mo Gaoyuan from Hongyuan Empire was probably incapable of such a feat!


He was a true expert!

Ye Wentian, Wei shi, and Guild Leader Wu glanced at one another, and their bodies stiffened.

There were some master teachers who were very protective of their students, and they would take it personally if one dared to bully their students. If Yang shi were to really settle this score with them… while they might be esteemed figures in Huanyu Empire, they knew that they were nothing to him.

Gritting his teeth, Ye Wentian stepped forward.

"I apologize for failing to take good care for Zhang shi. I ask of Yang shi to… punish me!"

The Cleansing Lake was a possession of Huanyu Empire's royalty, and he was the one who invited the others over as well. In a sense, the entire matter was intricately related to him, and he wouldn't be able to shirk his responsibility.

Yang shi harrumphed.

"Punish you? If I wished to punish you, do you think that you would be talking to me at this very moment?"

Flicking his wrist, the unconscious Zhang Xuan came to a halt in midair, floating calmly just beside him.

Upon seeing this movement, everyone's faces were drained of all color.

Even without coming into contact with the other party, just by the energy he leaked, Yang shi was actually able to allow someone to float by his side… This was a feat completely inconceivable to them!

"The Cleansing Lake is formed by the energies from the Verdant Mountain, Dragon-scaled River, and earth vein. If this power is not controlled well, it could result in mass destruction. As a master teacher, this isn't a sight that I wish to see, so I've resolved this problem for you!"

Glancing at Zhang Xuan and noticing that there was nothing wrong with the other party, Yang shi's complexion alleviated slightly. Flinging his sleeves, he said, "However, this incident has caused massive damage to the Cleansing Lake. It will take around fifty years before it can recover back to its original state… however, with the three energies in perfect balance, your cultivators can now enter the Cleansing Lake directly to cultivate. Since there's no longer any dependence on the Lake Eyes, the ten-year limit can be abolished!"

"Can enter the Cleansing Lake directly to cultivate? Ten-year limit can be abolished?"

Initially, when Ye Wentian heard that it would take fifty years for the Cleansing Lake to recover, he was slightly disappointed. However, when he heard that there was no longer any need to be dependent on the Lake Eye and that the ten-year limit was no longer applicable, he nearly leaped in joy.

Even though the Cleansing Lake was highly beneficial to one's cultivation, the spiritual energy contained within was simply too violent. One could only cultivate in a Lake Eye, thus creating a natural restraint of three days every ten years.

Once this restraint was gone, given the size of the Cleansing Lake, a few hundred people would be able to cultivate simultaneously. Furthermore, there was no need for any interval in between… He could already foresee the exponential increase in experts in Huanyu Empire fifty years from now. With this, they would surely be able to rise to the top among Tier 2 Empires.

While it was impossible for them to become a Tier 1 Empire with just this, this would surely bring their entire nation to greater heights.

"Thank you, Yang shi!"

Kneeling on the floor, Ye Wentian bowed in earnest gratitude.

When something happened to the Cleansing Lake, he'd thought that Huanyu Empire would come to an end under his rule. Who could have known that this would actually be a blessing in disguise? Not only did Zhang shi's teacher resolve the issue, he even removed the previous limits on the Cleansing Lake!

With this, the other party saved Huanyu Empire and granted it the potential to stand among the top of other Tier 2 Empires!

This favor was so great that there was nothing equivalent Huanyu Empire could offer!

Seeing Ye Wentian kneeling before him, Yang shi waved his hands casually before walking on thin air into the distance. Zhang shi's body floated closely behind him.

Soon, the duo disappeared from everyone's sight.

"To be able to bring another person along with him in a flight…"

Everyone swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Due to their limited cultivation, most people present here weren't aware of exactly how fearsome Yang shi was. Even so, the fact that he could settle the Cleansing Lake, even though it was on the verge of explosion, just by tossing a shoe and bring another person on a flight with him had left them indescribably shocked.

No matter how dull-witted they may be, it was clear that Yang shi was someone they should never trifle with.

Even though Transcendent Mortal 8-dan Ethereal Treading realm cultivators could step on empty space as well, they were only capable of vertical translation. In a sense, there wasn't much difference from leaping upward.

Only upon officially becoming a Saint and reaching 1-dan Void Pursuit realm would one be capable of true flight.

But even so, this ability would only be confined to the individual. To actually bring another person with him so casually… the other party's cultivation was beyond their imaginations!

"Zhang shi… actually has such a powerful teacher?"

Xing Yuan gulped down his saliva.

In truth, he had been thinking of finding an opportunity to teach this brat a lesson so that he would never cause Princess Fei-er any trouble in the future. But at this moment, he realized how foolish his thoughts were.

It was fortunate that he didn't make a move. Otherwise, even his entire clan combined wouldn't be able to withstand a single slap from the other party's teacher!

The gap between the both of them was this huge!

Even though the strongest man in his clan, the old ancestor, was capable of flight as well, he knew very well that the old ancestor wouldn't be able to bring another person along with him so casually.

'It seems like I'll have to get on good terms with Zhang shi in the future!' Xing Yuan thought.

'Zhang shi's teacher…' Yu Fei-er also widened her eyes in shock.

It was no wonder Zhang Xuan was able to defeat her time and time again. It turned out that he had such a formidable teacher!

With such a formidable figure grooming him, even if she was an incredible talent, it was inevitable that she wouldn't be a match for the other party…

'Humph! Even if you have a strong teacher, I refuse to be your maid. Let's see who will have the last laugh…'

She gritted her teeth and clenched her fists.

'So what if the other party has a powerful teacher? I, Yu Fei-er, am not one to trifle with either. Do you think I'll serve as your maid obediently?

'Dream on!

'If an opportunity comes, I'll surely defeat you in a bet and redeem myself…'

But at this moment, she suddenly recalled that she had just lost another ten thousand spirit stones… how frustrating!

"That's a relief…"

Seeing Yang shi arriving on time to save Zhang shi, Hong shi and Luo Xuan each heaved a sigh of relief.

Luo Qiqi also came to a realization at this moment.

She had been wondering why Zhang shi possessed such astounding knowledge in pill forging. However, Yang shi's presence explained everything. With such a formidable teacher, it was impossible for the student to be ordinary.

"The crisis in the Cleansing Lake might have been resolved, but given the current circumstances, we can't continue cultivating any longer!"

After seeing off the incredible Yang shi, Ye Wentian turned to Luo Qiqi, Princess Fei-er, and the others and apologized.

He had invited them over to cultivate so as to get on their good side, but it turned out to be fraught with dangers, and they even almost died here. This was indeed a tragic failure.

"That's right!"

Everyone nodded as they turned to look at the ruined Cleansing Lake with twitching lips. At the same time, a doubt sprouted within their minds.

Wasn't this lake supposed to be safe? Why would it suddenly… act up?



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