Chapter 649: Heartthrob
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A towering, winding mountain range filled with a light fragrance from primitive and foreign flora and fauna. Even though it was already deep into winter, the spiritual energy in the region was still filled with the vitality of spring.

After taking a look, Zhang Xuan complimented his surroundings.

"This Verdant Mountain is indeed a blessed land for cultivation!"

To rise above innumerable kingdoms to become a Tier 2 Empire, while having a strong Master Teacher Pavilion was important, so was attracting capable talents and possessing a good geographical terrain.

Be it the Verdant Mountain or the Dragon-scaled River, their lands carried a soothing atmosphere and gentle spiritual energy that boosted one's cultivation.

"Let's return first!"

After resting for a moment to recuperate from the injuries incurred from the previous fall, Zhang Xuan prepared to return to the capital when the leaves not too far away rustled.

'Shh shhh.'

Following which, a massive Armored Beartiger came into view. It was trudging forward warily in a certain direction.


Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

The Armored Beartiger was an incredibly ferocious Transcendent Mortal 5-dan spirit beast. Known as the Autarch of the Forest, even a Transcendent Mortal 6-dan primary stage cultivator would find it hard to defeat it.

This fellow usually hunted openly since nothing could possibly stand in its way. Why was it moving around carefully as though it was some kind of wolf?

More importantly, since Zhang Xuan was able to see the other party, the other party should have noticed him as well, given its cultivation. Yet, it actually continued moving along its path, ignoring him entirely. This left some doubts in his mind.

'Let's see what that fellow is up to…'

Zhang Xuan's curiosity was immediately piqued. He leaped onto a tree branch and followed behind the Armored Beartiger.

Soon, the large fellow bent low, looking around his surroundings in alarm as it advanced slowly.

Hu hu!

At a distance not too far away, Zhang Xuan could see a massive Grandlion Spirit Beast.

Just like the Armored Beartiger, the Grandlion Spirit Beast was a Transcendent Mortal 5-dan spirit beast as well. Given that they were equally matched in strength and shared the same prey, they were usually in a hostile relationship.

'It seems like its nemesis has appeared. Perhaps these two are intending on assaulting one another.'

Zhang Xuan chuckled.

He was still wondering what was happening, but it turned out that two nemeses had just met one another, and they were prowling around for an opportunity to strike at the other.

'I should pay careful attention to their battle. Perhaps, I might be able to learn some new techniques to infuse into my battle techniques!' Zhang Xuan thought.

Since everyone knew that he was taken away by his teacher, he was in no hurry to return.

Such a ferocious battle could broaden his horizons, so it would be a pity to miss it.

In fact, there were many incredible techniques that were created after watching spirit beasts fight one another.

Squatting on a tree branch, Zhang Xuan watched as the Armored Beartiger and Grandlion Spirit Beast slowly approached one another. Before long, they had already circled around the shrubs and saw one another.


Zhang Xuan thought that a magnificent battle would break out instantly, but contrary to his expectations, the duo simply nodded their heads, seemingly coming to an agreement, before heading forward side by side.


Zhang Xuan blinked his eyes in surprise.

When did these two nemeses become good friends?

Furthermore, from the looks of it, they seemed to be working in unison.

Curious, Zhang Xuan followed behind them. A little distance away, the loud roaring of the wind echoed from above. A massive aerial spirit beast swooped down from the air.

'Transcendent Mortal 5-dan aerial spirit beast… Dracoeagle Beast?'

Zhang Xuan widened his eyes in shock.

This fellow was extremely famous as well. With steel talons that could even rip apart Spirit intermediate-tier weapons, it was given the majestic name of Sky Overlord.

Even three of his Demon Cinque Beast wouldn't be a match for the Dracoeagle Beast!

Were these two spirit beasts working together to deal with it?

But that shouldn't be possible. The spirit beasts on land and in the sky usually didn't cross one another. Besides, the other party was capable of flight, so how could the duo possibly attack it?

This was similar to how a lion would usually prey on rabbits and deer instead of sparrows and crows.

Since they were from two completely different worlds, there was no need for them to cross one another!


By the time Zhang Xuan had recovered from his astonishment, the Dracoeagle Beast had already landed before the other spirit beasts. Just like before, it nodded its head toward the duo, and as though coming to an understanding, the trio advanced forward together.

'The Dracoeagle Beast… is collaborating with them as well?'

Zhang Xuan's shock was gradually deepening.

It was already baffling that two nemeses of the forest were working with one another. Now that even the Sky Overlord was cooperating with them, what in the world could they be up to?

What could have happened for them to put aside their differences and ally with one another?


Walking on, the group stumbled by a massive python, a ferocious ape, a swift sparrow… Before long, more than thirty spirit beasts were gathered together.

All of them possessed a cultivation of at least Transcendent Mortal 5-dan, and given their natural advantages as spirit beasts, Zhang Xuan would have a difficult time defeating even a single one of them. Yet, so many of them were gathered together at this instant. Even a person as brave as Zhang Xuan couldn't help but feel his goosebumps rising in fear.

'It will be difficult for me to escape if they notice me!'

Zhang Xuan moved carefully in fear, afraid that he would accidentally make a noise that would catch their attention. His palm was drenched with cold sweat.

If they were to manage to surround him, there was a chance that he would even be done in.

Flying, crawling, running, slithering… There were truly spirit beasts of all sorts. Every single one of them possessed might that an ordinary Transcendent Mortal 5-dan pinnacle cultivator would find hard to stand against. Together, not even a 7-dan expert would escape from their clutches.

'What is it that brought so many spirit beasts together? Are they going to fight an enemy?'

Despite the danger involved in this matter, Zhang Xuan couldn't hold back his curiosity.

So many different species of spirit beasts were present here, and a huge bunch of them were even nemeses of one another. And yet, here they were, working together with one another. What could have happened?

'Could it be that… they have found some kind of treasure?'

A thought popped into Zhang Xuan's mind, and excitement begin to tingle within him.

It was rumored that true treasures would attract the presence of countless spirit beast or even incur a stampede. Could these fellows be gathered for some kind of incredible treasure?

'That's not it. If it's a treasure, they would probably be fighting with one another over it at this instant…'

However, Zhang Xuan soon rejected the idea.

There would be no one who wouldn't wish to claim a treasure for themselves. If that was truly the case, it would be impossible for them to work together—it would be a scene of bloodshed instead.

'No matter what, I should just watch on. The answer should unfold itself soon!'

Since he was already up to this point, he had to get to the bottom of the matter. Thus, he followed behind the group discreetly.


While he was following behind the group, a slight rustling sounded from the trees ahead, and a group of silhouettes appeared.


Upon seeing those silhouettes, Zhang Xuan widened his eyes in shock.

All that came before were all spirit beasts, but this group were all humans!

There were seven to eight of them, and just like the spirit beasts, they had all reached Transcendent Mortal 5-dan as well. There was a slight but distinct scent of blood coming from them.

'They are… beast hunters!'

A name appeared in Zhang Xuan's mind, and excitement immediately overwhelmed him.

A spirit beast's skin, bones, blood, and inner core were extremely valuable treasures to cultivators.

In fact, there was even a market specializing in such sales.

Given how lucrative the market was, there was naturally a group of people who specialized in hunting down spirit beasts and procuring the useful body parts, thus giving rise to a unique occupation… beast hunters!

However, just like herbologists, the beast hunter occupation wasn't acknowledged by the Master Teacher Pavilion.

It wasn't due to how cruel the occupation was but that it had no complete heritage.

Most people chose this life due to compelling situations, and as such, there were no organizations nor guilds regulating them and passing down knowledge. Furthermore, the death toll of this occupation was simply too huge. The hunters would often become hunted themselves, thus making it difficult to pass down their heritage.

As such, it couldn't really be called a 'unique occupation'.

But even so, there was quite a number of them over the entire continent, and they were recorded in books too. Just that… this group of beast hunters had actually come together with the spirit beasts!

The beast hunters simply walked up to the pack of spirit beasts, nodded, and then they began advancing together.

Beast hunters and spirit beasts were mortal enemies, and yet they were walking side by side at this moment… What the heck was going on?

What should have been a great battle between the spirit beasts and the beast hunters ended up as though an amicable meeting among old friends. This was contradictory and bewildering!

As the group slowly grew larger, in order to prevent himself from being noticed, Zhang Xuan could only fly amidst the lush leaves using the Red Dust Heaven Ascending Steps.

After advancing a little further, they arrived at the bottom of a waterfall. The water cascaded from a height of three thousand chi, creating a deafening roar.

A slight vapor rose from the bottom of the waterfall, nourishing the brilliant greenery in the area.

Zhang Xuan was perplexed.

'It's the middle of winter… how come the greenery is so verdant?'

While the greenery in Verdant Mountain wouldn't wither due to the rich spiritual energy in the area, the color of the greenery would still darken in the middle of winter.

But the greenery in this region had a bright shade of green, as though it was the onset of spring. This very sight was baffling.

Could there be something special about this waterfall?


Beneath the waterfall was a massive lake. A white, furry spirit beast was swimming freely in it.

That fellow was around the size of a watermelon, and its bright eyes only made it more adorable.

'This is a Snow Fox! Furthermore, it seems that it is a newborn!'

Zhang Xuan immediately recognized the spirit beast.

Snow Fox was an extremely rare spirit beast. It possessed nearly no offensive ability, but its inner core was exceptionally valuable. Rumor had it that it contained a unique energy that could allow both cultivators and spirit beasts to unconditionally raise their cultivation by a big realm!

This wasn't just primary stage to intermediate stage, or intermediate stage to advanced stage, it was a big realm… In other words, it could allow a Clarifying Turbidity realm cultivator to reach Consonant Spirit realm directly!

It was among one of the most sought after treasures in the world!

'But… a mere Snow Fox shouldn't require all of these fellows to work together though?'

The Snow Fox might be valuable, but considering its lack of offensive power, the Armored Beartiger, Grandlion Spirit Beast, or any of the other spirit beast could easily tear it apart. Why would they march here in such a large group then?

Furthermore, considering that this was a newborn Snow Fox, surely these fellows need not proceed so warily?

'No, it seems like the one they intend to deal with is…'

Baffled, Zhang Xuan took a closer look and realized that the spirit beasts and beast hunters were looking at a specific direction. Tracing their gazes, he was taken aback.

By the side of the lake stood a white-robed lady. She stood silently amidst flowers and grass, as if a peaceful painting.

It was simply too tranquil that even with a soul as strong as Zhang Xuan's, he didn't notice her presence at all!

As Zhang Xuan turned his gaze over, the white-robed lady also turned her face over. Her beautiful features seemed to meld together with the peaceful scenery. With just a momentary glance, Zhang Xuan's heart skipped a beat.

For the first time since he arrived in this world, Zhang Xuan's composed state of mind was sent into disarray.



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