Chapter 664: Zhang Xuan Sets Up a Formation
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Before they could find the exit, the other party had already rushed into the chamber. They were now cornered like rats.

Not giving Zhang Xuan any time to think, the Otherworldly Demon puppet rushed straight toward Zhang Xuan as soon as it entered the room.

Clearly, it was currently blinded by rage such that it couldn't care less about Luo Qiqi.

"Damn it!"

Knowing that it was impossible for him to withstand the fearsome might of this fellow, Zhang Xuan immediately flew into the sky.

It was fortunate that the ceiling of the chamber was also much higher than the stone room, being over several dozen meters high. Even though Zhang Xuan was unable to fight against the Otherworldly Demon puppet, he could escape to the sky temporarily to think of a plan.


As soon as he flew up, he immediately felt a powerful force rushing up to him. The puppet had leaped up in pursuit of him.

Limited by the nature of its existence as a puppet, this fellow wasn't capable of flight. But even so, a height of several dozen meters wasn't difficult for a puppet possessing might equivalent to a Saint to cover.

"Teacher, I'll help you!"

Seeing how that fellow was pursuing her teacher relentlessly, Luo Qiqi was anxious. She immediately whipped out a bow, drew an arrow, and shot it right toward the puppet in the sky.


Harnessing the full might of a Transcendent Mortal 6-dan pinnacle expert, it appeared right before the puppet in an instant. However, with a single flick of its arm, it patted away the arrow easily.

However, this brief lapse in its concentration granted Zhang Xuan an opportunity to alter the direction of his flight to Luo Qiqi.

On the other hand, as the puppet was 'flying' through the force of its leap, it could only continue on with the trajectory of its motion.


At that crucial moment, there was no time for Luo Qiqi to question why Zhang Xuan was flying. She worriedly looked over and asked, "Are you fine…"

"I'm fine now, but if we don't find the exit anytime soon, we will be goners soon…" Zhang Xuan said grimly.

Although he was able to maneuver around the ceiling to dodge the other party's attacks, once his zhenqi ran dry, they would still be done for.

Knowing that there was no time to talk any further, Zhang Xuan quickly instructed, "Take the Crimson Blaze Cauldron and quickly look for the exit…"


Luo Qiqi hurriedly nodded before rushing over to the cauldron. She placed her palm on it, intending to place it within her storage ring.

But before she could move it, the gears of a mechanism suddenly clicked, and a voice sounded.

"I am Wu Yangzi! Guests, if you can forge a Spirit high-tier weapon, you'll be entitled to my heritage. Otherwise, if you were to forcefully claim my Crimson Blaze Cauldron, the entire underground chamber will collapse. Only through earning my heritage will I reveal the exit to this chamber. Otherwise, be prepared to be buried with me!"


"Buried with him?"

Zhang Xuan and Luo Qiqi were stunned for a moment before frenzy overwhelmed them.

Who in the world wants your heritage!

With such a damned puppet chasing after their lives, who has the time to forge your freaking weapons?

You must be trying to kill us!

Besides, forging a Spirit high-tier weapon… Only 5-star pinnacle blacksmiths can do so!

Even though Luo Qiqi had dabbled in weapon forging before, she was only a 5-star primary blacksmith. How could she forge a weapon which only a 5-star pinnacle could forge?

On the other hand, Zhang Xuan… could be said to know nothing about weapon forging at all. He wasn't even qualified as a 1-star blacksmith, so that was even more impossible for him…


While the duo was still depressed about their current predicament, a shock wave suddenly burst in the chamber. The Otherworldly Demon puppet had already landed on the ground, and after determining its next path of motion, it dashed forward.

Given the latter's speed, it would be just a few breaths before it reaches them.

"Teacher, what do we do?" Luo Qiqi asked, panicking.

At the same time, Zhang Xuan also felt goosebumps rising up on his skin.

He had just crossed hands with this huge fellow, and despite working together with his clone, they could hardly even fend off a single move… To face it in a direct battle, they would probably be destroyed in just a few blows!

And according to Wu Yangzi's words, only those who had obtained his heritage could leave…

To obtain his heritage, they would have to forge a weapon… but under such circumstances, even if they wanted to give it a try, this huge fellow couldn't possibly give them any!

"Unless… there was some kind of formation that could trap this huge fellow temporarily. Otherwise, we won't be able to forge anything at all…" Luo Qiqi said anxiously.

"Indeed. Furthermore, the formation must be at least grade-6, or else he would break out in an instant…"

Zhang Xuan nodded in agreement. He was just about to continue speaking when an epiphany suddenly struck him. "Grade-6 formation?"

"Little Qi, help me by distracting this fellow for a few breaths!"

Suddenly recalling something, Zhang Xuan leaped up and flew into the sky.


Judging from her teacher's expression, he must have noticed something. Luo Qiqi immediately took out another handful of arrows and shot at the puppet.

Sou sou sou sou!

Every single arrow of hers harnessed immense might, leaving the puppet no choice but to deflect them properly.

Knowing that it was impossible for Luo Qiqi to sustain this, Zhang Xuan hurriedly flicked his wrist, and a bunch of formation flags appeared in his hands.

These were the ones which he had procured at the mountain valley outside earlier on.

Zhang Xuan knew a lot of the grade-3 formations, but his knowledge for anything beyond grade-4 was terribly limited. The only grade-5 formation he knew was a Spirit Gathering Formation.

As such, it should be impossible for him to set up a grade-6 formation.

Without the formation blueprint and formation flags, how could he possibly succeed?

But due to sheer coincidence, he did have the formation blueprint and formation flags for a grade-6 formation.

Yu Fei-er had used a Formation Destroying Silver Needle to trigger the formation, thus creating a detailed book on its flaws to be compiled in the Library of Heaven's Path. This had given Zhang Xuan perfect knowledge regarding the formation.

And this Hidden Formation happened to be grade-6… and he also had those flags in his storage ring as well!

Back then, he was only thinking that it would be a huge waste to leave behind such valuable objects. Who would have thought that it might actually save his life now?

Zhang Xuan examined the hall from his position in the sky.

'The chamber is sufficiently huge for me to lay out the formation…'

He intended to use this formation to hide the region where the cauldron and books were gathered.

As long as he could keep the puppet out for a period of time, they would be able to try to obtain Wu Yangzi's heritage through forging a weapon!

However, this Hidden Formation required substantial space to lay it out, and it was fortunate that this chamber was large enough. Otherwise, there would be nothing Zhang Xuan could do.


Confirming the positions, Zhang Xuan flicked his fingers.


A couple of the formation flags in his palm scattered across the entire room.

"Formation flags? Is teacher going to set up a formation?"

Luo Qiqi, who was busy stopping the puppet with her arrows, couldn't help but be slightly bewildered by Zhang Xuan's actions.

Even though she hadn't studied formations before, her close friend was a 5-star formation master, so she had many opportunities to see how formations were laid out.

Even the most formidable formation master in the Master Teacher Academy had to use a compass to assess the surroundings first, searching inch by inch and placing flag after flag into the ground…

Yet, this fellow actually simply threw a bunch of formation flags down from the sky at once…

Was this for real?

Would a formation set up so casually really work?

Wasn't this taking formations too lightly?

While she was overwhelmed by astonishment, one of the arrows was accidentally shot with insufficient strength. As such, with a furious roar, the puppet on the receiving end stretched out its hand and grabbed it, before throwing it back at her.

Wu wu!

Even though the arrow was hurled with the puppet's bare hands, its strength was simply too great. It whizzed through the air, heading straight back at Luo Qiqi.

Alarmed, Luo Qiqi's eyes narrowed, and she quickly stepped aside. But even so, the sheer wind pressure from the trajectory of the arrow ripped the cloth by her shoulder and deeply cut her snow-white skin.


At the same time, the Otherworldly Demon puppet, freed from the previous barrage of arrows, roared furiously and leaped at Zhang Xuan.

Zhang Xuan swiftly twisted his body and changed his trajectory. At the same time, he continued to hurl flags downward to specific locations below.

"Your enemy is me, don't even think of going after teacher!"

Seeing that the fellow was pursuing Zhang Xuan once more, Luo Qiqi clenched her jaws and drew her arrows once more.


This arrow pulled out of rage harnessed nearly her entire might. With a speed as swift as a shooting star, it appeared before the Otherworldly Demon puppet in an instant.


Before the puppet could even react, it was already shot in its glabella.

However, this fellow's defense was simply too strong. Not to mention, as a puppet, concepts such as acupoint and the like didn't apply to it. As such, striking what that should have been a vital didn't damage it in the least; on the contrary, it only infuriated it further.

Roaring furiously, it changed its target from Zhang Xuan to her.

With that previous attack, its aggression had been pulled from Zhang Xuan to her. Its massive arms threatened to smash the woman before it into a lump of meat.


Astonished, Luo Qiqi could hardly react when the Otherworldly Demon puppet was already standing right before her. With opened fingers, its hand stretched forward to grab her.

Even though its attack wasn't reinforced with zhenqi, the sheer brute force behind it still made the young lady's breathing hasten.

"Get lost!"

There was no time for her to shoot an arrow anymore. Thus, with an enraged roar, she smashed her bow at the huge fellow before her.

Even though it was unlikely to help her much, she had no other choice before her—her sword was still deeply lodged in the ceiling of the stone room. Besides, even if she wanted to draw another weapon at this moment, she wouldn't make it in time.


Before the bow could strike the puppet, the latter had already grabbed it firmly and twisted it forcefully.

Feeling an immense force threatening to rip her hands, Luo Qiqi swiftly released her grip.

Even Zhang Xuan couldn't stand toe-to-toe against this monstrous puppet, so how could she possibly do so?


With the bow in its hands, the Otherworldly Demon puppet ripped the Spirit intermediate-tier weapon into two before casually tossing it aside. Then, it reached out with its hand to grab Luo Qiqi once more.

Pi li pa la!

An incredible sonic boom exploded in the air. Luo Qiqi hurriedly backed away, but she was still too late. She managed to avoid the grip, but she was struck in her chest by a fearsome shock wave, causing her to flip several rounds in midair before crashing forcefully into a wall not too away.


A mouthful of fresh blood spewed out, and Luo Qiqi's face turned incredibly pale.

To think that a Grade 2 genius of the Master Teacher Academy would be incapable of even withstanding a single attack from the other party. This left her feeling incredibly frustrated and helpless.

'No, I must stall for some time for my teacher!'

Seeing as the puppet turned its eyes back to Zhang Xuan once more, Luo Qiqi clenched her jaws, climbed to her feet, and dashed forward.

With a furious roar, she threw her fist forward.

"Your opponent is me!"

Luo Feng Fist!

This was a Spirit high-tier fist art that her ancestors left behind. It was the most powerful technique she had at hand.

With this battle technique, she could even stand toe-to-toe with a Transcendent Mortal 7-dan Perfect Harmonization realm primary stage expert.

A pity it was, but this monster was neither a human nor a Perfect Harmonization realm expert. The Otherworldly Demon puppet lifted its finger and tapped lightly on Luo Qiqi's fist.


Spewing blood frenziedly, Luo Qiqi was sent flying back into the wall once more.

Severely injured, if she were to crash into the wall one more time, she might just end up crippled. However, at that moment, a surge of zhenqi embraced her, cushioning the impact.

Following which, she heard a nonchalant voice by her ears.

"Leave the rest… to me!"



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