Chapter 683: Can You Fly?
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"He is…"

After a moment of hesitation, Luo Qiqi began recounting the matters earlier.

"You wish to get an aerial spirit beast to travel back to Hongyuan Empire?"

Zhang Xuan nodded in agreement. "Indeed, five days have passed. I really should hurry to Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy!"

After leaving the Cleansing Lake, Zhang Xuan had spent three days in a coma, one day in the underground chamber, and five days digging a path out of it. All in all, it had been nine days since then.

If he didn't hurry now, he might miss the entrance examination to the academy.

While he didn't think that it was truly necessary for him to enroll at the Master Teacher Academy, considering the history behind it, the latter must have a huge collection of books. If he could gain access to them, he could potentially raise his cultivation quickly.

Luo Qiqi nodded. "Since teacher is fine, let's return together."

The reason why they wanted to rush back earlier was to save Zhang shi. But while the latter was fine now, it was indeed about time for them to return too.


Getting up from the sedan chair, Zhang Xuan had the puppets march back down the hole before burying it entirely.

On the surface, it seemed like Zhang Xuan was ordering them to return to the underground chamber, but in truth, Zhang Xuan's soul was waiting below to place them into his storage ring.

As these fellows were lifeless puppets, he could carry them along with him in his storage ring.

Since he could control these fellows through the heart, it would be waste for him not to keep them around.

With this huge army of Saint realm puppets, he could easily destroy even a real Saint realm cultivator.

With this, his safety in Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy would be assured, and he wouldn't have to keep relying on 'Yang shi' either.

But of course, any matter regarding Otherworldly Demons was of grave importance, and it was best to keep Luo Qiqi and Yu Fei-er in the dark regarding this matter as well. Not to mention, there was an outsider lying not too far away.

This was the reason why he decided to go through so much trouble to keep his action of storing them in his storage ring a secret. This way, he could avoid unnecessary trouble in the future.

As for whether the experts of the academy would be able to find the puppets after they arrived, that was none of his business.

After all, the puppets were capable of moving. The experts couldn't possibly expect for the puppets to wait patiently at the same spot.

Having made up his mind to leave, Zhang Xuan immediately turned to the battered Qin Zhong and said, "Your name is Qin Zhong, right? We wish to hitch a ride on your spirit beast, so I ask of your cooperation."


Struggling to his feet, Qin Zhong looked at Zhang Xuan as a hint of envy and rage flashed across his eyes.

The reason why he was beaten up like that was due to this fellow.

He had no idea who those tall fellows were, but considering the respect they had shown to this young man, it was likely that he was the mastermind behind his current pathetic plight!

'Humph, I may be no match for you here, but let's see how well you'll fare when we are in the air!'

Qin Zhong swallowed his pill and drove his cultivation. A moment later, he felt that his injuries had alleviated slightly.

Looking at the trio before him now, even though they hadn't utilized their zhenqi, so he was unable to determine their exact cultivation, considering their age, it was impossible for them to have reached Sainthood.

And as long as one hadn't reached Sainthood, one would be incapable of flight!

"There is no lodging room on top of my spirit beast, and the wind has been strong lately!"

Qin Zhong stood up and leaped onto the back of his tamed beast while he 'kindheartedly' warned them to be careful. On the inside, he was snickering gleefully.

"That's no problem!" Zhang Xuan replied nonchalantly.


The Greenleaf Winged Dragon Beast flapped its wings and rose up into the air.

Even though there was no lodging room on top of the aerial spirit beast, its back was rather spacious. It wasn't cramped even with all four of them standing on top.

The spirit beast flew higher and higher, and soon, they were soaring through the clouds. Due to the incredible speed of their flight, a cold gale pressed tightly against their skin.

The group had to gather their zhenqi to form a protective layer to ward off the strong wind.

Seeing the look of nonchalance on the young man, Yu Fei-er couldn't help but ask worriedly, "Zhang Xuan, that fellow obviously harbors malicious intentions. Why did you still ask to hitch a ride?"

Even she could tell that the beast tamer was up to no good! If it was her, she would have ignored the other party and left immediately!

Besides, they had nothing urgent on at the moment. At the very most, they could just walk to the Beast Hall. There was no need for them to take this risk in the first place. After all, they would be helpless if the other party were to try something in midair.

'Aren't you normally extremely intelligent?

'So, why did you make such an elementary mistake?'

Luo Qiqi chuckled.

"Fei-er, just watch on. Teacher knows what he is doing!"

Yu Fei-er was unaware of it, but Luo Qiqi had once witnessed Zhang Xuan flying in the sky. Since Zhang Xuan chose to hitch a ride, he must have a plan in mind.

Zhang shi getting done in by someone else? You must be kidding! In the times accompanying him, Luo Qiqi had only seen him doing others in. Not once had she witnessed him being done in before!

"Damn it!"

Seeing the two cold-faced ladies who were unwilling to even spout a single word to him getting friendly with that average-looking fellow, Qin Zhong's face twisted in anger.

As the young master of the Beast Hall, he grew up with a golden spoon in his mouth. Not to mention, he was also blessed with good looks and considerable talent, so he had always been admired and respected by others. When had he ever allowed another to hitch a ride even after he was pummeled?

This was a huge humiliation!

"Little Brother, were those tall fellows from before your subordinates?"

But even so, Qin Zhong knew that making a move without knowing the background of his enemy was nothing short of recklessness.

The tall fellow whom he faced possessed might exceeding that of a Transcendent Mortal 8-dan expert. While he understood that the wiser decision was to stay out of the other party's way, he was reluctant to simply let this matter go, especially after the humiliation he had suffered. Thus, he decided to first attempt to understand the other party's background before deciding on what he should do.

"No, he's just a friend who was sending me out," Zhang Xuan replied nonchalantly.

"A friend?" Qin Zhong frowned. "Then may I know how to address you, and where do you come from?"

This question was a little more direct.

"I'm not anything much, so I don't think Qin gongzi will have heard of me…" Zhang Xuan replied.

"Not anything much?"

Qin Zhong sneered coldly.

That was true as well. He had met nearly all of the renowned young geniuses of Huanyu Empire, but he had never met the young man before him. Thus, it was unlikely for him to be a formidable figure.

Nevertheless, he should still tread carefully.

"Then… may I know if you have studied the Way of Master Teachers?" he continued asking.

"Yes, I have. It has been around half a year since I started learning the Way of Master Teachers…" Zhang Xuan scratched his head in embarrassment.

He was speaking the truth. Less than a half a year had passed since he first took the master teacher examination in Tianwu Kingdom.

"Half a year? Considering how vast and profound the Way of Master Teachers is, it is indeed difficult for you to learn anything substantial in half a year. Even so, you need not feel bad about yourself!" Considering how the two beautiful ladies were master teachers, he thought that this young man would be a master teacher as well. However, after hearing that the latter had only been in the occupation for half a year, he couldn't help but sneer in derision inside.

Every single occupation of the Nine Paths had a whole heritage of knowledge that one had to devote one's entire life to studying before they could master it. This was especially so for master teachers, as the number one occupation in the world. Half a year… Even at best, he could only be an apprentice now!

Since the other party wasn't a master teacher, there would be no need for Qin Zhong to hold himself back then.

"Judging from how valiant Little Brother looks, could the reason you studied the Way of Master Teachers so late is because you went to study other occupations? What about pill forging? Are you well-versed in it?" Qin Zhong continued asking.

"I have studied it for a few days," Zhang Xuan replied.

"A few days? That's such a pity! Learning pill forging can to temper one's mind, allowing one to focus their concentration and cultivate better. You lost an opportunity to cultivate a good habit…"

Qin Zhong sighed before continuing. "What about… beast taming?"

"I have dabbled in it a bit," Zhang Xuan answered.

"Beast taming can allow one to come into contact with nature. Dabbling in it a bit won't be sufficient for you to learn anything significant. You lost an opportunity to become closer to nature…"

Qin Zhong shook his head. "What about medicine, smithing, and formation?"

Soon, Qin Zhong went through all of the Upper Nine Paths, but it seemed like the other party wasn't well-versed in any of them. Eventually, after confirming that the other party hadn't achieved anything substantial in any occupation, his confidence immediately burst through the roof.

Most formidable experts would choose to take on several occupations and persevere in them. Yet, this fellow only learned each of them for a few days. Considering his lack of patience, it was certain that he wouldn't be able to achieve anything great.

Since that was the case, what did he have to worry about?

Chuckling lightly, Qin Zhong instructed, "Hahaha. Everyone, make sure you have a stable footing. I'm going to speed up now!"

Following which, the Greenleaf Winged Dragon Beast flapped its powerful wings and surged across the sky.


The abrupt increase in speed along with the intense movements of the spirit beast caused Yu Fei-er and Luo Qiqi immediately lose their balance, and they nearly fell from the back of the spirit beast.

To a beast tamer, dealing with the passengers riding on his aerial spirit beast was a walk in the park.


Realizing what the other party was up to, Yu Fei-er's face turned scarlet, and she nearly exploded in rage.

Just as she was about to bellow angrily, she suddenly felt a surge of zhenqi behind her that stabilized her footing.

Turning around, she saw Zhang Xuan's outstretched hand supporting her back.

It seemed like the sudden vigorous movements of the Winged Dragon Beast didn't have much of an effect on this young man.


Qin Zhong thought that he could make that wastrel beg for forgiveness through shaking up the ride, but the other party maintained a nonchalant expression, seemingly not afraid at all.

Qin Zhong's face immediately darkened once more.

If he couldn't even make the other party scared, how could he exact his vengeance?

Just as he was about to order the Winged Dragon Beast to perform two 360 degree turns, he suddenly heard the young man asking calmly, "Brother Qin, there is a question I have been wanting to ask you all along. Do you know how to fly?"


Not expecting the other party to ask such a question, Qin Zhong was taken aback. "Flight is an ability that only Saints are capable of. How can I possibly be able to fly?"

Following which, the apologetic voice of the young man was heard once more.

"I see. I have neglected to tell you this, but I am able to fly."

"You are?"

Qin Zhong had no idea where the other party was going with this. However, at this very moment, a thunder-like boom sounded.



As soon as the sound reverberated in the air, Qin Zhong immediately felt the Winged Dragon Beast beneath him stiffening, and it began to fall to the ground.


Scared out of his wits, Qin Zhong screamed in fear.

The aerial spirit beast beneath him was suddenly paralyzed, and he was incapable of flight. If he were to descend from an altitude of a thousand meters, he would be immediately brought to death's door!

Amidst his screams, he suddenly heard the young man's calm voice speaking by his ear. "I don't know what kind of opportunities I have lost, but I do know that being incapable of flight has cost you your opportunity to live!"

Lifting his gaze, he saw the young man looking at him impassively. The other party was floating in the air with the two ladies from before standing quietly by his side, supported by his zhenqi.

"… Flight?"

Never could he have expected for the young man who had only studied a few days in every single occupation to actually be capable of flight!

What the heck was this? If he knew that the other party was capable of flight, he wouldn't have gone through all of that!

Qin Zhong cried.



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