Chapter 686: Eight Notes of Heavenly Dragons
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Even though Zhang Xuan's Dragon Language was the most effective on those possessing the Dragon Bloodline, due to the low cultivation realm of the savage beasts and spirit beasts in the room, it was able to instill fear into them as well.

Against the abrupt roar, it was already amazing that some of them were still able to retain their consciousness.

Zhang Xuan could understand why the spirit beasts and savage beasts would react like that to his roar, but…

Turning to the old man, he asked with a perplexed expression, "Elder, are you… fine?"

The reason why the spirit beasts and savage beasts lay down was due to their inborn instincts which instilled the fear of dragons into them.

'Why is a human like you behaving the same way as them?

'Not to mention, to be convulsing as if you have lost your soul, and that white foam flowing out from your mouth…

'Did my Dragon Language somehow disgust you?'

"Teacher…" Han Chong was also astonished. He hurriedly rushed forward to grab the other party's renzhong acupoint and infused zhenqi into his body. Only then did the old man finally regain his consciousness.

"The language you just spoke… Could it be the True Voice of Dragons?"

As soon as the old man came to, he hurriedly stood up and turned to look at Zhang Xuan in agitation and disbelief.

"I'm not too sure either. Those are just a few notes that I learned on a whim," Zhang Xuan replied.

In truth, he was not too sure what this language was, and all along, he'd thought that it was a part of the Ancient Beast Language as well. Of the three notes he had learned back at the Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall, this one was the most useful. Thus, he always utilized this note whenever he needed to deal with spirit beasts.

Somehow, it seemed to have a restraining effect on all those that possessed traces of the Dragon Bloodline.

"Learned on a whim? A human… actually learned the True Voice of Dragons as well?" The old man stared at Zhang Xuan in disbelief. At that moment, he suddenly exclaimed, "Wait here for a moment!"

Following which, he ran out of the room. A moment later, he returned with an ancient book in his hands, and he flipped it open. "Take a look!"

Lowering his head, Zhang Xuan realized that the note which he had just vocalized was written in the book as well.

Grabbing the book, Zhang Xuan casually flipped through a few pages and took a look at the cover as well. Noticing some similarities in the content of the ancient book he found in the Library of Heaven's Path back then, he couldn't help but ask, "This is called the True Voice of Dragons?"

"Un. An ancient beast tamer compiled the knowledge known of the subject and wrote this book. According to it, the language you have just spoken is known as the 'True Voice of Dragons'!"

"True Voice of Dragons?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

The old man nodded. "Legend has it that due to the overwhelming strength of the Dragon Tribe, they were bound by the natural laws of heaven, preventing them from vocalizing most tones. As such, they were limited to utilizing only eight tones to express their joy, anger, sorrow, reminiscence, and frustration. Nevertheless, you mustn't underestimate these eight tones! Even with just eight tones, the content of the Dragon Language is still far richer than human speech."

Zhang Xuan nodded.

As a beast tamer, he had read innumerable records regarding beasts, and it was theorized that the heavens would take something away from beings that were too strong to maintain equity. Voice was one of them.

Nevertheless, even with just eight tones, the Dragon Tribe could easily express many different terms through a unique combination of tones. Under the long heritage of the dragons, their language had grown to be far richer than even the humans'.

The simplest things can sometimes prove to be the most powerful tools.

"There are simply too many combinations to the Dragon Language, so without interacting with a real dragon, it's impossible for anyone to fully understand the language! More importantly…"

At which, the old man's eyes widened in disbelief and he uttered, "The Eight Tones of Heavenly Dragons require one to possess a Pureblooded Dragon Bloodline to vocalize. The body of a human can't possibly endure the pressure of such notes. So… h-how did you do it? Do you… possess the Pureblooded Dragon Body?"

"Pureblooded Dragon Body?" Zhang Xuan questioned in bewilderment.

"Yes. The Pureblooded Dragon Body is a unique constitution that is even more powerful than the Pure Yang Body and Pure Yin Body. Once the constitution is awakened, the Dragon Bloodline in one's body will become incomparably close to a Pureblooded Dragon, and one's cultivation and fighting prowess will be boosted significantly… and the concept of cultivation bottlenecks will become non-existent…"

The more the old man spoke, the more his face flushed in agitation.

Pureblooded Dragon Body, this was one of the strongest unique constitution in the world. Given that the man before him was able to vocalize the Dragon Language that all humans should be incapable of, could he really possess such a constitution?

If that was true, then it would truly be fearsome!

"Teacher, do you really possess the Pureblooded Dragon Body?"

Hearing the words of the old man, Luo Qiqi and Yu Fei-er glanced at one another momentarily before turning their curious gazes to Zhang Xuan.

Based on Zhang shi's legendary record, his cultivation did improve at a monstrous pace.

All along, they had attributed it to Yang shi, but could the Pureblooded Dragon Body have played an important part as well?

If that was the case, many things that had bewildered them previously could be explained.


Zhang Xuan scratched his head.

How could he possibly possess the Pureblooded Dragon Body? The only reason he was able to vocalize the Dragon Language was due to the Heaven's Path zhenqi and Heaven's Path Golden Body.

But of course, he couldn't explain any of this either, so he could only change the subject. "Does this book record all eight of the tones?"

"Record all eight tones? Of course not!"

Seeing that the other party was unwilling to divulge much, the old man also chose to put the matter aside. Shaking his head, he continued, "The Eight Tones of Heavenly Dragons is the language of the Dragon Tribe, humans aren't qualified to learn and utilize it. In truth, this book only records the deductions on how those sounds came to be. The meaning of those words and the method to vocalizing them are unclear in it!"

"I see." Zhang Xuan casually flipped through the book while he immersed his consciousness in into the Library of Heaven's Path.

He could read much faster in the Library of Heaven's Path, and its innate function also allowed him to discern the truth from the false.


Soon, Zhang Xuan swept through the entire book, and came to a realization.

Just as the other party had said, the book mainly recorded the origin of the Eight Tones of Heavenly Dragons and its relationship to the Dragon Tribe. As for the rest, it was extremely unclear.

Of the eight tones, the 'Moo' which he often used was also recorded in it. However, even though there were more than thirty pages depicting its vocalization, none of them were correct.

As for the other two tones that he had learned previously, they weren't among the eight tones, so they were probably not a part of the Dragon Language.

This explained why those two notes were ineffective against the spirit beasts when he tried them out.

It was also stated in the book that due to physiological differences, even if humans were to learn the proper way of vocalizing the sound, they would still be unable to imitate the dragons.

As such, the thirty-page depiction of its vocalization were just deductions on the author's part, and there was no evidence to back up his findings.

"Hmm? One of the tones seems to be correct?"

Just as Zhang Xuan was about to finish reading the book, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Nearing the end, there was actually a correct depiction of one of the eight tones.

The second tone of the Eight Tones of Heavenly Dragons, 'Mou!'

Memorizing the way to vocalize it, Zhang Xuan made a mental note to try it when he got the chance. At this moment, he suddenly recalled the peculiarity that happened just a while ago, and his eyes fell upon the old man before him.

"It's written in the book that the Eight Tones of Heavenly Dragons only has the effect of restraining lifeforms possessing the Dragon Bloodline, and this is known as the Majesty of the Pureblooded Dragon… But if that is the case, why did you fall to the ground previously as well?"

Zhang Xuan wasn't the only one curious about this matter. Luo Qiqi, Han Chong, and Yu Fei-er also turned their gazes over as well.

Even though Zhang shi's voice was loud, that was all it was to them. They weren't influenced by the Eight Tones of Heavenly Dragons, and they didn't feel any pressure from it either. So why would a Transcendent Mortal 8-dan pinnacle elder fall to the ground? Not to mention, the latter even convulsed ceaselessly and leak white foam…


The old man didn't seem to be surprised by the question at all. After a long moment of silence, he finally sighed and said, "Follow me."

After which, he walked to the backyard of the log house.


Seeing his teacher beckoning them to the backyard, Han Chong was bewildered.

It had been some time since he had come under his teacher's tutelage, but the latter had strictly warned him never to go to the backyard. There was one time that he sneaked in out of curiosity, but before he could get a good look, he was caught. He ended up being reprimanded and was given a stern warning against it.

However, all of that only heightened his curiosity. Nevertheless, for fear of angering his teacher, he didn't dare to sneak in anymore. He didn't expect his teacher to actually bring them in of his own accord.

Not knowing the history behind the backyard, Zhang Xuan and the others followed the old man casually around the log house and to the backyard.

There was a small mound in the backyard, and a tombstone was erected in front of the mound.

Glancing at the tombstone, six words were written on it: 'The Grave of Draconic Granite Beast!'

"The Transcendent Mortal 8-dan spirit beast that rules over all land-bound lifeforms… Draconic Granite Beast?"

Zhang Xuan frowned.

"That's right!" The old man nodded. Gazing at the tombstone with complex emotions, he said, "He… is my tamed beast!"

"Teacher's tamed beast?" Han Chong was stunned. His eyes slowly widened as he asked, "Teacher's tamed beast… is dead?"

In truth, in the days he had been in the Huanyu Empire Beast Hall, he had never seen his teacher's tamed beast before. He thought that it might have been dispatched on a mission or something, but never had he imagined that it would actually be dead.

Beast tamers could have more than one tamed beast, but they would have to do a lot to win their trust.

Most beast tamers would choose to view their tamed beast as their closest friend or even their kin.

As such, the death of a tamed beast could be a heavy blow to a beast tamer. There were quite a few who never recovered from the emotional trauma.

Was the death of his tamed beast the reason why his teacher chose to live in such a remote location?

"Un. My tamed beast is dead. Because of me."

The old man shook his head.

"Because of you?"

"I tamed this Draconic Granite Beast when I was in the midst of my 5-star beast tamer examination…" The old man sighed as he recounted the story.

After taming the Draconic Granite Beast and successfully advancing to become a 5-star beast tamer, he grew complacent and fearless. Eventually, when he was fighting against an enemy one day, he sustained a fatal injury.

Back then, his severe injuries were threatening to claim his life at any moment. It was the Draconic Granite Beast who infused its blood essence into him to save him. Not too long later, it died.

He had always felt guilty about this matter, so he buried the other party here, erected a tombstone, and swore to accompany the other party until his death.

"Due to the presence of the blood essence of the Draconic Granite Beast in me, I am also subjected to the pressure from the Voice of True Dragons," the elder said.

Zhang Xuan nodded.

It was no wonder.

Even though the Draconic Granite Beast had a huge stature, its blood essence was limited. Furthermore, in order to save him, the blood essence had to be of a certain purity. As such, even though the old man didn't exactly possess the Dragon Bloodline, it was still affected by it.

"Is this related to the reason why you studied the Ancient Beast Language and the Eight Notes of Heavenly Dragons?" Zhang Xuan asked.

Considering how the other party had put everything aside to immerse himself in the research of the Ancient Beast Language, it was likely related to the experiences he had.

"Yes… Back then, when I was severely injured, it was Draconic Granite Beast who saved me. However, there was another spirit beast present there then… It was the spirit beast which I said that could reach Hongyuan Empire within just ten days—Great Violetwing Beast!"

The old man clenched his fists tightly together. "Before the Draconic Granite Beast passed away, it said many words to me. However, as it was extremely weak then, it was unable to communicate telepathically to me, so I was unable to understand what it had said. All these years, I have been trying my best to study the Ancient Beast Language so as to learn what it said with its dying breath… and what kind of regrets it had that it wanted me to fulfill…"

At this point, the old man's eyes turned red.<script>chaptererror();</script>



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