Chapter 691: Great Violetwing Beast Submits!
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Under normal circumstances, Soul Beckoning should only draw out one's soul. The movement of the 'corpse' could only mean one thing—the soul was glued to the physical body.

Under such circumstances, it would be even more difficult to wake the Draconic Granite Beast up!


With a light harrumph, Zhang Xuan flicked his finger, and the Five Elements Formation Flags which he'd had the others prepare beforehand were immediately lodged into the ground.

The gathering of the Five Elements to complement Yin-Yang!

This was yet another technique of the soul oracles, Soul Cleave!

A human soul comprises three hun and seven po, and the same applies to beasts as well. Due to the long dormant state of the Draconic Granite Beast, a portion of his hun and po had been fully integrated into his body over time, making it difficult to extract his soul.

Zhang Xuan was intending to use Soul Cleave to tear off the integrated hun and po from the entire soul so as to augment the extraction process.

But of course, altering the course of nature was no easy feat. Thus, he required assistance from the might of the Five Elements.

As the Five Elements amalgamate into one, Yin-Yang would be formed, creating a clear demarcation between clarity and turbidity.

Hong long long!

As the Five Element Formation Flags began to whir into action, the flora and fauna around the tomb started to turn yellow as the Energy of Wood was been sapped from them; the soil gradually turned white as the Energy of Earth was been drained from it; metallic objects began to rust as the Energy of Metal was robbed from them… The same applied to the Energy of Water and Energy of Flame as well.

The retrieved energy was gathered and fused into the glabella of the Draconic Granite Beast.

Along with the infusion of the Five Element energies, the yin and yang aura within the other party grew significantly stronger, and a tinge of redness began surfacing on the cold and rigid rock-like corpse.


Knowing that his primary preparations were effective, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

Zi la!

The soul of the massive Draconic Granite Beast was drawn from the massive Draconic Granite Beast, and it floated silently in the air.

However, its eyes were tightly shut, a sign that it was still deeply asleep.

Usually, when a soul was torn off from its body, it would swiftly weaken and eventually dissipate in the surroundings. However, the lit Faint Verdant Incense stabilized the Draconic Granite Beast's soul, allowing it to remain impervious before the chaotic energies lingering in the tomb.


Taking a deep breath, Zhang Xuan flicked his finger, and the vitality pills which the other elders had given him were converted into a thick layer of mist that gathered within the concentrated spiritual energy in the region. The overwhelming vitality in the air made Zhang Xuan feel revitalized and comfortable.

Since these pills were highly useful even for Transcendent Mortal 8-dan experts, naturally, it would be effective on him as well.

Just that, as his body had been nourished by the Heaven's Path zhenqi, vitality wasn't something that he would lack. Thus, using these valuable pills on him would be a huge waste.

"Now, the final step!"

Holding his breath, Zhang Xuan stepped against the ground and soared into the air.


108 faint surges of zhenqi shot out from Zhang Xuan's hands, each grabbing hold of the end of a silver needle and pulling on them simultaneously!

Tzz la!

The silver needles immediately flew out. The acupoints, which had been sealed by the venom a moment ago, immediately opened up as though a humongous flood gate. With a rumbling reminiscent of thunder, the spiritual energy and the mist were swiftly pulled into the Draconic Granite Beast's body as though a whirlpool had been formed on the spot.

Due to the overwhelming strength of the absorption, even the soul which had stabilized itself in the air was dragged in as well.

Hu la!

As the vitality medicine, spiritual energy, and soul were dragged into the Draconic Granite Beast's body, Zhang Xuan flicked his hand, and three pails of beast blood immediately appeared above the Draconic Granite Beast. It flowed down in a steady stream, seeping into the latter's body.

Slowly, the rock-like body of the Draconic Granite Beast began to turn crimson, and several mystical inscriptions abruptly appeared on it.

Eventually, the sounds of breathing and a heart beating gradually returned; it seemed the unconscious fellow would wake up at any moment.

"I have succeeded…"

Zhang Xuan's body suddenly staggered, and he fell from the sky, crashing onto the ground. Fortunately, the altitude wasn't too high, so he was unharmed. But even so, his face was pale with exhaustion.

Even though the duration of the treatment wasn't too long, Zhang Xuan had utilized nearly all of the ability at his disposal during it. This had resulted in significant depletion in his zhenqi, psyche, soul energy, and stamina.

Sitting on the ground, Zhang Xuan flicked his wrist and took out a spirit stone.

It was only after absorbing around twenty middle-tier spirit stones did Zhang Xuan finally recover fully from his depletion.

"I have made a loss…"

Looking at the powdery fragments of the middle-tier spirit stones before him, Zhang Xuan frowned in frustration.

He thought that it wouldn't be too difficult to save the Draconic Granite Beast, and he might even have some leftovers remaining that he could claim for his own use. But contrary to his expectations, not only were there no leftovers, he even had to use more than twenty of his own middle-tier spirit stones to recuperate from his exhaustion.

But at the very least, he didn't let down the expectations of those standing outside and soil his own name.

Shaking his head, Zhang Xuan pushed open the gates of the tomb and stepped out. As soon as he walked out, the anxious gazes of Elder Qian and the others immediately gathered on him.

"How is the Draconic Granite Beast?"

Perhaps due to excessive worry and anxiety, Elder Qian's face was extremely pale.

"The operation was a success. However, due to the prolonged period of its coma, he has yet to wake up yet. It might take a few days before he can regain consciousness," Zhang Xuan said calmly. The other party's soul had been dormant for more than fifty years. Even with Zhang Xuan's means, it would still take a while for the latter to regain its strength and awaken.

"Great… I'll go in and take a look!"

Hearing Zhang Xuan's words, Elder Qian's eyes immediately lit up, and he immediately rushed toward the tomb. However, before he could enter it, he suddenly felt a sharp pain on his body. A huge talon had grabbed him and threw him to the side.

The Great Violetwing Beast!

This fellow had just lost three huge pails of blood, and its body was still a little weak at the moment. Nevertheless, its eyes were brimming with spirit, and the aggressive aura it emanated earlier on had disappeared without a trace. Scrunching its body together, it entered the tomb.

Seeing how the Great Violetwing Beast seemed to be even more excited than him, a bitter smile flashed across Elder Qian's face before hurriedly following behind it. When he finally came out a moment later, he immediately walked up to Zhang Xuan and kneeled down in agitation.

"Elder Qian, this…"

Not expecting that Han Chong's teacher, an esteemed 5-star pinnacle beast tamer, would actually kneel before him so abruptly, Zhang Xuan was astonished. He hurriedly stepped forward to help the other party up.

Kowtowing heavily several times, Elder Qian raised his palm and made a vow.

"Zhang shi, please do not stop me. You have saved his life, and I am extremely grateful to you. I owe you a debt of life. Regardless of whatever request you have of me in the future, feel free to speak, and I'll surely accomplish it for you no matter the cost!"

Ever since the death of the Draconic Granite Beast, he had become nothing more than a living corpse. For the past fifty years, the only faith that was keeping him alive was his determination to learn the Ancient Beast Language so as to learn of the dying will of his closest companion.

Who could have known that not only would the young man be able to decipher the words of the Great Violetwing Beast, he would even undo the mistake he had made and bring his tamed beast back? The gratitude he was feeling at the moment was indescribable through words.

Even if Zhang Xuan were to order him to march off to his death now, he would do so without any hesitation.


Seeing the determination in the Elder Qian's eyes, Zhang Xuan knew that there was nothing he could do that could sway his decision. Thus, he shook his head and said, "Alright, I don't need your life. It'll suffice as long as you find me a Transcendent Mortal 8-dan aerial spirit beast so that I can get to Hongyuan Empire…"

The main reason he came to the Beast Hall was so that he could find an aerial spirit beast to ride on. With Elder Qian's help, he should have no trouble finding one.

"Leave this to me…" Elder Qian nodded. But halfway through his words, 'jiya!', the gates to the tomb opened once more, and the Great Violetwing Beast walked out. Just like Elder Qian, it immediately walked up to Zhang Xuan and bowed down, and it began nudging Zhang Xuan with its head.

"This is… a gesture of submission?"

Seeing the Great Violetwing Beast's response, everyone was astonished. Even Hall Master Qin was dumbfounded.

The Beast Hall had suffered greatly under the tyranny of the Great Violetwing Beast. Nothing they did and no one they sought help from could stop it, and they were completely helpless before it. They thought that considering its obstinate and domineering personality, it would be impossible for anyone to tame it. But who could have guessed that it would actually voluntarily submit to Zhang shi, whom it had only met eight hours ago?

"This fellow is even more sentimental than humans. It is out of gratitude to Zhang shi saving Draconic Granite Beast that it chose to voluntarily submit to him!" Luo Qiqi exclaimed.

Yu Fei-er nodded. "Indeed. Sometimes, beasts can turn out to be even more sentimental than humans."

Despite the fact that it had been fifty years since the Draconic Granite Beast had been buried, the Great Violetwing Beast had still been unable to let the matter go. The only way it could alleviate its raging emotions was to 'exact vengeance' for its companion. Through this, it could be shown how deep its feelings for the latter were.

Upon seeing its lover come to life, an overwhelming feeling of indebtedness compelled it to acknowledge Zhang Xuan as its master and serve as his tamed beast. Such deep sentiments weren't necessarily seen in all humans.

Zhang Xuan also came to realize what was going on. He turned to face the Great Violetwing Beast and asked the latter seriously, "Do you wish to become my tamed beast?"

It just happened that he needed a spirit beast to travel to Hongyuan Empire, and it would be for the best if the Great Violetwing Beast was willing to become his tamed beast.

"Roar!" The Great Violetwing Beast nodded its massive head.


With a flick of Zhang Xuan's finger, a droplet of his blood flew to the Great Violetwing Beast, thus sealing the contract.

"Alright. You should get some rest and recover. Once the Draconic Granite Beast comes to, we'll immediately set off for Hongyuan Empire!" Zhang Xuan said.

To save the Draconic Granite Beast, the Great Violetwing Beast had lost three huge pails of fresh blood, and it was currently in an extremely weak state. Even if it was still capable of flight in its current condition, it would surely be unable to maintain it for too long. Since that was the case, it would be much better for it to get a good rest and recover from its frailty first.

Furthermore, there were many nourishing medicines in the Beast Hall that could hasten the Great Violetwing Beast's recovery. With Elder Qian taking care of it, it wouldn't take too long for it to recover.

And most importantly of all, the Great Violetwing Beast had been waiting for the Draconic Granite Beast for an entire fifty years now. It would be cruel to separate them before the Draconic Granite Beast awakened.

In any case, the Great Violetwing Beast was a half 9-dan spirit beast, so Zhang Xuan had a few days to spare.

Learning that Zhang Xuan and the others would be staying there for some time, Elder Qian immediately had someone prepare some rooms for them.

In the first three days of his stay, Zhang Xuan traveled all around the Beast Hall and collected all of the books contained within it.

After which, he spent another day thoroughly mastering the Heaven's Path Beast Taming Art compiled from those books.

In just four days, Zhang Xuan's understanding of beast taming had already surpassed Elder Qian and even Hall Master Qin, reaching 5-star pinnacle or even beyond that.

Even though Zhang Xuan had successfully tamed the Great Violetwing Beast, due to his limited cultivation as a Transcendent Mortal 5-dan Consonant Spirit realm pinnacle, he only received a half 5-star beast tamer emblem.

Nevertheless, as long as he could achieve a breakthrough in his cultivation, he would be able to immediately apply for a 5-star beast tamer emblem.

On the eighth day, the Draconic Granite Beast woke up, and the Great Violetwing Beast and Elder Qian were delighted. At the same time, their awe for Zhang Xuan's capability also deepened.

Even Hall Master Qin and the others were also impressed by Zhang Xuan's skill.

To save a spirit beast who had been in a state of pseudo-death for fifty years… this was already on the level of a miracle!

On the tenth day, the Great Violetwing Beast finally made a full recovery. Thus, Zhang Xuan, Luo Qiqi, and Yu Fei-er bade the Beast Hall goodbye and set off toward Hongyuan Empire.

"Zhang shi will surely become the brightest star of the Master Teacher Academy!"

Watching the trio leave, Elder Qian recalled the various incredible feats the young man had achieved and sighed.

Han Chong's lips couldn't help but twitch upon hearing those words.

"Brightest star? I only fear that… the Master Teacher Academy will find itself in the abyss of misfortune…"<script>chaptererror();</script>



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