Chapter 695: Defeated with a Single Finger
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"He's really going to fight with a single finger?"

Feng shi, Luo shi, and Hong shi pulled their hair in frenzy.

'Given the other party's strength, even Cosmos Bridge primary realm experts like us will find it hard to withstand that attack. It has been only a month since you reached Clarifying Turbidity realm, and yet you intend to face such an attack with just a single finger? You must be mad!

'Furthermore, even if you are just using a single finger, surely you can move faster than that!

'Your leisurely and unsteady movements are reminiscent of a dying granny, are you sure you are fighting?

'This Senior Feng's movements are as swift as a leopard's. Even if your cultivation has advanced significantly in the past month, and you could defeat the other party with a single finger, surely you need to gather some force and move way faster than that!

'It is one thing for your finger to be completely devoid of skill, but to move so slowly on top of that… Even the weakest cultivator could dodge it easily!'

Not only were Hong shi and the others on the verge of fainting, the mouths of Luo Xuan and the others were also twitching violently.

They had heard the content of bet clearly just now. Given the stakes on the line, shouldn't Zhang shi act more seriously?

With such speed, one couldn't even kill a fly!

Seeing Zhang Xuan's slow movement, the gray-robed young man harrumphed coldly.

"To think that I thought that you might be a formidable foe. In the end, you are just a braggart!"

It was just a moment ago that the other party arrogantly boasted about defeating Senior Feng with a single finger. Who knew that he would turn out to be so weak?

'Do you think that you can stop Senior Feng's charge with such a weak finger?

'Senior Feng could probably smash you to your grave with a single slap…'

Just as he was sneering within, he suddenly heard a commotion in the surroundings.

"Something is wrong, look!"

Hearing everyone's anxious exclamations, the gray-robed man frowned. He hurriedly turned his gaze to the stage, and his eyes immediately widened in shock.

He thought that the other party's slow finger would be easily crushed by Senior Feng's charge. But who knew that Senior Feng would actually slow his charge instead. There was a grim expression on his face at this moment, as if he was facing some formidable foe. He tried swerving to the side, seemingly trying to avoid the finger.

However, right after taking half a step, the trembling finger turned toward him, and his eyebrows immediately shot up in alarm. Thus, he tried leaping to the left.

But before he could make the movement, the finger pointed straight toward the direction of his intended movement.

Upon seeing the direction of the finger, Senior Feng's face paled as if he had seen a ghost. Cold sweat flowed from his forehead, and he hurriedly tried to dodge to another direction.

However, the same sight only happened again. It felt like Senior Feng was leaping to the commands of the finger, as though he was being controlled remotely. The sight of the scene was extraordinarily bizarre.

"D-did that Senior Feng suffer a stroke?"

"That seems to be the case…"

Ruohuan gongzi, Luo Zhao, and the others were completely bewildered by the sight before them.

Zhang shi's finger seemed to be completely devoid of strength whatsoever. Why would Senior Feng leap around the spot just because that finger was pointing toward him? Not to mention, to be even sweating profusely before it…

Did he take the wrong medicine today, or did he see a ghost somewhere?

Even couples who had danced for many years didn't share such harmony!

Coming to a realization, Hong shi's body stiffened.

"No, he isn't suffering from a stroke. Rather… it seems like Zhang shi has found the other party's flaws. His movements might be slow, but it accurately points toward the flaws of the other party. Zhang shi has not struck yet, but if he were to shoot a surge of zhenqi from the tip of his finger, that Senior Feng would surely be defeated immediately… or perhaps, he might even die from the attack!"

"That's right!"

Feng shi and Luo shi nodded in agreement as well.

As 5-star master teachers, their eyes of discernment were far above Luo Xuan and the others, thus allowing them to see through the situation.

Clearly, Zhang shi seemed to have seen through the other party's flaws and was pointing straight at them. Fearful that he might be struck, his opponent could only leap around to dodge.

In a battle among experts, the most feared situation was for one's weakness or mingmen to be discovered by one's opponents. Senior Feng might be strong, but he still had to think twice before rushing in under such circumstances.


Realizing something was amiss in this situation as well, the gray-robed young man clenched his fists tightly in worry.

He knew how powerful Senior Feng was. Even the average Cosmos Bridge realm primary stage experts might not necessarily be a match for him. Yet, at this moment, he was actually leaping around under the 'control' of the other party's finger. This clearly reflected the other party's strength!

To be able to see through his senior's flaws in an instant and force him into defense, how powerful must one's eye of discernment be?

"Damn it!"

While everyone was astonished by this situation, Senior Feng was grinding his teeth together in anger.

Just as Hong shi had guessed, even though Zhang Xuan's finger moved extremely slowly, it pointed straight toward Senior Feng's mingmen.

As long as Senior Feng dared to advance forward, the other party could easily curb him just by shooting out a surge of zhenqi.

Senior Feng had a strong foundation, and in the course of the battle, he had already changed his movement technique five times and battle technique eight times. But even so, the other party's finger was still accurately aimed at the mingmen of his techniques. Even his teacher, a 5-star pinnacle master teacher, was incapable of such a feat!

When did such a formidable figure appear in Huanyu Empire?

"Forget it, I'll go all out!"

After leaping several more times, Senior Feng knew that going on like this wasn't a solution—it was just a matter of time before he lost at this rate. Thus, clenching his jaws, he gathered his strength and leaped forward.

This movement of his was reminiscent of a tiger pouncing on its prey. An elder of his sect had once examined the movements of a hunting tiger and leopard, and using that as a reference, he created this killing technique. In close-range combat, it was a nigh-invincible skill that could easily catch one's opponent off-guard. Through this technique, that elder was able to defeat all of his peers easily.

Spirit intermediate-tier pinnacle battle technique, Howling Tiger!


The roar of a tiger resounded in the air along with his movements.


Seeing his senior bringing out his ultimate technique, the gray-robed young man heaved a sigh of relief. Just as he thought that they would win this round, the young man whom Senior Feng was facing suddenly sighed, and he complained, "What are you roaring for? You nearly gave me a heart attack…"


With a dull thud, Senior Feng was abruptly struck in his mingmen, and he immediately fell to the ground. His face swiftly turned pale, and white foam leaked from the corner of his mouth.


The gray-robed young man's eyes narrowed in shock, and he hurriedly rushed forward to help his senior up.

Howling Tiger could already be considered one of the strongest techniques in their sect, and only a genius of Senior Feng's caliber could bring out its full might. This was a howl sounded through suppressing one's zhenqi and circulating it to build up power before an abrupt release. Before it, even a Cosmos Bridge realm primary stage cultivator would find their spirit and fighting will shattered.

He thought that this technique would surely defeat the opponent, but who could have known that the one who fell would actually be his senior instead?

With just a light blow from his finger, the other party actually broke through his senior's defense and struck the region where his zhenqi was circulating.

How in the world did he do it?

This move might have looked simple, but the gray-robed young man could tell how fearsome it was.

Putting aside how it was difficult to find and strike at a flaw before such a swift movement, more importantly, Senior Feng had specially trained himself to neutralize the flaw. Even swords and sabers wouldn't even be able to get past his defense, and yet a shaking finger actually pierced through it…

How powerful must the other party's strength be?

"His strength probably exceeds 5,000,000 ding. With such might, if he were to really harbor killing intent toward Senior Feng, he could easily send senior flying with just his brute might!"

Making a swift estimation, the gray-robed young man's body stiffened in disbelief.

He had once done the calculation—even if a Cosmos Bridge realm intermediate stage expert were to launch a frontal strike on his mingmen, his senior would still be able to withstand the blow and stand his ground. Yet, with just a single finger, not only did the young man manage to break through his senior's defense, he even managed to severely wound his senior. Just by this itself, it could be deduced that the young man's strength was beyond a Cosmos Bridge realm intermediate stage cultivator!

At Cosmos Bridge realm intermediate stage, one could harness a might of 4,800,000 ding.

Beyond that, one would wield a might of 5,000,000 ding at the minimum.

With such strength, there was no need for the young man to search for flaws at all. There was no one here who could withstand a single slap from him!

It seemed the other party was going easy on them when he said that he would only use a single finger!

Otherwise, if the other party were to utilize his fist, Senior Feng could very possibly have died on the spot.

"Thank you for your magnanimity…"

Just as the gray-robed young man was overwhelmed with astonishment, a feeble voice suddenly sounded. Lowering his head, he saw Senior Feng opening his eyes painfully.

Even though the other party had struck Senior Feng's mingmen, it seemed that he had held back. As such, Senior Feng's injuries weren't as severe as expected.

"It is just a spar, so there's no need to go all out!" Zhang Xuan chuckled lightly.

As fellow master teachers, there was no need for them to fight each other to the death. It would suffice to just defeat the other party.

Actually, just as the gray-robed young man was thinking, if Zhang Xuan truly had intended to deal with Senior Feng, given his immense might of 10,000,000 ding, he could easily slay the other party with just a flick of his finger. There was no need for him to go through so much trouble at all.

"Since I have lost, we'll call off the alliance!"

Gritting his teeth, Senior Feng struggled to his feet and walked out of the main hall.

To think that he, the number one genius of Jinhai Empire, would be unable to match a single finger of the other party! He would only embarrass himself by staying here. Since that was the case, he decided to leave that instant.

"We won?"

"That formidable-looking Senior Feng was actually unable to match a single finger from Zhang shi?"

Seeing the group from Jinhai Empire depart, a huge commotion broke out amidst the group from Huanyu Empire.

Luo Xuan and Bi Jianghai glanced at one another, and bitter smiles surfaced on their lips.

It seemed like… their gap with the other party had grown much larger than before.

Back in Myriad Kingdom City, while they might not be a match for Zhang shi, they were still able to cross some blows with him. But now, if they were to rush at Zhang Xuan with all their might, they would probably meet the same fate as Senior Feng—defeated by a mere finger.

"Consonant Spirit realm pinnacle? Zhang shi… you have reached Consonant Spirit realm pinnacle?"

Hong shi's eyes lit up in agitation.

Even though Zhang shi's attack ended in an instant, he still received a clear glimpse of the other party's strength—Consonant Spirit realm pinnacle!

Back in Myriad Kingdom Alliance, Zhang shi had made a breakthrough to Consonant Spirit realm. It had only been around two months since then, and not only had Zhang Xuan successfully made the breakthrough to Consonant Spirit realm, he had even reached the pinnacle of the realm.

His rate of improvement was too astonishing!

The hurdle to Consonant Spirit realm had trapped innumerable cultivators, but not only did Zhang shi manage to cross the hurdle in just two months, he even raised his cultivation by one entire realm… How in the world did he cultivate to achieve such an astounding growth rate?

"Consonant Spirit realm pinnacle?"

In truth, most of them had intended to get even with Zhang Xuan once he returned to the party. After all, back at Huanyu Empire, many of them had suffered greatly under Zhang Xuan's hands. However, upon hearing those words, a strong feeling of helplessness loomed over them.

How could they possibly rival this monster? Even if they were to guzzle down pills, they still couldn't keep up with the other party's pace.

Most likely, the gap between them would only grow greater and greater in the future, and one day, the other party's back would disappear completely from their sight.

"It's just a stroke of good luck!"

Zhang Xuan chuckled. "Hong shi, didn't my students come here along with you? Where are they?"

Since the group from Huanyu Empire have arrived here, Zheng Yang, Wang Ying, and the others were meant to be there as well.


Hearing those words, Hong shi subconsciously glanced at Feng shi and the others and hesitated.

Seeing Hong shi's response, Zhang Xuan frowned, and his face darkened.

"What happened to them?"



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