Chapter 702: Exchange!
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"A Half Transcendent Mortal 9-dan Great Violetwing Beast?"

Senior Feng and the young man were stunned, and their eyelids began twitching uncontrollably.

As Transcendent Mortal 5-dan cultivators, even if they were to own an aerial spirit beast, it would only be at Cosmos Bridge realm at most. Considering the limited height they could fly at due to the ceiling above them, chances were that they could be struck down by a sudden assault from the Transcendent Mortal 7-dan or 8-dan spirit beasts in the lake.

On the other hand, the Great Violetwing Beast was different. Standing at Half 9-dan, any spirit beasts which dared to challenge it would be slaughtered in an instant.

And as expected, just as this thought was lingering in their mind, a Transcendent Mortal 8-dan fish abruptly leaped from the surface of the water with a gaping mouth filled with sharp teeth, wanting to swallow Zhang Xuan and Hong shi whole. But before it could even reach them, a swift strike from a talon crushed it to death. The Great Violetwing Beast dug out its inner core adeptly before throwing the carcass back into the lake.

Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Senior Feng's voice uttered with a hoarse voice, "How can he have such a powerful tamed beast?"

Wasn't he a Consonant Spirit realm cultivator just like them?

To actually have tamed a half 9-dan spirit beast to be his tamed beast… How in the world did he manage to do it?

He thought that the other party was just a miser who wasn't even willing to spend a single middle-tier spirit stone on a boat ride, and he had felt gleeful and a sense of superiority at having successfully stole the other party's ride. However, upon seeing this sight, he suddenly realized… how laughable his actions were!

With such a formidable spirit beast, one wouldn't even spare a second glance at this shabby boat…

Putting aside paying for the ride, they wouldn't be willing even if they were to be paid for the ride!

"Senior Feng… why did they suddenly stop in the middle of the lake?"

Amidst his shock, the perplexed voice from the young man beside him suddenly sounded. Lifting his gaze, he saw the Great Violetwing Beast pausing in midair, not in a hurry to head to the bazaar at all.

Didn't he ride on his aerial spirit beast so that he could arrive at the bazaar faster? Why would he be stopping in the middle of the lake then?

While he was still bewildered by the issue, the Great Violetwing Beast suddenly flapped its wings once more and glided down to the surface of the water. Its talons reached deep into the water and clamped down on something.

Hu la!

Another Transcendent Mortal 8-dan aquatic spirit beast resembling a prawn was crushed to death by its talons, and its inner core was swiftly retrieved from its body.

After this, the Great Violetwing Beast returned to the air. A moment later, it swooped down to another part of the lake once more…

"They are… hunting?"

The duo along with the rower glanced at one another in astonishment.

To others, this lake was no different from a dangerous landmine. They would never traverse through it without sufficient preparation. Yet, that fellow actually regarded this place as a treasure trove and began fishing for prey…

"How can the Great Violetwing Beast capture the spirit beasts in the water?"

What came along with their astonishment was disbelief.

The Great Violetwing Beast was indeed formidable, there was little to argue about that, but no matter how strong it was, its field of expertise lay in the air. The aquatic spirit beasts should have been able to avoid it easily in their own home ground even if they were no match for it… so how could the Great Violetwing Beast hunt them down so accurately?

It was as if it could predict where the aquatic spirit beasts would swim to. Every strike it made was bound to end in a kill…

But how was this possible?

"Indeed… More importantly, no matter how powerful the Great Violetwing Beast is, it shouldn't be that easy for it to kill a Transcendent Mortal 8-dan spirit beast either…"

Even if a half 9-dan was stronger than an 8-dan, the gap wasn't so huge as for the Great Violetwing Beast to kill them in a single strike. This was particularly so for spirit beasts, which possessed superior defense to human cultivators. But… the Great Violetwing Beast seemed to be able to discern the weaknesses of the spirit beasts in the water accurately and strike them down precisely…

This was way too formidable…

While those on the boat were completely dumbstruck by the sight before them, Zhang Xuan was currently staring at the inner cores with his hand with a satisfied smile.

To trade at the bazaar, he would require some capital, but he didn't have a penny to his name at the moment. Since there were so many spirit beasts that were rushing forward to fill his pockets, it was only right for him to accept their offerings gratuitously.

The inner core of a Transcendent Mortal 8-dan spirit beast could serve as a medicinal herb, the foundation of a formation, or even be complemented with one's cultivation technique to enhance one's cultivation. As such, it was an invaluable cultivation resource that could easily fetch a hefty price.

As for how the Great Violetwing Beast managed to grasp the aquatic spirit beast accurately, as long as the aquatic spirit beasts attempted to launch an attack, it wasn't too difficult to discern their flaws and track down their locations through the Library of Heaven's Path.

Just like that, in less than an hour, they had managed to kill 19 Transcendent Mortal 8-dan spirit beasts and 25 Transcendent Mortal 7-dan spirit beasts, and a bucket of inner cores was gleaming in Zhang Xuan's storage ring.

"There don't seem to be too many Transcendent Mortal 8-dan spirit beasts left in the lake. Let's head to the bazaar."

Eventually, the group circled the lake for a few rounds but were unable to find any prey. Thus, they could only end the hunt regretfully.

While there were many aquatic spirit beasts in the lake, those that had reached Transcendent Mortal 7-dan and 8-dan were still in the minority.

Besides, considering the huge massacre that had just happened, those remaining would surely be laying low so as to avoid the Great Violetwing Beast now.

Knowing that there was little point continuing on with the hunt, Zhang Xuan issued some instructions to the Great Violetwing Beast, and the latter flapped its massive wings and flew toward the vessel in the lake.

Not too long later, Zhang Xuan and Hong shi landed on the vessel.

The vessel was extremely big, possessing a diameter of several hundred meters. A huge, bustling crowd traversed to and fro the innumerable stalls laid out throughout the vessel. There were all kinds of resources available here, and customers could be seen haggling with the vendors everywhere.

"Those two are the ones who were hunting in the lake using the Great Violetwing Beast!"

"To regard the feared lake as his personal hunting ground… is that fellow really a freshman?"

"If he isn't a freshman, how could he possibly get in here?"

"Considering their flawless coordination, the Great Violetwing Beast is definitely his tamed beast. But that is exactly what that is confounding! Even though one's elders could assist with the taming process as well, it would still require both the beast tamer and tamed beast to interact with one another from young to achieve this level of intimacy… However, the Great Violetwing Beast is already beyond two hundred whereas that fellow has barely reached his twenties. This means that it is highly likely that he tamed the Great Violetwing Beast personally…"

"For a person who has yet to reach Transcendent Mortal 6-dan to actually tame a half 9-dan spirit beast… When did beast taming become so easy?"

News of the Great Violetwing Beast hunting in the lake had spread like wildfire across the bazaar. Thus, upon seeing Zhang Xuan and Hong shi, the crowd couldn't help but assess them in bewilderment.

Those who came to the bazaar were the most talented of master teachers from the various regions, and they possessed keen eyes. As such, they could tell that the Great Violetwing Beast was Zhang Xuan's tamed beast.

But… for a Consonant Spirit lad to tame a half 9-dan spirit beast, this was contrary to common sense in itself! They were unable to make sense of the situation despite wracking their brains frenziedly.

There was simply too huge of a gap between them, and they found it too difficult to accept it.

This was as if an ant had tamed a divine dragon. It was simply inconceivable!

After a moment of chatter, an explanation suddenly emerged.

"Most probably, the Great Violetwing Beast might have gotten injured, and he managed to win the other party's goodwill by saving it…"

"That's possible!"

It wasn't entirely impossible for a weaker beast tamer to tame a stronger spirit beast, but luck played a vital role in such situations.

"Humph! So he has just lucked out!"

Upon realizing this, their astonishment slowly vanished.

In the end, luck was nothing more than an external and uncontrollable factor. The winds of fortune couldn't possibly blow one's way all the time. In the end, one would still have to rely on one's own capability in the academy.

"Zhang shi, what should we do…"

Not expecting to stir up such a huge commotion, Hong shi couldn't help but feel a little nervous with so many eyes centered on them.

"Don't worry!"

With a chuckle, Zhang Xuan flicked his wrist and took out an inner core. Sweeping his gaze through the crowd, he shouted, "I am trading this Transcendent Mortal 7-dan spirit beast inner core for a suitable Consonant Spirit realm cultivation technique. As long as it is suitable, I'll exchange it for the book!"

"A book for an inner core? Zhang shi…"

Hong shi's body swayed weakly from side to side, and he nearly fainted.

Wasn't this way too cheap?

They had only obtained a few dozen inner cores from the hunting earlier on, and if they were to exchange a single inner core for one book… putting aside how they would make a huge loss, they would only be able to gather a few of books like that!

"Are you serious?"

"As long as it is a Consonant Spirit realm cultivation technique manual, you are willing to exchange the inner core for it?"

Hearing those words, the eyes of the crowd immediately lit up even though they were still a little skeptical about the situation.

Ever since the establishment of the Master Teacher Pavilion, many cultivation techniques had surfaced in the world. Throughout the years, there had been many noble experts and master teachers who had contributed their own cultivation techniques to the public for the advancement of humanity. While these manuals weren't accessible to everyone, it wasn't too difficult for them, as master teachers, to access these books

In fact, many of the master teachers had studied these cultivation techniques and extracted their strengths to create their own unique skills.

Thus, even though these cultivation techniques might be valuable to the populace, they didn't mean much to master teachers. It was definitely in their favor if they could trade a single cultivation technique manual for a Transcendent Mortal 7-dan inner core.

"I vow on my honor as a master teacher that I mean my words. As for Cosmos Bridge realm cultivation technique manuals, I am willing to trade for them with a Transcendent Mortal 8-dan spirit beast inner core!" Zhang Xuan replied.

"However, the prerequisite is that it has to be suitable for me. If it is not suitable, I won't make the trade. However, you need not worry. I can tell whether the manual suitable for me just by touching it, and I definitely will not open the book if it is not suited for me. Thus, you need not worry about exposing your cultivation techniques for free. In fact, even if it is suitable, I will return the manual right after flipping through it. I won't need the original copy, and I won't make any copies either!"

"If it is unsuitable, you will not open the book to look at it?"

"Even if it is suitable, you won't take the manual? You will give away a Transcendent Mortal 7-dan or 8-dan inner core just to flip through it?"

"This is truly a wonderful deal!"

Upon hearing Zhang Xuan's words, everyone's eyes immediately gleamed in agitation.

Initially, there were many who were hesitant because they were fearful of exposing their cultivation techniques to the world. However, the promises that Zhang Xuan made had alleviated their fears.

"I have a total of 22 Consonant Spirit realm cultivation techniques over here. You can take a look to see if there's anything suited in there!"

At that moment, a master teacher suddenly walked up, flicked his wrist, and passed a pile of books over to Zhang Xuan.

Zhang Xuan brushed his finger over the books before eventually shaking his head. "My apologies, but none of your books are suited for me…"

"None of them are suited?"

Hearing those words, the master teacher couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. Shaking his head, he retreated back into the crowd.

After that person retreated, the crowd became even more agitated.

The other party wasn't lying! He had only touched the books, he didn't attempt to flip them open at all.

Surely there was no one so formidable as to determine the content of a book just by touching its exterior, right?

Since their cultivation techniques wouldn't be exposed to the public… what else was there for them to worry about?

"Allow me…"

The allure of the Transcendent Mortal 7-dan and 8-dan inner cores was simply irresistible. The crowd hurriedly whipped out their secret manuals and rushed forward.

Soon, a mountain of cultivation technique manuals was stacked before Zhang Xuan.

However, after brushing his finger across them… it turned out that only two of the entire stack were suitable…

Of course, Zhang Xuan had picked these two books out randomly to pass. Otherwise, if he were to refuse all trades, it wouldn't take too long for the crowd to lose their interest, and he wouldn't be able to continue his business.

Two hours later, Zhang Xuan stopped his business and declared, "My apologies, but I'll be stopping here today. Why don't you all return to search for whatever cultivation technique manuals you have? From tomorrow onward, I'll trade any Cosmos Bridge realm cultivation technique for two Transcendent Mortal 8-dan spirit beast inner cores!"

He had gathered quite a few Consonant Spirit realm cultivation technique manuals in the Library of Heaven's Path, but the number of Cosmos Bridge realm cultivation technique manuals was still terribly limited. Thus, he could only up his stakes to see if he could attract more people.



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