Chapter 726: Luo Ruoxin

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"Tomorrow, you will be choosing your teachers. Senior students, organize the freshmen and bring them to their living quarters…" After dealing with the miscellaneous issues, Elder Mo issued some instructions to the senior students before returning back to the gazebo.

"Zhang shi, you need not go with the rest. It'll be hard for you to cultivate in those shared dormitories. Follow me back to the academy later on, and I'll arrange individual living quarters for you!" Elder Mo said.

As one of the Ten Great Elders of the Master Teacher Academy, he possessed the rights to determine a student's living quarters.

A top-notch genius like Zhang shi shouldn't be staying in the shared dormitories like others.

"Thank you, Elder Mo."

Understanding the other party's intentions, Zhang Xuan clasped his fist in gratitude.

He had too many secrets on him, so it would be best for him to get individual lodging for himself.

After which, Mo Gaoyuan offered a ride to Elder Mo and Zhang Xuan, and soon, the three of them were headed for the Master Teacher Academy on the back of the Langya Saint Beast.

With the senior students dealing with the matters here, and Bai shi holding the fort, there was nothing for them to worry about.

With the swiftness of Langya Saint Beast, it wasn't long before a massive academy came into sight.

Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy was built to house a hundred thousand master teachers. There were lakes and mountains within the compounds of the academy, and gazing down from the sky, it looked like a castle.

Even the entire Myriad Kingdom City seemed to pale in comparison to the academy.

It was no wonder this was the place where the top-notch geniuses of different empires converged. Just the size of the academy itself already far surpassed the capitals of the smaller empires.

"This is the Elite Sector, where the most outstanding master teachers of each grade stay. Take my token and find the student-in-charge to organize lodging for you. Pavilion Master Mo and I will have to meet the other elders to discuss that problem!"

Soon, the Langya Saint Beast landed near a cluster of the academy's residences. At this point, Elder Mo flicked his wrist and threw his token to Zhang Xuan.

After grabbing the token, Zhang Xuan began to survey the surroundings. It was a beautiful place with lush greenery and a clear stream flowing through the area. The exquisite-looking residences were lined side by side in a row.

A Spirit Gathering Formation was set up in each of these residences, creating a dense concentration of spiritual energy in the area. Even without entering the residences, one would already feel refreshed and revitalized under the nourishment of the spiritual energy.

'As expected of the Elite Sector, it's indeed extravagant!'

After taking a look, Zhang Xuan nodded in awe.

These Spirit Gathering Formations were of a higher grade than the one he had inscribed back in Honghai City, each having reached grade-6. If one were to cultivate here, one would definitely make much greater progress than compared to elsewhere.

The Master Teacher Academy couldn't afford to offer such luxury to all of its students, so only the most outstanding of geniuses were allowed to reside in these residences.

"Thank you, I'll be heading down now!" Zhang Xuan said as he leaped off the back of Langya Saint Beast.

Elder Mo and Mo Gaoyuan glanced at one another before gesturing for the Langya Saint Beast to take off into the distance.

The matter regarding the appearance of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe was a grave issue. They had no time to lose.

A few minutes later, they arrived at a sealed chamber.

There was a total of thirteen seats in the room, each of them reserved for the most esteemed figures in the academy, namely the principal and the Ten Great Elders.

A powerful formation was installed within the room, ensuring that nothing discussed in there would leak out.

"What has happened for you to summon us so urgently?"

Just as the duo took their seats, a few elders suddenly pushed open the door and walked in with deep frowns.

The last time an emergency meeting had been held was when the old principal had gone missing. What could have happened this time for Elder Mo and Pavilion Master Mo to summon all of them so urgently?

"Take a seat please. We'll start when everyone arrives!" Elder Mo gestured to the seats around him.

The elders nodded and sat at their respective positions.

Soon, the door opened once more, and a few more elders entered.

Before long, eleven seats were filled.

"Elder Mo and Pavilion Master Mo, you can speak now!" The white-bearded elder who seemed to be the oldest amongst the group gestured for them to begin.

"Alright!" Elder Mo nodded.

Flicking his wrist, he took out a Record Crystal and said, "Before I begin, I would like you all to watch this first…"

With a tap of his finger, the battle scars on the top of Leiyuan Peak which he had recorded earlier appeared before everyone's eyes.

The elders were initially perplexed to see the rubble in the crystal, but after taking a closer look, their faces slowly turned livid.

"These are… the marks of battle from an Otherworldly Demon? How is Senior Byzantium Helios then?" the white-bearded elder asked worriedly.

The others also swiftly turned their gazes to Elder Mo.

As a member of the Ten Great Elders, a 6-star pinnacle master teacher, just by looking at the scene recorded by the Record Crystal, he was still able to deduce the parties involved in the battle.

"Senior Byzantium Helios… has gone missing!" Elder Mo said grimly.

"Missing?" The other master teachers were stunned by the revelation, and even Mo Gaoyuan's expression was colored with disbelief.

Back then, Elder Mo had only said that he had found traces left behind by the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, but he hadn't gone into much detail. As a result, he didn't think that the Byzantium Helios Beast would actually end up being attacked by Otherworldly Demons and go missing.

"This is what happened…" Not daring to hide anything, Elder Mo swiftly revealed his agreement with Byzantium Helios Beast, as well as what he'd found on the peak.

The white-bearded elder slammed his palm on the table and declared grandly, "How dare those Otherworldly Demons infiltrate our Hongyuan City and kidnap Byzantium Helios Saint Beast! For the reputation of our Master Teacher Academy, we must apprehend them!"

The Ten Great Elders were responsible for governing the Master Teacher Academy, and they were each in charge of a school in the academy. For one, Elder Mo wasn't just an elder in this academy, he was also the head of the Beast Tamer School.

On the other hand, the white-bearded elder was the head of the Martial Arts School, Xu Changqing.

A female elder harrumphed coldly.

"This is no longer an issue of our school's reputation, but the safety of Senior Byzantium Helios!"

She was the head of the Terpsichore School, Wei Ranxue.

"Senior Byzantium Helios is the tamed beast of the old principal. He has braved through life-and-death situations with us, and he had slaughtered innumerable Otherworldly Demons to bring peace to mankind. With all that he had done, how could we face the old principal if anything were to happen to him? And what rights would we have to call ourselves the Ten Great Master Teachers if we couldn't even save him?"

"Indeed, we must not allow anything to happen to Senior Byzantium Helios! However, we don't have any clues as to his whereabouts at the moment, so we shouldn't act recklessly," said Elder Mo. "At this moment, our primary focus should be on finding Senior Byzantium Helios' whereabouts. If he's still alive, we'll find some way to save him. If he has been killed, we should avenge him even at the cost of our lives!"

Another two of the elders added the discussion.

"I agree. However, I think that we should carry out our actions discreetly first, or else we might risk alarming the Otherworldly Demons. If they were to learn that we're on their trail, they might potentially resort to extreme actions!"

"I concur. Since the Otherworldly Demons dared to lay their hands on Senior Byzantium Helios, it is unlikely that they would hesitate in attacking the academy too. We can't discount the possibility that this might be a scheme to lure us away from the academy. Thus, we should proceed warily with the investigation."

"That is exactly what I am worried about. I fear that they might have left behind those marks intentionally to lure us into a trap…" Elder Mo frowned.

There didn't seem to be any attempt by the Otherworldly Demons to conceal the marks of battle on Leiyuan Peak, as if the other party was intentionally showing it to them. It was due to his worry that this was a trap by the Otherworldly Demons that Elder Mo was hesitant to take action on his own, choosing to hold a conference with the other elders first instead of combing through the mountain range to search for Senior Byzantium Helios.

After a moment of discussion, the group was still unable to decide on anything. It was at that moment that the head of the Apothecary School, Lu Feng, interjected in the discussion. "Senior Byzantium Helios possesses a fighting prowess far above us. If even he wasn't a match for the enemy, it's unlikely that we will be able to save him even if we do uncover his whereabouts!"

The others nodded in agreement as well.

Just like them, the Byzantium Helios Saint Beast was at Saint 1-dan pinnacle as well. However, as a saint beast, he wielded strength far beyond the others. Yet, the Byzantium Helios Saint Beast had been captured before he could even get an opportunity to send out a help signal to the rest of them. Through this, it could be seen how formidable the adversary they were facing was.

If they couldn't defeat the Otherworldly Demons, even if they managed to find the whereabouts of the Byzantium Helios Beast, they wouldn't be able to save him.

"In a few days, Mu shi from Qingyuan Conferred Empire will be making a trip here to select the new principal and investigate the death of the old principal. When the time comes, we can report this matter to him and have him help us look into the matter as well!" School Head Lu said.

"This…" At this point, everyone hesitated.

If they were to rely on the headquarters for everything, wouldn't that be as good as saying that they, as the Ten Great Master Teachers, were inept and powerless to deal with issues?

"I know what you are thinking of, but the enemy we are facing is an existence who was able to bypass our security and abduct Senior Byzantium Helios without alarming anyone. This issue is already beyond our ability, so this matter must be reported to the headquarters!" School Head Lu said affirmatively.

The Apothecary School was the number one school in the Master Teacher Academy, and this gave more weight to his words.

"Alright…" After a moment of contemplation, the other master teachers eventually conceded.

Just as they were about to discuss their next course of action, School Head Lu suddenly flicked his wrist, and a Communication Jade Token appeared in his hands. He took a glance at it, and his eyebrows shot up.

"Everyone, follow me. Mu shi has arrived!"

"Mu shi is already here? So early?"

"Didn't he say that it would take a few more days?"

"It's impossible for us to fathom the thoughts of experts like him. Don't forget, he did say that he would be able to arrive a month ago, but he ended up postponing his arrival all the way until now…"

"That's true…"

Initially, Mu shi had sent a message to them, saying that he would arrive at Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy a month ago, but after a long wait, he never came. But just a day ago, he had sent another message over saying that he had been held up by some issues, and he would arrive a few days later. However, he ended up showing up that day instead.

As such, his arrival had caught everyone off-guard.

Amidst discussions, the group walked over to the lounge where the academy welcomed esteemed guests. Soon, they saw an old man with a snowy beard seated on one of the chairs with a dignified posture. Seated beside the old man was a young lady who seemed to be in her early twenties.

"Mu shi!"

Upon walking into the room, the elders immediately clasped their fists and bowed respectfully.

As a 7-star master teacher, Mu shi was one of the top figures in the Master Teacher Academy. Even as the Ten Great Master Teachers, they dared not to show the slightest disrespect to the other party.

"Un. Allow me to introduce to you all; this is Luo shi. She's… a junior of mine. She is a 6-star master teacher, and as a part of her training, she will be serving as a teacher here for the time being. Thus, I'll have to trouble you to make the necessary arrangements." Standing up, Mu shi gestured to the young lady beside him and introduced her.


Taken aback, everyone quickly turned their gazes to the young lady. At this point, the young lady stood up, clasped her fist, and bowed. "Ruoxin pays respect to the elders of Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy!"

"6-star master teacher? She is already a 6-star master teacher despite her young age?"

Everyone was taken aback.

Luo Ruoxin looked as if she was barely in her twenties. Talent wasn't a sufficient reason to explain how one could qualify as a 6-star master teacher at such an age. The chances were that she had come from an incredible family or possessed an astounding background!

It was likely that her being a junior of Mu shi's was a lie.

As a 7-star master teacher, it would be difficult for him to groom a twenty-year-old 6-star master teacher.

Most likely, she was the offspring of a Sage Clan, heading to a lower empire so as to experience the taste of life and temper her spirit.

Only such clans could groom such incredible geniuses!

"It is incredible that Luo shi has reached such heights at your young age; you have my admiration. Regarding the issue of taking up a teaching role in our academy, I'll make arrangements for it right now. May I know… what do you specialize in? Is there any school you are interested in?" School Head Lu asked with a smile.



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