Chapter 738: Golden Armored Cloak

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But regardless, since the school head was looking for him, he mustn't keep him waiting. After instructing Luo Yan and the others once more to not allow Zhang Xuan to get away at any cost, he followed the master teacher to the school head's office.

The Blacksmith School was extremely large, taking up more than several ten thousand mu of land. It was divided into the Smithery, Staff Office, Learning Hall, and various examination facilities.
(10,000 mu = 6,666,666m^2)

Yuan Hong was in charge of the examination facilities, which was at the opposite end of the Staff Office.

Even so, with his incredible speed as a Saint realm expert, it didn't take him long to arrive before the school head's office.

Stepping into the office, he saw the school head and the other three vice school heads seated within, seemingly discussing something vital.

Head of the Blacksmith School, Zhao Bingxu, one of the Ten Great Master Teachers!

Of the entire Master Teacher Academy, his standing was second to only the head of the Apothecary School.

Seated upright at the end of the room, he carried a dignified and authoritative aura.

At this moment, the school head's eyebrows were knitted together, and the other three vice school heads had austere expressions on their faces as well.

"School head, you were looking for me?" Yuan Hong asked doubtfully as he headed towards an empty seat amidst the group.

"You arrived at a timely moment. There's something which I need your input on!" the school head nodded as he flicked his palm.


A formation in the room was activated, creating a barrier between those in the room and the rest of the world.

With the activation of this barrier, it would be impossible for anyone outside to listen to the conversation within the room.

Of course, this also meant that news outside wouldn't be able to reach this room either as long as the formation was active.

Seeing the school head going to the extent of even activating a formation to ensure perfect confidentiality, Yuan Hong was bewildered.

"Since everyone has arrived, I'll start then." School Head Zhao Bingxu nodded with a grim expression. "Just a moment ago, Elder Mo and Pavilion Master Mo have gathered the Ten Great Master Teachers together and announced something vital!"

Yuan Hong's face twisted in astonishment.

It must be a grave matter for Pavilion Master Mo and Elder Mo to have to gather the Ten Great Master Teachers together to confer about it.

"Could it be... news about the old principal?" One of the vice school heads couldn't help but ask.

The most crucial issue the Master Teacher Academy was facing at the moment was the old principal going missing, resulting in the lack of a leader to unite the academy together.

It would be great if there was news on him!

"That's not it." Zhao Bingxu shook his head gravely. "The Otherworldly Demonic Tribe has been appeared in the vicinity of Hongyuan City!"

"Otherworldly Demonic Tribe?" Yuan Hong's body instantaneously tensed up.

As a 6-star pinnacle master teacher, he understood the significance of an appearance of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe.

But for the school head to activate a formation of confidentiality, the matter probably wasn't as simple as a mere appearance of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe.

"That's right. Senior Byzantium Helios has come under their assault on Leiyuan Peak, and we are still unable to verify whether he's dead or alive at the moment." Zhao Bingxu said slowly.

The four men gathered here were the vice heads of the Blacksmith School, important pillars supporting humanity. They were trustworthy men whom he could entrust such crucial intelligence to.

"Senior Byzantium Helios has gone missing?" Yuan Hong and the others widened their eyes in astonishment.

They could hardly believe what they were hearing.

If that was truly the case, the situation must be truly dire!

Byzantium Helios Beast was the old principal's tamed beast, and his cultivation had long reached Saint 1-dan pinnacle. On top of that, as a saint beast, he commanded strength far beyond any of them here. If even he had fallen prey to the Otherworldly Demons... how powerful must their enemies be?

"Un. Senior Byzantium Helios went missing even before he could even send a message to us... Furthermore, based on the marks of battle left on Leiyuan Peak, there must be at least ten Saints among the Otherworldly Demons, and one of them was at least Saint 2-dan at minimum!" Zhao Bingxu said grimly.

The reason why he rushed here to inform the other vice school heads on this matter right after the conference was to have the Blacksmith School act immediately. If they were to delay on this matter, they might just miss the ideal window to save Byzantium Helios Beast.

"At least ten Saint realm Otherworldly Demons?"

"One of them is at least Saint 2-dan?"

Everyone trembled upon learning that news.

If that was really the case, this matter would be far beyond their ability.

"Should we... report this matter to the headquarter?" Yuan Hong asked.

With the appearance of so many Otherworldly Demons simultaneously, the Master Teacher Academy might just find itself overpowered. Given such, it might be preferable to have the headquarter send down stronger master teachers to deal with this issue.

"Mu shi from the headquarter has already arrived at the academy, and we have reported this matter to him as well. His view was to have us deal with this matter as far as we can, and if anyone succeeds in saving Senior Byzantium Helios, he would become the next principal of the academy!" Zhao Bingxu replied.

"The next principal?" Everyone's eyes immediately lit up.

If Zhao Bingxu could become the academy's new principal, the standing of the Blacksmith School in the academy would surely soar as well. It would only be a matter of time before it overtakes the Apothecary School as the first school in the academy.

"Un. The reason why I have all of you gathered here is to have you investigate the whereabouts of Senior Byzantium Helios. Our Blacksmith School must find him before the others..." Zhao Bingxu nodded, revealing his intentions.

"That's no problem at all!"

"School head, rest assured. We'll do our best!"

Hong Yuan and the others nodded.

This wasn't just a matter regarding Zhao Bingxu's promotion. The appearance of the Otherworldly Demons would be a threat to the entire Master Teacher Academy and even humanity as a whole. Even without the incentive of the principal's seat, they were still obligated to do so.

"Good, that's all for now. Return and make whatever necessary arrangements!" Zhao Bingxu nodded.

"School head, there's a matter I need to report!" Seeing the school head dismissing them, one of the vice school heads immediately stood up and said.

"I also have a matter to report..." Yuan Hong also hurriedly said.

"Vice School Head Xiong, you'll go first!" Seeing that the two vice school heads had matters to report, Zhao Bingxu nodded.

Vice School Head Xiong Bing was in charge of the Learning Hall, and he had the closest relationship with the students as well.

"Alright!" Xiong Bing nodded. "It's like that. A while back, a student reported finding traces left behind by Elder Wu Yangzi, and she requested to initiate a mission on it... Such matters often occur, so I didn't think too much of it either. So, I offered them a few Academic Credits as the reward and sent them on their way."

Wu Yangzi was the most talented blacksmith in the past ten thousand years of history of Hongyuan Empire, and many students viewed him as their idol. As a result, there were many students who would approach him with news they had gathered on Wu Yangzi and apply for a mission each year, but most of them would turn out to just be mere rumors.

"Could it be... they succeeded?" Hearing Xiong Bing abruptly raising this matter, a thought flashed across Yuan Hong's head, and his breathing began to hasten in agitation.

If this was true, it would cause a huge uproar in the Blacksmith School!

Even though it had been long since Wu Yangzi had passed away, he still commanded great prestige amongst the blacksmiths in Hongyuan City.

"It's still a little too early for me to verify whether it's true or not, but the one who reported the completion of the mission is... the Sixth Princess!" Xiong Bing said.

"Sixth Princess? You mean Princess Yu Fei-er?" Zhao Bingxu asked.

Yu Fei-er was a member of royalty, so even as one of the Ten Great Master Teachers, he had also heard about her.

"That's right. Not only so, there is Grade 2's Luo Qiqi and Xing Yuan from the Xing Clan!" Xiong Bing continued.

"I have heard of Luo Qiqi, she's a famous blacksmith genius in Grade 2. If we could groom her well, she would surely achieve great things in the future. As for Xing Yuan, is he that old fellow's offspring?" Zhao Bingxu asked.

"He is!" Xiong Bing nodded.

"Why would they suddenly go searching for Elder Wu Yangzi's whereabouts?" Yuan Hong asked in bewilderment.

Each year, there were many students who would attempt to search for Wu Yangzi's whereabouts to uncover the truth behind his disappearance, but often, the news they gathered turned out to just be rumors amongst the populace. As the top students of their grade, surely they should know better than to pursue groundless rumors?

"I am not too sure on that, but just today, they came to me and reported the completion of their mission. On top of that, they brought Elder Wu Yangzi's remains back... Due to the immense significance of this issue, I dare not pass judgement by myself. Thus, I hope that the rest of you can help me verify the authenticity of this issue as well!" Xiong Bing said gravely.

"Sure, we'll be more than willing to. Where are those students?" Zhao Bingxu said.

Everyone was taken aback to hear that the group had brought back Wu Yangzi's remains. Missions relating to searching for Wu Yangzi's whereabouts had always ended in a failure, but this group claimed to have found his body...

If that was true, this would truly be a huge matter!

While Zhao Bingxu was a 6-star pinnacle blacksmith as well, his skill was still terribly lacking as compared to Wu Yangzi. If the group had brought back any secret manuals left behind by Wu Yangzi along with them, the Blacksmith School could be revolutionized!

"They are currently waiting outside the room. I'll call them in now!" Xiong Bing hurriedly said.

"Alright!" Zhao Bingxu nodded.

Xiong Bing stepped out of the room, and a moment later, he returned with three students following behind him.

They were Xing Yuan, Luo Qiqi, and Yu Fei-er.

While Xing Yuan and Ye Qian had left Huanyu Empire earlier than Luo Qiqi and Yu Fei-er, the speed of the aerial spirit beast they took was far beneath that of the Great Violetwing Beast. As a result, Yu Fei-er and Luo Qiqi ended up arriving earlier than them.

As a result, it took them so long to gather together to report on the matter.

"Xing Yuan (Luo Qiqi, Yu Fei-er) pays respect to School Head Zhao and the other vice school heads!" The group clasped their fists and greeted.

"Spare with the ceremony!" Zhao Bingxu stroked his beard as his gaze fell on the group of three. "I heard that you found Elder Wu Yangzi's remains. Is that true?"

"That's true. This is the reason why we're here!" Xing Yuan nodded affirmatively. "I beseech School Head Zhao to verify the authenticity of the remains!"

With those words, he flicked his wrist, and a corpse appeared before the crowd.

It was the body which they had found in the underground chamber.


Upon seeing the corpse, Zhao Bingxu, Yuan Hong, and the others traded gazes, and their eyes narrowed.

As one of the top blacksmiths in Hongyuan City back in his time, there were many paintings on him, and they were passed down through the generations. The few of them had seen those paintings as well, and while the corpse before them was slightly withered, they were astonished to see that the distinctive features were identical to the painting depictions!

In other words... there was a good chance that the corpse before them belonged to Elder Wu Yangzi!

Could they have really accomplished what countless before them had failed to do?

"Elder Wu Yangzi has once smithed a [Golden Armored Cloak] which, unlike ordinary armor, could be concealed beneath one's skin. If this corpse has the Golden Armored Cloak beneath his skin, there will be no doubt that he's indeed Elder Wu Yangzi!" Zhao Bingxu stood up and observed the corpse carefully.

"Golden Armored Cloak?" Yuan Hong and the others were taken aback.

They had never heard of this before.

"That's right. Zhao Bingxu nodded as he gathered a surge of sword qi on his fingertip and lightly sliced the corpse's skin.

Si la!

A small incision was made on the corpse's skin, revealing a gleaming golden armor within.

"This is indeed the Golden Armored Cloak! There's no doubt about it, this is the remains of Elder Wu Yangzi!" Upon seeing the yellow shine beneath the corpse's skin, Zhao Bingxu clenched his fists tightly in agitation, and his breathing hastened.

A corpse could be faked, but it was impossible for the Golden Armored Cloak to be faked. This was because its forging method had already long disappeared from the face of the earth!

There was only one possibility given that the corpse before him was wearing it—he must be Wu Yangzi!



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