Chapter 739: His Name is Zhang Xuan

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"It's true?"

"That's great..."

Upon hearing School Head Zhao's confirmation on the matter, the faces of Yuan Hong and the others flushed crimson in agitation.

As 6-star pinnacle blacksmiths, they understood the significance of the words "Wu Yangzi" to Hongyuan Empire.

Back then, when this esteemed elder disappeared without a trace, a huge turmoil broke out in the Blacksmith Guild. Countless men stepped forth to lead the search for his whereabouts, but their efforts ended in futility. Who could have thought that the ones who would eventually uncover his traces would be the students of the Master Teacher Academy?

They could already foresee the huge commotion that would occur with the announcement regarding the discovery of this corpse. This would boost the Blacksmith School's prestige amongst the students and blacksmiths.

"You have done well. I'll have the school reward you handsomely for your accomplishments!" Zhao Bingxu nodded in commendation as he gazed at the students before him, proud of them.

To be honest, he had also attempted to uncover Elder Wu Yangzi's trails when he was younger, but he eventually found himself stumbling upon a dead end, leaving him no choice but to give up.

"Thank you, School Head Zhao!" Xing Yuan and the others clasped their fists.

Vice School Head Xiong Bing had thought that it would be difficult for them to succeed when they first applied for the mission, so he didn't bother offering much of a reward. However, with such great achievement, locating Wu Yangzi's whereabouts and finding his remains, it was natural that the reward should be increased significantly.

"Since you have found Elder Wu Yangzi's body, regarding his heritage..." One of the vice school heads couldn't help but ask anxiously.

Back then, when the esteemed Wu Yangzi disappeared from the world, he didn't leave behind his heritage. This was also part of the reason why after his disappearance, many had searched far and wide for his whereabouts, in hopes of uncovering his heritage.

Since these students were able to find his remains, could they have obtained his heritage as well?

Given their current capability, Wu Yangzi's heritage was no longer crucial to them. They also wouldn't stoop so low as to steal the heritage from the students either, especially given their standing. However, if the Blacksmith School could obtain Wu Yangzi's heritage, it would definitely allow many of their blacksmiths to advance their smithing proficiency. This was beneficial to the entire Blacksmith School.

"We managed to find his heritage... At the same time, I was also accepted as Elder Wu Yangzi's direct disciple. However, I won't be able to make the call to contribute the heritage to the school by myself!"

The one who spoke this time around was Luo Qiqi.

"You found Elder Wu Yangzi's heritage?"

"You can't make the call yourself? True, your group did go through a lot of effort to obtain the heritage. You should indeed discuss among yourselves before coming to a decision."

"Don't worry, if you don't wish to make it public, I promise that no one will be able to make things difficult for you..."

"The Master Teacher Pavilion has its own rules. There will be no one who would risk bringing the ire of the Master Teacher Pavilion upon themselves for a heritage!"

Upon hearing that the group had obtained the heritage, everyone was astonished. But soon, they nodded in agreement.

The responsibility of master teachers was to impart knowledge and enlighten the masses. But as noble as their mission was, they were still mortal, and they had their own desires and interests. It would be unreasonable to expect them to impart everything they knew selflessly to others.

It was precisely for this reason that there was a classification between direct disciple, normal students, and listening in.

Those who were listening in would only be imparted the bare fundamentals whereas the direct disciples would be taught the most profound of techniques.

This was also the reason why the standing of direct disciples was higher than those listening in, with the latter having to address the former as "senior".

Since Luo Qiqi had become Wu Yangzi's direct disciple and inherited his heritage, it should belong to her. If she was willing to pass it on, that would be goodwill on her part. However, if she was unwilling to do so, they weren't in a position to say anything either.

This was the magnanimity that master teachers should have. Otherwise, how could they be qualified to enlighten the masses?

"Rather than saying our group went through a lot of effort, it would be more accurate to say that that person went through a lot of effort... As long as he agrees, I believe that Qiqi will be more than willing to contribute the heritage to the Blacksmith School!" Realizing that there was some misunderstanding between them, Yu Fei-er quickly stepped forward to explain.

"That person?" Zhao Bingxu, Yuan Hong, and the others glanced at one another doubtfully.

"Indeed. Not only was that person the one who helped us obtain the heritage, he even saved all of us. If not for him, we might have died within the underground chamber!" Gratitude gleamed in Luo Qiqi's eyes as she spoke.

"We can forgo the rewards that School Head Zhao has promised us as long as he is amply rewarded!" Xing Yuan added.

Even though he was frustrated by the complicated relationship between Princess Yu Fei-er and that fellow, he still felt obliged to repay the other party for saving their lives.

Sensing the earnest tone behind the duo's words, Zhao Bingxu frowned, "What happened? Did you encounter some kind of danger while seeking Elder Wu Yangzi?"

Wu Yangzi's disappearance back then was extremely abrupt, there was no signs or marks left behind, as if he had vanished into thin air. Even Zhao Bingxu, despite his immense authority, could only fathom a guess on the happenings, deducing that the Otherworldly Demons might have been involved in this matter.

But as for the truth, there was no one who could say for sure.

Furthermore, after such a long time had passed, whatever existing danger back then should have already dissipated.

"Dangerous can't possibly summarize what we went through. Elder Wu Yangzi was captured by the Otherworldly Demons back then, and here is a personal note he left behind..." Luo Qiqi nodded as she passed a book over.

This was the notebook which they obtained from Wu Yangzi back in the underground chamber.

Written on it was the happenings in his capture and his experiences with the Otherworldly Demons in the underground chamber.


After reading through the note, Zhao Bingxu's eyes narrowed, "Otherworldly Demon puppet? Could it be that... you have met those in the underground chamber?"

"Indeed. Due to a moment of carelessness, we ended up being surrounded, and we were almost killed. Despite the danger, that person stepped forward and saved us. Furthermore, in order to destroy those puppets, he even destroyed the underground chamber, burying himself with them..." Luo Qiqi recounted the affairs that happened that day.

Upon hearing about how that person stood bravely against an Otherworldly Demon puppet to save Luo Qiqi, everyone fell silent.

They tried putting themselves in the other party's shoes, but they realized that it would be difficult for them to put themselves in danger in order to save a mere acquaintance.

Furthermore, that person even handed the heritage over to Luo Qiqi without even taking a glance at it. Very few would be willing to do so if put in his position.

There was no blacksmith who could remain unmoved before Wu Yangzi's heritage, and yet, that person willingly gave the opportunity to Luo Qiqi. It would be hard to find anyone as noble as he was.

As the five school head and vice school heads listened to how that person braved through many Saint realm Otherworldly Demon puppets without regard for his life in order to save Yu Fei-er and the others, their mouths opened wide in astonishment.

"If those Otherworldly Demon puppets were to escape from the underground chamber, they would pose a fatal threat to Huanyu Empire and perhaps even Hongyuan Empire. Many will suffer under their tyranny. His actions have saved all of us. He's... truly a noble person!"

"Indeed. Putting his life on the line, he attracted all of the Otherworldly Demon puppets away and collapsed the underground chamber so as to stop them... Putting the lives of others above his, he's indeed a true master teacher!"

A long moment later, Zhao Bingxu and the others finally spoke up, nodding in admiration and awe for the other party.

To charge into a despairing situation for humanity, there was nothing greater than that!

Unwittingly, they thought of Kong shi.

Back then, Kong shi had established the master teacher occupation for the advancement of mankind.

After tens of thousand years, the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe had long disappeared. While the Master Teacher Pavilion had managed to remain true to its aims, the number hot-blooded master teachers who were willing to truly put their life on the line for humanity had been decreasing over the years, perhaps even disappearing entirely.

Who would have known that they would find one right in their Master Teacher Academy!

"He's really a respectable master teacher." Xing Yuan nodded.

"He was the one who helped me obtain this heritage. As long as he gives his consent, I'll contribute it to the Blacksmith School without any hesitation!" Luo Qiqi said.

It was through Zhang shi's blood and sweat that they obtained Wu Yangzi's heritage. If he agrees to it, she would hand it over straight away. Otherwise, even at the risk of her life, she wouldn't divulge a single word about it.

"Judging from how noble that person you spoke of is, I'm sure he'll be more than willing to contribute this valuable knowledge to the masses." Yuan Hong remarked.

"I'm sure he will. He's such a person after all..." After a moment of thought, Luo Qiqi nodded.

Her apothecary teacher might be young, but he wasn't one who was obsessed with gains and losses. Even if she were to seek his permission for this matter, he would surely give his consent without any hesitation.

"I'll contribute Wu Yangzi's heritage to the Blacksmith School then. However, I hope that the school can reward him for his efforts!"

With those words, Luo Qiqi flicked her wrist and took out a book.

It was the secret manual which many would go into a frenzy in order to obtain it, Wu Yangzi's personal smithing technique, [Zither Forging Technique].


Flipping through the book casually, Zhao Bingxu could tell that it was authentic instantly, and his eyes reddened in agitation.

The various interpretations and comprehension of smithing in the manual were refreshing and novel. If this could be imparted to the students of the Blacksmith School, their smithing proficiency would definitely be raised by leaps and bounds.

Even Zhao Bingxu himself might be able to surpass his bottleneck and reach higher realms in his smithing with this!

"That person is indeed a great man. He has contributed greatly to humanity. Where is that person now? Is he... still alive?" Zhao Bingxu asked hesitantly.

Luo Qiqi had only said that that person chose to willingly remain in the underground chamber in order to save them, not mentioning whether he had survived that ordeal or not.

If that person was still alive, the Blacksmith School would have to reward him handsomely for his immense contributions. If he had already passed away... they would ensure that his family members are well taken of so as to honor his deeds.

"He's alive, of course he's alive!" Not expecting for there to be such a misunderstanding, Luo Qiqi hurriedly clarified. "Not only is he alive, he has also participated in the entrance examination, and he should be a freshman in the academy now!"

They hadn't heard from Zhang Xuan whether he had passed the entrance examination or not, but given his capability, it shouldn't pose a problem to him at all.

"Freshman? You mean to say that that person who saved you... is a freshman of our academy?" Zhao Bingxu was stunned.

The other vice school heads were also dumbstruck by that revelation.

When they heard that that person had selflessly put his life at stake to save them, they had thought that he would be a 5-star master teacher a minimum, or perhaps even beyond that. Who could have thought that it would be a humble freshman in their academy?

"That's right!" Luo Qiqi nodded.

"I see... What is his name then? I'll send someone to find him and convince him to join our Blacksmith School!" Yuan Hong said.

Putting everything aside, just by the fact that he had contributed the Zither Forging Technique to the Blacksmith School would earn him the respect of countless students here.

"He's my apothecary teacher. His name is... Zhang Xuan!" Luo Qiqi announced proudly.

"Zhang Xuan?"

Yuan Hong froze for an instant as his body trembled to that familiar his name. With a shaky voice, he asked, "Is that Zhang Xuan you spoke a young man in his twenties, around this tall, and has a fair complexion?"



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