Chapter 756: All Mine!

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"This is the response of artifacts who have acknowledged a cultivator as their master!"

"In the end, all of these artifacts actually belong to him? No wonder he knows them so well…"

"Is he the true owner of the Spirit Emporium? These are the most valuable artifacts here! If all of these are his, this would mean that the Spirit Emporium is pretty much emptied out!"

Seeing the artifacts flying from their places, everyone was stunned.

All of the artifacts which the young man had appraised before, be they swords, chains, armors, cauldrons… each and every one of them was floating around him, humming in excitement. It was as if they had finally met with their master after great difficulty, and they were unwilling to part with him!

All of the most valuable artifacts in the Spirit Emporium were in there. If all of those artifacts belonged to the young man before them… this renowned 'treasure vault' of Hongyuan City would be emptied out!

Those artifacts made up seventy to eighty percent of the total asset of the Spirit Emporium.

Surely the young man, and not the middle-aged man over there, was the true boss of the Spirit Emporium…

Sun Qiang's lips twitched.

The young master… sure is vicious!

He knew of the young master's ability to make artifacts acknowledge him swiftly. Back when he was appraising the artifacts, he'd touched every single one of them while explaining their properties. It was probably then that he'd made them submit to him.

From the very start, there were only two options for the Spirit Emporium. They could either obediently pay up or have their assets emptied out!

With all the weapons acknowledging the young master, even if he were to claim that everything was stolen from him, there would be no one who would doubt his words!

"Y-you…" As expected, upon seeing all of the weapons obeying the words of the young man, the boss of the Spirit Emporium nearly fainted.

He'd paid a hefty price in order to procure those weapons, and he was certain that they were unowned when he obtained them. Why did all of them acknowledge that fellow as their master?

Gaining the acknowledgement of an artifact was an extremely troublesome matter. Without sufficient time, it was impossible to succeed. For all of them to acknowledge him as their master, it could only mean one thing…

In the very first place, all of these weapons belonged to him!

He felt fresh blood welling up in his throat, threatening to spill forth at any moment.

In order to buy these weapons, the Spirit Emporium had even incurred a heavy debt. If everything were to be taken away by the other party, the business empire which he had built painstakingly over the course of many years would collapse in an instant.

Not only so, he would even fall into heavy debt as well.

"As everyone can see, these artifacts belong to me. However, the Spirit Emporium stole them from me, and left with no choice, I could only resort to such a course of action. All I want now is to bring my artifacts away with me," Zhang Xuan said righteously.

"Those artifacts belong to you, and you want to take them away? Pu!" Reaching the limit of his tolerance, the head of the Spirit Emporium spurted a mouthful of blood.

Like heck they are yours, I bought them with a huge sum of money… They are mine!

You are clearly a troublemaker wreaking havoc in my territory. I have already given you ten high-tier spirit stones, what else do you want?

Do you really intend to take my entire fortune away with you?

How the hell have I offended you that you must push me over the cliff?

"Since these artifacts are mine, I will be taking them back now. Sun Qiang, let's go!"

Just as the boss of the Spirit Emporium was overwhelmed with indignation, the young man before him swiftly stored all of the flying artifacts in his storage ring and turned around to leave.

"You… Hold it right there!"

Knowing that everything would be over if he allowed the young man to leave, the head of the Spirit Emporium roared furiously. The aura of a Saint surged from his body, ready to unleash a fatal strike on the young man before him at any moment.

Zhang Xuan turned around and faced the boss fearlessly.

"Why? Are you going to resort to violence now? You should know the consequences of snatching a master teacher's possession!"

If the Master Teacher Pavilion were to learn that the boss of the Spirit Emporium had stolen a master teacher's possession before so many people, he would be severely dealt with.

Even if he was a Saint, he could potentially stand to have his cultivation crippled or even face death!

"I…" A savage expression surfaced on the boss of the Spirit Emporium. "I won't snatch the artifacts through violence, but unless you hand them over, don't even dream about stepping out of this building! Men!"


The patrol squads swiftly rushed forward and block all of the exits. Wielding a weapon each in their hands, they glared at Zhang Xuan ferociously, as if they would tear him apart if he dared approach them.

On the other hand, the crowd in the area who were dragged into this matter turned pale in fright, and their bodies trembled uncontrollably.

If they had known this would happen, they would never have stayed on to watch the commotion. Now, they were doomed…

"To think that the boss of the Spirit Emporium would be so underhanded as to bully a junior…"

Despite the impending battle that was about to fall upon him, Zhang Xuan didn't seem panicked in the least. Instead, he sighed deeply. "To tell you the truth, I was still contemplating whether I should give you a chance and leave some of the artifacts behind. However, since you are so shameless, don't blame me for getting nasty then!"

Disappointment was reflected in Zhang Xuan's eyes. Shaking his head, he walked calmly over to the shelves, opened the casing, and tapped on the metal hammer within it twice.

"This is mine!"

Following which, he walked over to another artifact and tapped on it as well. "This is mine too!"

"Mine as well…"

"Still mine…"

"All mine…"

Soon, he tapped the eight remaining items in the room.

The boss of the Spirit Emporium was still wondering what that fellow was up to when all of the artifacts suddenly hummed excitedly, acknowledging Zhang Xuan as their master. Every single one of them flew into the air and floated right by the young man's side.

"The heck…" The boss was on the verge of insanity.

That fellow was not planning to take away most of the Spirit Emporium's asset; he was planning on taking away all of its assets!

If the other party was allowed to do as he pleased, everything in the Spirit Emporium would be his in less than five minutes!

Screw him!

"Stop him!" the boss bellowed.

Hong long!

Hearing the boss's command, the guards rushed at Zhang Xuan to stop him, but the next instant, countless artifacts abruptly appeared and struck them.

The artifacts were protecting their master!

If those guards wanted to get to Zhang Xuan, they would have to get past the artifacts first.

Even though the offensive capabilities of the artifacts weren't too strong as there was no one driving them, they still managed to stall the guards. These artifacts were the possessions of the Spirit Emporium, so they didn't dare to strike too hard for fear of damaging any of them.

"Boss…" the head of the guards called out.

"All of you, scram!" Reaching the limits of his tolerance, the boss roared.

The power of a Saint burst from his body, and under the suppression of the violent aura, the floating artifacts fell to the ground powerless with a jolt.

Clang clang clang clang clang!

"What are you doing? You know that you have to pay for damaging my artifacts, right?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

"Pay? Pay your head!"

Bursting with fury, the boss could maintain his composure no longer and began hurling curses.

All of those items were my precious artifacts, but you used some kind of sorcery to make them submit to you… You were the one who stole my treasures, and you still want me to pay you? How can there be such a shameless person in the world?

"Today, you need not try to leave!"

The more he thought about it, the more furious he felt. Thus, he stomped his feet.

Hong long!

The Spirit Emporium began to tremor, and all of the doors slammed shut. Two towering walls rose from the ground, covering all of the shelves where the artifacts were supposed to be placed.

"It's a mechanism!"

"I have long heard that the boss of the Spirit Emporium paid a heavy price in order to build this building, inviting forty students of the Celestial Designer School to work day and night for half a year to rush this out… I thought that those were just rumors, but it was actually true!"

"Now that the Spirit Emporium has been locked down, how are we supposed to leave?"

"I have no idea either… Let's just hope that we won't be implicated in this matter!"

"I doubt so… That young man is a master teacher, so if the boss were to kill him, we would be eyewitnesses to the deed…"

Seeing the boss fly into a rage and activate the mechanism of the Spirit Emporium to shut all of the exits, preventing anyone from entering or leaving, the crowd that was trapped inside stared at one another with faces pale with fright.

If the boss were to really kill that master teacher, they, as eyewitnesses, surely wouldn't fare any better either!

After all, if the matter were to be leaked to the Master Teacher Pavilion, the boss would be pursued by them to the ends of the world.

Standing beside Zhang Xuan, Sun Qiang's face paled as well.

The young master's cultivation was only at the Cosmos Bridge realm, but the enemy he was facing was a Saint… This time, they were really in deep trouble…

Zhang Xuan had never told anyone about the Otherworldly Demon puppets or Vicious, so Sun Qiang was unaware of their existence as well.

"So, are you intending on killing a master teacher?" Seeing the other party activating the lockdown function of the Spirit Emporium, Zhang Xuan turned to the boss and frowned.

Gritting his teeth in rage, the boss sneered.

"Kill a master teacher? How could I dare to do so? However, if you don't hand over my possessions this instant, I fear that I might not be able to hold myself back!"

"Your possessions? These artifacts addressed me as their master and protected me, are your eyes too blind to see that? On the contrary, my possessions have brought your store prestige and class, so the least you can do is pay me the rental fee, right?" Zhang Xuan replied nonchalantly.

The boss staggered upon hearing those words.

He felt as if he might just die of anger if he were to continue speaking if that fellow.

Pay you the rental fee? You stole my possessions, and you still want me to pay you? Do you take me for a fool?

Hong long long!

An immense accumulation of zhenqi gathered in the boss's palm, as if of the materialization of his rage.

"I will give you one last warning. Return those items to me, and I can consider sparing you. I won't say this again," he threatened menacingly.

Were it not for his fear of School Head Mo and School Head Zhao, he would have long made a move.

Even so, his overwhelming rage was threatening to remove all reason from him, compelling him to make a move.

Seeing the mass of zhenqi in the other party's hands threatening to rip him to pieces any moment now, Zhang Xuan shook his head.

"Warning? I have seen plenty of bandits in my life, but I have never seen one who steals as brazenly as you do. You are truly incredible! Since that is the case, allow me to let you in on a secret then!"

He abruptly leaped several dozen meters forward and stepped heavily on the ground before leaping in another direction.

He continued another seven times before returning back to his original position.

"A secret? What are you up to?" Seeing that the fellow was up to something once more, the boss glared at him warily.

On the other hand, Zhang Xuan smiled brightly and said, "The fact is… this Spirit Emporium is mine as well!"

Kacha! Kacha!

A series of mechanisms abruptly spun into action, and the entire Spirit Emporium began to shake in euphoria.

"What? The Spirit Emporium… has acknowledged him as its master as well?"

The boss felt as if the entire world had gone mad.



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