Zhang Xuan was flabbergasted.

He'd thought that the young lady who seemed to be of the same age as him would be a student of this academy, but who would have thought that she was a teacher dispatched from the headquarter!

It was just a moment ago that he'd said that the teacher dispatched from the headquarters would be hideous when it turned out to be the young lady he was interested in… He couldn't help but fidget awkwardly.

If the young lady before him could be considered hideous, there would be no one in the world who was deserving of the word "pretty".

Even though her disguise had dulled her ravishing features, her ethereal disposition and elegant bearing still shone through, making it impossible for anyone to avert their gaze from her.

Looking at the silly fellow before her panicking, Luo Ruoxin chuckled softly before turning around and leaping onto the stage.

"How beautiful!"

"With such appearance, she must be the top beauty of our academy!"

"Top beauty? That student over there, you must be joking. I am from the Bewitching Devil Faction, and I can tell you that Sister Yaoyao is the most beautiful of them all!"

"That's just your own opinion. In my view, Senior Dongxin is the prettiest!"

"I still think that Princess Fei-er is the best. The other seniors are way out of our league, at least I might still stand a chance with Princess Fei-er…"

"You wish to woo Princess Fei-er? Dream on! Haven't you heard how long Xing Yuan has courted her for? Honestly speaking, I am still the most entranced by Luo Qiqi's charms, but it's a pity that she isn't interested in me at all…"

Upon seeing Luo Ruoxin, a huge commotion broke out beneath.

The rumors regarding the appearance of a new beautiful teacher had drawn many seniors here as well. In an instant, excited discussions sounded amidst the huge crowd.

There were plenty of beauties in the academy as well, and there was even an unofficial ranking list made on them.

However, every individual had their own fancy, so the seat regarding the top still remained contentious.

"I am Luo Ruoxin, a new teacher of Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy!"

Paying no heed to the discussions below, Luo Ruoxin began introducing herself. Her voice carried some kind of entrancing property that immediately silenced the bustle below.

"The topic of my lecture will be how a cultivator can establish harmony between his body and soul in the Consonant Spirit realm.

"It is at the Consonant Spirit realm that a cultivator will start cultivating their soul, and any mistake made in one's cultivation at this point can potentially create a rift between one's soul and one's body, limiting one's strength…"

After listening for a moment, Zhang Xuan couldn't help but be impressed.

As expected of a master teacher from the headquarters! The content was simple, but accurate and concise. Even he could not find any problem with it.

No wonder the other party could easily resolve the issue regarding the incompatibility between his body and soul. Her understanding regarding the soul and body could be said to be on par with his.

And that was an incredible feat.

Zhang Xuan possessed the Library of Heaven's Path, and he had gathered innumerable books so as to compile the perfected Heaven's Path Divine Art. Yet, the other party's level of understanding was actually equal to his… It seemed that Luo Ruoxin wasn't just an ordinary 6-star master teacher. Most probably, she was under the guidance of a high-rank master teacher as well.

Otherwise, it was impossible for her to have analyzed the Consonant Spirit realm so thoroughly.

Soon, the lecture came to an end.

"I'll be stopping the lecture here. Last but not least, if you wish to become my student, you just have to clear my test. If you fail it, I won't accept you!" Luo Ruoxin waved her hand.

"Test? What kind of test?"

"We beseech Luo shi to elaborate more on the matter…"

It was only at this point that everyone finally awoke from the entranced stupor they were in. They understood that if they could take the other party as their teacher, they would be able to advance their cultivation, and their eyes were gleaming with anticipation.

"Simple, it's memorizing books! If anyone can memorize 10,000 books within two hours, I will accept them as my student!" Luo Ruoxin replied.

"10,000 books?" Hearing those words, everyone nearly fainted on the spot.

Even with their photographic memory, memorizing two thousand books or so was already the limit. Ten thousand books… They wouldn't even have the time to flip through all of the books, so how could they memorize all of them?

They might still be able to give it a try if the test had been on something else, but this… it was clearly impossible!

"With such a test… will she be able to get even a single student?" Zhang Xuan also fell into a daze.

He could easily memorize ten thousand books through the Library of Heaven's Path, but it would be a difficult feat even for him if he had to do it manually.

For one, he could be spared the additional time spent on flipping through the books in the Library of Heaven's Path, allowing him to go through the content swiftly. On top of that, his mind could process information far faster in the Library of Heaven's Path as well, allowing him to memorize ten thousand books within two hours easily. But without it… it was doubtful if even the Ten Great Master Teachers were capable of such a feat.

Thus, to bring up such conditions… that could only mean that Luo Ruoxin had no interest in accepting any students whatsoever.

"Elder Zhou, I will be troubling you to deal with this matter…"

Leaving behind those words, Luo Ruoxin leaped off the stage with a light smile and headed toward Zhang Xuan. "Let's go."

"Un." Zhang Xuan nodded, and the duo walked away.

"Who is that fellow?"

"It seems like he is a freshman!"

"A freshman? How did that freshmen get to know Luo shi? Furthermore, from the looks of it, it seems like they have quite a close relationship?"

"What is going on…"

"Why can't it be me in his place? In what way am I inferior to him?"

"That person is… Zhang shi? As expected of the most outstanding man amongst us freshman, he is able to even seduce that beautiful teacher…"

"What do you mean by seduce? You are speaking as if Zhang shi has gotten together with her through unscrupulous means! That's called flirting, alright!"

Seeing Luo shi leaving with a freshman, there were many seniors who clenched their fists in anger, furious that they weren't in that freshman's place. On the other hand, the remaining freshmen looked upon the sight with eyes gleaming in excitement, as if someone had done them proud.

But regardless of their reactions, Zhang Xuan and Luo Ruoxin walked straight out of the crowd without paying them any heed. Soon, they were strolling along the lakeside of the academy.

The scent of spring filled the air. A slight breeze blew, and the verdant greenery along the lake danced lightly to it.

The brilliant rays of the sun struck the surface of the lake, evoking a beautiful gleam on it.

Zhang Xuan slowly walked alongside Luo Ruoxin. Even though there was nothing but silence between them, he felt the utmost tranquility in his heart.

The various happenings over the past half a year replayed in his head…

The time he had spent as a teacher in Tianxuan Kingdom, when he accepted his first few students and imparted knowledge to them…

The time when he challenged the master teacher examination in Tianwu Kingdom and met Lu Chong in the midst of it…

The time when he stomped into Xuanyuan Kingdom and challenged the entire kingdom by himself…

The time when he resided in the Myriad Kingdom Alliance and clinched the champion seat in the Master Teacher Tournament…

The time when he accidentally caused some trouble at the Cleansing Lake in Huanyu Empire, venturing into the underground chamber where they believed Wu Yangzi resided in, and meeting the young lady beside him…

In his long journey, his cultivation had advanced from Zhenqi realm all the way to Cosmos Bridge realm.

His Soul Depth had also been raised from the initial 0.1 to the current 19.1, putting him on par with even 6-star master teachers.

The various figures he had met in his journey flashed across his mind as well.

Liu shi, Zhuang shi, Kang shi, Mo shi…

Zhao Ya, Lu Xun, Lu Chong, Shen Bi Ru, Mo Yu…

Be they acquaintances, students, or friends, they were all a part of his life, and they had all played a role in making him who he was.

The various knowledge he had acquired in his time also flashed through his mind… Apothecary, painter, beast tamer, poison master…

Hong long!

Just as these memories were floating in his head, he suddenly felt an intense rumbling in the Library of Heaven's Path in his mind, and it was growing more and more intense as time passed.

What is happening? Zhang Xuan's eyes widened in fluster.

The Library of Heaven's Path was his greatest weapon that he could fall back on in dire times. Did something go wrong with it?

However, there wasn't even time for him to think the matter through. With his mind on the verge of exploding, the sight before him grew blurrier and blurrier. Eventually, his body swayed weakly and 'putong!', he collapsed to the ground.

Before losing consciousness altogether, he seemed to see Luo Ruoxin rushing over toward him and remarking, "Why is he fainting again? Is his body that weak…"


Zhang Xuan felt like crying at this very moment.

The previous time he'd fainted was primarily due to the incompatibility between his soul and body, and this time, his Library of Heaven's Path was suddenly acting up for no apparent reason…

I am really not weak, it is just a coincidence!

Not only am I not weak, I am very fit as well. Trust me!

However, before Zhang Xuan could utter those words, his consciousness had already faded to an endless abyss of darkness…

An unknown period of time later, Zhang Xuan finally roused from his temporary coma.

Opening his eyes abruptly, he realized that he was lying on the bed in his Elite Sector residence.

Following which, Zhang Xuan suddenly heard an excited voice, and a beautiful lady with a flawless complexion came into sight.

"Teacher, you are finally awake…"

"Little Qi, why are you here?" Zhang Xuan asked in surprise.

The person before him was no other than the student whom he had accepted back at Huanyu Empire, Luo Qiqi!

After leaving the underground chamber, they had left for Hongyuan City together. However, after reaching the city, they had separated as Zhang Xuan headed for the Academic Sea to liaise with Hong shi and the others while Luo Qiqi returned back to the academy to report on the progress of their mission.

"I heard from School Head Zhao that you are currently residing in the Elite Sector, so I came over to look for you. However, on my way there, I saw you fainted by the lake, so I carried you here," Luo Qiqi answered.

"I fainted by the lake? Then…" Zhang Xuan frowned.

"You wish to ask about Luo shi, is that right? She was beside you when I arrived, and she took a look at your condition and said that you were fine before entrusting you to me," Luo Qiqi replied.

"Entrusted me to you? So, she has already left?" Zhang Xuan couldn't help but feel a little disappointed within upon hearing that news.

But giving it some thought, they were nothing more than acquaintances who had a prior encounter before enrolling in the academy. The other party had no obligation to send him back to his residence.

Besides, she was currently a teacher, and he was currently a student. Regardless of the reason, it wouldn't be appropriate for them to get too intimate with one another. Otherwise, it would reflect badly on both him and her if malicious rumors regarding them were to start spreading.

"That's right. I heard that Luo shi only arrived in the academy yesterday, how does teacher know her?" Luo Qiqi asked out of curiosity.

Based on what she had heard thus far, Luo shi was a master teacher dispatched here from the headquarters. It was only yesterday that Mu shi arrived in the Master Teacher Academy together with her, and before that, Zhang shi had been together with them at Huanyu Empire. Thus, it seemed unlikely for them to know one another!

"How do I know her? It's just a coincidence… Right, the both of you share the same surname. Is there any chance that you knew one another before this?" Zhang Xuan asked.

Luo Ruoxin and Luo Qiqi shared the same character in their surname—Luo.

At the same time, they were also extraordinarily beautiful ladies as well. Could they be related with one another?

"There are many people out there who possess the Luo surname; you are thinking too much into it!" Luo Qiqi couldn't help but chuckle at that deduction as she shook her head.

Her teacher had always been a rather intelligent person, why would he suddenly ask such a silly question?

Considering the immense size of the Master Teacher Continent, there should at least be a few hundred million people in the world who possessed the surname 'Luo'. What were the odds of two people possessing the 'Luo' surname being related?

"That's true." Zhang Xuan scratched his head.

It was only in the spur of the moment that he'd asked the question, and he hadn't thought too much into it.

"How long have I been out for?" Zhang Xuan asked as he sat up from his bed.

"Around three days!" Luo Qiqi replied.

"Three days?" Zhang Xuan was astonished.

He was also out for three days the previous time. Why did it seem as if he was fainting more and more regularly recently, and for three whole days at that?

"That's right. The three-day period for students to acknowledge their teacher is already over." Luo Qiqi shook her head with a bitter smile on her face.

Her teacher had truly fainted at an untimely moment. These three days should have been crucial to the future of the freshmen, but he ended up sleeping through it.



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