Chapter 768: Terpsichore School

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"It is not the aged but the skilled who becomes the teacher, this has always been how we master teachers work. Considering how Luo Qiqi was willing to address him as her teacher without the slightest indignation in her voice, it can only mean that he possesses ability surpassing her significantly in certain aspects," Hu Yaoyao said.

There was no human who could possibly be skilled in all aspects. Even the most formidable of cultivators had their own weaknesses.

As a result, there were cases where a higher ranked master teacher acknowledged a lower ranked master teacher as their teacher.

Even Empyrean Kong shi had sought guidance from Tan shi, an inconspicuous 5-star master teacher from the remote Tan Kingdom.

Understanding this fact, the others nodded in agreement. After which, Dong Xin asked, "Since you have met him, what is your evaluation of him? Are there any flaws he has that we can exploit against him?"

"We barely traded a few words, so I am unable to make a complete evaluation of his character. Nevertheless, based on what I have seen so far, he seems to be an honest and upright person. It doesn't seem like he will do anything against his principles. However, if there is one flaw I have to name about him… it will be that his words are infuriating!" Hu Yaoyao said.

Even though she was a 6-star low-tier master teacher, she was still unable to discern anything significant about Zhang Xuan. The only thing that she came out of the encounter with was her raging fury from the other party's words.

"His words are infuriating?" The others blinked in surprise.

To make a person like Hu Yaoyao, who could take most things in her stride, angry, that fellow was indeed a genius in some ways.

After a moment of contemplation, Hu Yaoyao added, "Oh, right! That fellow seems to be interested in the old residence of Wu Yangzi. I feel that we can use this as a leverage against him to teach him a lesson!"

Even though the competition among the four of their factions was rather rife, perhaps due to mutual respect for one another, the four of them were surprisingly on relatively good terms.

"Wu Yangzi's old residence? It's good that he has something that he desires; we should be able to use it against him. Why don't we give him a false location and set up a trap there so as to teach him a lesson? This way, we might be able pull him out of School Head Mo and School Head Zhao's notice to teach him a lesson!" Xue Zhenyang's eyes glowed in excitement.

The years of cultivating the True Helios Art had slowly shaped his personality to be more forceful and decisive. If it was something he could resolve easily with brute force, he wouldn't hesitate to do so.

"That isn't safe. If he were to report the matter to School Head Mo and the others afterward, we will surely be punished for it! We have to find a way to make him suffer without having him speaking about it. In order to do so, it will be best if we can find something to threaten him with so that he won't dare speak of it," Long Cangyue said.

Unlike Xue Zhenyang's straightforward personality, Long Cangyue tended to be more thorough and scheming in his actions.

Since Zhang Xuan was favored by School Head Mo and School Head Zhao, it would be safe to assume that they would be inclined to protect him if something happened. Thus, they had to be careful when dealing with him, or else they would suffer two of the Ten Great Master Teachers' wrath, and that wasn't a joking matter at all.

Thus… the only way it would be safe for them to strike was to obtain some kind of material they could blackmail him with, so that even if they were to make him to suffer, he wouldn't dare speak up about it.

A thought came to Dong Xin's mind, and her eyes lit up.

"Something to threaten him with… That is indeed a good idea! Yaoyao, you are better than us with such matters. I recall there are quite a few students who have crossed the Bewitching Devil Faction over the past few years, and while they ended up suffering immensely for their actions, none of them dared to speak up about it."

Hu Yaoyao's reputation in the academy was resounding. This wasn't just due to her incredible talent in cultivation and her beauty, but for her unconventional means in dealing with problems as well. There were many master teachers who had challenged her authority in the past, but she had managed to resolve them beautifully while giving the other party the humiliation of their life.

"Now that you speak of it, I do have an idea in mind. Doesn't that fellow like to sell others his favor? Since that's the case, why don't I drag his reputation down to his gutters and let him understand the price of offending me, Hu Yaoyao!"

A sharp glint flashed across Hu Yaoyao's dark eyes as a chilling smile crept onto her face. "And that Luo Qiqi as well. It seems like she cares for her teacher quite a fair bit… If she were to learn how shameless and immoral her teacher is… Let's see if she will still be able to respect him as before!"

Knowing that Hu Yaoyao would never say anything she was unconfident of, the eyes of the others lit up in excitement.

"Leave this matter to me. However, I want an additional share of that item for dealing with that fellow. This request of mine isn't too much, isn't it?" Hu Yaoyao said.

"An additional share?"

"… Fine. As long as you can deal with that fellow, we will give you an additional share!"

The others nodded in agreement.

"That's good. For the time being, you should focus your efforts on acquiring the Origin Heavy Water. We'll set off once the preparations are ready. As for Zhang Xuan, just wait for the good news! As long as he wants to know the location of Wu Yangzi's old residence, he will have no choice but to obey my commands obediently," Hu Yaoyao said as her lips curled up.

Obey her commands obediently? It seems like she has some plan up her sleeves… Zhang Xuan thought.

Considering how confident Hu Yaoyao sounded, it seemed she had already found a sure-kill way to deal with him.

Zhang Xuan mused over the various possibilities for a moment, but without anything else for him to work with, it was impossible for him to determine the other party's next course of action. Thus, he could only give up in the end.

If the other party was going to go after him, he would just have to deal with it accordingly when the time came.

At the very least, he did know of the other party's intentions, so he wouldn't be caught completely off-guard when something happened.

After Hu Yaoyao and the others were done negotiating, they swiftly left the gazebo and flitted down the hill.

Only after ensuring that everyone was gone did Zhang Xuan finally stand up.

Even though I know that she means me harm, I still have to get the location of Wu Yangzi's old residence out of her… After a moment of hesitation, Zhang Xuan eventually decided to follow Hu Yaoyao. He activated the Eye of Insight and hurried off in the direction the latter had departed in.

As for the treasure which Hu Yaoyao and the others seemed to be targeting, that had nothing to do with him, so he had no intentions in getting involved either. As for the Heavy Origin Water, since he knew that it was possible to procure it with high-tier spirit stones in Hongyuan City, he would just have to earn sufficient money to purchase it in the future.

Thus, the only thing left for him to do was to find Wu Yangzi's old residence.

Considering Wu Yangzi's prestige and standing in Hongyuan City back then, it was likely that his treasure would hold great wealth. Thus, as long as Zhang Xuan could lay his hands on it, he would not need to worry about having insufficient funds for his cultivation anymore.

Following Hu Yaoyao's trail, he soon arrived at a vast courtyard.

There are so many ladies here…

As Zhang Xuan slowly crept within manor, he soon realized that something was amiss.

For some reason, the number of female students in this manor was disproportionately higher than the male students. Furthermore, each and everyone one of them had an elegant figure and beautiful face.

While they were unable to compete with top beauties in the academy such as Hu Yaoyao and Luo Qiqi, the charm that they exuded would still be irresistible for most men.

The number of male master teachers had always been higher than the number of female master teachers, yet the number of female master teachers here far exceeded the male master teachers. Zhang Xuan found the situation before him completely bizarre.

The density of people increased the further Zhang Xuan progressed, so he had no choice but to slow down in order to avoid detection. It was fortunate that he possessed the Eye of Insight, allowing him to clearly discern the actions of others and take precautions in advance. On top of that, he possessed the Heaven's Path zhenqi and Red Dust Heaven Ascending Step, allowing him to move discreetly without alarming others.

An hour later…

Following the trail, Zhang Xuan soon found himself penetrating into the depths of the manor.

"Xinru, keep watch for me outside. I will be preparing some things, and I don't want to be interrupted."

After advancing a moment longer, Zhang Xuan suddenly a crisp voice ahead of him. It was Hu Yaoyao's voice. He swiftly rushed to hide behind a huge tree in the vicinity.

Following the source of the voice, he saw Hu Yaoyao standing right before a room.

"Yes!" the lady named Xinru replied with a nod.

Xinru was a young lady in her twenties, and she possessed an exceptional figure and beauty as well.

Is Hu Yaoyao intending to prepare her hand to deal with me? Having eavesdropped on the conversation among Hu Yaoyao, Xue Zhenyang, Long Cangyue, and Dong Xin, he knew that Hu Yaoyao was intending to deal with him.

This might be a good opportunity to see what the other party was up to so that he could come up with a suitable countermeasure for it.

With such a thought in mind, Zhang Xuan slowly flew to the top of the room which Hu Yaoyao was standing before.

His movements were as light as a feather, leaving no sound whatsoever.


After landing on the roof, he gently pried open one of the brick tiles above and peeked down.

Just as his gaze fell into the room, Hu Yaoyao stepped into the room as well.

Under the warm glow of the many Night Illumination Pearls embedded in the room, Hu Yaoyao could be seen dressed in a crimson silk robe, which further accentuated her perfect figure.

Her smooth white skin, long and slender neck, exquisitely-shaped earlobes, silky pitch-black hair… No matter how one looked at her, Hu Yaoyao was like a bewitching devil that one couldn't avert one's gaze from.


Just as Zhang Xuan was staring intently to see what Hu Yaoyao was up to, the other party abruptly walked up to her bedframe and gently pulled at the knot by her waist.

The crimson robe she was wearing immediately slipped down her body, revealing her pristine skin.

From top to bottom, there was not a single piece of cloth on her. Her beautiful figure lay bare in the room.

"…" Zhang Xuan was speechless.

He'd thought that the other party would prepare some kind of artifact or trap to deal with him, so he'd climbed onto the roof to peek on the other party, hoping that he could perhaps use this to blackmail her into revealing Wu Yangzi's old residence.

Who knew that the other party would strip off her clothes as soon as she returned to the room… This was way too weird!

The sky had darkened just a moment ago, so she couldn't possibly be intending to go to sleep. But if that was the case, why was she taking off her clothes?

He truly couldn't understand what was going on in that woman's head.

Never mind, I shouldn't look any further! Knowing that his actions would be nothing but despicable if he were to continue peeking, he decisively placed the roof tile back.

If he were to be branded as a perverted peeping Tom because of this matter, that would be truly unfortunate… Just the thought of it sent shivers down his spine.

Hu Yaoyao's room was situated at the highest point in the area, and it was the largest one as well. Sitting on its roof, he could easily see everything in the other courtyards. In a few of them, he saw a few ladies dressed in resplendent outfits moving about.

Their elegant garments and their bewitching movements left him in an entranced state with just a single glance.

It was only after driving his zhenqi that Zhang Xuan finally recovered, and he immediately fell into deep contemplation.

Could this be… the Terpsichore School?

The fact that they were able to make him momentarily lose his senses through their dancing meant that their gestures carried the ability to beguile souls, and the only occupation in the academy that was capable of such a feat was terpsichore.

This also explained why this manor consisted mainly of women as well.

It will be awkward for me to remain here considering that Hu Yaoyao is naked inside… But since I am already at the Terpsichore School, I might as well pay their library a visit so that I don't make this trip a waste!

Knowing that it would be suspicious for him to remain here, Zhang Xuan decided to postpone the matter for the moment and visit the library so as to deal with his Innate Fetal Poison.

Having made up his mind, Zhang Xuan activated his Eye of Insight and began scanning his surroundings. Soon, his gaze fell on a towering building in the distance.

Three elegantly calligraphed words, carrying both elegance and an historic aura, came into sight—Terpsichore Compendium Pavilion.

I should go over to take a look!

With eyes gleaming with excitement, Zhang Xuan flitted off into the darkness.



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