Chapter 772: Dance of the Rippling Cloud Robe

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The reactions his body made was simply too unnatural that he could only attempt to pass it off as his inner demons acting up. Otherwise, there was no other way he could explain his unnatural actions.

Naturally, he couldn't talk about Mind of Void either as it was intricately linked with the soul oracles.

As for the soul the other party noticed earlier, as long as he adamantly denied it, there was no way the other party could investigate the matter and trace it back to him.

"Inner demons?"

As expected, upon hearing those words, the lady in the sky dissipated the violent energy in her hand. However, given that she didn't dispel the zhenqi cage, it seemed that she still carried some doubts towards Zhang Xuan's words.

From the looks of it, it seemed that she was intending to hear Zhang Xuan's story out, but if she were to detect any falsehood in his words, she wouldn't hesitate to kill him.

"Indeed. I am a freshman of this academy, and I was intending to enter the Terpsichore Compendium Pavilion to read up on some books so as to prepare myself for the terpsichore examination. However, on my way here, an inspiration suddenly struck me, and in order to prevent others from interrupting me, I can only hide on a tree for the time being..." Zhang Xuan explained.

"Sudden inspiration?" The lady frowned.

Cultivators did have moments of sudden enlightenment from time to time, and they disappeared as abruptly as they appeared. Thus, it was important for one to muse over it as soon as possible so as to not allow it to slip their minds. For this purpose, the academy had built innumerable gazebos all over the academy so as to allow students to rush in and focus their attention on developing their sudden inspiration.

If that fellow really had a sudden stroke of inspiration, it wouldn't be too far-fetched for him to hide in the midst of the trees for fear of being interrupted.

"What is the relationship between you and the thing hiding in the Terpsichore Compendium Pavilion then?"

But of course, just because it was logical didn't mean that it was necessarily true. Ultimately, this was just a one-sided story from the other party. She wasn't ready to believe it so easily.

It was just a moment ago that she spotted an uninvited guest within the library, and the next moment, this fellow fell from the tree. It was difficult to believe that the both of them weren't related!

"Pardon me, but I am not very sure what elder is asking me. I was in the midst of pondering about the details regarding the [Dance of the Rippling Cloud Robe] 1 when a stroke of inspiration hit me, but due to a slight mistake I made, my cultivation almost went berserk. I have only recovered from my berserk state just a moment ago, so I'm not too sure what has happened in between..." Zhang Xuan replied sheepishly.

It was best for him to feign ignorance and deny his involvement vehemently right from the start. Once it was established that he was involved in the incident, the matter could potentially spiral out of his control.

"Dance of the Rippling Cloud Robe? That is a grade-6 terpsichorean art that only 6-star terpsichores are able to comprehend. What is a freshman like you pondering over it for? Are you taking me for a fool?" The lady harrumphed in displeasure.

The fellow before her was seemed to be only in his early twenties, and he had also just said for himself that he was a freshman of the academy. Yet, he also said that he was musing over a grade-6 terpsichorean art. It was obvious that there was a clear contradiction in his words, so it was inevitable that she would get even more suspicious of him.

Thus, she began gathering power in her palm once again, ready to make a move should the other party fail to come up with a good explanation for his words.

But on the other hand, seeing that he had managed to divert the other party's attention away from the appearance of his soul in the library, he heaved a sigh of relief within. After which, he flicked his wrist and took out an emblem, "Even though I am a freshman, I am a 6-star blacksmith as well. Thus, it shouldn't be too bizarre for me to be musing over a grade-6 terpsichorean art, right?"

"6-star blacksmith?" Seeing the six shining stars on the emblem, the lady frowned.

The emblems were made out of a special material, making it impossible to falsify them. In other words, the other party was truly a 6-star blacksmith.

Blacksmith was one of the Upper Nine Paths occupations. Considering that he was even able to achieve such heights as a blacksmith, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise for him to be musing over a grade-6 terpsichorean art.

"Yes. The Dance of the Rippling Cloud Robe is one of the stronger grade-6 terpsichorean arts, and if executed well, it can even beguile a Saint realm expert, leaving him deep in a trance. However, after analyzing it for some time, I realized that despite the impressive prowess of the technique, it has several conspicuous flaws that need to be corrected."

Seeing that he had managed to capture the other party's attention, a faint smile crept onto Zhang Xuan's lips as he continued, "Firstly, just as the name 'Dance of the Rippling Cloud Robe' suggests, the technique requires resplendent clothes and accessories in order to maximize its effectiveness. However, if you were to find yourself placed in a dangerous position abruptly and a battle was imminent, would your opponent give you time to change your clothes and accessories to prepare for battle? This is the greatest flaw in the technique I have found so far. Next, even though the terpsichorean art is indeed enchanting, it hasn't reached the level where one is unable to guard against it. On top of that, the soul energy consumption for the dance is enormous, making it extremely exhausting for the terpsichore executing the technique as well. In other words, if the technique were to fail to work on your enemy, there is a good chance that you might already be too drained to fight any longer, thus making it a double-edged sword. This is the second flaw..."

"... This is the third flaw!"

"... This is the fourth flaw!"


"... This is the seventeenth flaw!"

Word shot out from Zhang Xuan's mouth like a machine gun, leaving the other party no chance to interject at all. In a mouthful, he pointed out seventeen flaws in the Dance of the Rippling Cloud Robe.

There was a detailed introduction to this terpsichorean art in many of the books in the Terpsichore Compendium Pavilion. He had glanced through them momentarily, so he had a clear idea regarding their content. Thus, it wasn't too difficult for him to dig up those flaws.

If he wanted to pull the other party's attention away from the matter regarding the soul entirely, he would have to dominate the conversation so as to dictate the flow of the conversation.

The Dance of the Rippling Cloud Robe was one of the more common terpsichorean arts used by 6-star terpsichores, so Zhang Xuan knew that he would be able to shock the other party by pointing out their flaws. Judging from the shocked look on the other party's face, he knew that he had succeeded.

"You managed to analyze... so many flaws in the terpsichorean art?" The lady could hardly believe her ears.

She had often used this terpsichorean art herself, but even she hadn't noticed these flaws at all. Yet, the young man before her actually pointed all of them in a single breath, so it was inevitable that she would be shocked.

As a 6-star terpsichore, she was sufficiently proficient in the occupation to conclude swiftly that there was no mistake with the other party's analysis regarding the flaws of the Dance of the Rippling Cloud Robe at all!

To be able to see what even she had neglected... Just what kind of eyes did the fellow before her possess? Could he really be here to take the terpsichore examination?

"That's right!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

"Do you have any proposed solutions for the flaws you have listed?" Hearing the confidence in Zhang Xuan's voice, the lady couldn't help but ask.

"I wasn't too sure before, but my sudden inspiration has given me some insight into the problems. I might be able to solve some of them now." Zhang Xuan nodded.

"The first problem I have raised is that the clothes worn must be resplendent. However, I believe that it is a misinterpretation of the technique. The main focus of the terpsichorean art lies in the 'Rippling' and not the 'Cloud Robe'. What that truly draws people in is not the beautiful clothes but the ripples flowing through them with each movement. Take me for example, even if I were to execute the technique in my plain clothes, its offensive ability is still not one to sneeze at..."

As Zhang Xuan spoke, he raised his arm and lightly shook it.


Zhenqi flowed across his sleeves, creating layer after layer of ripples on it. In an instant, it was as if a stone was thrown into a lake, bringing life and harmony to the once stagnant water.

Despite the young man's ordinary wear, under the effects of the harmonious ripples, she was still put under the illusion as if he was dressed like a majestic deity of the heavens. In an instant, the beautiful aesthetics permeated deep into her soul, bringing her inexplicable pleasure.

His disposition and exterior changed in just a split instant, as if the dirty beggar from a moment ago had turned into the charming prince in a night banquet.

Unwittingly, she found herself delving deeper and deeper into a trance.

She quickly shook her head to regain her senses, and it was only then that she realized that the other party's motion had already stopped. The other party was still wearing the same old clothes, as if nothing had happened at all.

"Impressive!" The lady's heart jolted in astonishment.

As a 6-star terpsichore, she had always been the one to charm others. Yet, the other party managed to make her lose herself momentarily despite his humble clothes. Most likely, his understanding of terpsichorean arts had already far surpassed her, reaching a level she had always dreamed of.

Seeing the shock on the other party's face, Zhang Xuan knew that he had already succeeded in convincing the other party about his identity, and he heaved a breath of relief. With a light chuckle, he continued, "As for the second flaw regarding the high soul energy consumption of the technique, as long as one were to drive his soul energy in such a manner, one will be able to avoid..."

Given his current proficiency as a terpsichore, it wasn't too difficult for him to resolve the flaws in the Dance of the Rippling Cloud Robe.

That terpsichorean art was highly demanding on the soul energy consumption, making it extremely damaging to the terpsichore executing the technique as well. However, if the terpsichore were to drive her soul energy using his circulation method, she would be able to lower the soul cultivation expended to less than a third while enhancing the might of the technique by a significant amount as well.

"Th-this..." Hearing the formula, the lady swiftly did some calculations, and her eyes slowly widened in disbelief.

She had just given the soul energy circulation formula a brief try just a moment ago, and she realized that the other party was right!

Not only did the fellow before her revolutionize their understanding of the Dance of the Rippling Cloud Robe, he even enhanced the efficiency of the technique immensely as well!

"As for the third flaw..."

Amidst her shock, the other party continued on proposing the solutions to the problems he had listed.

The fourth flaw, the fifth flaw, the sixth flaw...

In a few moments, he had proposed unique solutions to resolving all seventeen flaws he had listed!

"If we were to implement the changes you have proposed to the Dance of the Rippling Cloud Robe, its prowess will be boosted by more than twofold. If I were to execute it, I would be able to even beguile a Saint 2-dan expert, rendering him helpless in battle..." The lady felt her throat dry up, and her body stiffened from the sheer agitation she was feeling.

How could someone with her eye of discernment possibly not notice how valuable and fearsome the revised Dance of the Rippling Cloud Robe was?

To be able to list out seventeen flaws and resolve them impeccably... Despite his young age, the fellow before her possessed an understanding of terpsichorean art that was far beyond her imagination!

"This is all I have just gotten from my inspiration regarding the Dance of the Rippling Cloud Robe. I hope that this will be useful in perfecting the technique. If there is anything else that you are unsure of, feel free to ask me. I will try to answer everything within my means!" Zhang Xuan said with a smile.

Forced to a corner, he had to apply the knowledge he had just learned on the spot. Otherwise, considering how even ten of him wouldn't be a match for a Saint realm expert, it wasn't too difficult to imagine how tragic his outcome would be.

Fortunately, everything seemed to have turned out well.

"It just happens that I do have some problems I wish to consult you on. It is regarding the Fleeting Fragrance Terpsichorean Art. Every time I attempt to cultivate it, I will feel a heavy and stifling sensation in my heart. May I know if there is any way I can resolve the issue?" The lady hesitated for a short moment before asking.

There were indeed some issues regarding the cultivation of her terpsichorean art that had confounded her for some time. Considering how the fellow before her was able to further refine the Dance of the Rippling Cloud Robe, perhaps he might be able to resolve the problems she was facing?

"Fleeting Fragrance Terpsichorean Art... Are you referring to the technique created by 6-star Terpsichore Zui Linglong three thousand years ago?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"Indeed!" The lady nodded.

"The Fleeting Fragrance Terpsichorean Art can stir one's soul and produce a fragrance that reaches up to ten li away, inviting birds and bees to dance in joy to it. It is one of the most advanced grade-6 terpsichorean art, possessing immense power. If you feel a heavy and stifling sensation in your heart upon its execution, if my deduction fails me not..."

Frowning deeply, Zhang Xuan paused for a brief instant as he assessed the lady before him before asking, "You haven't been in love before, have you?"

"I... That's right." The lady shook her head.

She had dedicated her life to the terpsichore, spending her time doing nothing but cultivate. Never had she met a man who had caught her eyes, so naturally, she hadn't had the opportunity to fall in love as well.

"That's indeed the problem! Zui Linglong created the Fleeting Fragrance Terpsichorean Art in the days when she first came to know love. Innocent and pure, she and her lover and vowed to spend their days together until their hair loses its color and their lives come to an end. This terpsichorean art consisted only of a few simple movements, but it reflected her expectations for the blissful life ahead of her. You have never been in love before, so it will be hard for you grasp this kind of emotions. As a result, your intent is not aligned with your dance, and forcefully executing it will only cause you to suffer injuries instead!" Zhang Xuan explained.

"Alright, why don't I modify this terpsichorean art for you to remove this flaw. If you wish to learn it..."

With a light chuckle, Zhang Xuan turned to the other party and said:

"I can teach you!"



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