Chapter 777: She Was the One Taking Advantage of Me!

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The Blazing Moon Blade had only jolted Luo Qiqi's soul. While she had fainted from the impact, there was actually no significant damage done, and she would awaken once her soul calmed down.

The moment she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was her teacher and Hu Yaoyao's bodies pressed closely together, as if lovers rendezvousing in the night.

This was especially so with the clothes of the latter ripped by the shoulder, revealing her silky skin. If one were to look from the side, one could even see hints of her voluptuous figure… Bewildered by the scene before her, she couldn't help but exclaim in shock.

"Wuuuu! Qiqi, you are finally awake…"

Hearing that voice, Hu Yaoyao anxiously covered her body as she backed away from Zhang Xuan with fear and anguish reflected in her eyes. Pointing at Zhang Xuan with a trembling finger, she cried, "It is out of kindness that I invited the both of you for dinner, but… your teacher actually tried to take advantage of me! With this, how can I possibly face others in the future?"

The more Hu Yaoyao spoke, the more miserable she looked. With her face still pale from the injury she had incurred previously, she seemed like a damsel in distress, bullied by a hoodlum but had no way to redress her grievance.

"Stop fooling around!" Unexpectedly, Luo Qiqi shook her head in response to Hu Yaoyao's words. "Teacher tried to take advantage of you? Senior, you must be mistaken somewhere!"


Hearing those words, Hu Yaoyao's body staggered weakly, and she nearly fainted on the spot.

Big sister, can't you take a look at the situation before you?

Look at the wretched state I am in, as well as the fear in my eyes. Surely any rational person could tell that I have been taken advantage of?

Fool around? Which eye of yours saw that I am fooling around? I have been taken advantage of, alright!

"Putting aside the fact that my teacher isn't your opponent, even if he was, there's no way he would be interested in you. So, you can rest assured that he would not lay a single hand on you!" Luo Qiqi replied earnestly.

Back then, after surviving the ordeal in the underground chamber in which Wu Yangzi had been imprisoned, she, Yu Fei-er, and Zhang Xuan had been together for more than half a month. Both she and Yu Fei-er possessed beauty on par with Hu Yaoyao, but Zhang Xuan didn't even spare them an additional glance throughout their journey. Given such, why would he take advantage of Hu Yaoyao whom he had only met twice?

Even if you wish to put on an act, at least show some professionalism in crafting your story!


With Luo Qiqi's merciless words adding salt to her injury, the severe wound she had incurred before aggravated, and fresh blood spewed from her mouth once more.

What the heck is this!

Who am I?

A famed beauty of Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy, an existence whom no man can remain unmoved before, Hu Yaoyao! Yet, when I said that I have been taken advantage of, not only did you toss aside my words as if they were nothing, you even said that… he was completely uninterested in me!

"What right does he have to be uninterested in me? Why won't he lay a hand on me?" Hu Yaoyao spat through gritted teeth.

The more she thought about the matter, the angrier she felt. At this moment, she could almost explode from sheer fury.

"Calm down. My teacher is an unparalleled talent, so his standards are extremely high. It's only natural that he's not interested in you!" Luo Qiqi consoled.

"…" Hu Yaoyao's body trembled in frenzy, unable to believe what she was hearing.

Are you sure you are consoling me?

Why does it feel like you are pricking my heart with a needle instead?

I am Hu Yaoyao!

To think that a day would come where I would actually be snubbed by a man…

The outcome of this matter had Hu Yaoyao nearly going insane from the sheer ridiculousness of the situation.

However, she didn't remain frenzied for too long. No matter what, she was still a Grade-5 student, the leader of one of the largest student factions in the academy. Despite her raging fury, she still managed to forcefully calm herself down. Harrumphing coldly, she said, "Fine! Even if he is uninterested in me, it's a fact that he bears lustful intentions toward you! If you don't believe me, look at your clothes!"

Luo Qiqi might have been able to remain confident of her teacher's morals when looking at the matter as a third party, but when she was involved in it as well, surely her confidence would waver!

"Me?" It was only then that Luo Qiqi realized that her clothes had been ripped apart by a surge of sword qi as well, baring her smooth shoulder.

"Really?" Luo Qiqi's eyes lit up as she hurriedly turned her gaze to her teacher, only to meet with his clear and pure eyes. Thus, she could only shake her head with a bitter smile and say, "Teacher isn't interested in me either…"

"…" Hu Yaoyao's body trembled uncontrollably yet again.

What in the world was this!

She had made meticulous preparations to drag Zhang Xuan's reputation into the gutter, leaving him incapable of raising his head before others. But who could have known that… Luo Qiqi would actually be so trusting of him!

If he is uninterested in both you and me, who in the freaking world can catch his eye then?

Hu Yaoyao had always used her appearance and figure to deal with men, and never once had she failed before. Yet, on this day, she'd suffered a crushing setback.

Not only so, even at this point, she could still feel her organs churning within, leaving her face paler and paler.

When had she, Hu Yaoyao, suffered such a crushing blow before?

If others were to learn of this, how could she continue to keep her head high before them?

It was just the previous day that she'd declared confidently to Dong Xin, Xue Zhenyang, and the others that she would definitely subdue Zhang Xuan, and she had even invited them over to watch the show she had prepared…

But if there was still any show to be seen at this point, it would only be her humiliating herself!

As fury swiftly grew and clouded her mind, she furiously roared, "I will kill you…"

She could no longer care less about anything else at this moment. Gathering immense might in her hand, she thrust her palm forward to strike Zhang Xuan.

Dong dong dong!

But before her palm could reach Zhang Xuan, a series of knocking suddenly sounded from the door. Following which, the calm voice of a lady called out, "Yaoyao, are you in there?"

"Teacher…" Hearing the voice, Hu Yaoyao immediately leaped in shock.

"Teacher? Could that person be… School Head Wei?" Luo Qiqi exclaimed in astonishment.

It was common knowledge in the academy that Hu Yaoyao's teacher was the head of the Terpsichore School. Since Hu Yaoyao was addressing the person at the door as her teacher, it could only mean the latter was School Head Wei.

"School Head Wei? Teacher?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback for an instant as well.

However, in the next moment, his eyes lit up. He hurriedly rushed up to Hu Yaoyao, grabbed her hands, and placed it on his chest.

"What are you doing?" Not expecting Zhang Xuan to suddenly rush forward to grab her hands, Hu Yaoyao was flabbergasted for a moment before hurriedly retracting her hands.

Si la!

But unbeknownst to her, her finger had been hooked onto Zhang Xuan's clothes. As a result, when she retracted her hands, she ended up tearing a portion of his clothes as well. In the next moment, the zhenqi of the young man before her abruptly flew into disarray, and his face reddened. With a spurt of fresh blood, he suddenly flew backward.


His back crashed into the doors of the main hall, and even though he managed to land on his feet eventually, his ghastly pale face and trembling limbs seemed to indicate that he could collapse at any moment.

"What are you doing?" Seeing the other party grab her hands at one moment and spurting blood and flying backward in the next, Hu Yaoyao was completely bewildered. She couldn't understand what he was up to, but an ominous premonition grasped her heart, telling her that she was going to be in for a round of misfortune.


However, the situation left her no time to think the matter through.

After hearing the commotion in the room, School Head Wei immediately rushed forward to strike open the door with her palm.


In the next moment, a lady who seemed to be in her thirties flitted into the room with a gust of wind.


"School Head Wei!" Upon seeing the figure who entered, Hu Yaoyao and Luo Qiqi immediately bowed deeply without any hesitation.

The lady was none other than the head of the Terpsichore School, one of the Ten Great Master Teachers!

"What happened?" School Head Wei asked with a frown.

She had barged in after hearing the fighting sounds in the room. After entering, she saw Hu Yaoyao standing unharmed at the center of the room. On the other hand, however, a severely injured young man was lying feebly against the wall not too far away.

"Zhang shi?" Taking a closer look at the severely injured young man, School Head Wei couldn't help but exclaim in astonishment.

On the other hand, Zhang Xuan was also stunned by what he saw.

The lady was none other than the Saint realm expert whom he had met earlier this afternoon, Wei Ranxue!

When did she become the head of the Terpsichore School? Wasn't she just an elder?

But considering that the Ten Great Master Teachers were also known as the Ten Great Elders, it wasn't really a mistake to say that she was an elder of the academy either…

Seeing Zhang shi, who was half a teacher to her, lying by the side of the room severely injured, Wei Ranxue immediately asked anxiously, "Zhang shi, what's wrong?"

With a pale face, Zhang Xuan said weakly, "Thank goodness you came at a timely moment. Otherwise, Hu Yaoyao might have really violated me!"

Violate you? Upon hearing those words, Hu Yaoyao nearly fainted from anger.

Brother, that's my line!

You are the one who is going to be cursed at by others for years to come for attempting to take advantage of me…

How did I become the one who attempted to violate you?

If things had gone according to her plan, she would have made everyone think that he had malicious intentions at heart, and through exerting pressure on him via the student populace afterward, she would force him into submission!

But how did the tables end up turning on her?

At this moment, she finally understood why the other party had grabbed her hands previously. After all that had happened just now, Zhang Xuan's clothes were ripped, and his body was severely wounded. No matter which angle one looked at him from, he seemed like a pitiful person who had been humiliated and was powerless to retaliate.

"Teacher…" On the other hand, Luo Qiqi clutched her forehead with her hand.

She knew that her teacher wasn't a person who would allow himself to be bullied, and as she had expected, the tides ended up turning on Hu Yaoyao instead.

Trying to frame my teacher? You'd better prepare to have the favor returned to you!

"Violate you?" Wei Ranxue was taken aback as well.

With grave indignation on his face, Zhang Xuan spoke through gritted teeth. "That's right. She invited me over, hoping to learn terpsichorean arts from me, but I rejected her. Who could have known that sword over there would assault Luo Qiqi and me? If not for the fact that I haven't recovered from my internal injuries yet, how could I possibly be humiliated like that?"

"Y-you! How dare you slander me!" Hu Yaoyao was on the verge of going insane.

Learning terpsichorean arts from you? I did invite you over, but how in the world was I to know that you are capable of terpsichorean arts as well!

Furthermore, internal injuries? What internal injuries do you have? I am the one who has internal injuries, not you!

Hu Yaoyao had thought that she was already scheming enough, but who could have known that she would actually be outwitted by an even more shameless fellow!

"I slandered you? Since you are still denying it, do you dare to swear that you didn't attempt to assault Luo Qiqi using that sword?" Zhang Xuan said aggrievedly as he stared at Hu Yaoyao in indignation.

"I…" Hu Yaoyao wanted to refute Zhang Xuan's claim, but she had no idea how she could explain the situation.

She did prepare something in the sword which ended up knocking Luo Qiqi out.

"Can't do it, right? Since that's the case, do you dare vow that you didn't declare that you were going to kill me and attempt an attack on me?" Zhang Xuan pressed on.

"That's because you… Shameless!" Agitated, Hu Yaoyao's breathing hastened, and her chest leaped up and down along with her breathing. At this point, she was on the verge of exploding from rage.

She did declare that she was going to kill Zhang Xuan, but that was just a figure of speech in a moment of anger after being provoked by him…

Interjecting the other party's words, Zhang Xuan declared in a feeble voice, "I am only a weak Cosmos Bridge realm pinnacle cultivator whereas you are a Chrysalis Bridge realm pinnacle expert. With three whole cultivation realms between us, I am powerless before you. But even if I were to be killed, I won't allow myself to be humiliated!"

Hearing Zhang Xuan's words, Hu Yaoyao seemed to have suffered yet another heavy blow, and her body trembled uncontrollably.

You call that powerless? Doesn't that mean that if you were to possess power, I would die with even just at a glance from you?

You were the one who nearly killed me, and yet you still dare to say such words… How can your skin be so thick?

However, the urgent matter at hand was to placate her teacher first. Hu Yaoyao immediately turned to her teacher in order to explain the matter, only to see that the extreme lividness on the other party's face.

"Hu Yaoyao, how dare you!"

"Teacher…" Hu Yaoyao had never seen her teacher flying into such a rage before, and her face immediately paled in fright.

"Don't you even think that I am oblivious to the trouble you usually cause! I only choose to turn a blind eye to it all as long as it doesn't affect your studies. Yet, you took my kindness for granted and attempted to make a move on Zhang shi. Tell me, who gave you the guts to do something like that?" Wei Ranxue roared furiously.

Zhang shi was half a teacher to her; she was indebted to him for his guidance. It was one thing for Hu Yaoyao to trouble others, but to dare lay her hands on her benefactor… This was going over the top!

"I…" Hu Yaoyao's body froze.

"Kneel down!" Wei Ranxue ordered sternly with a tight frown on her forehead.



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