Chapter 787: Wei Changfeng's Daughter

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The establishment of a student faction was not an easy task. There were all kinds of administrative tasks to be done, such as deciding the organization structure, the rules of the faction, and the registration of the members. By the time they were done, it was already nearing dawn.

As a faction established by freshmen, the Xuanxuan Faction had no membership fee. However, it did have a strict organizational system that all members had to adhere to. This was necessary to bring sufficient resources into the faction for its operations.

Of course, such important decisions couldn't be decided overnight, and they were still under discussion.

Zhang Xuan couldn't be bothered with such matters, so he left it up to Ruohuan gongzi, Luo Xuan, and the others, and returned straight to his residence in the Elite Sector.

However, before he could even take a rest, he suddenly heard knockings on his door. One of the seniors in charge of managing the Elite Sector stood at the door.

"Zhang shi, you have a visitor!"

Zhang Xuan glanced behind the senior and saw a fatty, who stepped forward and greeted, "Young Master!"

"Thank you, senior." Seeing that it was Sun Qiang, Zhang Xuan first thanked the senior before pulling Sun Qiang into the residence.

"What happened?"

It had just been a few days ago that he had visited Sun Qiang and the others at the residence. For Sun Qiang to come looking for him so suddenly, could it be that something bad had happened?

"It's Wei Changfeng. After making arrangements for the Spirit Emporium, he visited the residence seeking Young Master," Sun Qiang replied.

"He is looking for me? Didn't I tell him to follow your instructions? Is he acting defiant?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

Wei Changfeng had become his subordinate after he had wreaked havoc in the Spirit Emporium. However, as he had to return to the Master Teacher Academy, he had instructed Wei Changfeng to obey Sun Qiang's commands instead. Could it be that he was refusing to listen to Sun Qiang?

"That's not it. He… insisted on meeting young master. Left with no choice, I could only come over to find you," Sun Qiang replied.

It wasn't easy to gain access to the Master Teacher Academy. Even he had to go through quite a bit of effort before he could reach Zhang Xuan's residence.

"He insisted on meeting me?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

"Yes. I asked him what's wrong, but he refused to speak a word. He said that he would only speak before you, so I had no other choice but to come here," Sun Qiang said with a bitter smile.

"This… Alright then, I'll meet him."

It was unlikely for a Saint realm expert like Wei Changfeng to go all the way to seek him for some minor issue. Since he had made such a request, it must be an urgent matter. Thus, Zhang Xuan swiftly left the academy with Sun Qiang.

Soon, they arrived at the residence where Sun Qiang and the others were currently living.

"Young Master!" Wei Changfeng immediately rushed up upon seeing Zhang Xuan's figure.

It had only been a few days since they'd parted, but Wei Changfeng looked as if he had aged several years. His eyes were bloodshot, and it seemed as if he had undergone some kind of turmoil.

"This… what happened?" Zhang Xuan asked doubtfully.

As a Saint realm expert, Wei Changfeng could easily live for a thousand years. As long as he didn't do anything that would sap his life force, it was impossible for him to age so quickly!

Furthermore, taking his lifespan into consideration, the ageing of several years in his appearance would translate to a loss of several decades of his lifespan.


Wei Changfeng's knees fell to the ground, and he pleaded, "Young Master, please save my daughter. She's… reaching her limit!"

"Hmm?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

Through the Library of Heaven's Path, he had learned that the reason Wei Changfeng had established the Spirit Emporium was to gather as many as artifacts as possible to feed their spirit to his daughter to sustain her life.

Considering the number of artifacts that Wei Changfeng had gathered, it should have been sufficient for his daughter to hold on for several decades as long as nothing severe occurred. It was also due to this that Zhang Xuan was in no hurry to save his daughter.

Given all that, why did his daughter suddenly fall into a critical state after just a few days?

"I have no idea either. She was still fine initially, but two days ago, her state suddenly worsened. I tried feeding her the spirit of the artifacts, but it was completely ineffective. Young Master, please save my daughter!" Wei Changfeng pleaded desperately with reddened eyes.

For so many years, he had done everything he could to sustain his daughter's life. If the latter were to really succumb to her illness, he wouldn't have the will to live on either.

His young master had been able to see through his situation with a glance, and considering the extraordinary means he had displayed back in the Spirit Emporium as well, perhaps… he might really be able to save his daughter.

This was the last hope that he had.

"Bring me to her!"

The only way for Zhang Xuan to ascertain his daughter's current condition was by meeting her personally.

"I have brought her over. She's currently in my room…" Wei Changfeng hurriedly pointed.

Fearing that his daughter might not last that long, he decided to bring his daughter over as well.

"Good!" Zhang Xuan nodded as he hurried into the room.

The residence which Sun Qiang had found only had eight rooms in total, and all of them were only around ten square meters large. Furthermore, due to the bad positioning of the residence, the rooms were rather dark even in the day.

By the corner of the room was a wooden bed, and lying on it was an extremely thin young lady who seemed to be around fifteen years old or so. Her face was peculiarly pale, and her black hair had a slight yellowish tinge to it. In a coma, her eyes were tightly shut.

"Her illness is really severe!" Zhang Xuan frowned.

Even breathing seemed to be difficult for the young lady before him. Through his Eye of Insight, he could see that the other party's bodily function had already declined fatally, and there was not a single healthy meridian in her body. It felt as if she could just breathe her last at any moment.

It was no wonder Wei Changfeng was panicking. His daughter was indeed already on the verge of death. If she wasn't treated soon, it was doubtful whether she could even last until nightfall.

"Until two days ago, she was still able to maintain her consciousness and converse with me. Even though there were times when her illness would act up, she would be fine once she consumed the spirit of the artifacts… But two days ago, the spirit of the artifacts became completely ineffective in curbing her illness. As a result, she fell into a coma and hasn't woken up since then," Wei Changfeng swiftly explained the symptoms anxiously.

"I see." Zhang Xuan nodded as he assessed the young lady carefully, but eventually, he could only shake his head helplessly.

His current understanding of the Way of Medicine was still only at 4-star. Due to his limited knowledge, even with the Eye of Insight, he was still unable to precisely identify the root of the problem plaguing the young lady.

Thus, without any hesitation, his hand reached forward to read the young lady's pulse.

The young lady's skin felt chilling to the touch, as if an ice cube.

After which, Zhang Xuan muttered inaudibly, "Flaws!"


A book materialized in the Library of Heaven's Path.

Just like artifacts, Zhang Xuan could compile a book on an unconscious living being in the Library of Heaven's Path by coming into contact with them as well.

Zhang Xuan hurriedly flipped the book open.

Wei Ruyan, a citizen of Qingyuan City, possessing the Innate Poison Body…

The content of the book immediately surfaced in Zhang Xuan's mind as though it was imprinted on it.

Innate Poison Body? This lass possesses the Innate Poison Body? Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

Unique constitutions were extremely rare on the Master Teacher Continent. In his entire journey, the only people he had met with unique constitutions were Yuan Tao and Zhao Ya. To think that this unconscious young lady would possess a unique constitution as well!

Innate Poison Body is an ideal constitution for cultivating the ways of the poison master. However, in her current state… it is questionable whether she will be able to live or not! Zhang Xuan shook his head.

Unique constitutions were formidable, but until they were awakened, the possessor of the unique constitution would be nothing more than an ordinary human.

Clearly, this young lady hadn't awakened her unique constitution.

Back when Zhang Xuan was in the Red Lotus Ridge Poison Hall, he once read several books regarding the Innate Poison Body, but the details were extremely vague. As a result, he had no idea how the Innate Poison Body could be activated, and what would happen once it was activated.

In any case, the urgent matter was the illness she was suffering from, so Zhang Xuan continued reading.

… She has once suffered an attack from a Saint realm expert while she was still in her mother's womb, resulting in the Deficiency of Spirit, Soul, and Blood. Flaws: …

Zhang Xuan's eyebrows shot up. Deficiency of Spirit, Soul, and Blood?

Just as the name suggested, the Deficiency of Spirit, Soul, and Blood meant that one's spirit, soul, and blood were impaired compared to those of an ordinary human. Often, this was a result of a problem in the development of the fetus, especially the lack of nutrients.

It would be difficult for a person suffering from such an illness to survive due to their spirit, soul, and blood being too weak to sustain their core bodily functions. In fact, more often than not, a fetus suffering from such an illness wouldn't even survive until childbirth.

Yet, not only did the young lady succeeded in coming to this world alive, she even managed to live to such an age… This was truly a miracle in itself.

"Under normal circumstances, it would have been difficult for Ruyan to be born given her condition. However, my wife expended all of her vitality to protect Ruyan, giving her the strength to be born into this world. In the process, however, my wife… lost her life," Wei Changfeng explained, seemingly noticing Zhang Xuan's thoughts.

His face was nonchalant, and his voice was steady, but the sorrow deep within his eyes couldn't be concealed.

"Ruyan has inherited my wife's life and will. Even at the cost of my life, I can't allow anything to happen to her!"

Hearing those words, Zhang Xuan nodded earnestly to reassure him that he would try his best.

He could understand where Wei Changfeng was coming from.

His wife had given her life to protect their daughter and bring her into this world. If he couldn't even protect their daughter after all that, how could he face his wife in the netherworld?

Over the years, regardless of how heavy a price he had to pay, as long as there was a ray of hope for his daughter, he would clutch at it desperately.

"Young Master, is there still hope for Ruyan?" Wei Changfeng asked with worry reflected in his eyes.

"Her bodily functions have nearly come to a complete halt. I'm afraid that it will be extremely difficult to save her." Zhang Xuan shook his head.

After reading Wei Ruyan's book, he realized that this matter was extremely problematic.

Over the years, this matter had evolved beyond a simple Deficiency of Spirit, Soul, and Blood problem. In order to sustain Wei Ruyan's life, she had been consuming a lot of nourishing items, but her body was simply too weak to take all that nourishment. As a result, her bodily functions ended up being destroyed by the excessive energy in her body instead.

On top of that, with her soul slowly growing weaker with time, she could be said to already have one foot in the grave.

It was no wonder even 6-star pinnacle physicians were helpless before her problem. Even for Zhang Xuan, despite having traced down the very source of her affliction, he was still at a complete loss, having no idea where he was supposed to start.

Hearing that the young master didn't say that it was entirely impossible, Wei Ruyan immediately pleaded. "Young Master, I ask of you to save Ruyan. As long as Ruyan recovers, I am willing to serve you for my entire life!"

"Since you have sworn loyalty to me, I will definitely do whatever I can for your daughter. However, the affliction plaguing your daughter is a tricky one to deal with. Not only is your daughter's body in a weakened state, her soul is also far too feeble at the moment. To treat her, we must first find a way to allow her to regain her consciousness. However, to do so, we must strengthen her body first…" Zhang Xuan rubbed his glabella in frustration.

The reason Wei Ruyan was in a coma was due to her body being too weak to harness her soul. To make an analogy, her body was like a gunny sack while her soul was like water, resulting in her soul gradually weakening over time. If her soul weakened beyond a certain point, her consciousness would eventually fade altogether.

But… it was impossible to treat her physical body without rousing her consciousness.

It was possible to nourish her body through medicinal herbs, but its effectiveness would be severely limited without her will tenaciously driving her body to complement the treatment.

This resulted in a paradox. To regain consciousness, she would require a sufficiently strong body to harness her soul. But to nourish her body to become sufficiently strong, she had to regain consciousness first… Such was the difficult situation Wei Ruyan was facing.

Even Zhang Xuan couldn't help but feel his head aching at the situation before him.

"What do we do?" Wei Changfeng asked anxiously.

Having come into contact with medicinal herbs and treatment methods on a daily basis in order to treat his daughter, even though he had never taken the physician examination, his comprehension of the Way of Medicine in this specific field could be said to be on par with most 5-star or even 6-star physicians.

Even without the young master saying anything, he knew very well the condition his daughter was in.

Could it be that the young master was helpless before this situation as well?

Was he doomed to watch as his daughter withered before his eyes?

Zhang Xuan contemplated for a moment before replying, "Calm down, I have a way to stabilize her condition for the time being. However, it is unlikely to work for long. In order to treat her once and for all, we have to first find a medicinal herb capable of nurturing the soul. As long as I can find a way to peg her soul to such a medicinal herb to nurture it, I should be able to rouse her consciousness, and the rest will be easier to deal with!"



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