Chapter 788: Metastasis of the Innate Fetal Poison

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Even 7-star physicians would have been helpless in such a situation, but Zhang Xuan was different.

Possessing the capability of a soul oracle, if it were to come down to it, he could even draw the other party's soul out to nourish it directly before placing it back into her body.

However, given Wei Ruyan's current feeble body, if he were to draw her soul out, there was a chance that she might succumb to her frailty and die. Thus, that could only serve as his final resort.

"Medicinal herb? What medicinal herb do you need?" Wei Changfeng asked anxiously. "Give me the name, and I'll definitely find it no matter how much it takes!"

"I don't have a specific name to give you, but the medicinal herb must at least reach Saint tier and possess the ability to nurture souls. Furthermore, the herb must be alive… On top of that, I will need a Grand Intermittence Pill!" Zhang Xuan said.

"A living Saint herb? And a Grand Intermittence Pill, the g-grade-7 pill?" Wei Changfeng's face paled.

If it had been anything else, given his strength as a Saint realm expert and his influence as the head of the Spirit Emporium, it wouldn't have been too difficult for him to find them as long as he were to devote his resources into it. But those two items… that would be difficult.

This was no longer a problem of whether he had the connections to obtain them or not, but that it was very possible that these items might not even exist in the entire Hongyuan City!

If it was on some other occasion, he might still have been able to head to a higher tier empire to search for those items. However, Wei Ruyan's current condition didn't permit him the luxury of time!

"Only a living Saint herb possesses sufficient vitality to nurture her feeble soul. As for the Grand Intermittent Pill, I believe that you should have heard of it as well. As long as one hasn't hurt one's foundation, one will be able to recover from even the most severe of injuries easily by consuming this pill, and this includes severed limbs as well! This pill is also extremely effective in tackling physical frailty," Zhang Xuan explained.

The Grand Intermittent Pill harnessed the ability to stimulate the vitality within a human body, allowing even one's severed limbs to regrow.

Considering that Wei Ruyan's bodily functions had nearly come to a complete halt, only a pill of such a level could alleviate her condition.

Any pill weaker than that was likely to be completely ineffective on her.

"I understand… It might still be able to find a living Saint herb in Hongyuan City, but where am I to search for a grade-7 pill?" Wei Changfeng clenched his fists tightly in distress.

As rare as Saint herbs were, there were still some who cultivated them in Hongyuan City. As long as one could offer them a satisfying price, it wasn't too difficult to obtain it.

But… it was nearly impossible to find a grade-7 pill here.

"Hmm." Zhang Xuan also frowned.

Even the most capable of apothecaries in Hongyuan City were at 6-star pinnacle, and it was impossible for them to forge grade-7 pills. Not to mention, the Grand Intermittent Pill was one of the more advanced pills amongst grade-7 pills.

"For the time being, let me see if I can find some other way to strengthen her body." Shaking his head, Zhang Xuan turned his sight back to Wei Ruyan.

At this moment, Zhang Xuan was considering trying the Heaven's Path zhenqi to nourish Wei Ruyan's body.

The Heaven's Path zhenqi possessed the ability to allow one to recover from one's injuries swiftly. While Zhang Xuan had never tried to see if it was capable of stimulating the regrowth of severed limbs, there was no doubt regarding its ability to heal most wounds.

If it could be used as a substitution for the Grand Intermittence Pill, they could be spared from the effort of having to find a grade-7 pill.

Thus, placing his wrist on Wei Ruyan's wrist, he sent a surge of Heaven's Path zhenqi into her body.

Her meridians are completely blocked?

Zhang Xuan had thought that he would be able to send his Heaven's Path zhenqi throughout Wei Ruyan's body to trigger her vitality, but who could have known that he would meet with a blockade shortly after entry?

To his astonishment, the meridians in her body were like sealed tunnels, unconnected to one another.

Helpless, Zhang Xuan retracted his finger.

This is probably a result of the attack from the Saint realm expert she suffered back when she was still a fetus. As a self-protective mechanism, her body automatically sealed her meridians to limit the damage. Furthermore, as she has been in this condition for too long, it would be dangerous to attempt to force her meridians open, especially while she's unconscious…

Zhang Xuan swiftly got a rough grasp regarding the situation.

Maybe I should try this!

Despite his initial failure, Zhang Xuan didn't despair. He flicked his wrist and took out a box of silver needles.


With a light shake of his hand, the silver needles fell on the various acupoints throughout Wei Ruyan's body, and using them as a medium, Zhang Xuan sent surges of his Heaven's Path zhenqi into her body.

"Good, it worked!"

As the Heaven's Path zhenqi seeped into Wei Ruyan's body, her ghastly pale face finally began to regain a red glow.

"It worked…" Wei Changfeng's body trembled in agitation.

Seeing that it was effective, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. He continued to infuse his zhenqi into the other party's body through the silver needles.

However, just as Zhang Xuan was about to circulate his Heaven's Path zhenqi throughout Wei Ruyan's body to nourish it, he suddenly noticed something, and his eyebrows shot up in alarm.

"No, something's wrong!"

He immediately rushed to retract the silver needles, but before he could do so, the face of the young lady before him suddenly turned pale once more, and her body abruptly convulsed intensely.

"Damn it!"

Zhang Xuan swiftly retracted all of the silver needles from Wei Ruyan's body as fast as he could.

However, it was already too late. As if struck by lethal poison, white foam seeped out from the edges of the young lady's mouth, and after a slight moment of trembling, her body fell deadly still.

"D-dead?" Wei Changfeng quickly rushed forward to check the condition of his daughter, and upon realizing that there was no pulse, his eyes immediately turned crimson in fury.

He had thought that the young master might be able to save his daughter, and clutching this final straw of hope, he had rushed over to seek his help. Who could have known that the latter would actually treat his daughter to her death!

In that instant, the final spark of hope in his heart faded, and madness overtook his rationality.

"This…" Zhang Xuan was also in a frenzy by the situation before him.

The Heaven's Path zhenqi had never failed him before. Why would something crop up this time around, causing Wei Ruyan to lose her life?

"It must be the effects of her Innate Poison Body…" Zhang Xuan's face turned livid as realization struck him.

The other party's Innate Poison Body seemed to have clashed with his Heaven's Path zhenqi, resulting in a backlash.

Considering the incredibly feeble state that Wei Ruyan was already in, how could she possibly withstand the impact of the backlash? Due to the heavy toll on her body, she breathed her last.

I promised Wei Changfeng that I'll treat his daughter, but such an unfortunate mishap happened instead… Zhang Xuan sighed deeply.

Even though Wei Changfeng wouldn't be able to do anything to Zhang Xuan with his soul being held hostage, it was a fact that Zhang Xuan had promised to treat his daughter.

Just a moment ago his daughter had still been breathing, albeit on the verge of death. Yet, in the midst of his treatment, his daughter ended up losing her life.

It might have been an unfortunate accident, but there was no way anyone could accept this easily, especially not Wei Changfeng, who had devoted his life to saving his daughter.

I must save her!

Whether it was for Wei Changfeng, his own reputation, or Wei Ruyan herself, Zhang Xuan couldn't allow the young lady to die just like that. Thus, he placed his fingers on the other party's pulse once more and compiled a new book on her condition.

In the blink of an eye, he browsed through the entire book.

Taking a deep breath, Zhang Xuan instructed, "Little Feng, leave the room for a moment!"

"Leave the room?" Wei Changfeng asked with an awful look on his face.

"That's right. She isn't completely dead yet. She has just fallen into a deeper coma due to the backlash from the collision of energies. I need to use my secret art to save her, so I need you to leave for a moment." Zhang Xuan waved his hands, urging him to leave quickly.

"This…" Wei Changfeng's face turned incredibly ugly after hearing those words.

Her heart has stopped, and her body was beginning to stiffen. Yet, you are calling this a coma?

Who do you think you are fooling?

"Hurry up! If you don't want to see her dead, get out of the room this very instant!" Zhang Xuan roared furiously.

"Alright then." Seeing the young master fly into a rage, even though Wei Changfeng was still feeling deeply displeased on the inside, he still walked out of the room and closed the doors.

In the end, this was the final sliver of hope he had left. He could only pray that what Zhang Xuan was saying was true.

After he left, Zhang Xuan exhaled deeply and sat on the ground.

He had used the Library of Heaven's Path to check on Wei Ruyan's condition just a moment ago, and detailed on it was not that Wei Ruyan had fallen into a deeper coma but that… she was really dead!

However, even though she had breathed her last, her soul had yet to leave the confines of her body entirely yet.

While it wasn't incorrect to define a person in such a state as dead, considering how not even a 7-star physician would be able to treat such a condition, Zhang Xuan suddenly recalled one of the techniques that Mo Hunsheng had imparted to him had the effect of guiding a soul back to its body.

Thus… since there was no better solution at hand, he decided to give it a try!

Otherwise, Wei Ruyan truly would be doomed!

This technique is damaging to my soul, but at this moment… I have no other choice!

Since he had decided to save Wei Ruyan, he wouldn't allow anyone or anything, not even the grim reapers, to take her away, even if he had to pay a heavy price for it.

Thus, Zhang Xuan drew his soul out from his glabella.

Floating in the air, he saw Wei Ruyan's soul gradually separating from her body, as if attracted by some inexplicable force of nature.


Knowing that it would be impossible to save her once her soul was taken away, Zhang Xuan immediately formed a few hand seals before pushing his palm down on her soul.

Soul Art, Soul Summoning!

This capability had the mystical ability of summoning a soul through a suitable medium.


With the suppression from his palm, the soul immediately returned back to her body.

However, just this wasn't enough to reverse her death.

Even though Wei Ruyan's soul had been temporarily secured by Soul Summoning, her death had already created a considerable rift between her body and her soul, making it difficult to fuse them together again.

I have to enter her consciousness!

It was impossible to mend the rift from the outside. Zhang Xuan would have to enter her consciousness, just like how he had saved Lu Chong previously. Thus, without any hesitation, his massive soul seeped right into her consciousness.

In a vast sea of consciousness, a thin and frail-looking young lady was floating in the air a short distance away with her eyes tightly shut, seemingly in a deep sleep.

It was Wei Ruyan's soul.

I will have to strengthen her soul first… There's only one feasible way to do it at the moment, and that is to nurture her soul through mine! Zhang Xuan clenched his fists tightly together.

Due to the other party's soul being too weak at the moment, it was impossible to fuse it together with her body. Thus, there was a need to strengthen her soul first.

And the best method to do so was to nurture her soul through his!

In essence, this method meant feeding a portion of his soul to the other party.

Even though it was an effective method, it would also severely weaken oneself as well. As such, unless it was for the closest kin, there was no soul oracle who would be willing to resort to this.

To be honest, Zhang Xuan was also a little hesitant to go so far for a person whom he had only met a moment ago.

But ultimately, even though Wei Ruyan had already been in an extremely feeble condition back then and could possibly have died at any moment, it was a fact that his treatment had led to her death.

Since he had wronged her, it was only right for him to correct it.

Besides, the lengths to which Wei Changfeng had gone for his daughter had also touched him. It would be an unfortunate tragedy if the father and daughter were to be separated by the boundary of life and death.


Zhang Xuan's soul reached for Wei Ruyan's finger, and using her arm as a medium, he injected concentrated soul essence into the latter's body so as to nourish her soul.

As his soul essence depleted at a rapid pace, it didn't take too long for Zhang Xuan to feel deep fatigue.

Soul essence to a soul was just like blood to a body. Giving it away to another was extremely damaging to his soul. The fatigue he was feeling at the moment was only a minor side effect; in the very worst-case scenario, his soul could even lose its stability and dissipate.

However, since he had already begun this, it was already too late to back down. Suppressing his fatigue, he continued to pump his soul essence into the other party's soul.

Under the massive influx of soul essence, Wei Ruyan's feeble soul finally began to grow denser.

It is effective…

Upon seeing that his method was working, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. However, just as he was about to continue pumping more soul essence into the other party, a thought suddenly flashed through his mind, and his eyes widened in shock. He immediately activated his Eye of Insight, and his soul began trembling in agitation.

Sh*t, the Innate Fetal Poison… is spreading!



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