Chapter 789: Poison Soul Constitution

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Initially, the Innate Fetal Poison in his soul was wrapped together in a bundle by the corner, making it an inconspicuous existence.

However, with his soul weakening swiftly due to the transfusion of his soul essence, the Innate Fetal Poison began its assault. At this moment, it had already spread to more than half of his entire soul, and its march was still showing no signs of stopping.

I'm done for… Zhang Xuan's face paled in fright.

The Innate Fetal Poison was something even Empyrean Kong shi had been helpless before in his time! If he were to allow it to consume his soul, there was no doubt that he would be immediately poisoned to death. No one would be able to save him!

Even though Zhang Xuan had failed to find what he was looking for at the Terpsichore School, he hadn't panicked too much. He had thought that as long as he were to proceed carefully, he would be fine for the time being.

Yet, in his moment of anxiety, he'd neglected the presence of the Innate Fetal Poison in his soul and transfused his soul essence to another, granting the Innate Fetal Poison an opportunity to strike!

What in the world is this!

I must be the first one in the world to die due to an attempt to save another's life!

On the verge of tears, just as Zhang Xuan was contemplating drawing back the soul essence he had pumped into the other party, he suddenly felt a warm surge of energy flowing back from the young lady's body.

Upon contact with this surge of energy, the Innate Fetal Poison immediate fled in fright, as if having met its nemesis.

This… Zhang Xuan widened his eyes in astonishment.

The Innate Fetal Poison was a high-grade poison which was extremely difficult to deal with. So far, the only thing that Zhang Xuan had found to be effective in suppressing it was the Heaven's Path zhenqi. In order to save his soul, he had tried many methods in hopes of being able to keep the Innate Fetal Poison in check, but none of them worked.

Yet, why was it suddenly retreating so fearfully all of the sudden?

A thought flashed through Zhang Xuan's mind, and he muttered beneath his breath, "Could it be… the Innate Poison Body?"

Through the Library of Heaven's Path, he'd learned that Wei Ruyan possessed the Innate Poison Body, just that she hadn't activated it yet.

Could the Innate Poison Body possess the ability to curb the Innate Fetal Poison as well?

"No, it doesn't seem to be the Innate Poison Body. Could it be the… Poison Soul Constitution?" Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up in agitation.

The Innate Poison Body granted one an innate resistance to all poison. In fact, the consumption of lethal poison would only further temper one's physical body.

However, such an effect didn't extend to one's soul. If afflicted by a soul poison, it was still possible for a person possessing the Innate Poison Body to be poisoned to death.

Unless… that person possessed the Poison Soul Constitution as well.

The Poison Soul Constitution worked in a manner similar to the Innate Poison Body. It granted one's soul perfect immunity to all poison.

Considering that Wei Ruyan's soul was able to help him suppress the Innate Fetal Poison plaguing his soul, there was a high chance that she possessed such a constitution.

It's no wonder she's still so feeble despite absorbing the spirit of so many artifacts! Her body has already been extremely frail since birth, and yet she still had to bear the burden from the sheer might of two unique constitutions within her. It is truly a miracle that she has survived to such an age! It sure is hard to say whether she has been blessed or cursed by the heavens… Zhang Xuan exclaimed internally as realization struck him.

Unique constitutions were extremely powerful, but their sheer power created a heavy burden on one's body as well. It sure wasn't easy for Wei Ruyan to come this far with two unique constitutions within her.

I should try it out to see if my deduction is right!

With such thoughts in mind, Zhang Xuan began to draw back the soul essence he had pumped into the other party's soul.

Gu gu gu!

As soon as the soul essence he had drawn back came into contact with the Innate Fetal Poison, the latter immediately retreated in horror as if electrified.

Hahaha, this is great! Zhang Xuan laughed joyously to himself.

He had been agonizing over how he could curb the Innate Fetal Poison when the solution to his problem simply fell from the heavens. Excited, Zhang Xuan quickly hastened the flow of his soul essence.


As he circulated his soul essence with Wei Ruyan, the Innate Fetal Poison was slowly driven back to the corner where it came from, not daring to make a move at all.

Even though he couldn't get rid of it yet, he was at least able to suppress it for the time being.

This sure is a blessing in disguise! Only after suppressing the Innate Fetal Poison entirely did Zhang Xuan finally heave a sigh of relief, and excitement gleamed in his eyes.

Nurturing the soul of another was never an easy feat. To allow Wei Ruyan's soul to recover from its feeble state, he would have to expend a significant portion of his soul essence, leaving him in a severely weakened state.

Nevertheless, at this very moment, Zhang Xuan was truly glad that he had made the decision he did. Who could have known that the sacrifice he made for Wei Ruyan would end up saving his life as well?

When his soul essence fused with the latter's soul, it also gained a certain degree of the properties of the Poison Soul Constitution as well. At this current moment, even if someone were to feed him lethal poison capable of dissipating one's soul, he would be completely unaffected by it. On the contrary, his soul might even grow stronger as a result of it.

I'll have to stop here today.

Along with the transfusion of his soul essence, the fatigue Zhang Xuan felt gradually weighed heavier and heavier on him. Eventually, reaching his limit, he had no choice but to extract his soul from the other party's consciousness.

Honestly speaking, Wei Ruyan's soul was simply way too feeble. Even with the nourishment of his soul, he was still unable to awaken her fully in a single try.


As Zhang Xuan's soul returned to his physical body, he immediately turned his gaze to assess Wei Ruyan's condition once more.

Even though the latter had yet to awaken, she had regained her breathing and heartbeat, and there was a healthy red glow on her face as well. At this moment, it felt as if she was only asleep.

For the time being, she shouldn't be in danger.

However, if she wasn't treated soon, it was unlikely that she would be able to survive for too long. Her physical body was simply far too weak.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Zhang Xuan shouted, "Alright, come in!"


The anxious Wei Changfeng immediately rushed into the room in a fluster, and after taking a look at his daughter, he heaved a sigh of relief. Following which, he turned to his young master, and upon seeing the latter's pale face, he suddenly felt a pang of guilt.

Seeing the young master's treatment causing his daughter's death had left him so infuriated that he almost wanted to kill him. However, at this very instant, he realized that everything the young master had done was to save his daughter!

For the young master to be severely weakened after the treatment, it was clear how far he had gone for her…

Despite the other party devoting his efforts to saving his daughter, he actually misunderstood his intentions…

"I'm sorry, Young Master…" Wei Changfeng lowered his head apologetically.

"I've said that as long as you remain loyal to me, I will definitely do everything I can to save your daughter!" Zhang Xuan shook his head as he spoke with a powerless voice. "Guard me, I need to recuperate."

Leaving those words behind, Zhang Xuan flicked his wrist and took out a jade bottle. Opening it, a round pill fell into his palm, and he consumed it whole.

It was the Miniature Restorative Pill that Wei Ranxue had given him.


The pill dissolved as soon as it came into contact with his mouth, turning into a warm gush of medicinal energy that surged through his body. His soul, which had been severely depleted while trying to nurture Wen Ruyan's, slowly began to heal.

A moment later, he exhaled a mouthful of turbid gas before standing up.

Through the medicinal energy of the pill and his meditation, his soul was able to recover to its original state.

"Young Master!" Wei Changfeng clasped his fist to greet Zhang Xuan.


Zhang Xuan turned his gaze to the young lady on the bed once more, and after confirming once more that her status had stabilized, he heaved a sigh of relief. "We will still need the two items which I listed previously. Don't waste your time waiting here, hurry up and find them!"

"Yes!" Wei Changfeng nodded. However, a moment later, he frowned. "I have given it some thought, and I think that there just might be a living saint herb in Hongyuan City. However… I might require Young Master to lead the way!"

"Where is it?" Zhang Xuan asked doubtfully.

Wei Changfeng was a Saint realm expert, and yet there was still a place in Hongyuan City which he couldn't access?

"It's in the Master Teacher Academy," Wei Changfeng replied.

"The Master Teacher Academy?" Zhang Xuan was stunned for an instant before realization struck him.

Indeed. Having been able to enter its premises freely as a student, Zhang Xuan had overlooked its tight security. The entire academy was filled with many experts, and there was no lack of Saint realm cultivators amidst them. Even a person of Wei Changfeng's strength would dare not charge in recklessly.

Thus, he required a student such as Zhang Xuan to bring him in.

"Yes. The vice head of the Physician School, You Xu, is not only a physician but a herbologist as well. He cultivates quite a few precious medicinal herbs in his garden, so if there is anywhere we can procure living saint herb in Hongyuan City, it is from him!" Wei Changfeng said.

Zhang Xuan nodded. "That's good, let's make a move then! The longer we drag it out, the harder it'll be to treat your daughter!"

"Yes!" Wei Changfeng replied.

After the discussion, just as the duo made their way out of the room, they saw Sun Qiang, Wang Ying, and the others standing before them.

They turned to Zhang Xuan as soon as they saw him walking out of the room and greeted him.


"Young Master!"

Over the past few days of absence, Wang Ying and the others had made significant progress in their cultivation once again. The aura they exuded felt much more condensed than before.

With everyone gathered in the same area, Zhang Xuan couldn't help but to notice how cramped the residence was once again. Shaking his head, he turned to Sun Qiang and asked, "Have you found a larger residence yet?"

"Reporting to Young Master, I have searched the area, but there are simply no larger residences in the vicinity," Sun Qiang said embarrassedly.

It wasn't that he had been lazing about, but all of the better residences near the Master Teacher Academy he found had already been purchased by the other students. Up until this point, the best residence that was available that he had found so far was still the one they were living in.

Knowing that Sun Qiang wasn't intentionally slacking off, Zhang Xuan didn't blame him. Instead, he turned to Wang Ying and the others and instructed, "I see. Alright, Wang Ying, Zheng Yang, and Liu Yang, you should help Sun Qiang look around as well. The sooner we find a suitable residence, the sooner we can move. This place is simply far too cramped…"

With another three people on the job, they should be able to find a suitable residence sooner.

In any case, spending all of their time cooped up indoors cultivating wasn't ideal for them either. There should be a balance between work and leisure. It would do them some good to take a stroll outside and enjoy the city.

"Yes!" Wang Ying and the others nodded.

"Let's go!" After delegating several other matters, Zhang Xuan left for the Master Teacher Academy with Wei Changfeng beside him.

Even though he still hadn't received his student token yet, he had the tokens of three of the Ten Great Master Teachers in his possession, so bringing another person into the academy wasn't a problem for him.

After traveling for another hour, they finally arrived at the Physician School.

The Physician School was ranked fifth out of the ten schools of the academy. Nevertheless, due to the nature of their occupation, there was no master teacher in the academy who was willing to offend them.

After all, there was no way anyone could guarantee that they could remain healthy for their entire life. As cultivators, there was a much higher chance that a day would come when they would require the help of the Physician School than any of the other schools in the academy.

Even before reaching the Tower of Physicians, the building located at the very center of the Physician School, Zhang Xuan could already see a large crowd walking in and out of the area. Astonishingly, it seemed to be even more bustling than the Blacksmith School.

As they were heading over, Zhang Xuan suddenly asked, "The price of saint herbs aren't cheap. Have you prepared the money yet?"

He had no high-tier spirit stones with him at the moment, so there was no way he could afford a saint herb. Besides, Wei Ruyan was Wei Changfeng's daughter, so it was only right for the latter to pay.

"I have prepared some money. It should be enough to afford a saint herb," Wei Changfeng replied.

As the head of the Spirit Emporium, even though most of his artifacts had been swept away by Zhang Xuan, he still had quite a bit of savings left with him.

While saint herbs were expensive, the savings which he had accrued over many years should be sufficient to afford it.

"That's good!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

Advancing ahead, an imposing tower soon came into their sight.

Tower of Physicians!

This was the grandest building within the entire Physician School, and the Vice School Head You Xu whom Wei Changfeng spoke of resided here.

Following behind the crowd, Zhang Xuan stepped through the entrance of the tower.

The first floor was a vast hall with countless master teachers walking around the area.

Shelves of precious herbs filled the room, and by the corner stood several physicians to attend to those who required a diagnosis. Most master teachers would choose to pay this place a visit to resolve any existing conditions they had or to purchase recovery herbs before embarking on their mission.

Zhang Xuan scanned the surroundings, but he wasn't sure where Vice School Head You Xu's living quarters were. Thus, he could only head to the reception with Wei Changfeng beside him.



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