Chapter 790: Ten-leafed Flower

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"What do the both of you need?" the receptionist asked with a smile upon seeing Zhang Xuan and Wei Changfeng.

The receptionist was a lady in her early thirties. She wore a tight-fitting physician robe which accentuated her beautiful figure.

Like Luo Qiqi, she was also a 5-star low-tier master teacher, a Grade-2 student. Most likely, she had taken this job in order to earn Academic Credits as well.

"We wish to meet Vice School Head You Xu." Zhang Xuan dived right into the matter at hand.

"You wish to meet Vice School Head You?" The receptionist was slightly taken aback. With a doubtful voice, she asked, "Do you have an appointment with him?"

"We don't!" Zhang Xuan shook his head.

The receptionist also shook her head. "I will have to apologize then. Vice School Head You is a busy man, so I can't take you to meet him if you don't have an appointment."

As a vice head of the Physician School, a 6-star pinnacle master teacher, even the nobility of the country would have to make an appointment in advance to meet him. How could a mere student be allowed to meet him as he pleased?

Judging from the other party's young age, he was likely to only be a Grade-1 student. A minor figure like this wouldn't even be qualified to meet the manager of the Tower of Physicians, needless to say a vice school head! Indeed, the ignorant were brazen!

"Then… how can we make an appointment with him?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"I have no idea," the receptionist replied snappishly.

She had already made it clear through her words, but the other party still continued to pester her. A hint of displeasure flashed across the receptionist's eyes.

On the other hand, Zhang Xuan scratched his head, troubled.

He'd thought that the matter could be easily settled—he would meet with Vice School Head You Xu, ask him about the medicinal herb, negotiate the price, and they would be done. But who would have thought that he would be hindered at the very first step?

However, considering the other party's standing as the vice head of the Physician School, this should have been expected. Otherwise, if he were to meet anyone who sought an audience with him, he wouldn't have any time left for himself anymore.

After a moment of hesitation, Zhang Xuan said, "Since that's the case, I have something in my possession that I hope you can pass to Vice School Head You in my stead. Perhaps, he might be willing to meet me after see it."

"I apologize, but I am not your courier. If you really wish to meet Vice School Head You, please return only after you have the qualification to speak with him. Now if you will excuse me, I have things to attend to…"

Seeing that the other party was still refusing to give up, the receptionist shook her head in displeasure and rejected him flatly. However, just as she was about to chase him away, he suddenly flicked his wrist, and a token appeared in his hand.

On the surface of the token was a majestic image with rows after rows of buildings inscribed on it. It was a picture of the Master Teacher Academy.

The token of the elders?

Gedeng! The receptionist's words suddenly came to an abrupt halt.

As a Grade-2 student, she was naturally able to recognize the personal tokens of the elders of the academy. How could a freshman possess such an important item?

In the midst of her shock, the young man flicked his wrist and took out two other identical tokens.

Placing the personal tokens on the receptionist table, Zhang Xuan requested, "I have three tokens here. Can you take a look to see which of them is closer with Vice School Head You and deliver it to him?"

"This…" Astonished, the receptionist flipped over one of the tokens, only to see the words 'Mo Zhu' written on it.

"Mo Zhu? The head of the Beast Tamer School, School Head Mo?" The receptionist shuddered in shock.

With trembling lips, she flipped over the second token, and she nearly blacked out.

Written on the second token was a name as well—Zhao Bingxu.

It was the head of the Blacksmith School, School Head Zhao!

"He possesses both School Head Mo and School Head Zhao's personal tokens?" the young lady uttered in shock as her trembling hand reached for the third token and flipped it.

Wei Ranxue!

It was the head of the Terpsichore School!

The Ten Great Master Teachers were figures who stood at the very top of the academy, existences far beyond her. Despite being a Grade-2 student, she had hardly seen them around in the academy. It was only during the Academy's Annual Celebration and the Annual Tournament that she would get an opportunity to see them from afar.

Yet, the young man before her actually took out three of their personal tokens at once…

The receptionist felt as if she was going to burst into tears.

She had thought that the other party was only a mere freshman, but who could have known that he would have such powerful backing?

If you are so formidable, you should have just headed up to meet Vice School Head You directly. Why did you even bother wasting your breath on me?

While her face had gone pale in shock, the young man before her asked with a doubtful voice, "How is it? Are these tokens useless as well? I knew it, those fellows were indeed bragging… If the tokens won't work, will it be better if I call them over?"

"Cough cough!" The attendant nearly died from shock.

To say that three of the school heads were bragging, and even propose to call them over…

Just who was the young man standing before her?

To think that she had snapped at him just a moment ago…

Her face paled as her body shook uncontrollably. "There's no need for that! The tokens work perfectly fine!"

Fearing that she would earn the ire of the school heads, the receptionist hurriedly pushed the tokens back to Zhang Xuan before walking out from the receptionist desk. "Follow me!"

Regardless of whether the other party meant those words or not, the fact that he could whip out the personal tokens of three of the Ten Great Master Teachers was more than enough to say that he was a figure whom she couldn't afford to offend.

"Thanks." Seeing that the personal tokens had really worked, Zhang Xuan nodded before following behind the receptionist with Wei Changfeng.

Not too long later, they arrived at the entrance of a vast courtyard.

"This is the residence of Vice School Head You!" the receptionist gestured and said.

Zhang Xuan turned his attention to the residence.

As expected of the residence of the vice head of the Physician School, it was indeed much larger than Hu Yaoyao's residence. Even though he couldn't get a clear view of the formation surrounding the residence, he could still feel the dense spiritual energy drifting in the surroundings.

Dong dong dong!

Stepping forward, the receptionist knocked on the gates.


A middle-aged man opened the gates from the inside.

"Sun laoshi, these two men seek an audience with Vice School Head You," the receptionist hurriedly said.

"Seek an audience with Vice School Head You?" The middle-aged Sun laoshi frowned.

He turned his gaze to Zhang Xuan, and after confirming that he had no idea who he was, he turned his gaze onto Wei Changfeng. The next moment, his eyes lit up. "So, it's the Boss Wei from the Spirit Emporium! I'll report your presence to my teacher this instant!"

As a Saint realm expert and one of the top figures in Hongyuan City, Wei Changfeng was rather well-known in Hongyuan City as well.

Hearing those words, Wei Changfeng nodded.

As Sun laoshi turned around and returned back into the residence, the receptionist nearly fell limply to the ground from horror.

As Wei Changfeng had been standing silently behind Zhang Xuan without saying a word like a subordinate, she had assumed him to be a person unworthy of notice. Never could she have imagined that he would be the boss of the Spirit Emporium!

To take a Saint realm expert as a subordinate… Just who in the world was the young man before her?

It didn't take long for Sun laoshi to return. He bowed deeply and gestured for them to head into the residence. "This way please!"

"Thank you."

Ignoring the receptionist, who seemed to be on the verge of going bonkers, Zhang Xuan stepped into the residence.

The next moment, the refreshing scent of medicinal herbs filled his nose. Concentrated spiritual energy seemed to linger by his ear like a mini whirlwind, producing a soft whimpering sound.

Consonance of the Spiritual Energy? Zhang Xuan was stunned.

This phenomenon was a result of a consonance produced by accumulating an overwhelming amount of treasures in an area.

Scanning through the courtyard, Zhang Xuan swiftly caught sight of a small medicinal herb garden. That was where the Consonance of the Spiritual Energy was coming from. All kinds of herbs were being cultivated in the garden, creating a beautiful harmony of vibrant colors. It was a pleasure just to look at them.

Broken Yin Grass, Smile Embodiment Flower, Seven Hearts Spearmint… There are so many saint herbs here? Zhang Xuan's eyebrows shot up in astonishment.

The garden was considerably small, containing only several hundred medicinal herbs. However, every single one of them was a top-grade herb, and one could even see quite a number of saint herbs with just a swift glance.

Hmm? That is… a Ten-leafed Flower? As Zhang Xuan carefully observed them while walking along the garden, his eyes suddenly lit up.

The Ten-leafed Flower was a saint herb as well.

Upon reaching maturity, ten different colored flowers will bloom on the ten leaves of the medicinal herb, and the flowers corresponded to the three hun and seven po of a human's soul. If they could procure this saint herb to nourish Wei Ruyan's soul, Zhang Xuan was confident that he would be able to awaken her within a single week.

At that moment, Wei Changfeng asked him via zhenqi telepathy, "Young Master, will that Ten-leafed Flower do?"

Clearly, he had also caught sight of the same medicinal herb as him.

In order to save his daughter, he had studied a great deal on medicine, granting him in-depth knowledge regarding medicinal herbs.

"Yes, the Ten-leafed Flower can save your daughter's life. However, it'll be preferable to procure one whose flowers have already bloomed so as to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment," Zhang Xuan replied affirmatively.

The Ten-leafed Flower being cultivated in the medicinal herb garden was still quite some time away from blooming. However, it was unlikely that Wei Ruyan would be able to wait so long. Even though the effectiveness of the treatment would be lowered using an immature Ten-leafed Flower, it should still be sufficient to save her life.

Hearing the young master's confirmation, Wei Changfeng heaved a sigh of relief. With his goal lying right before him, he couldn't help but feel agitated within.

At that moment, Sun laoshi suddenly reported with a resounding voice, "Teacher, Boss Wei is here!"

Shifting their gazes, they soon saw an old man applying fertilizer to one of the medicinal herbs with a bent back not too far away.

The old man seemed to be in his sixties or seventies, and he had a long grayish beard.

The medicinal herb which he was tending to was a crimson flower with clear vein lines on it. The old man carefully dug the soil around the crimson flower and poured a scarlet fluid in before placing the soil back.

Demonic Blood Flower? Zhang Xuan frowned.

He had read this flower on a book before. Even though it was a saint herb, there were very few people who chose to cultivate it.

It wasn't because the flower was inauspicious but that it was simply too difficult to provide for it.

This was because the Demonic Blood Flower required the nourishment of blood to survive!

Just cultivating a single Demonic Blood Flower would potentially require the blood of more than a dozen spirit beasts.

It seems Vice School Head You isn't young anymore…

But even though it was hard to provide for, it had an incredible effect as well. Once matured, consuming it could boost a person's vitality, extending their lifespan.

This was probably the reason Vice School Head You was taking care for it so diligently.

Otherwise, why would a master teacher spend so much effort on cultivating such a medicinal herb?

"Un." Without turning his head over, the old man waved his hands to gesture that he had heard Sun laoshi.

The old man first flattened the ground around the Demonic Blood Flower and washed his hands in a basin in front of him before turning his attention to them.

"I have long heard of Boss Wei's reputation, pleased to meet you," Vice School Head Wei said with a smile.

"I have also long heard of Vice School Head Wei's aptitude in cultivating medicinal herbs, and I must say that I am truly impressed by your medicinal herb garden!" Wei Changfeng clasped his fist.

"I dare not claim any aptitude in it, it is just a hobby of mine. May I know the reason for Boss Wei's sudden visit?" asked Vice School Head You.

As fellow Saint realm experts, even though they had never met before, they had at least heard of each other's name on other occasions.

Considering that they had spoken to one another before, it was likely that Wei Changfeng's visit meant business.

"Vice School Head You sure is a candid man. I do have a request to ask of you…" Wei Changfeng bowed. "I hope to purchase Vice School Head You's Ten-leafed Flower!"

"Ten-leafed Flower?"

Glancing at the saint herb which was pulsating with spiritual energy in the courtyard, Vice School Head You shook his head and replied, "Pardon me, but that medicinal herb is not for sale!"

Wei Changfeng immediately panicked. "I require the medicinal herb to save my kin, I hope that Vice School Head You can do me this favor…"

"I have already said that the medicinal herb is not for sale. Sun Yuan, send our guests out!" Vice School Head You waved his hands.


Sun laoshi stepped forward and bowed. "This way please."

"This…" Wei Changfeng looked at Vice School Head You with an anxious frown.

"I know that it is somewhat rude of me to suddenly arrive at your residence and ask for your medicinal herb, but I truly need it to save someone. Vice School Head You, I am willing to pay any price for your Ten-leafed Flower as long as it is within my means!"



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