Chapter 793: Zheng Yang Accepts a Disciple

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"Mine?" Zhang Xuan was stunned. His hands trembled, and tea spilled from the cup he held in his hands. "What do you mean by it belongs to me?"

"I just went to the realtor agency to look into the matter, and according to the document filed there, the new owner goes by the name of Zhang Xuan!" Sun Qiang seemed to be in a state of disbelief as well as he spoke.

"I found it weird as well, so I asked them about that Zhang Xuan's occupation and identity. The answer I received was that he is a Grade-1 freshman of the Master Teacher Academy. This is also why I asked Young Master if there is anyone who shares the same name as you among the freshmen. If there isn't… the only possibility left is that the owner of the manor is you!"

"This…" Zhang Xuan blinked in a daze, nearly fainting from shock.

He had never seen this manor before, and he didn't have the money to buy such a large manor either. How could it possibly be his?

If it had been a day before, he would have been certain that it must be a freshman who just coincidentally shared the same name as him. However, Zhang Xuan had replicated a copy of the registry with the names of all of the Xuanxuan Faction's members in it yesterday, and checking it, there was no one with the same name or even a similar sounding name to his.

What was going on?

"What about the buyer? Did you get any information on the person who bought the manor?" Zhang Xuan asked.

If he was registered in the deed, someone must have made the deal in his stead.

But… what was the motive behind doing this?

"I tried looking into it as well, but it seems like even the realtor agency has no idea who the buyer is. They left no information whatsoever with the realtor agency, only saying that the new owner will take over the house once the refurbishment is done," Sun Qiang replied.

The more he tried to dig deeper into the matter, the more bewildered he became.

He had attempted to buy the manor, but he couldn't outbid the other buyer. Yet, mysteriously, the manor was suddenly put under the young master's name?

"This…" Zhang Xuan also found the situation bizarre as well.

He had heard of people giving the wrong amount of money when purchasing items, but he had never heard of people putting down the wrong name on a deed when buying a home.

Zhang Xuan couldn't help but turn to the lady before him and ask, "Luo Qiqi, was this you?"

Of the entire Hongyuan City, the one who was most likely to do such a thing was this student of his.

Luo Qiqi shook her head. "How could it be me? Even if I wished to buy it, I don't have the money to afford such a grand manor…"

"That's true…" Zhang Xuan frowned.

Considering the location and size of the manor, its price could possibly reach up to a hundred high-tier spirit stones… Even with Luo Qiqi's mysterious background, it didn't seem likely that she would have so much money on hand with her.

"Then… could it be Yu Fei-er and the others?"

If it wasn't Luo Qiqi, the only few he could think of were Yu Fei-er, Xing Yuan, and the others. Coming from prestigious clans, not to mention that Yu Fei-er was the Sixth Princess of Hongyuan Empire at that, it wasn't implausible for them to be able to afford such a manor.

"Fei-er, Xing Yuan, and the others went into seclusion to cultivate after undergoing the Meridian and Bone Cleansing to attempt to make a breakthrough to the Perfect Harmonization realm. I don't think that they have the time to bother about this matter…" Luo Qiqi shook her head.

If they had the time to do something like that, they would have long come to pay a visit to Zhang Xuan, especially since that they had parted abruptly at the underground chamber.

Since they didn't even have the time to do so, how could they possibly have the time to buy a manor for him?

Besides, Yu Fei-er was her close friend. If she had done something like that, there was no reason she would have hidden it from her.

"Then… who could it be?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

Mo Gaoyuan, School Head Mo, and the others were plausible candidates, but Zhang Xuan didn't think that it was likely to be them.

Even though they were interested in getting on good terms with him, there were many ways for them to do it. Purchasing a manor and refurbishing it to give it as a gift to him was going overboard, especially in view of their identities as 6-star master teachers. Such actions could easily make them the laughingstock of the city.

"Forget it. Since the other party has written my name on the deed, it should be a matter of time before they appear before me. Otherwise, won't their money have been spent in vain?" After a moment longer of pondering, Zhang Xuan was unable to figure out who it was, so he decided to just put it aside for the time being.

Considering the amount of money invested into purchasing and renovating the manor, it would be foolish for the person in question not to claim credit for their actions.

"Teacher, are we going to move into the manor then?" Luo Qiqi asked.

"Not yet. Since the deed is registered under my name, the person behind this should come to look for me once the refurbishment is done. At that moment, we shall move into the manor openly!" Zhang Xuan gestured.

Since it was already his manor, there was no need for him to worry about the matter anymore. But just to be safe, it would be best for him to meet the person behind it first to confirm their intentions before doing anything.

"Alright!" Luo Qiqi nodded.

"Sun Qiang, tell Wang Ying, Zheng Yang, and Liu Yang that they can stop looking for a residence," Zhang Xuan instructed.

"Yes, Young Master!" Sun Qiang replied.

"Alright, let's return to the academy then!"

Since the owner of the manor was confirmed to be him, his job here was done. After issuing several instructions to Sun Qiang, he returned back to the academy with Luo Qiqi and Hu Yaoyao.

As soon as he returned back to his residence in the Elite Sector, he went to his room and began meditating.

After conditioning his body for around four hours, his fatigue finally vanished.

Turning his sight outside, he realized that it was already the middle of the night. The sky felt a little heavy and gloomy that night. As if someone had pulled a black veil across the sky, there was not a single star or moon to be seen.

Since I am free at the moment, I should pay the Physician School a visit to read their books! Zhang Xuan thought.

Ever since the previous treatment for Wei Ruyan, he realized that his knowledge regarding the Way of Medicine was still lacking, so he had been thinking about paying a visit to the library of the Physician School.

The more knowledge he accrued, the better chance he stood at saving Wei Ruyan.

Thus, without any hesitation, he drew out his soul, and he began making his way to the Physician School.

From the incident with Wei Ranxue, he had learned that even in his form as a soul, he still had to operate carefully due to the presence of Saint realm experts in the academy. Thus, he advanced slowly, and it took him an hour before he was able to get into the vicinity of the Tower of Physicians.

The library is over there…

While Zhang Xuan was in the Physician School earlier, he had made sure to take a look around to confirm the location of the library. Thus, it didn't take long before he reached his destination

The gigantic building he was currently floating before emanated a solemn and academic aura.

Just like the Terpsichore Compendium Pavilion, entry into its premises required a student token and Academic Credits. Thus, Zhang Xuan waited patiently outside.

Unlike the Terpsichore School, the Physician School was ranked fifth in the academy, and it had several ten thousand students under it. As such, there were many students who visited the library each day, so the wait shouldn't take too long.

As expected, a few minutes later, a student walked out from the entrance. Making use of this opportunity, Zhang Xuan's soul slipped in.

Upon entering the library, an incredible collection of books immediately appeared before his eyes.

"Alright, I should begin!" Chuckling lightly, Zhang Xuan started scanning through the books with his eyes, and books began materializing in the Library of Heaven's Path at an incredible speed.

When Zhang Xuan went back to the Master Teacher Academy, Sun Qiang also returned to their residence.

When night fell, he saw Wang Ying and the others returning with their heads hanging in disappointment.

It was a difficult feat, searching for a suitable residence in the vicinity of the Master Teacher Academy. Otherwise, Sun Qiang would have already found something by now.

"Where is Young Master Zheng Yang? He didn't return with you all?"

Just as Sun Qiang was about to tell them that there was no need to search any longer, he suddenly realized that Zheng Yang was missing, and he frowned.

"We don't know either. We separated in the morning to scour the area for a suitable residence, and I only met Wang Ying on the way back. However, there should be no need to worry. He is probably on his way back," Liu Yang replied.

"Zheng Yang is a wary person, and he has inherited teacher's heritage. He should be fine!" Wang Ying nodded.

Of Zhang Xuan's direct disciples, the one who had the strongest adaptability was Yuan Tao, followed by Zheng Yang. It would already be a blessing to the world if he didn't attempt to do anyone in; how could anything possibly happen to him?

While they were speaking, a figure walked into the courtyard.

Who else could it be if not Zheng Yang?

"Uncle Qiang!" Zheng Yang rushed up with excitement gleaming in his eyes.

Seeing Zheng Yang's expression, Sun Qiang asked doubtfully, "Did you find a residence?"

"That's not it… It's just that I encountered something today, and I wish to discuss it with you!" Zheng Yang scratched his head in embarrassment.

"Discuss with me? What is it?" Sun Qiang asked.

Zhang Xuan had left his students in Sun Qiang's care, so they would often turn to Sun Qiang for most decisions.

"It's like this… While I was outside, I met a person who is interested in learning spearmanship from me. I wish to take him in as my disciple and allow him to stay here for a few days. Is that fine?" Zheng Yang asked embarrassedly.

"You wish to take in a student?" Sun Qiang widened his eyes in shock.

You are still a student yourself, but you wish to accept a student?

"That's right. I saw that that fellow possessed quite a high aptitude in spearmanship, so I gave him some pointers casually. Who would have thought that he would insist on acknowledging me as his teacher afterward? He even gave him quite a sum as a school fee… Seeing how sincere he was, I couldn't bear to turn him down," Zheng Yang said hesitantly.

When he was out looking for a residence earlier in the day, he coincidentally stumbled upon a bullying incident, and out of rage, he drew his spear and taught the bullies a lesson. A young man happened to catch sight of him in action, and impressed by what he saw, the other party insisted on learning spearmanship from him.

After studying diligently under Zhang shi over the past half a year, Zheng Yang's spearmanship had already reached an unfathomable level. Upon hearing that someone was interested in learning from him, he couldn't help but offer him a few words of guidance. To his surprise, that young man was extremely intelligent, comprehending what he imparted in an instant.

Even though his spearmanship was still a little weak, it was fortunate that his foundations were still considerably solid. As a result, Zheng Yang's interest in taking the other party as his disciple was piqued.

However… considering that he was still a student himself, he felt that he should discuss this with his teacher first.

But since this teacher wasn't around, the second-best option would be Uncle Qiang.

"He paid you a school fee? How much?" Sun Qiang asked.

"It is all in here!" Zheng Yang passed a storage ring over.

Perplexed, Sun Qiang took the storage ring and had a look inside. The next instant, his eyes widened in shock. "Twenty thousand middle-tier spirit stones? And so many pills as well… Is this the school fee he paid to acknowledge you as his teacher?"

Other than the twenty thousand middle-tier spirit stones, there were various herbs and other miscellaneous stuff inside as well.

Totaling the entire value of the items in the ring, there were definitely at least fifty thousand middle-tier spirit stones…

The other party had paid so much money to learn spearmanship from Zheng Yang?

Just where in the world did Zheng Yang find such a wealthy lad?

"That's right. I wish to take him in as my student… but I fear that Teacher will disagree with it. Uncle Qiang, please help me convince my teacher about this…"

"Don't worry! Given the school fee… Ahem! As a master teacher, the young master surely wishes to spread his teachings far and wide, so you don't have to worry about it!" Sun Qiang smiled.

After the time he had spent with the young master, how could he possibly not know the latter's character?

As long as one was willing to fork out sufficient money… Putting aside a single disciple, he would even accept an army of them without any hesitation!



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