Chapter 795: Nothing Must Happen To You!

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"How is it? This decipher of the foundations of cultivation is worth two hundred middle-tier spirit stones, right?" Seeing Xue Zhenyang's expression, Sun Qiang could immediately tell that he was drawn to the content of Wang Ying's words, so he pushed on with a smile.

He had absolute confidence with the old master and the young master's interpretation of cultivation.

Since the old master was able to make so many formidable master teachers submit him, surely winning over a nobody like the other party should be a walk in the park for his grandstudent?

"Worth, it is definitely worth two hundred middle-tier spirit stones!" Xue Zhenyang nodded vehemently.

"Good. So as we have agreed, each lecture conducted by Wang Ying, Zheng Yang, and Liu Yang will cost two hundred middle-tier spirit stones for each person. I will have to ask you to first prepare the spirit stones in advance before the lecture, or else... I'm afraid that we'll have to drop the matter!"

As a true merchant, Sun Qiang was determined to wring the greatest benefit out of any deal he made.

"Two hundred middle-tier spirit stones per lecture?" Xue Zhenyang's lips twitched violently. Nevertheless, he still nodded swiftly, "Alright!"

Master teachers did conduct public lectures from time to time, and the price they charged tended to be on the pricey side. Considering the deep comprehension of cultivation and battle techniques that the three of them possessed, charging two hundred middle-tier spirit stones could already be considered as cheap.

When Kong shi first established the Master Teacher Pavilion, while his ideology was to enlighten the masses and bring humanity to greater heights, his intent wasn't to impart everything unreservedly to everyone.

Otherwise, he wouldn't pass down his heritage to only the 72 Sages.

It was said that Kong shi's initial intent regarding the Master Teacher Pavilion was indeed accessible knowledge without discrimination. However, there was an event where a student had misinterpreted his cultivation technique and imparted his flawed interpretation on to many talented geniuses, resulting in their eventual downfall.

Considering the profoundness of battle techniques, it was extremely easy for one to veer down the wrong path without proper guidance from a teacher.

Knowledge is as destructive as it is beneficial. This was also the intent behind the saying 'knowledge is not to be divulged indiscriminately, and skills are not to be passed down easily'.

Master teachers were humans as well, they had limited time and energy on their hands. Thus, they could only focus their efforts on a few students at a time to pass their true heritage down to.

This was also the reason why there was the eventual classification of direct disciple, normal student, listening in, and half-teacher.

From that perspective, conducting public lectures could be considered as an additional service performed by master teachers, and master teachers did require money as well. Thus, it became a convention to charge a fee for such public lectures.

"Good! We'll leave the arrangements to you then! When will the lecture be?" Seeing Xue Zhenyang agree to it, Sun Qiang nodded in satisfaction.

Just as they were frustrating over the lack of money, the other party came and delivered a carriage of it to them. He sure was a good man!

However, this was indeed a viable source of income. If they were to find themselves tight on their finances at any moment, they could just conduct public lectures, and money would start rolling in...

"It would be best for it to be done as soon as possible! Is tomorrow morning fine?" Xue Zhenyang asked.

Since this was an opportunity for the True Helios Faction to soar, it would be best for it to be done as soon as possible!

"Morning?" Not expecting the other party to be so anxious, Sun Qiang hesitated for a moment before nodding, "That's fine as well!"

This wasn't a serious matter anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem. He could just report it to the young master once it was over.

"Great! I will bring you all to the Master Teacher Academy with me tomorrow morning then!" Hearing the other party agree to it, Xue Zhenyang nodded in excitement.

"Master Teacher Academy?" Hearing those words, everyone leaped in shock. Sun Qiang asked in astonishment, "You are... a master teacher?"

"Indeed!" Xue Zhenyang nodded.

"This..." Everyone glanced at one another with a troubled look on their faces.

They had thought the other party was a nobody, but to think that he would be a student from the Master Teacher Academy...

Young master was currently in the academy as well. Wouldn't it be bad for them to conduct a lesson there without asking for his permission?

"Uncle Qiang, what do we do?" Everyone's gaze gathered on Sun Qiang, and Zheng Yang sent a telepathic message over.

"This... It shouldn't be anything much, I think... So what if the ones you are going to lecture to are master teachers? There are plenty of master teachers out there who have submitted to the old master. Isn't even Pavilion Master Mo filled with admiration for him as well? As the grandstudent of such a figure, there's nothing for you to be afraid of! As long as you explain the concepts the young master has imparted you carefully, there shouldn't be any problem!" After a moment of hesitation, Sun Qiang replied with gritted teeth.

What about the Master Teacher Academy? He had never feared anything before, so why should he fear it?

It was the other party who was inviting them over to conduct a lecture, not that they were forcing the other party into it.

Moreover, to allow money that was nearly in their pockets to slip away...

"Then... on teacher's side..." Wang Ying asked worriedly.

"Leave the young master to me, you just have to focus your effort on conducting the lecture... As long as you do a good job, the young master shouldn't have any objections to the matter!" Sun Qiang replied.

Given the dire state of their finances, surely beggars couldn't be choosers?

It wasn't easy for them to meet a God of Fortune. It would be a huge shame if they were to let this opportunity slip past their fingers.

The young master should be able to understand the rationale of their action.

"Alright... Teacher has been taking care of us all along, it's time for us to do something for him!"

Wang Ying and the others clenched their fists tightly.

The resources for their cultivation had always come from their teacher. Since this was a rare opportunity to give back to him, it was natural that they would be excited to do so.

"It's decided then. Xue Zhenyang, you should rest here tonight. Wang Ying, Zheng Yang, and Liu Yang will follow you to the Master Teacher Academy tomorrow!" Having come to a decision, Sun Qiang turned to Xue Zhenyang and said.

"Roger!" Xue Zhenyang nodded excitedly.



After several hours, Zhang Xuan finally finished taking in all of the books in the library of the Physician School into the Library of Heaven's Path, and he heaved a sigh of relief.

After which, making use of the opportunity of another student's entrance, he slipped out of the library and returned back to his residence.


With a thought, the books came together and formed six books, ranging from 1-star to 6-star.

Since he was already a 4-star physician, there was no purpose in reading the earlier books. Thus, he picked up the fifth book straight.


The content of the book flowed into Zhang Xuan's head, and he swiftly began assimilating the knowledge.

It took a while before he was able to fully comprehend the wisdom contained within the book.

Following which, he turned to the sixth book.

An hour later, he was done assimilating the knowledge within it as well.

After that, he went back to browse through the earlier four books, and as he had expected, their crux was similar to what he had compiled earlier.

"Right now, my knowledge in the Way of Medicine should be on par with 6-star pinnacle physicians..."

After he was finally done studying the six Heaven's Path Physician Art manuals, Zhang Xuan exhaled deeply.

Zhang Xuan's current knowledge in the Way of Medicine ranked at the very peak of 6-star pinnacle. Even the head of the Physician School would be no match for him, and he might even be able to rival some of the less proficient 7-star physicians too.

"Wei Ruyan's illness..."

With the advancement in his understanding of the Way of Medicine, Zhang Xuan began pondering over Wei Ruyan's illness once more. But after some time, he eventually shook his head.

The young lady was struck a heavy blow while she was still in the womb, resulting in her suffering from a Deficiency of Spirit, Soul, and Blood. Her condition was simply too weak that there was nothing he could do other than to nourish her soul and physical body.

"As long as I obtain the Ten-leafed Flower and pair it with some additional medicinal herb to complement its effects, I should be able to hasten the recovery of her soul."

Vice School Head You Xu's Ten-leafed Flower hadn't matured yet, so its effects wouldn't reach ideality. However, with Zhang Xuan's newfound knowledge, he would be able to complement the Ten-leafed Flower with several other medicinal herbs to boost its effectiveness.

"Yet another night has passed!"

Putting aside those thoughts from his mind, Zhang Xuan stretched his back lazily as he walked out of his room, only to realize that the sky had already lit up.

The rays of the sun fell upon the courtyard, reflecting a brilliant gold on the ground.


After eating breakfast, Zhang Xuan was just about to head out when Luo Qiqi walked into the residence.

"You came at a good timing. There's something that I forgot to ask you yesterday!" Zhang Xuan said with a smile as he suddenly recalled something that he had neglected yesterday.

He had been too shocked upon learning that the manor where Wu Yangzi's old residence was situated at belonged to him that he forgot to ask Luo Qiqi about that matter.

"Teacher, please speak!" Luo Qiqi said with a perplexed expression.

"Have you heard of the Cloudmist Flower before?" Zhang Xuan asked.

He had noticed some peculiarities in Wei Changfeng yesterday, but he had shrugged it off thinking that it shouldn't be a problem for him as a Saint realm expert. However, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that things weren't that simple.

"Cloudmist Flower? Is teacher referring to the flowers that grow on the Cloudmist Ridge which can be processed into tea leaves?" Luo Qiqi pondered for a moment before replying.

"Yes, that's it!"

He hadn't heard of the Cloudmist Ridge before, but Wei Changfeng did say that the Cloudmist Flower could be dried to serve as tea leaf, and the tea brewed from it produced billowing clouds and had a refreshing fragrance, making it a sought-after product.

"According to what I have heard from Yu Fei-er, the Cloudmist Flower is a very precious commodity. Not only is it rare, it is very difficult to harvest it as well. Even if one were to take the entire Hongyuan Empire into account, there is barely a few stalks of it. Even the royal family will only use it to welcome esteemed guests of the empire!" Luo Qiqi replied after a moment of contemplation.

"It's so rare?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback. A moment later, a frown emerged on his face as he asked, "You mentioned that it's very difficult to harvest earlier, what does that mean?"

"The Cloudmist Ridge is located in the midst of Hongyuan Mountain Range, and it is home to countless spirit beasts and saint beasts. Any human that steps into the Cloudmist Ridge will suffer their ferocious assaults, making it a dangerous territory to tread. Even a master of beast taming such as School Head Mo wouldn't dare to venture too deep into it!" Luo Qiqi said.

"This is also the reason why the Cloudmist Ridge is classified as a Forbidden Land!"

"Forbidden Land?" Gedeng, Zhang Xuan's heart skipped a beat as his complexion turned awful.

"Indeed!" Seeing Zhang Xuan's expression, Luo Qiqi asked doubtfully, "What's wrong, teacher?"

"If a Saint realm expert were to enter the Cloudmist Ridge to harvest a Cloudmist Flower, what will happen?" Zhang Xuan asked anxiously with a sharp glint in his eyes.

"A Saint realm expert? The odds are that he won't be able to return alive. Even the stock of Cloudmist Flowers that the Hongyuan Empire royal family possesses comes from occasional expeditions with over a dozen Saint realm experts in the team. Even so, they dare not to venture too deep to harvest more for fear of their life. How could a single Saint realm expert survive in such lands alone? He would surely be killed!" Luo Qiqi shook her head.

"Surely be killed? Damn it!" Zhang Xuan's fists shook uncontrollably.

He finally understood why Wei Changfeng's complexion would look so awful after hearing about the Cloudmist Flower.

It seemed like he knew the dangers associated with it!

"That explains why that darned You Xu changed his mind... So that's what he's going for!" Zhang Xuan said with a livid face.

An aura reminiscent of the brewing of a tempest gathered around him, ready to burst at any moment.

"Teacher..." Luo Qiqi's body stiffened upon seeing his state.

Ever since she first met her teacher, the latter had been able to keep his calm regardless of how bad the situation before him was. Back then, in the underground chamber, when the both of them were in dire straits, he was still able to deal with it with composure. Yet, seeing him in such a state... Just what could have happened?

"I'm fine!" Seeing the worried gaze of the young lady before him, Zhang Xuan took a deep breath before asking, "Where is the Cloudmist Ridge?"

"The Cloudmist Ridge is around a thousand li 1 east from here. Its name is derived from the clouds that shroud it all year round, making it a conspicuous landmark!" Luo Qiqi said.

"I'll be going out for a moment!"

Upon learning the location, Zhang Xuan immediately rushed out of his residence and began running.

At the same time, he sent a telepathic message out, and not too long later, the Great Violetwing Beast appeared before him. Leaping onto its back, they headed eastward.

Wei Changfeng, since you have pledged your allegiance to me, I won't allow anything to happen to you!



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