Chapter 806: Movements from All Fronts

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"Zhang Xuan? Life-and-Death Physician Duel?"

School Head Zhong and School Head Mo glanced at one another, and their eyes slowly widened in shock.

It was just a moment ago that they had begun talking about the other party when such a situation occurred… Just what in the world had happened?

Wasn't that fellow a skilled beast tamer and a blacksmith?

When did he become a physician as well? Not to mention, he was going to challenge You Xu?

"Something big is going to happen. Let's head over to take a look!" Anxious, School Head Mo hurriedly left with School Head Zhong, headed in the direction of the tower of Physicians.

"What did you say? Zhang Xuan… is going to challenge Vice School Head You to a Life-and-Death Physician Duel? Is he insane?" Long Cangyue widened his eyes in shock, unable to believe what he had just heard.

"Isn't that fellow a blacksmith and a terpsichore? When did he become a physician too?" Dong Xin was also astonished by the news.

"Challenging Vice School Head You, a Saint realm expert…" Long Cangyue's lips quivered in fear at that thought.

As powerful as his Ashen Moon Faction was in the academy, that was only relative to those small confrontations amongst the student populace. Yet, that fellow actually went head-to-head with a vice school head of the academy, challenging him to a Life-and-Death Duel…

Was he tired of living?

"It was just yesterday that the True Helios Faction caused a huge uproar in the academy, and this fellow managed to top that… Let's go over to take a look!" Dong Xin said with a bitter smile.

They had thought that it was insane for the True Helios Faction to bring in three youngsters to lecture them, but that fellow had to be completely out of his mind to go head-to-head against a vice school head…

Was he trying to start a revolution?!

"Yes!" Not daring to waste a single second, the duo rushed out of the residence.

"Teacher… challenged Vice School Head You Xu? What happened?"

In Zhang Xuan's residence in the Elite Sector, Luo Qiqi was still pacing around the room, worried for her teacher's safety after he went to the Cloudmist Ridge, when she suddenly received the news from Hu Yaoyao, and her body trembled in shock.

That was sheer arrogance!

The opponent was a vice school head and a 6-star pinnacle physician… To challenge such an opponent to a Life-and-Death Duel given his current strength…

Wasn't that just madness?

"No, I must stop him…" Unable to remain seated, Luo Qiqi leaped up and rushed for the Physician School.

The light fragrance of flowers drifted in a tranquil and vast courtyard in the Master Teacher Academy.

A beautiful figure stood amidst a field of flowers with her hands behind her back. That image felt so peaceful that it seemed as if it could have been a painting.

Her silky, black hair fell on her snowy robe as if long streaks of ink, and the vibrant colors of the flowers in the surroundings seemed to complement her disposition, creating an inexplicably bewitching sight.

"He is challenging the 6-star pinnacle physician, You Xu?"

The figure turned around, revealing her alluring face.

It was the young lady who had captured Zhang Xuan's heart, Luo Ruoxin.

Back then, after learning that Zhang Xuan was fine, she had returned back to her residence, and the two of them hadn't met each other since. Who would have thought that the next time she heard of his name would be when he challenged a vice school head to a duel?

"He sure is gutsy…" Luo Ruoxin's lips curled up into a faint smile.

Even though she hadn't spent much time with Zhang Xuan, she did know that he had a daring side to him.

Back then, with just a cultivation of Transcendent Mortal 4-dan, he stepped into an encirclement of Consonant Spirit realm spirit beasts to save her. Such a feat in itself took extraordinary courage.

"For him to go to the extent of challenging You Xu to a Life-and-Death Physician Duel, it seems the latter must have committed some kind of intolerable crime…"

Based on her impression of Zhang Xuan so far, he didn't seem like a person who would get angry over minor matters. For him to go to this extent, it seemed that You Xu must have done something deplorable.

"I should go and take a look, too!" With a slight smile, she stepped forward lightly, and in a blink of an eye, she had already disappeared from the courtyard.

In the True Helios Faction, Zheng Yang and the others were currently sitting at a table filled with sumptuous dishes, enjoying the highest of privileges.

"Uncle Qiang, Teacher has challenged a vice school head to a duel…"

But despite the delicacies before her, Wang Ying was so worried that she couldn't find the appetite to eat.

"It's just a duel, no worries. Don't you have confidence in your teacher's prowess? That vice school head will be utterly destroyed by the time we are done with this feast, so you can rest assured!" Sun Qiang said as he stuffed another large piece of spirit beast meat into his mouth.


"There are no buts, eat. Nothing can possibly happen to your teacher…" Sun Qiang waved his hands casually. "Besides, there's nothing you can do even if you head there too. Do you know anything about the Way of Medicine at all?"


A bitter look appeared on Zheng Yang and the others' faces.

Unable to share their teacher's burden, they couldn't help but feel helpless at that instant.

"Enough, there's no need to feel conflicted over this matter. Just eat your food! Your teacher might look docile usually, but there has never been a single occasion where he has not succeeded when he makes a move. If you're still worried, we'll head there once we are done eating!" Sun Qiang said while stuffing his mouth with more food.

You must be joking! If it is a matter which even the young master is unable to resolve, there is nothing we will be able to do there either.

Not to mention… is it even possible for there to be something which the young master and the old master are unable to resolve in this world?

"Alright then…" Seeing how calm Sun Qiang was, and recalling the various incredible deeds that their teachers had done, Zheng Yang and the others slowly lifted their chopsticks and began to dig in.

"Hahaha, he's truly courting death! Vice School Head You's mastery in the Way of Medicine is beneath only that of School Head Zhong Dingchun, making him one of the top physicians of Hongyuan Empire. To challenge him to a Life-and-Death Physician Duel… he must be tired of living!"

"Seems like there will be a good show ahead!"

"That freshman has allowed fame to get to his head; he has started to forget his place. To dare to provoke even the vice school head, just how arrogant can a person get…"

As Zhang Xuan's resounding voice reached the corners of the Master Teacher Academy, a huge uproar followed.

Some were shocked, some were agitated, but most were waiting to see him make a fool of himself.

Establishing the Xuanxuan Faction amidst the oppression of the other student factions, causing a huge commotion in the Blacksmith School, winning the favor of three school heads… Zhang Xuan had been in the spotlight ever since he had entered the academy. While there were some who admired his capability, there were naturally also a few who were unsatisfied with him.

There were many seniors who were waiting for him to fall off his high horse.

Thus, upon hearing that he had challenged the vice school head of the Physician School, they immediately rushed over to watch his fall from grace

On a platform not too far away from the ruins of what used to be the Tower of Physicians, Zhang Xuan stood proudly with a cold gleam in his eyes.

It was not without a reason that he caused such a huge commotion with his challenge. His motive was simple—deterrence!

He simply didn't have the time or effort to deal with everyone who came his way.

Each occupation had its own way to resolve conflicts amongst its members. The Life-and-Death Physician Duel was the official way for physicians to deal with irreconcilable grudges amongst themselves.

It was one thing for You Xu to refuse to sell the Ten-leafed Flower, but he had intentionally misled Wei Changfeng to cause his death. There was no way Zhang Xuan could forgive him!

Given Zhang Xuan's previous rank, the Physician Guild would never acknowledge his request for a Life-and-Death Physician Duel with You Xu. Understanding that much, he could only obtain a 6-star emblem first.

Just as Sun Yuan had deduced, the reason he went to challenge the Wall of Dilemma was to earn the Academic Credits.

Despite possessing the favor of three of the school heads, Zhang Xuan didn't have a single Academic Credit on him. Naturally, he wasn't able to enter the Tower of Physicians.

"Zhang shi, how did you end up challenging Vice School Head You to a Life-and-Death Physician Duel?"

At that moment, a figure suddenly appeared right in front of Zhang Xuan. It was the head of the Blacksmith School, Zhao Bingxu.

He had rushed over as soon as he received the news, so he arrived even earlier than School Head Mo.

"What happened? Do you need me to mediate in the conflict between you two? It's not that I don't trust you, but Vice School Head You's proficiency in the Way of Medicine is astounding. If not for his advanced age, he would have surely become one of the Ten Great Master Teachers instead of Zhong Dingchun in the previous selection!"

Zhao Bingxu quickly sent a telepathic message to Zhang Xuan, hoping that he would rescind his reckless decision.

He truly admired Zhang Xuan's capability, and he was unwilling to see anything happen to such a talented genius.

It was not without reason that it was called the Life-and-Death Physician Duel. Just the slightest carelessness could potentially result in one's death!

Knowing that the other party was saying those words out of concern, Zhang Xuan replied respectfully, "I am grateful for your goodwill, but I know what I am doing. Allow me to resolve this matter myself."

So what if You Xu is a vice school head? So what if he is a talented physician?

I will still crush him to a pulp!

"Alright then… However, you must be extremely careful! Vice School Head You once went to an ancient domain together with the old principal and a few others, but he ended up being the only one who managed to return alive, whereas the others went missing, and he was extremely self-reproachful about that.

"Perhaps it was due to the heavy blow of the matter, but his temper has become extremely eccentric since then. I fear that he might attempt to kill you in the duel… If you find yourself in danger, it'd be best for you to admit defeat straight. Don't worry, Mo Zhu and I will step forward to help you mediate the matter," Zhao Bingxu advised Zhang Xuan through zhenqi telepathy.

Back then, when the old principal discovered an ancient domain, he had taken a team with him to explore the grounds. However, all of them had gone missing in the expedition, and You Xu was the only one who had returned alive.

After that incident, his temperament abruptly changed. He began isolating himself in his residence, choosing to avoid contact with everyone else as much as he could.

Despite being the head of the Blacksmith School, Zhao Bingxu had no confidence that his words would hold any sway over You Xu.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

After saying what he had to say, Zhao Bingxu heaved a sigh of relief and leaped down the platform.

This was a duel conducted with the approval of the Physician Guild headquarters. Not even he, as a 6-star pinnacle master teacher and one of the Ten Great Master Teachers, could reverse that decision.

Hu hu hu!

Soon, School Head Mo, School Head Zhong, and the others arrived as well.

"What happened for Zhang shi to become so angry as to recklessly challenge You Xu to a Life-and-Death Physician Duel?" Wei Ranxue asked anxiously.

"I am not too sure about the details either, but my men are currently looking into it!" Zhao Bingxu replied.

"Looking into it?"

"One of my students happen to be a close friend of You Xu's direct disciple. He should be reporting back soon," Zhao Bingxu replied with a nod.

The Master Teacher Academy might be big, but as the school heads, they still had some connections throughout the academy. It shouldn't be too difficult for them to look into a matter.


A short moment later, a middle-aged man suddenly ran up to the group.

"Un. What have you found out?" Zhao Bingxu asked.

"According to my friend, it seems that Zhang shi, together with Wei Changfeng of the Spirit Emporium, paid a visit to Vice School Head You, hoping to purchase a Ten-leafed Flower from him to save a person. However, Vice School Head You demanded a Cloudmist Flower as payment," the middle-aged man said.

"Cloudmist Flower? He was trying to make them scale the Cloudmist Ridge?" Upon hearing those words, a frown appeared on School Head Mo's forehead, and his face darkened.

"Un! So, this morning, Zhang shi brought back a Cloudmist Flower, but Vice School Head You adamantly refused to make the trade… Infuriated, Zhang shi went to take the 6-star physician examination and challenged him to a Life-and-Death Physician Duel!"

The middle-aged man swiftly revealed the news that he had heard.

Considering how huge this matter had become, it would be impossible for them to cover up the matter anymore. Thus, Sun Yuan didn't bother hiding anything from the middle-aged man.

"To refuse to make the trade after they obtained the Cloudmist Flower, You Xu is intentionally making things hard for them!" Zhao Bingxu frowned deeply in disapproval.

"Indeed. There are many Saint realm beasts in the Cloudmist Ridge, such that even I wouldn't dare to enter too deep myself. They must have paid a heavy price in order to procure the Cloudmist Flower! And yet, You Xu still refused to make the trade. It's no wonder Zhang shi flew into a rage! Even if I was in his place, I doubt that I would have been able to hold back my temper either!" School Head Mo exclaimed furiously.

Master teachers must honor their words! If we can't even keep a promise we have made, what right do we have to preach to others?

Breaking one's promise was one of the greatest taboos that a master teacher could make.

"But regardless of whether You Xu has done it intentionally or not, it is still too reckless of Zhang shi to challenge him to a Life-and-Death Physician Duel… Can he win against him?" Wei Ranxue frowned in worry.



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