Chapter 811: Busybody

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As a 6-star pinnacle physician, You Xu's understanding of the human body had reached a profound level. He could easily tell whether he had been poisoned or not.

In just that brief moment, he instantaneously realized that the lethal poison had already reached his vitals. At such a point, there was nothing he could do to salvage the situation anymore.

Unknowingly, his fate had already been sealed.

Didn't the Grand Circulation Cauldron Poison Expelling Art dispel the poison from his body?

Just what was going on?

"That is right, you didn't neutralize my poison at all…"

"I didn't neutralize it? How is that possible!"

Unable to believe it, You Xu anxiously drove his zhenqi in an attempt to suppress the poison within his body, but his actions were completely futile. Flustered, he pointed a finger at Zhang Xuan and yelled furiously, "Could it be that your poison was not in the Spirit Solution of Vitality? T-that… That's cheating!"

He had already expelled every last drop of the saint beast urine, but the poison still remained in his body. Could the saint beast urine have been a cover to conceal the true poison?

"I cheated?"

Zhang Xuan gazed at You Xu disdainfully and bellowed authoritatively, "We were sincere and polite when we pleaded with you to sell the Ten-leafed Flower to us, which we needed urgently to save a life. It was one thing for you to reject us, but you exploited Wei Changfeng's desperation to save his daughter and baited him into picking a Cloudmist Flower from the Cloudmist Ridge, causing him to suffer a tragic death under the relentless assault of saint beasts… And yet, you are accusing me of cheating?"

Zhang Xuan slowly walked forward as he spoke, and he carried an overpowering disposition that made one dare not look him in the eye.

"Vice School Head You made them pick a Cloudmist Flower from the Cloudmist Ridge? Isn't that no different from sending them to their deaths?"

"Is that the reason behind the conflict between them?"

"I thought that Zhang shi only challenged Vice School Head You in order to make a name for himself. I didn't expect for there to be such a story behind this matter…"

Hearing the resounding and powerful voice on the stage, a huge commotion broke out amidst the crowd.

Most of those gathered here had only known that Zhang Xuan had challenged Vice School Head You, but they didn't know the story behind it. After hearing his words, they finally understood why Zhang Xuan would go to the extent of challenging a vice school head of the academy.


Hearing the criticisms below the stage, You Xu panicked. On top of that, watching as Zhang Xuan's seemingly immense figure advanced toward him, he suddenly felt a deep surge of fear, and he subconsciously took a step back.

"But nevertheless, as per your request, I managed to procure the Cloudmist Flower. Yet, when I went to your residence to make the trade with you, you insisted that the Cloudmist Flower should be alive. Fine, since that's your request, I revived the Cloudmist Flower as per your wish, but you still refused to make the trade… Was I the one cheating then?"

Zhang Xuan continued to advance on You Xu with a sharp glint in his eyes.

"I…" You Xu trembled in fear as he took yet another step back.

"You said that the Ten-leafed Flower hadn't matured yet and thus couldn't be sold. Thus, I used my secret art and expended my zhenqi to hasten its maturity. But after all was done, you still refused to make the trade, disregarding the honor you have as a master teacher… Was that me cheating as well?"

It felt as if Zhang Xuan's sharp words were going to penetrate You Xu's soul. His voice echoed loudly from the stage, sounding clearly in everyone's ears.


Three consecutive "I"s, You Xu's lips parted in an attempt to refute Zhang Xuan's claims, but he simply couldn't find other words to say.

What the other party had said were facts. There was no way to refute facts.

"There is actually such a matter?"

"It is one thing for Vice School You to refuse to sell the medicinal herb to Zhang shi, but to make things difficult for him on top of that, resulting in the loss of a life… That's going too far!"

"I used to respect Vice School Head You and viewed him as my role model, but to think that he's actually such a person… He has truly soiled the reputation of the Physician School this time around!"

Indignant and shocked exclamations broke out amidst the crowd.

Previously, there were many seniors who thought that Zhang Xuan was being extremely arrogant and disrespectful to challenge a vice school head despite merely being a freshman. However, after hearing these words, they realized that he was provoked into doing it!

Who could have expected a 6-star master teacher to actually be so vicious and dishonorable? If they were in Zhang shi's shoes, they would have been burning in fury as well!

"The Ten-leafed Flower is a medicinal herb that I have cultivated painstakingly. If I wish to sell it, good for you. But if I refuse, who are you to question my judgement? Am I to be labeled a criminal just because I refused to sell it to you?"

Seeing that the public opinion was completely against him, You Xu gritted his teeth and forced himself to stand his ground.

"The Ten-leafed Flower is yours, so it's your choice to decide whether you want to sell it or not. I can't force you into it. However, it's also my choice whether or not I want to challenge you to a Life-and-Death Physician Duel, what can you do about it?" Zhang Xuan said coldly.

"You…" You Xu's body stiffened.

Since he couldn't even defeat the other party in a Duel of Poison Curing, there was no way he would stand a chance in anything else!

In other words… victory was impossible for him in a Life-and-Death Physician Duel against the other party!

Furthermore, even if the other party did not dare kill him with so many people watching, the problem lay in that the other party could challenge him in a Life-and-Death Physician Duel any time he wished!

There was no way he could take it if that were to happen!

With each Life-and-Death Physician Duel, he would lose a layer of his skin. Come a few more times, and he would be on the verge of death, if not dead by then.

"You… Fine, I admit that I am no match for you! I will compensate you however you want me to, is that enough?" You Xu spat through gritted teeth.

"Compensate?" At this point, Zhang Xuan was already standing right before You Xu. Gazing down on him coldly, he asked, "Are you able to compensate for Wei Changfeng's life?"

You Xu took a step back fearfully before frustration finally overwhelmed him, and he bellowed angrily, "Just what do you want then?!"

"Simple… I want you to pay with your life!" Zhang Xuan uttered coldly.

The fellow before him was the cause of Wei Changfeng's death. Thus, there was only one thing he wanted from the other party—his life!

Because of you, Wei Changfeng was forced to scale the Cloudmist Ridge in order to save his daughter, resulting in his eventual death at the hands of a saint beast… As the culprit behind it all, how can I allow you to continue living in this world?

"You want me to pay with my life?" You Xu's face warped in savagery. "I am the vice head of the Physician School, a 6-star pinnacle master teacher, but you want me to give up my life simply because of an insignificant figure like him? Why should I do that?"

"Why should you do that? HAHAHAHA!" Zhang Xuan roared with laughter. "You want to know why? Let me tell you why then!

"Simply because I solved 503 problems on the Wall of Dilemma singlehandedly!

"Simply because I have left 432 new treatment methods on the Malady Platform!

"Simply because I have contributed far more effective solutions to the illnesses recorded in the Ancestor Forest, allowing them to be resolved easily!

"Simply because I did not make a single mistake in the 5-star and 6-star physician examinations, leaving behind perfect treatment methods for 73 illnesses!

"I might have destroyed the Tower of Physicians, but my contribution to the Physician Guild is far greater than that. It is in view of this that the headquarters granted me permission to challenge you to a Life-and-Death Physician Duel, and yet you still dare to ask me why?

"I defeated you fair and square as a physician. Why, you ask? Simply because I defeated you in a Life-and-Death Physician Duel!"

As if an almighty deity from the heavens above, Zhang Xuan exuded an inviolable aura that allowed no one to question him in the slightest.

You Xu would take a step back fearfully with every single point that Zhang Xuan made, but Zhang Xuan would push forward with a forceful step each time, cornering him slowly.


Eventually, You Xu suddenly realized that the ground behind him was empty; he had reached the edge of the stage.

Indeed, the other party hadn't played any trickery against him. What the other party depended on what his true capability to challenge him to a Life-and-Death Physician Duel, and he had won fair and square as well. There was nothing You Xu could say to refute that.

"Kill yourself!" Zhang Xuan said with unquestionable authority.

At this point, You Xu's face was completely pale, and he couldn't speak a word at all. His confidence had been completely shattered.

"I…" In this instant, he felt as if he was an utter failure, and his very existence was shameful. Rather than to live so pathetically, he would be better off dead.

Thus, he raised his hand and pressed it down forcefully on his head.

"Hold it right there!"

But just as the palm was going to strike down on You Xu's head, a deafening bellow suddenly echoed from the sky, and a figure descended to the ground.

Along with the bellow, You Xu's body suddenly jolted, and the lifeless expression vanished from his face. He lifted his head to look at Zhang Xuan once more, but this time, his eyes were reddened with fury.

"You dare to use the Impartation of Heaven's Will on me? I will kill you!" You Xu howled in rage.

No matter how slow he was, it was clear that the other party had used the Impartation of Heaven's Will against him. Utilizing the pressure of the heavens, the other party made him lose himself. If not for that bellow snapping him out of his trance in the nick of time, he would already be dead!

Hong long!

The overpowering aura of a Saint 1-dan pinnacle expert engulfed the entire area, and the stage creaked loudly under the pressure, threatening to shatter at any moment.

Gathering destructive might in his palm, You Xu thrust his fist at Zhang Xuan furiously.

In face of the other party's offense, Zhang Xuan stood proudly with his hands behind his back, viewing the other party's attack with disdain.

"Enough, Vice School Head You!"

Just as the attack was about to land on Zhang Xuan, another bellow sounded, and a massive hand fell in between Zhang Xuan and You Xu, dissipating You Xu's offense.

With the disappearance of the attack, Zhang Xuan sighed.

The Life-and-Death Physician Duel was conducted under the supervision of the headquarters. Had You Xu dared to land that palm on him, he would have been killed remotely by the headquarters!

It was a pity that someone had stopped him.

Turning to the intervening figure, Zhang Xuan saw a white-bearded old man dressed in a master teacher robe. He carried an air of dominance about him, hinting at his extraordinary standing.

"You are Zhang Xuan?" The old man glanced at Zhang Xuan emotionlessly with an overbearing disposition.

Looking at how the old man was still putting on airs here after stopping him from killing You Xu, Zhang Xuan frowned in displeasure.

"I am the head of the Apothecary School, Lu Feng!"

As the old man introduced himself, he stared down at Zhang Xuan impassively, exerting immense pressure on him. "No matter what, You Xu is a vice school head of the academy. Even if he has erred, he doesn't deserve to die. How about this, I will have him give the Ten-leafed Flower to you and compensate you with some spirit stones, and we will call this matter off!"

"Call this matter off?" Zhang Xuan's face darkened.

If not for this old man interfering in this matter, You Xu would have already died by now!

A Ten-leafed Flower and some spirit stones… Could these things bring Wei Changfeng back to life?

Waving his hands grandly, School Head Lu Feng said, "Yes. By challenging a teacher's authority, you have already violated the respect a student ought to show a teacher. If you drop this matter now, the academy will be lenient with you for this matter…"

"Be lenient with me?" Zhang Xuan's eyes were utterly cold. "What if I insist on taking his life?"

"Humph, this is the Master Teacher Academy! Do you think that a student like you will be allowed to act as you please?"

A freshman should have leaped at the opportunity to resolve the matter peacefully, especially since he was already mediating it. Yet, the other party dared to talk back at him publicly. School Head Lu Feng's face immediately turned livid.

"Besides, You Xu is not only a physician but a 6-star pinnacle master teacher of the Master Teacher Pavilion as well. How he should be dealt with is a matter for the Master Teacher Pavilion and Master Teacher Academy to discuss. A 4-star master teacher like you has no place in a matter like this!"

"Are you the principal of the academy?" Zhang Xuan's eyes narrowed.

"I'm not!"

Not expecting Zhang Xuan to ask such a question, School Head Lu Feng was stunned for an instant. However, he swiftly recovered and said, "But with the disappearance of the old principal, and considering the fact that the Apothecary School is the number one school in the academy, I can be considered the stand-in principal, and I have the right to determine the major affairs within the academy. Don't worry, my words count here. Not even You Xu will be able to override my decision!"

"Since you aren't the principal, what are you spouting so much nonsense for? Stop being a busybody and move aside!" Upon hearing that the other party wasn't the principal, Zhang Xuan's eyebrows shot up, and he flung his sleeves majestically.

"Otherwise, shall I challenge your Apothecary School right here, right now?"



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