Chapter 816: Going to the Apothecary School to Play

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As an Upper Nine Paths occupation, the Blacksmith Guild had a strict requirement on the cultivation of its members. Considering that Wu Yangzi was known to be extremely close to achieving a breakthrough to 7-star, he must have been at Saint 1-dan pinnacle. On top of that, as the greatest blacksmith in Hongyuan Empire's history, he must have possessed a lot of valuable artifacts as well…

Even if School Head Mo, School Head Zhao, School Head Lu, and the others were to gang up against him, it would still have been extremely difficult for them to kill him!

Yet, a bunch of Saint 1-dan Otherworldly Demons actually managed to infiltrate Hongyuan City and captured Wu Yangzi without anyone noticing, imprisoning him until his death. This was unimaginable in itself.

Judging from Hu Yaoyao's tone, it seemed she knew a thing or two about the matter.

It was likely that Wu Yangzi's capture was not as simple as it seemed.

"What happened back then?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"There are too many implications in this matter, and I don't have any concrete evidence either, so I won't talk about it for the moment. The only reason I revealed my identity to you is to earn your trust. If you really are looking for Wu Yangzi's treasure, I might be able to help you!" Hu Yaoyao said.

"Since you are a descendant of Elder Wu Yangzi, there's no need for us to hide this matter from you. You're right, the reason we are looking for his old residence is to find the treasure he has left behind," Zhang Xuan revealed.

"However, the details he left for us are extremely unclear. He only mentioned that he left something behind in his old residence, but as for what it is and where it is, it isn't clear to us either."

Even though Zhang Xuan admitted it, he didn't tell Hu Yaoyao about the clue to the treasure he had received from the underground chamber.

It was not that he distrusted Hu Yaoyao, but the implications behind this matter were simply too great. Better safe than sorry.

"I have a rough idea of the items he has left behind, but… I have been here many times, and I haven't found any trace of his treasure at all!" Hu Yaoyao said with a doubtful expression.

As Wu Yangzi's descendant, she knew of the existence of Wu Yangzi's treasure. However, the only one who knew where it was buried was Wu Yangzi himself. She had visited this manor many times over the years, hoping to find it, but there was no sign of it anywhere.

"We can take our time. Since this manor is mine now, we can slowly figure out where it is!" Zhang Xuan replied.

Wu Yangzi had said that he had left behind something that could help one reach Sainthood at the Three Stars of the Earth Dragon. As long as one were to place three formation flags according to the three stars, the object would appear automatically.

Zhang Xuan was still unable to figure out what the Three Stars of the Earth Dragon referred to, so he had no idea where to start.

However, with the confirmation of the location of Wu Yangzi's old residence, they had managed to reduce the search perimeter significantly. As long as it was within that manor, they would eventually find it if they were to search carefully.

Most probably, Wu Yangzi's treasure… isn't as simple as to only help one achieve Sainthood! Zhang Xuan thought.

Somehow, he felt that the reason Wu Yangzi's descendants were being hunted down was due to the treasure as well.

Zhang Xuan proceeded to ask Hu Yaoyao a few more questions about Wu Yangzi's old residence, but the manor had gone through far too many hands over the years. It was impossible for anyone to tell what the manor had been like two thousand ago.

"Alright, you should find a place to rest first. I have to treat Wei Ruyan now. We will talk afterward."

Soon, Sun Qiang and the Great Violetwing Beast returned with Wei Ruyan. Without any hesitation, Zhang Xuan rushed over to receive them.

He immediately checked on Wei Ruyan's state. After she was nourished by his soul essence two days ago, her condition had improved significantly. But even so, she was still in a coma at the moment.

He carried her to the area where he had planted the Ten-leafed Flower earlier and began his treatment.

He first drew his soul out, and using a soul art, he transferred her soul into the Ten-leafed Flower. After accomplishing this, he heaved a sigh of relief.

For the time being, he would be leaving Wei Ruyan's soul with the Ten-leafed Flower to allow the latter to nourish her. This process would require at least three days.

After which, Zhang Xuan took out the Earth Vein Spirit Essence to nourish Wei Ruyan's body as well, but a moment later, a deep frown appeared on his face.

It seems that the most the Earth Vein Spirit Essence can do is to maintain her current physical condition. If I wish to restore vitality to her body, I will need the Grand Intermittence Pill!

The Grand Intermittence Pill was a grade-7 pill. Given Zhang Xuan's current capability, it would be impossible for him to have it forged.

Furthermore, he didn't have the pill formula nor the medicinal herbs required for it.

"It seems like I will have to pay the Apothecary School a visit…" Zhang Xuan muttered under his breath.

To have the Grand Intermittence Pill forged, he would have to first raise his pill forging skills to that of a 6-star pinnacle apothecary. Following which, he would have to apply for the pill formula of the Grand Intermittence Pill from the headquarters, purchase the necessary ingredients, and finally, find a 6-star pinnacle apothecary to forge it in his stead…

There's still some time before nightfall… I'll just make a quick trip there then!

It was barely dawn when Zhang Xuan had returned to the academy from the Cloudmist Ridge. After which, despite breaking many records in the Physician School and clearing the 6-star physician examination, it had only taken him around thirty minutes in total for that, and the Life-and-Death Physician Duel with You Xu had taken another thirty minutes, too.

Following which, the procuring of the Ten-leafed Flower, obtaining the housing deed and land deed to the manor, moving into the manor… Even after everything was done, it was also only barely noon. There was still some time before the appointment he had made with Luo Ruoxin at night.

As the saying goes, 'vengeance in the moment'. Since he had said that he would pay a visit to the Apothecary School and he happened to have the time for it now, wouldn't it only be right for him to head there?

After all, he was a master teacher.

How could he break his promise?

In a vast room within the Apothecary School sat a livid-faced Lu Feng.

In front of him were four other elders gathered around a table.

"The reason I gathered all of you here is to discuss how we can save You Xu!" Lu Feng said gravely.

"School head, it's You Xu's own fault for getting into such a plight. A master teacher should honor his promises. Yet, Vice School Head You reneged on his promise and even willfully caused the death of a Saint. This is more than enough to have him sentenced in the Tribunal of Master Teacher!"

One of the elders shook his head and sighed. "Furthermore, he lost to another in a fair Life-and-Death Physician Duel. Even if we wish to save him, there is no legitimate pretext we can use. If I may… I think it would be in our best interest to drop the matter!"

If Zhang Xuan were here, he would surely be able to recognize the other party as Vice School Head Zhou Qing.

He was the one who had helped Luo Ruoxin to clean her podium when she conducted her public lecture back then.

"Drop the matter? You must be joking! If not for You Xu contributing the saint herbs he had been cultivating to us, do you think that you would have been able to forge a 6-star pinnacle pill? Do you think that you would have been able to make such rapid progress in your pill forging skills over the years?" an elder interjected furiously.

"Indeed! Our Apothecary School is indebted to You Xu. We can't allow him to be taken away just like that, especially not by a student!" another elder added.

"We have to deal with this matter sternly. Otherwise, if we allow students to act as they please, what will become of our Master Teacher Academy?" the last elder said.

Just like most of the schools, the Apothecary School had four vice school heads as well.

"I know that all of us are indebted to You Xu, but… the one who is at fault for this matter is him. On top of that, the other party followed the rules and went by the official procedure, such that even the Physician School has no objection to it. If we were to interfere in this matter any further, I fear that others might say that we are narrow-minded!" Zhou Qing frowned.

"Narrow-minded? Humph! That fellow has no respect for his elders at all, putting down the school head in public. If we don't teach him a lesson, won't others start going over our heads as well?" the first elder harrumphed.

"But it is the school head who interfered in the duel fir…" Vice School Head Zhou frowned, but before he could finish his words, Lu Feng abruptly slammed his palm on the table.

"Enough! The reason I gathered all of you is to discuss how we should resolve this matter, not to bicker with one another!" Lu Feng roared.

At this moment, he was still feeling extremely frustrated inside.

Despite being the stand-in principal of the Master Teacher Academy, he was snubbed by a twenty-year-old fellow in public and left in a tough spot. Just recalling the matter left rage boiling within him.

"That Zhang Xuan has been causing trouble all around ever since he enrolled at the Master Teacher Academy. No matter how talented he is, the Master Teacher Academy will not tolerate a student who attempts to undermine its authority!" School Head Lu Feng waved his hands grandly.

"Besides, in the Physician School, he has already publicly acknowledged that he isn't a student of the academy. Thus, I have sent men to clear away his stuff from his residence in the Elite Sector, disallowing him from taking even a single step into the residence anymore!"


Vice School Head Zhou was slightly worried by Lu Feng's extreme actions. "School head, no matter what, Zhang Xuan has School Head Mo, School Head Zhao, and School Head Wei's backing. If you do this… won't you draw their discontent?"

Even if Zhang Xuan wasn't a student of the academy, as a person favored by the school heads, it was nothing much for him to possess a residence in the Master Teacher Academy. To kick him away like that, that was equivalent to provoking the three school heads as well!

"Discontent? I am operating by the rules of the academy, what do they have to be discontented about?" Lu Feng sneered coldly. "The residences in the vicinity of the academy are extremely expensive. Let's see where he can go after he gets kicked out!"

Vice School Head Zhou shook his head, disagreeing with Lu Feng's decision. He was going to persuade Lu Feng against it once again when someone knocked on the door outside.

"School Head Lu, Grade-2 student Huang Xing seeks an audience!"

"Come in!" Upon hearing that it was Huang Xing, who was in charge of managing the Elite Sector, outside, Lu Feng gave him permission to enter.

Upon stepping into the room, Huang Xing was shocked to see that the school head and the four vice school heads were all present in the room, and he hurriedly clasped his fist to greet them. "Huang Xing pays respect to School Head Lu and the vice school heads!"

"So, how did the matter which I entrusted you with go?" Lu Feng asked.

Huang Xing twitched for a brief instant before he swiftly replied, "Reporting to School Head Lu, I have cleared out Zhang shi's belongings from the residence and taken back possession of it…"

"Well done!" Lu Feng stroked his beard as he nodded in satisfaction.

A freshman actually tried to go head-to-head with him? Arrogant!

Even though Lu Feng couldn't make a move on Zhang Xuan personally in consideration of his identity as a master teacher, given the prestige he had accumulated in both the Master Teacher Academy and Hongyuan City over the years, it was still a piece of cake for him to make the life of a mere student a living hell.

"How is he faring? Is he searching anxiously for lodging? Tell the realtor agencies that no one is to rent or sell any property to him, or else I will get even with the organization personally!" Lu Feng said.

"This…" Huang Xing hesitated for an instant before replying. "Reporting to School Head Lu, he… isn't looking for lodging!"

"He isn't looking lodging? Could he still be hanging around the Elite Sector, refusing to leave?" Lu Feng frowned.

"That's not it… When Zhang shi came to collect his belongings, King Huai's butler arrived and gifted him a massive manor which spans over three hundred mu 1 in area. Its interior design is also grand and beautiful, reminiscent of the royal palace… So, he moved in there!" Huang Xing said with a flushed face.

"King Huai… gifted him a manor?" Lu Feng widened his eyes in shock.

It was just a moment ago that he'd had the other party kicked from his residence, and now the other party had been given an extravagant manor… Was this for real?

"Yes…" Huang Xing replied nervously.

Even though he was afraid to say it, this was simply the truth… Not only was School Head Lu's action of kicking the other party out of his residence completely ineffective, it had also made a complete enemy out of the other party.

With a livid face, Lu Feng was just about to ask for more details when a young man abruptly barged into the room.

"Teacher, bad news!"

The young man who barged in was Lu Feng's direct disciple.

Seeing the fluster on his direct disciple's face, Lu Feng frowned. "What's wrong?"

"It's Zhang Xuan! H-h-he's come to our Apothecary School!" the young man yelled anxiously.



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