Chapter 817: The Exodus

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"He's come to the Apothecary School?" School Head Lu was taken aback for a brief moment before narrowing his eyes. "He is no longer a student of the academy, why didn't anyone stop him?"

Considering that Zhang Xuan was no longer a student of the academy, how could he be allowed to enter the premises of the academy as he pleased?

"He possesses the personal tokens of School Head Mo, School Head Zhao, and School Head Wei. On top of that, he's also the teacher of three guest elders, so his seniority is higher than even teacher's… We weren't able to stop him!" The young man's face turned crimson.

It was not as if the Master Teacher Academy was some forbidden land exclusive to only students and teachers. Furthermore, the other party had the personal tokens of three school heads, so how could they stop him?

"What is he doing at the Apothecary School?" Lu Feng asked with an awful complexion.

What the other party said was true. Putting aside the students, even he didn't have the official authority to hinder Zhang Xuan from going to the Apothecary School.

"I'm not too sure either. As soon as he arrived in the Apothecary School, he headed straight for the library," the young man said.

"The library?" Lu Feng frowned. "But he doesn't have a student token on him, what is he doing there?"

To enter the library, there were two things that one needed—a student token and Academic Credits. After clearing the Wall of Dilemma, Zhang Xuan had no lack of Academic Credits. However, without a student token, he couldn't be considered a student of the academy, so naturally, he wasn't allowed to use their facilities!

"He stopped right before the entrance of the library and went into a… daze…" At this point, a bizarre expression surfaced on the young man's face.

"Went into a daze?" Lu Feng and the other vice school heads were dumbstruck by what they heard.

He specially made the trip into the Apothecary School just to stand in a daze before their library?

"That's right. He stood there completely motionless, speaking not a single word, his eyes fixated on the library," the young man replied.

School Head Lu and the four vice school heads blinked blankly.

They were wondering what the fellow could be up to, coming to the Apothecary School, but to think that he would go into a daze… What the heck?

"Is he still there?" Lu Feng asked.

"He was still there when I left. It has been around an hour since then!" the young man replied.

Upon hearing that Zhang Xuan was there, Lu Feng was stunned for a moment. No matter how he thought about it, it felt that there was something wrong with the matter, so he stood up.

"That fellow caused the collapse of the Passageway of Records in the Blacksmith School and the Tower of Physicians in the Physician School… I think that he's up to no good here too. Follow me to take a look!"

Even though he had only met Zhang Xuan once, he still remembered how tenacious Zhang Xuan had been when he cornered him on the stage.

Furthermore, Zhang Xuan had also threatened to challenge the Apothecary School back then as well. For some reason, he felt extremely unnerved, and his heart simply wouldn't calm down. The only way he could ease his mind was to take a look personally.


Recalling the various deeds that Zhang shi had done in the past, the mouths of the four vice school heads also twitched as well, and they hurriedly got to their feet.

In truth, when they heard about how Zhang Xuan wreaked havoc in other schools previously, they had even gloated over it. But now that it was happening to their own school, they couldn't help but feel as if peril was right behind them, and it left them fidgety.

They immediately rushed off to the library at top speed, and it took them less than ten minutes to arrive at their destination.

The library looked no different from before, towering and majestic. It didn't seem as if it was damaged in the least, and Zhang Xuan was nowhere to be seen either. Perplexed, Lu Feng turned to the student and asked, "Where is he?"

"I have no idea… He was definitely here just now!" the young man said in confusion as he raised his finger and pointed to a specific spot.

That fellow had been standing in a daze in front of the library for some time before he felt that something was amiss and went to look for the school head. Why did he suddenly disappear from there?

But one thing noteworthy about the surroundings was that, perhaps drawn here by Zhang Xuan's reputation, quite a crowd had gathered.

"Wait a moment, I will find someone to ask!" After scanning the surroundings and seeing that Zhang Xuan was nowhere in sight, the young man walked toward the small shack beside the library entrance.

That was where the few Grade-3 students in charge of looking after the library stayed.

But before the young man even reached the shack, 'jiya!', the shack doors opened, and two young men walked out.

Recognizing one of the duo, the young man called out.

"Hu Xu…"

"Senior Lu Hui!" Hu Xu clasped his fist and returned the greeting.

Seeing that the duo was carrying their luggage with them, Lu Hui asked bewilderedly, "Where are you two going?"

Students working as the library guards were expected to stay in the shack for the entire semester in order to take care of it around the clock. It was just a few days since the start of the semester, but why were they both carrying their luggage out of the shack?

"Reporting to senior, we have just listened to Zhang shi's lecture, and his words have enlightened us. We feel that we aren't suited to studying pill forging, so… we have decided to leave the Apothecary School and study another occupation instead!" Hu Xu reported.

"Lecture?" Lu Hui widened his eyes upon hearing those words.

Lu Feng and the others couldn't help but turn their gazes over as well.

That fellow… was lecturing here?

With a bitter smile, Hu Xu said with a depressed look, "Yes. After standing in a daze for a moment, Zhang shi began to lecture us. I was one of the fortunate few who happened to hear it, and it was only then that I realized that even though apothecary is ranked at the top of the Upper Nine Paths, an extremely prestigious occupation, I am simply not suited for it. All those years I have spent studying the art of pill forging, they were all in vain…"

Zhang shi's lecture was comprehensive and profound, and all who had listened to it had benefitted greatly from it.

Although Hu Xu had studied pill forging for some time, the lecture had made him realize that he was simply not suited to be an apothecary.

Even if he were to attempt to force his way through, the mismatch in his aptitude would make it an uphill battle, and eventually, he would only reach a bottleneck.

Rather than suffer on but achieve nothing in the end, it would be much better for him to let go.

In any case, there were nine supporting occupations in the Master Teacher Academy. Even if he didn't study pill forging, there were still others he could explore. Surely, there would be one that would be aligned with his aptitude.

Hearing Hu Xu's words, Lu Hui couldn't help but ask the other Grade-3 student standing beside him, "You also don't think that you are suited for pill forging?"

"That's right, I also don't think that I am suited either. Farewell, senior!"

Leaving those words behind, they turned around and left.


With their departure, there would be no one to guard the library anymore. The school head and the four vice school heads glanced at one another with a slightly troubled look, seemingly at a loss about what to do.

However, the worst had yet to come.

The next moment, a few more students walked over, and just like Hu Xu and the student beside him just now, they were carrying baggage with them as well.

Taking a closer look at their faces, one of the vice school heads exclaimed in surprise, "Vice School Head Wei, aren't those… your students?"

Occasionally, the school heads and vice school heads of the Master Teacher Academy would take in some students under their tutelage as well, just like how Wei Ranxue took in Hu Yaoyao.

Recognizing them, Vice School Head Wei replied, "Yes, they are indeed my students, Shu Yongning and the others!"

"But they are carrying their luggage… Could it be that they don't think that they are suited for pill forging, too?" The mouth of the other vice school head twitched.

"How is that possible?!" Vice School Head Wei exclaimed. "Shu Yongning might not be the most talented apothecary among the students under me, but he definitely ranks among the top few. His aptitude for pill forging is extremely high, and it's only a matter of time before he becomes a 6-star apothecary. How can he possibly be unsuited for pill forging?"

Shu Yongning was one of his most outstanding students. If even he was unsuited for pill forging, who else would be?

"Then, he…" the other vice school head asked doubtfully.

For him to be carrying his luggage, it seemed he had the same intention as Hu Xu as well. If he wasn't intending to leave the Apothecary School, what else could he be up to then?

"I'll go ask him!" With a livid expression, Vice School Head Wei harrumphed and stepped forward.

However, at that moment, Shu Yongning seemed to have noticed him and rushed forward to greet him.

"Teacher!" Shu Yongning clasped his fist.

"What happened?" Vice School Head Wei asked with narrowed eyes.

"Reporting to teacher, I… am here to bid you farewell!" Shu Yongning suddenly got to his knees and lowered his head in shame.

"Bid me farewell? Could it be that you found that you are unsuited to be an apothecary, too?" Hearing those words, Vice School Head Wei felt so furious that he could burst into flames on the spot.

"Of course not! It's just that… I don't think that I am suited for teacher's lessons, and it will be difficult for me to make substantial improvement under your tutelage. Thus, I don't wish for you to waste your precious time on me, so I've decided to bid you farewell…" Shu Yongning spoke hesitantly. Flicking his wrist, he took out the other party's tutelage token and handed it back.

Just as teachers could choose their students, students could choose their teachers. This was a two-way relationship.

"My lessons… are not suited for you?" Vice School Head Wei was stunned.

He was the vice head of the Apothecary School, a 6-star pinnacle apothecary, and his knowledge of pill forging was only beneath School Head Lu Feng by a notch.

Yet, this fellow actually wanted to withdraw from his tutelage…

"Yes. After hearing Zhang shi's lecture, I finally understand what pill forging truly means. Even though teacher's lessons are impressive as well… I find Zhang shi's teachings are far more impactful and profound. Thus, I intend to join the Xuanxuan Faction to pursue Zhang shi… I am truly sorry, and I beg for teacher's understanding!"

After placing the tutelage token back into the shocked Vice School Head Wei's hands, Shu Yongning stood up, turned around, and left.


Vice School Head Wei was completely stunned. His face was twitching non-stop, and he felt as if he was going to lose his sanity soon.

To think that someone would actually withdraw from the lesson of a 6-star pinnacle apothecary like him… Not to mention, the reason was that his lessons were inferior a freshman's…

The hell!

This was a severe slap right to his face!

"Teacher, we are also here to withdraw from your tutelage. Please forgive us!"

"Zhang shi's lecture was a true eye-opener. It was only a short lecture, but it made me realize that only through pursuing him will I be able to make greater progress as an apothecary…"

Before Vice School Head Wei could recover from the primary shock, the other students who were with Shu Yongning hurriedly rushed forward and passed their tutelage tokens back as well.

Previously, every single one of them had worked extremely hard to get into his lessons, and they had celebrated for three days and three nights when they succeeded. They had viewed it as a great honor, and they'd gone around the Apothecary School bragging about it before others. Yet, at this very moment, they were withdrawing from his tutelage, and judging from their expressions, it seemed like they were even fearful that he would deny them of their freedom!

Vice School Head Wei couldn't help but feel extremely stifled within.

"Something is wrong here!"

Watching how the students left with a delighted look on their faces after withdrawing from their tutelage, School Head Lu's mouth twitched. He walked up to Vice School Head Wei and asked, "For so many students to withdraw from the lesson at once, could it be that there is something wrong with your lesson and Zhang Xuan managed to grab onto that and exploit it?"

There was only one reason for such an exodus of students—something was wrong with the teacher's lessons!

If that was the case, not only would the teacher's reputation be soiled, the prestige of the entire school would plummet as well!

The main reason the Apothecary School was able to become the number one school of the Master Teacher Academy was due to the overwhelming number of students under them, numbering over sixty thousand… But if a huge number of students were to withdraw from their lessons at once, their position as the number one school would be threatened.

Seeing that School Head Lu was doubting his teaching capability, a bitter smile appeared on Vice School Head Lu's expression. "I… don't think that there's any problem with my lessons…"

He always designed his lessons in a way such that it abided by the conventions of the Apothecary Guild. While they weren't outstanding, there was no particularly glaring mistake with them either. Just what kind of problem could have happened for so many students to withdraw from his tutelage after listening to a lecture from Zhang Xuan?

"Then what other reason could there be?" Lu Feng frowned.

Just as he was about to continue on, another group of students suddenly appeared and rushed up to them.

"School Head, they seem to be your students," Vice School Head Wei remarked.

School Head Lu nodded in response.

Just like Lu Hui, these students were under his tutelage, and he had already taught them for several years.

"Don't worry, I have confidence in my lessons. My students can't possibly withdraw from my tutelage like yours! Most probably, they are just here to report to me with news on Zhang Xuan," School Head Lu said assuredly.

But just as he was about to ask the group what they were there for, they abruptly kneeled onto the floor simultaneously.

"Teacher, we are thankful for your guidance over the years. However, we would like to… withdraw from your tutelage!"



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