Chapter 824: Fly, Divine Cranes

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"As long as you can do something for me, it's not impossible for me to give you some Phoenix Timber Core."

With such thoughts in mind, Jiang Qingqin regained his confidence.

"Oh?" Curious to know why the other party had suddenly changed his mind, Zhang Xuan turned to look at him.

"Currently, my zither playing can only draw in six cranes. If you can help me reach the Attainment of Seven Cranes within the next two hours, I can give the Phoenix Timber Core to you for free!" Jiang Qingqin revealed his motive.

"Six cranes? Attainment of Seven Cranes? What are those?" Zhang Xuan was bewildered by those foreign terms.

He had never come into contact with any demonic tunist books before, and the other party used professional jargon specific to the occupation, so he couldn't understand it at all.

"You… don't know?"

As the other party had said that he would challenge the demonic tunist exam, School Head Jiang had assumed that the other party possessed capability as a demonic tunist on par with him. Yet, to hear him ask such basic questions at this moment… Jiang Qingqin felt his vision turning dark, and he nearly spurted blood.

The hell! These are terms one learns as an apprentice, and yet you don't know them… Could it be that you don't know a single thing about demonic tunists?

An amateur like you dared to arrogantly declare that you would take the demonic tunist examination?

"Un." Zhang Xuan nodded.

"Alright then… Of all demonic tunes, those involving zithers tend to possess the greatest offensive power, so most demonic tunists choose to immerse themselves in the study of the zither. It also became the basis to judge one's level of attainment as a demonic tunist. The deeper one's understanding of the zither, the more aligned one's zither playing will be with nature, drawing in more divine cranes to dance to one's melody. Under normal circumstances, a 1-star demonic tunist will be able to draw in one crane, and a 2-star will be able to draw in two cranes… so on and so forth. This is also the standard for determining a demonic tunist's capability."

Suppressing his frustration, Jiang Qingqin explained the basic knowledge, which even an apprentice would know. "I am currently a 6-star pinnacle demonic tunist, and I am only capable of charming six divine cranes to dance at once. Seven is still beyond my reach. If you can allow my zither playing to charm seven divine cranes to dance simultaneously… I will give my Phoenix Timber Core to you."

"Seven divine cranes dancing simultaneously?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

"That's right!" Jiang Qingqin nodded. "What I am lacking now is just an impetus for a breakthrough. If you can help me accomplish it, I will agree to your request. Otherwise… I will have to ask of you to leave and never come back!"


Zhang Xuan pondered for a moment before turning his gaze to Jiang Qingqin. "In other words, as long as seven divine cranes dance simultaneously while you are playing, you will accede to my request… Can I interpret it as so?"

"That's right!" Jiang Qingqin nodded.

"That's simple! I won't even need two hours… Just five minutes will do!" Zhang Xuan smiled confidently.

He was still thinking what kind of arduous mission he would be tasked with, but to think that this would be it.

Count on me, I will solve it for you within moments!

The two elders were stunned. "Just five minutes will do?"

Are you for real?

Jiang Qingqin had cultivated diligently for five hundred years only to yet to make the breakthrough to Attainment of Seven Cranes, and yet, within five minutes, you are going to make him make breakthrough?

I thought you didn't even know about the six cranes and seven cranes, are you sure you possess the ability to do so?

If you succeed, putting aside the Phoenix Timber Core, I will even allow you to take the entire Phoenix Timber Tree away with you!

"Of course!" Zhang Xuan reassured with a nod.

"That's good to hear. So, where did I go wrong? Why am I still unable to make a breakthrough after so many years?" Jiang Qingqin was a little hesitant, but as he recalled the unbelievable records the young man before him had achieved, he decided to put his trust in the other party.

Even Vice School Head Ning couldn't help but be curious about what Zhang Xuan was going to do.

To make such big claims, he must have some unbelievable means up his sleeves.

Was this the prowess of a master teacher who had comprehended the Eye of Insight?

"Play the zither!" Zhang Xuan instructed.


Knowing that he had to first display his capability before the other party could offer him any pointers, Jiang Qingqin's fingers slid across the zither, and a note resonated in the air.

It was like a melody had descended from the heavens, resounding in the courtyard.

The melody mesmerized the listeners in an instant. It was a tune permeated with grandness, as if one had ascended to godhood and was laughing heartily at the world beneath his feet.

Demonic tunist was an occupation specializing in soul attacks. Upon reaching a high level of attainment, one could create an entire army or a destructive tempest with just a slight flick on the zither, making it difficult for even Saint realm experts to withstand their might.

Legend has it that demonic tunists were once known as divine tunists. But twenty thousand years ago, a 9-star divine tunist found himself deeply encircled by his enemies. With his zither in hand, he drew out demons with his playing to slaughter the million-strong army around him.

That battle had forged the reputation of demonic tunist in the Master Teacher Continent. It was then that everyone learned that the seemingly unimpressive occupation could wield such fearsome power as well, and it was in deference to them that the world had conferred on them the word 'demon'.


Zhang Xuan had to drive his Heaven's Path zhenqi before the pressure on his body finally disappeared. He couldn't help but be astonished.

If he hadn't been prepared, he might have been left in a trance from the zither music.

It seemed that even the occupations of the Lower Nine Paths held immense potential in them. Otherwise, they couldn't possibly have been passed down over several dozen millennia without going into decline.

"Hmm?" Jiang Qingqin frowned.

He had been intending to teach the young man a lesson, so he had intentionally added an offensive edge to his playing.

He had thought that the other party would have been mesmerized by his playing, especially given the other party's low cultivation, but who knew that in a blink of an eye, the other party's eyes would immediately become clear? He couldn't help but be impressed.

It was no wonder the other party could induce such widespread fear around the academy, leaving even School Head Lu in a frenzy. As young as the other party might be, he did seem to possess unparalleled talent and capability.

Hu hu hu!

Impressed, Jiang Qingqin decided to stop with his little tricks, and the zither music abruptly became gentle. Upon hearing the music, some of the divine cranes suddenly began to call excitedly, and they rose into the sky to dance.

One crane, two cranes, three cranes…

Not long later, six cranes were dancing along to the zither music.

Seeing that the zither music could indeed charm the divine cranes into dancing, Zhang Xuan nodded in awe.

As a soul oracle, Zhang Xuan had a deep understanding of soul. This granted him the ability to induce effects reminiscent of demonic tunes with his words, such as inducing dizziness in another's soul. However, it was still beyond him to charm so many divine cranes into dancing along to a melody.

"Zhang shi, as you can see, I have achieved the Attainment of Six Cranes. However, I am still unable to charm the seventh crane. How should I play in order to make the breakthrough?" Jiang Qingqin's voice echoed resoundingly amid the zither melody.

Despite his advanced age, his voice had a melodious edge to it, reminiscent of singing. It felt extreme comfortable, and it complemented beautifully with the zither melody.

"Leave it to me!"

Hearing the other party's words, Zhang Xuan chuckled. He stepped forward, heading to where the divine cranes were loitering around.

Even after six of the cranes had left, there were still ten left in the group. Jiang Qingqin had been taking care of these cranes since they were young, so they were extremely obedient to him. At this moment, they were standing silently on the spot, seemingly enjoying the music.

"Let's begin!"

When Zhang Xuan was around ten meters away from a crane, he stretched his back and took in a deep breath.

Heaven's Path Movement Art! Heaven's Path Fist Art!

With a forceful step, his figure abruptly turned into an afterimage.

Peng peng peng peng!

Ten consecutive punches struck the ten remaining cranes standing peacefully on the spot. In an instant, they were sent flying, and their bodies crashed into the wall of the backyard, leaving a huge dent behind them.

"…" Jiang Qingqin staggered.

He was still wondering what pointers Zhang shi was going to offer him when the latter abruptly laid his hands on his crane, smashing them into the wall. In that instant, he nearly fainted from fury.


In that moment of panic, Jiang Qingqin abruptly exerted too much force, and a string on the zither snapped, created an abrupt disharmonious note. Glaring at Zhang Xuan with eyes that could kill, he roared, "Zhang shi, what are you doing?"

It was no wonder he was angry. He had taken care of those cranes from young, and he had long developed a sense of fondness for them. Even though he could tell that the other party had held back his punches, leaving a breath in his cranes… still, to pummel his cranes without any hesitation, unforgivable!

"School Head Jiang, please calm down. Continue playing your melody… I will have seven cranes dancing before you very soon!" Zhang Xuan instructed.

"Very soon?" Jiang Qingqin was slightly hesitant.

You are supposed to offer me pointers so that I can make a breakthrough in my demonic tune arts, but instead of focusing your attention on me, you turned to my cranes instead… Can I really make a breakthrough like this?

"Trust me, you will see soon enough!" Zhang Xuan nodded in reassurance.

"Humph! That had better be the case. Otherwise, you'd better have an explanation for harming my cranes…" With a livid expression, Jiang Qingqin fixed the snapped string with his zhenqi and began playing once again.

The fellow before him had created simply far too many miracles, and he had been stuck at the Attainment of Six Cranes for far too long. His eagerness to achieve a breakthrough and the other party's confidence in his words convinced him to give it another try.

Triinngg ting tang ting!

A melody that created the vivid imagery of a flowing river deep in the mountains drifted in the air, creating a soothing atmosphere.

Upon hearing the music, the six divine cranes which had been spared from the previous injury began dancing in the air once again.

Seeing how School Head Jiang could quickly keep his emotions in check and play an impeccable tune rich with emotions, Zhang Xuan couldn't help but nod in commendation. Chuckling softly, he waved his hands and said, "Fly freely, divine cranes!"

Along with his words, one of the cranes which he had pummeled just a moment ago struggled to its feet, and with a loud call, it leaped into the sky to join the dancing six.

"You… succeeded?"

Vice School Head Ning couldn't help but widen his eyes in shock.

Wasn't Zhang Xuan going to offer some pointers to his old friend to help him achieve a breakthrough?

Yet, with a 'fly freely, divine cranes', his old friend reached the Attainment of Seven Cranes just like that?

But judging from the melody, it didn't seem like there was any improvement or change in his old friend's playing whatsoever.

Before Vice School Head Ning could make sense of what was happening, yet another crane struggled to its feet. After shaking its head to recover from its dizziness, it abruptly flapped its wings, and with a loud call, it joined the dancing group.

"Eight cranes…" Vice School Head Ning's lips twitched.

Wasn't his old friend still struggling to charm seven cranes a moment ago? How did it suddenly turn into eight cranes?

Eight cranes… Did this mean that his old friend was on par with an 8-star demonic tunist…

But his old friend's music hadn't changed whatsoever, and Zhang shi hadn't offered any guidance either. How did the level of his playing abruptly rise like that?

Just as Vice School Head Ning was still perplexed by the sight before him, the rest of the cranes, which had been struck into the wall, struggled to their feet, and shaking their heads, they flapped their wings and soared into the sky as well.

"Nine cranes, ten cranes, eleven cranes…" Vice School Head Ning was frenzied by the sight before him.

For a moment, he was so agitated that he could hardly catch his breath.

The highest level a demonic tunist could achieve was the Attainment of Nine Cranes, and yet, at this very moment, there were eleven cranes flying in the air. Not only so, the remaining cranes were showing signs of joining the dance as well…

Just what was going on?

Could Zhang shi really possess such mystical abilities? Even without giving any pointers, he could induce substantial improvement in another with just a momentary glance?

Astonished, Vice School Head Ning hurriedly turned his attention back to his old friend's playing in an attempt to feel if it had reached a profound level when one of the zither strings suddenly snapped.

Seemingly having realized something, his old friend's face turned as dark as the stormy clouds, and his hands had trembled to a stop as well.

The usually composed Jiang Qingqin could no longer hold back his rage anymore, and a furious bellow reminiscent of the howling of a wolf echoed resoundingly in the courtyard.

"Zhang Xuan! Screw you!"



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