Chapter 840: Zhang Xuan Is My Teacher!

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The hot-tempered Wei Ranxue's face darkened, and she bellowed furiously, "Beguiled? Who are you talking about? I will have to ask you to stop beating around the bush and get straight to the point!"

School Head Mo harrumphed coldly. "She's right! We, the Ten Great Master Teachers, have known each other for at least several centuries now, but for you to say such words… Are you suggesting that I will reveal important secrets to outsiders? Or are you accusing School Head Zhao or School Head Wei? Or perhaps, you think that you are the only trustworthy one here?"

It was clear that the other party was pointing fingers at them, so how could they possibly not fly into a rage?

"Calm down, you are acting as if I am talking about you. I don't think you should have anything to worry about unless… you have intimate relations with the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe!" Lu Feng sneered coldly.

"What did you say?" Unable to hold back her rage any longer, Wei Ranxue slammed her palm on the table forcefully and stood up. Her powerful aura as a Saint realm expert gushed out as she roared, "I dare you to say that again!"

"Lu Feng, watch your mouth. We are all school heads of the Master Teacher Academy, members of the esteemed Ten Great Master Teachers of Hongyuan Empire. Who are you saying has intimate relations with the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe?" Zhao Bingxu uttered menacingly with narrowed eyes.

"You will know who I am talking about very soon. Just that, I hope that you won't be too ashamed to raise your faces later on!" Lu Feng harrumphed in response.

"There's no need to wait, I have been wanting to try your 'Great Inarticulate Palm' for some time now. Make your move!"

With a roar, Wei Ranxue raised her hands and released her full might as a Saint realm 1-dan pinnacle cultivator unreservedly.

Even though she specialized in terpsichorean arts, her fighting prowess still wasn't something that one could underestimate. Before her blow even reached him, the sheer force of her offense already had the surrounding air compressed so tightly that it seemed it could burst at any moment.

"School Head Wei's fighting prowess is far stronger than before!"

Feeling the incredible aura Wei Ranxue exuded, everyone was astonished.

Having been together for the past several centuries, they had a clear understanding of how powerful each of the others were. Who would have thought that in just a few days of absence, Wei Ranxue would make a breakthrough in both her cultivation and her terpsichorean arts?

Each movement and gesture of hers seemed to draw one deeper into a trance.

"Since School Head Wei wishes to try my Great Inarticulate Palm, it would be impolite for me to reject your request!" Harrumphing coldly, Lu Feng raised his palm, and a massive palm print appeared in the air.

The Great Inarticulate Palm, a Spirit pinnacle battle technique, Lu Feng's strongest technique!

"Come!" Wei Ranxue raised her palm, and a surge of pure zhenqi shot forth from her hands.

The room wasn't large, but having reached Saint realm, they had already gained an astounding level of control over their strength, minimizing the power loss in their techniques to the surroundings. As such, they need not worry about harming others in the area or destroying the room.

"Humph!" Facing Wei Ranxue's attack, Lu Feng sneered coldly.

Not even bothering to stand up, he thrust his right hand forward, and the palm print floating in front of him flew forth to face Wei Ranxue's attack.


As the palm print and the surge of zhenqi collided, Wei Ranxue's face paled, and she was forced to retreat several steps. At this turn of events, she couldn't help but widen her eyes in shock.

"Half… Spiritual Perceptual realm?"

At Saint 2-dan Spiritual Perception realm, a cultivator would be able to open their Incipient Eye and awaken their spiritual perception. Through the spiritual perception, one would be granted a further and clearer view of one's surroundings, allowing one to notice the crucial minor details that could determine the flow of a battle, thus enhancing one's fighting prowess by leaps and bounds.

While Lu Feng hadn't exactly reached this realm, he wasn't too far from it anymore.

"No wonder…" Zhao Bingxu and the others narrowed their eyes in astonishment.

That explained why Lu Feng dared to utter those arrogant words, not fearing that he would offend them. It turned out that he had achieved a breakthrough in his cultivation!

"Looks like you aren't that blind yet!" Lu Feng harrumphed coldly as an indomitable aura emanated from him. "Who else wants to try my Great Inarticulate Palm?"

"…" The crowd fell silent.

After all the years they had been together, they were well aware of the means that each of them possessed, so even in a duel, they would usually end in a draw. However, now that Lu Feng had reached Half-Spiritual Perception realm, he was already a step ahead of them all, becoming the number one expert of the Master Teacher Academy!

"Enough! You are all master teachers of the academy; this is no reason for you to fight with one another!" Mu shi bellowed furiously.

With a wave of his hands, his zhenqi shrouded the room. Using his unique technique, all forms of communication that could deliver information beyond the confines of the room, be it verbally or via Communication Jade Tokens, were terminated.

"Alright, I have already set up a barrier. Say whatever you need to!" Mu shi said impassively.

"Reporting to Mu shi, there is still another matter which I need your permission for…"

Looking at the shocked faces in the room, Mu shi stood up and said authoritatively, "For further precaution, I wish to invite the Guardian Saint Artifact of our academy over… the Golden Origin Cauldron!"

"Golden Origin Cauldron?"

"The Guardian Saint Artifact that the Master Teacher Pavilion bestowed to our academy?"

"That is a real Saint-tier artifact! It might only be a cauldron, but it possesses its own sentience and spirit. With the strength it wields, it could slay Saint 2-dan or even 3-dan experts easily! Why would Lu Feng invite it to our Elder Conference?"

"Back when the headquarters bestowed the Golden Origin Cauldron to us, it said that other than in times of emergency, we are not to use it… Could he have really found something crucial?"

The Golden Origin Cauldron was the final trump card of the Master Teacher Academy. Unless they were faced with an invasion by the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, they were not to use it. To invite it to their Elder Conference at this very moment… What was it for?

The expressions of the elders turned grim.

"Do you know what the inviting the Golden Origin Cauldron means?" Mu shi asked with narrowed eyes.

"I do, but the matter which I am going to speak of has significant implications, and that man possesses unbelievable means. In order to prevent any mishap from occurring, it is imperative that we make sufficient preparations beforehand. Otherwise… I fear that even with all of us here, we still might not be a match for him!" Lu Feng replied confidently.

Based on what Dong Xin said, Zhang Xuan had subordinated twenty Saint 1-dan Otherworldly Demons, and he could emanate a powerful killing intent which could render even Senior Byzantium Helios powerless. If they were to expose his identity, and the other party, cornered, were to retaliate, it wasn't certain whether they would be a match for him or not!

If they couldn't subdue his rampage as soon as possible, the Master Teacher Academy would suffer heavy losses.

"This…" The crowd glanced at one another, perplexed.

Just what could it be that would require even their greatest trump card to be taken out?

"As long as you understand. Since you believe that the Master Teacher Academy is in such deep peril, let us invite the Golden Origin Cauldron over!" Mu shi nodded.

Even though he had been sent to the academy by the headquarters to elect the next principal, he was ultimately still an outsider. He didn't wish to get too involved in the affairs of the academy. It was best for their internal matters to be resolved internally as well.

"Thank you, Mu shi!"

Receiving Mu shi's approval, Lu Feng clasped his fist before walking to the side of the room. He pressed his palm against the wall before saying, "I am Lu Feng, the stand-in principal of the Master Teacher Academy. I would like to invite Senior Golden Origin Cauldron to our conference!"

Hong long!

Following which, the room began to shake, and 'jiya!', the wall suddenly parted, and a massive cauldron flew out.


It landed at the very center of the room with a resounding reverberation. With a deep voice, it said, "Don't you know that I am resting? What is the matter?"

Artifacts that had reached Saint-tier had already gained sentience and were capable of thinking just like humans.

Lu Feng clasped his fist politely as he said, "An Otherworldly Demonic Tribe royalty has appeared in the academy. I beseech senior to help us suppress him once he appears!"

"Otherworldly Demonic Tribe royalty?"


Hearing those words, all of those gathered in the room widened their eyes in astonishment.

An Otherworldly Demonic Tribe royalty… had appeared in the academy?

Mu shi's face darkened as well.

If there was truly such a fearsome existence around him, it was gross negligence on his part to not have noticed it.

Taking a step back, even if he didn't notice it, surely she would have been able to?

"Otherworldly Demonic Tribe royalty? Are you certain?" The Golden Origin Cauldron was taken aback by Lu Feng's revelation as well.

"I am absolutely certain!" Lu Feng nodded confidently.

"Alright. If an Otherworldly Demonic Tribe really appears in the Master Teacher Academy just as you have said, I will make a move and subdue him. However, if I don't see him by the end of the day… for interrupting my sleep, don't blame me if I reduce you to ashes!" The Golden Origin Cauldron harrumphed.

"Senior, rest assured. I will surely bring him before you…" Lu Feng smiled.

"Alright. Since you have already brought even Senior Golden Origin Cauldron here, hurry up and tell us what is going on!" Zhao Bingxu urged impatiently.

Lu Feng glanced at Zhao Bingxu and smirked before turning his attention back to the crowd. "Seems like someone is getting angsty. Don't you worry, I will begin right now!

"Allow me to introduce all of you, this is Dong Xin, a Grade 5 student of our academy, the leader of Dong Xin Faction, as well as a direct disciple who I have recently accepted… Alright, Dong Xin. Tell everyone the sight you saw ten days ago. There is no need to worry; I am here."

"Yes!" Dong Xin nodded grimly. Taking a deep breath, she took a step forward.

She knew that this was as much a risk as an opportunity. Putting everything aside, her contribution in having uncovered a disguised Otherworldly Demonic Tribe royalty would solidify her reputation as a master teacher, and many opportunities would come her way, allowing her to rise through the ranks.

"I am Dong Xin, a Grade 5 student of the Master Teacher Academy and a 6-star low-tier master teacher. In my name as a master teacher, I vow that everything that I am about to say is accurate and true, devoid of the slightest falsehood…"

Stepping to the very center of the room, Dong Xin raised her palm and swore on her name as a master teacher.

Seeing her action, the crowd nodded their heads grimly.

If a master teacher were to act against their vow, their faith would collapse, resulting in the instability and perhaps even a complete ruination of their state of mind, not to mention the severe punishments the Master Teacher Pavilion would impose on them. As such, there were very few master teachers who would dare to lie in a vow.

"Ten days ago, I visited a manor outside the academy and saw an Aura Sealing Formation. Out of curiosity, I remained in the area to observe it when I saw Senior Byzantium Helios breaking out of the formation and escaping from it…" With a crisp voice, Dong Xin recounted what she had witnessed that day.

The entire room was silent, and everyone's complexion was awful.

This was especially so for School Head Mo and the others. They were shaking their heads, unwilling to believe what they were hearing.

Eventually, School Head Jiang Qingqin couldn't take it any longer and stood up. "You are saying that… Zhang laoshi ordered twenty subordinate Otherworldly Demons to pummel Senior Byzantium Helios?"

As the saying goes, the music at one's fingertips reflects one's inner self. He was privileged enough to have listened to Zhang laoshi's playing, and from it, he could feel a pure and dignified vibe. How could a man who could evoke such a vibe from his music possibly be an Otherworldly Demon?

Even if an Otherworldly Demonic Tribe royalty could conceal their aura, they couldn't possibly disguise their state of mind as well!

"That's right!" Dong Xin was slightly fearful at School Head Jiang Qingqin's outburst, but she nodded affirmatively.

"Impossible! Zhang laoshi is a noble and straightforward man, how could he possibly be an Otherworldly Demon? Utter nonsense! In any case, I don't believe your words!"

Jiang Qingqin flung his sleeves furiously as he turned his sharp gaze to Lu Feng. "Lu Feng, are you making this up to exact vengeance on the humiliation Zhang laoshi brought upon you?"

"What did you call him? Zhang laoshi?" Lu Feng asked with a deep frown.

It was already bizarre to see the usually impassive and composed School Head Jiang flying into such an abrupt rage, but the term he used to address the other party…

Zhang shi and Zhang laoshi, there was just a syllable of difference, but the meaning changed completely.

The former was just a respectful manner to address a fellow master teacher whereas the latter was how a student addressed their teacher.

"Indeed, I am Zhang laoshi's student. You dare insult my teacher by accusing him of being an Otherworldly Demon, do you think that I will just stand idly and allow you to fling mud on him like that?" Jiang Qingqin bellowed furiously.

"Teacher? You are an esteemed school head, and yet you acknowledged a student as your teacher?" Lu Feng nearly went mad.

Is there something wrong with that fellow's head?

I thought that you possess a transcendental view of the world?

I even respected you for that!

How in the world did you end up acknowledging Zhang Xuan as your teacher in the blink of an eye?

Are you out of your mind?



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