Chapter 844: I Am Yang Xuan!

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That aura was reminiscent of a tsunami, leaving one feeling insignificant and helpless before it.

Everyone's hearts turned cold, and goosebumps rose from their arms. Even Mu shi's body had tensed in apprehension.

Before this aura, there was no one, not even a person as strong Mu shi, who dared to show the slightest bit of retaliation. Otherwise, they could very well be crushed by that overwhelming power in an instant.

Jiya! Jiya!

Under the crushing pressure of that devastating aura, the ancient Elder Hall came to the limits of its durability, and countless cracks began to surface throughout the room. Following which, with a long rumble, the room collapsed entirely.

To be able to dissipate the formations here and collapse the room just with the aura he exudes…

The school heads in the room exchanged fearful glances.

Not only was the Elder Hall made of incredibly resilient material, it was even reinforced with several extremely powerful formations. Even if a Saint 3-dan expert were to launch an attack with their full might against the room, they might not necessarily be able to destroy the formations.

Yet, a person actually managed to dissipate the formations and collapse the room with just his aura.

Just how powerful was Zhang Xuan's teacher to be able to do that?

With this thought in mind, they hurriedly raised their gazes and saw a blurred silhouette standing in the air above them. Amid the cloud of dust, they couldn't make out the other party's appearance clearly. Nevertheless, judging from his physique, the other party didn't seem too old, possibly only in his early thirties, but he carried an authority that none dared to defy.

"Are you the ones who suspect my student of being an Otherworldly Demon?"

The figure harrumphed coldly. "Then… Do I look like an Otherworldly Demon to you?"


His voice wasn't loud, but it created a sensation that felt as if the sky was crumbling down on them. Under that immense pressure, Lu Feng and the others felt their bodies stiffening, and even breathing became a difficulty.

Hong long long!

With the intensity of the pressure, the building beneath them also reached its limit and crumbled as well.

But that wasn't the end yet. The pressure that man exuded seemed to ripple outward like waves, and any building that came into the slightest contact with it would have the formations protecting it shattered immediately, and the majestic structure would come collapsing down as if nothing more than a fragile piece of paper.

"That is… the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall!"

Everyone hurriedly turned to look at the building that had just collapsed, and their eyelids began twitching uncontrollably.

That was the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall, where the tablets of the predecessors and Kong shi's statue were housed!

That place was protected by the will of their predecessors, and even if all of them were to strike it with all their might simultaneously, it wouldn't suffer the slightest damage. Yet… with just mere words from the other party, it had collapsed!

"The fact that the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall has collapsed means that the wills of the predecessors dared not stand against this elder, and even… even Kong shi has fled!" an elder muttered in a daze.

Hearing those words, cold sweat began trickling down everyone's backs.

That elder was right.

The Teacher Acknowledgement Hall was protected by the will of Kong shi and many predecessors. Even the Otherworldly Demons would be doomed for failure if they were to attempt to breach those grounds. For it to collapse that easily with mere words, there was only one possibility… that elder's strength was so great that not even the will Kong shi had left behind dared to stand against him.

And for this to occur, it could only mean that either Kong shi himself had arrived at the scene or that the other party possessed strength worthy of Kong shi's respect.

But… how could that be possible?

Kong shi was no longer around, and considering the overwhelming strength Kong shi wielded, a person who possessed strength worthy of his respect would be…

Another elder's eyes narrowed as he muttered in a quivering voice, "Could he be an expert on par with the 72 Sages?"

The predecessors in the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall were all Saint realm experts at the very least, and not to mention, a sliver of Kong shi's will was infused within his statue as well. In terms of pure disposition, it was impossible for even a Saint realm 7-dan expert, 8-star master teacher, to send all of them fleeing with just mere words.

Only one who had achieved strength equivalent to the legendary direct disciples of Empyrean Kong shi, the 72 Sages, could possibly have the ability to do so.

Could the elder before them be an expert of such a caliber as well?

Was this for real?

In the time after Kong shi's disappearance, the strongest existences in the world had been the 72 Sages. However, the era of the 72 Sages hadn't lasted for long, so there were very few records of them in the world. After the 72 Sages departed, there were quite a number of Saint realm pinnacle experts who rose to fill the power vacuum left in their absence, and those men founded the existing Sage Clans in the world.

Those old ancestors of the Sage Clans possessed power surpassing any mortal's imagination. Even a place like the Master Teacher Academy could be wiped off the map with a wave of their hand.

But nevertheless, those old ancestors were still a far way off from matching up to the strength of their predecessor, the 72 Sages!

Even if the other party isn't an expert of the same caliber as the 72 Sages, he is probably, at the very least, on par with the old ancestors of those Sage Clans…

With such a thought in mind, everyone subconsciously gulped.

A person who could make the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall collapse with just his disposition, there was only a single word that could be used to describe his strength: terrifying.

If an expert of that level truly intended to kill them, he need not even move his hands. Just a single thought, and they would be reduced to lifeless corpses in an instant. Furthermore, it would be difficult for even the Master Teacher Pavilion to trace such sudden and obscure deaths to him, which meant that there was nothing they could do to stop or deter him from doing what he liked.

"H-h-he is… so strong?" Mo Gaoyuan could feel his blood running cold.

He had met Zhang Xuan's teacher a while back, and they had even chatted with one another. However, as the other party had hidden his strength completely back then, he had thought that the other party was, at the very most, an 8-star master teacher.

But it turned out that… even that was an underestimation!

With mere words, the other party had turned all of the buildings within several hundred meters of the Elder Hall and Teacher Acknowledgement Hall into rubble. This was a feat beyond the capability of an 8-star master teacher!

With a pale face, Pavilion Master Mo furiously whispered to Elder Mo, "I already told you about how powerful Zhang shi's teacher is. Didn't you tell the other elders?"

It was due to his knowledge of how powerful Yang shi was that he had gone to such lengths to get along with Zhang Xuan, and he had discreetly informed Mo Zhu of the news back on Leiyuan Peak so that he could keep a lookout as well.

I gave you fair warning, but why are there still fools in your academy going on to judge the other party's student on their own accord? Look, you have ended up incurring the wrath of a power far beyond you! Are you happy now?

For an expert of such caliber, even if he chose not to make a move personally out of sheer disdain, he could easily damn one to the bottom of hell with just a single word!

"I-I did tell them, but they refused to believe me!" Elder Mo replied tearfully.

He had never met Yang shi before, only hearing several rumors from Pavilion Master Mo, so his impression and fear of the man didn't run as deep before. Thus, he had only brought it up casually before the others. Who in the world could have known that… the man would be a monster?

His strength was way off the charts!

"You all…"

Fearing that the man above might just destroy the entire Master Teacher Academy in a moment of anger, Mo Gaoyuan hurriedly raised his pale face and said, "Yang shi, I am Mo Gaoyuan; you offered me a pointer once before… It's not our intention to make things difficult for Zhang shi. We only invited Zhang shi over to ask him a few questions…"

At this point, he had no choice but to speak up personally.

Otherwise, if he were to give that fool Lu Feng an opportunity to speak, they might really just end up breathing their last here.

The figure in the sky glanced downward and uttered coldly, "Oh? You only invited my student here to ask him a few questions? But why does it seem to me that you are judging my student instead? Is it because you think that he is an Otherworldly Demon, or do you think that I am an Otherworldly Demon?"

An immense pressure that left one feeling as if the world before one was crumbling apart fell from the heavens, leaving the crowd below suffocated.

This is… a Celestial Master Teacher?

In an instant, the faces of everyone in the room paled even further, and the sheer fright they were experiencing rendered them incapable of words.

For as long as the world remembered, the only one known to be a Celestial Master Teacher had been Kong shi. But the inviolable authority reminiscent of a deity from the heavens that the figure above commanded… he was a Celestial Master Teacher as well. They had actually accused the student of a Celestial Master Teacher of being an Otherworldly Demon!

This was the most ludicrous thing anyone could do in the world!

Even the heavens had acknowledged him as a master teacher, so how could he possibly accept an Otherworldly Demon as his student?

Wasn't this a joke?


Seeing the other party's face and feeling the familiar pressure crushing him, Mu shi finally recognized the man standing above him.

Zhang Xuan's teacher was no other than his grandteacher, whom he had met several days ago… Yang Xuan!

If he had known that Zhang Xuan was the other party's student, he would never have allowed this hearing to happen!

"W-we wouldn't dare…" Mo Gaoyuan's lips twitched uncontrollably as he hurriedly bowed deeply in deference.

"What about you?" Yang Xuan turned his cold gaze to Lu Feng.

"N-no, I dare not to!" Under that frosty gaze, Lu Feng couldn't stop his body from trembling.

Had he known earlier that Zhang Xuan had such powerful backing, he would never have dared to initiate this mess… He had truly dug his own grave this time around!

It was all over. Having offended such a powerful master teacher, even if he were to survive this ordeal, his future was already over. There would be no one and nowhere that would dare accept him.

Beside him, Chen Chengxun and Dong Xin nearly keeled over.

They had thought that they would enjoy a life of glory once Lu Feng took over as the principal. They had never imagined such a situation would occur instead. It was as if the path to paradise had suddenly collapsed beneath their feet, damning them to the depths of hell.

"That had better be the case!" Yang Xuan harrumphed coldly as he raised his gaze, seemingly peering into the depths of the heavens.

"My name is Yang Xuan. If any of you feel that I have abused my power, feel free to report me to the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters!"

"We wouldn't dare do such a thing…" Mo Gaoyuan's face immediately paled in fright.

Like hell they would report the other party!

On the contrary, if the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters were to learn that they had offended a master teacher of Yang shi's stature, not only would they not redress their grievances, they might even get rid of them to appease Yang shi's rage.

Master teachers of Yang shi's caliber could be considered as the wealth of mankind. Putting aside a Master Teacher Academy of a Tier-1 Empire, not even an entire Conferred Empire could match up to them in value.

They would be counting their blessings if the happenings today never reached the ears of the headquarters; to report this matter the headquarters on their own accord… they would have to be tired of living to do so!

It was true that the Master Teacher Pavilion worked to uphold justice in the world, but it had to be practical as well, especially considering the existing threats it faced.

As such, the higher ranked a master teacher was, the more privileges they were granted. This served as motivation for master teachers to work harder, as well as a measure to preserve the forces of the Master Teacher Pavilion as far as possible.

Even the life of ten thousand 6-star master teacher couldn't match up to the value of an expert like the other party.

Which side the Master Teacher Pavilion would choose to take, it didn't take a genius to figure it out.

"That will be for the best," Yang Xuan uttered impassively.

With a final glance at the crowd beneath, he flung his sleeve and turned around, preparing to leave.

At that moment, Mu shi suddenly rushed forward. "Grandteacher!"

He had been practicing the cultivation method that his grandteacher had imparted to him over the past few days, and the affliction he had been suffering from had alleviated. For the first time in a very long time, he had experienced a growth in his cultivation. Thinking of the changes he had experienced over the past few days, he was filled with deep gratitude for the man before him.

Seeing that his benefactor was about to leave, Mu shi couldn't help but rush forward in agitation.

Yang Xuan took a glance at Mu shi and nodded slightly. "Un. Cultivate well, and perhaps, a day might come when you are able to return to the Mu Clan."

After which, with a slight step, 'hu!', he abruptly disappeared from the spot, as if having teleported away.

"This is… Spatial Manipulation! He is… a 9-star master teacher?!"

After witnessing that scene, the crowd was completely dumbstruck.

Having grasped the laws of space, the most distinctive trait of 9-star master teachers was their ability to manipulate space, which allowed them to accomplish the unthinkable, such as constructing inner worlds through folding space… Given how Yang shi had disappeared before their eyes in an instant, it could only mean that he had comprehended such laws as well!

A living 9-star master teacher…

There was barely a handful of them still in this world, and they had actually met one and even attempted to judge his student…

A shiver ran down everyone's spines as fear gripped their hearts.

It was fortunate that the other party, perhaps in view of his identity as a master teacher, had no intentions of getting even with them. Otherwise, they, along with the entire Master Teacher Academy, would have become a thing of the past.

Nevertheless, even though they were spared from this calamity, they would still do well not to push the other party's buttons anymore, which, in this case, was his student.

As such a thought came to their minds, they subconsciously turned their gazes to Zhang Xuan, only to see the latter with a deep frown on his forehead, seemingly displeased.

And the truth was that at this very instant, Zhang Xuan was indeed displeased.

While he knew that his clone wasn't a reliable person, he hadn't thought that the other party would be so unreliable.

This… Isn't this overdoing it?



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