Chapter 945: Circumstances Shrouding the Mausoleum Tablet
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Currently stored within Zhang Xuan's storage ring were twenty Otherworldly Demon puppets and Vicious, so he was extremely familiar with this distinctive aura.

As soon as he came into contact with it, he had no doubt that it belonged to the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe.

But wasn't this the most sacred land in the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy, the resting place of generations of principals?

How could there be such overwhelming killing intent existent in here?

The Otherworldly Demonic Tribe was callous and brutal, feeding on humans. As such, they were the mortal enemies of the master teachers, such that it was impossible for both to coexist simultaneously. So, how could the aura of the Otherworldly Demons appear there?

Astonished, Zhang Xuan's severed soul quickly took a look around his surroundings.

Judging from the cavern-like surroundings, it seemed like he was within the Mausoleum Tablet. The area was extremely spacious but completely dark. There was no light or air in the area.

It was impossible for any living beings to exist in this space.

It seems like there isn't just killing intent in here. There is also a grand and righteous aura. Soon, Zhang Xuan's severed soul noticed yet another aura lingering in the area.

A grand and righteous aura, an aura distinctive of a master teacher.

Looking around the spacious room, it didn't take long for Zhang Xuan's severed soul to notice a massive abyss. It seemed like the killing intent had come out of this abyss.

Surrounding the abyss were around a hundred different artifacts, which, similar to the Copper Bell, were used for severing and storing souls, and they were scattered in the area to form a formation. Counting them, there were exactly 102 of them.

These are probably the wills left behind by the preceding principals, Zhang Xuan's severed soul internally.

The other principals had probably used these artifacts to sever and store a fragment of their souls before depositing them into the Mausoleum Tablet.

However, these soul fragments were unlike Zhang Xuan's, which had been severed through the means of the soul oracles. Their movements were limited to the artifact, and they were unable to leave it under normal circumstances, similar to a non-living being.

Realizing something, Zhang Xuan's severed soul was stunned. Could it be that… these soul fragments were left behind not only to assess the future generations of principals, but to… suppress?

The feeling he received was that the grand and righteous auras of the preceding principals, along with the entire Mausoleum Tablet, were suppressing the killing intent contained within the abyss.

Without a doubt, the primary purpose of the wills wasn't to assess the newer generations of principal but to stand guard here.

It can't be that… this is the passageway leading to the otherworldly battlefield of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe?

Hongyuan Empire couldn't be considered powerful in comparison to the Tier-1 Empires around it, but it had still been chosen as the location to construct the Master Teacher Academy. Rumor had it that the reason for this was because a passageway leading to the otherworldly battlefield of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe was located on this very land.

As such, the Master Teacher Academy had been built to protect mankind.

Could it be that… this was it?

Was this the passageway leading to the otherworldly battlefield? Was that the reason there was such concentrated killing intent within the abyss?

Was the reason behind the existence of the Mausoleum Tablet and the deposition of the wills of the generations of principals in order to guard this land?

If that were true, that would explain the reason behind the extreme security surrounding the Mausoleum of Principals, forbidding anyone but the current principal from entering. This was probably in order to conceal the existence of the passageway so as to prevent a pandemonium from occurring.

If that's really the case, the preceding principals are indeed figures worthy of respect.

As the principals of the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy, they had protected the academy with their life when they were still alive, and even upon death, they still continued to guard it with their will. The contribution that master teachers had made to mankind was indeed immeasurable.

Perhaps it was because of this spirit that master teacher possessed that the other occupations viewed them with the utmost respect.

Looking around, Zhang Xuan's severed soul was soon able to confirm his suspicions.

The killing intent emanated from the abyss was powerful, preventing any man from coming close to it. Were it not for the formation set up using the artifacts and wills left behind by preceding principals, it could have built up and destroyed the Mausoleum Tablet, bringing a great calamity upon Hongyuan City.

A grade-7 formation, and one that is set up skillfully at that… Zhang Xuan's severed soul nodded in approval.

The formation wasn't fixed in terms of power. It could be supported by any number of souls, and as the number of souls in the formation increased, the stronger the prowess of the formation.

Principal's Seals are embedded into the formation as well…

The Principal's Seal was an artifact forged out of the wills of students and teachers of the Master Teacher Academy, and it harnessed immense power within it. It was the most suitable artifact to be used to guard this passageway.

After the principal of each generation died, the Principal's Seal belonging to them would be used to augment the formation. It was due to this that Hongyuan Empire had been able to enjoy significant peace over the past ten thousand years, not threatened by the menace of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe.

Sighing in awe, Zhang Xuan's severed soul was just about to calculate where he should be positioned to maximize the force of the formation when he suddenly heard a deafening roar from the depths of the abyss before him.

Hong long long! Hong long long!

As if struck by a massive torrent, an incredible might jolted the entire Mausoleum Tablet, leaving it shaking uncontrollably, as if it would collapse at any moment.


Following which, Zhang Xuan felt an overwhelming surge of killing intent blasting forth like a tsunami, attempting to charge through the formation blocking its path.


The formation immediately lit up and suppressed the killing intent, but the latter seemed to only grow stronger with time. Like a weak net trying to hold in a furiously thrashing fish, the formation seemed as if it would tear apart at any moment soon.

At this rate, the formation won't be able to last much longer. Seeing the sight, Zhang Xuan's severed soul frowned deeply as his complexion darkened.

He could easily assess the limit of the formation and the might of the killing intent with his eye of discernment, and while the formation was still holding back the killing intent for the time being, it was swiftly approaching its limit.

This won't do! With a grim look, Zhang Xuan's severed soul rushed up to the formation and swiftly assessed it with a glint in his eyes. Following which, he raised his leg and kicked a certain spot on the formation.


Under his surge of soul energy, the formation emanated a brilliant glow as overwhelming energy suddenly burst forth from it. In an instant, the formation, which seemed as if it would collapse at any time, suddenly stabilized.

Hu hu!

Ten minutes later, the killing intent finally receded, returning calm to the Mausoleum Tablet.


Zhang Xuan's severed soul retracted his leg before heaving a huge sigh of relief.

His kick had only served to heighten the prowess of the formation temporarily. It was fortunate that the onslaught of the killing intent hadn't continued for too long, or else the formation would still have eventually collapsed despite his efforts.

While, as a severed soul, he wasn't able to utilize the prowess of the Library of Heaven's Path or the Eye of Insight, his sheer knowledge in the field of formations still allowed him to find the center of the formation and reinforce it.

Why would there be such powerful killing intent in the abyss? Zhang Xuan's severed soul frowned, not comprehending the situation.

Thus, he took a look around the many artifacts used to store the wills of the preceding principals, and soon, he stopped right before a certain artifact and placed his hand on it.


The artifact was activated, and a soul appeared before his eyes. It was Founder Mu Kai.

Founder Mu Kai looked at Zhang Xuan and thanked him gratefully. "Principal Zhang, thank you for your assistance. Were it not for your help, our many years of effort might have been for naught then!"

Even though Founder Mu Kai's will had been sealed within the artifact, he was still able to perceive the happenings around him. Had the new principal not made a move and salvaged the situation, it would have been impossible for them to fend off the burst of killing intent from the abyss, nullifying their years of effort.

Zhang Xuan's severed soul waved his hand to show that it was fine before asking, "That thing earlier… what is going on?"

If the formation had been placed under such pressure all this while, there was no way it could have lasted so long.

"Just as you have seen, our wills are here in order to guard the passageway between our Master Teacher Continent and the otherworldly battlefield. All along, it has been rather peaceful except for some slight emanations of killing intent that occur now and then. With the strength of the formation, it doesn't pose a threat at all… But for some reason, two years ago, killing intent suddenly started bursting out of the abyss like a deluge, similar to what you have just witnessed, once every day!"

As he looked at the abyss with a grim expression, Mu shi said, "Initially, the deluge wasn't that powerful, and we could still handle it with our strength. However, over the past month, the deluge has been growing stronger and stronger, and even with each of us exerting our full might, we still found ourselves barely being able to cope. The one that happened today was even worse… Had you not arrived, even if the formation hadn't been completely destroyed, it still would have sustained significant damage!"

"Two years ago?" Zhang Xuan's severed soul asked with a frown.

"Un." Mu shi's will nodded.

"Have you found the reason behind it?" Zhang Xuan asked.

Mu shi's will hesitated for a moment before replying. "Our wills have been fused into the formation, so we aren't able to move easily. As such, we aren't able to investigate what has happened. However, if I am not mistaken, something must have happened to the seal between the Master Teacher Continent and the otherworldly battlefield!"


"The seal is not located here but in the depths of the Subterranean Gallery. It serves as the final barrier impeding the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe from entering the Master Teacher Continent. Once it is breached, what we might be facing is full-blown war!" Mu shi's will said grimly.

There were several seals set up in the Subterranean Gallery connecting the otherworldly battlefield and the Master Teacher Continent, and the strongest of which was the one that had been set up by countless preceding master teachers in the depths of the passageway.

That seal served as the final fortress of mankind to fend off the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe.

"Principal Zhang, since you have sent your will in here, your main body must be around the area as well. Can you have your main body enter the Subterranean Gallery to take a look so that we can report the matter to the headquarters and have them prepare in advance? Otherwise, I fear that under the relentless deluges of killing intent, the formation might soon fall apart, and a calamity will befall mankind!" Mu shi's will pleaded.

Their wills had been fending off the killing intent for many years, resulting in their strength being gradually worn down over time. On top of that, having fused entirely with the formation, they were unable to move as well.

Even if they wished to investigate the situation, they were unable to do so!

Besides, if they were to leave, there would be nothing to stop the rampage of the killing intent should it strike once more, and that could potentially result in a calamity.

"Enter the Subterranean Gallery?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

"Un. You just have to go in to take a look at the situation so that we can prepare in advance. Otherwise, should something worse come at us, the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy could suffer a devastating blow!" Mu shi's will said worriedly.

Understanding the other party's worries, Zhang Xuan's severed soul hesitated for a moment before asking, "How do I enter the Subterranean Gallery?"

"Due to the overwhelming killing intent contained within the Subterranean Gallery, your soul won't be able to enter its depths. You will have to enter with your physical body!" Mu shi's will said.

"With the Principal's Seal, you should be able to bring your physical body into this space. After which, I will open a temporary hole in the formation so that you can enter the Subterranean Gallery. This entrance is closest to the seal in the depths of the Subterranean Gallery, so it shouldn't take too long."

Hearing those words, Zhang Xuan's severed soul frowned.

He had long heard about the dangers lurking within the Subterranean Gallery, and if he were to enter it, there was a good chance that he would never come out again.

However, if he were to refuse to enter, he would be unable to determine the source of the deluge of killing intent. Furthermore, if something had really happened to the seal in the Subterranean Gallery and it collapsed abruptly, the entire Hongyuan Empire would be devastated by the powerful forces of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe.

"I know that I am putting you on the spot, but… there is nothing else I can do!"

Naturally, Mu shi also understood how dangerous the Subterranean Gallery was. To ask the other party to enter the Subterranean Gallery and check on the seal was almost no different from urging the other party to leap off a cliff. However, the fate of mankind and the future of the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy were at stake. He had no other choice.

With the protection of the Principal's Seal, as long as Principal Zhang were to proceed carefully, he should be able to return safely.

"Alright. Give me a moment, I will communicate with my main body to have him enter!" Zhang Xuan's severed soul nodded.



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