Chapter 958: Grade-7 Formation Plate
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Holding the grade-7 formation plate in his hand, Zhang Xuan began pumping his rich zhenqi into it.


Different from before, the formation plate began to tremble violently under the infusion of his zhenqi.


A brilliant light burst into the surroundings, forming a sphere with a radius of several hundred meters.

As the sphere expanded, mist started to appear within, shaping out an entirely different world, an extremely bizarre one. Putting aside anyone else, even he could easily lose his sense of direction within it.

This is the grade-7 formation… Lu Xu Beguilement Formation? Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

Without activating the formation plate, it would be hard for him to see through what kind of formation was inscribed on it. Even though the Library of Heaven's Path did state the flaws regarding the formation plate, that was only limited to the material and the formation blueprint.

Only by activating it and seeing it with his own eyes would he know what kind of formation it was and how powerful it would be.

Lu Xu had been a skilled formation master five thousand years ago. Back then, while he was trapped amid a misty mountain range, he had suddenly found the inspiration to create this Beguilement Formation. Even though it was only a grade-7 intermediate formation, it could exert might comparable to an advanced or even pinnacle formation, such that even Saint realm 5-dan experts could potentially fall for its beguilement briefly.

This was also the reason this formation was extremely famous, and there was a record of it in the library of the Formation Master School. It was also through the record in there that Zhang Xuan had learned about it.

An idea popped into Zhang Xuan's mind. His surname is Lu as well. Could Lu Xu possibly be Lu Feng's ancestor?

However, knowing that this wasn't the time to be thinking about such miscellaneous matters, Zhang Xuan swiftly shrugged it off.

In any case, with this formation, I will stand a significantly better chance of dealing with those Otherworldly Demons. Nevertheless, I still have to plan my operation carefully first…

With a surge in his cultivation and a formidable formation plate in his hands, Zhang Xuan's confidence was boosted. He left the Myriad Anthive Nest and returned to the Subterranean Gallery.

Just like before, the area was still filled with killing intent and darkness.

Contorting his muscles and bones, he turned into the form of an Otherworldly Demon he had seen previously before heading in the direction he escaped from previously.

Before he could get far, he saw two Otherworldly Demons flitting in his direction.

"Don't you think that it is weird? There are nearly forty of them, so how could they escape from our encirclement without the slightest trace?"

"I also find it very weird. I was standing on alert the whole time, my both eyes staring intently at every movement around the hall. I am certain that not a person has come out from it, but the people inside just simply vanished into thin air. More importantly, we have already searched for such long a time, but there is not a person to be seen. Could it be that they were not master teachers we caught but ghosts?"

The two Otherworldly Demons were chatting with one another as they scanned the ground from the sky.

Not even the Goldenleaf King and Greenleaf King had been able to make sense out of Zhang Xuan and the many master teachers' disappearance, let alone the rest of them.

More importantly, it was inconceivable to them that so many people had been able to escape from right under their noses without them noticing anything at all.

At that moment, they suddenly saw a tribesman flying toward them, and they frowned.

"How is it? Did either of you find anything?" the tribesman asked them as soon as he noticed them.

One of the two Otherworldly Demons couldn't help but ask doubtfully upon seeing the other party, "Hua Wu, weren't you dispatched in another direction? Why are you here?"

The two hundred or so Otherworldly Demons who had passed through the seal were from the same squadron, so they knew one another very well.

They clearly remembered that the fellow before them had been dispatched in another direction, so why would he appear where they were?

"Oh, I found a clue while searching there, and it was through tracing the clue that I got here!" Hua Wu explained.

"Clue? What clue is it?" The eyes of the two Otherworldly Demons lit up.

"Here it is…" Hua Wu flicked his wrist, took out a jade token, and passed it over.

Curious, the duo hurriedly lowered their heads to take a closer look. However, before they could see what was written on the jade token, they suddenly sensed that two fists were heading right toward their heads.

Hong long!

The fists carried immense strength that threatened to blast apart the air. The shock wave that rippled from the fist was so powerful that even the ground beneath was jolted apart.

"You…" Knowing that there was something wrong with the other party, the faces of the two Otherworldly Demons darkened, and they hurriedly sent out a fist each to protect themselves.

Peng! Peng!

Four fists collided, and the two Otherworldly Demons felt a devastating might coursing through their bodies before they swiftly plummeted toward the ground.


Their bodies formed two massive depressions in the ground.

"Nascent Saint pinnacle, it is indeed as strong as I expected!" Hua Wu remarked as he descended to the ground. He then raised his leg and stomped on the heads of the duo who had sunk into the ground.

Peng! Peng!

Before the two Otherworldly Demons could process what was going on, their heads were crushed, reducing them to mere corpses.


Seeing how easily he had subdued the two Saint realm 1-dan Otherworldly Demons, Hua Wu's eyes lit in excitement.

Naturally, Hua Wu was Zhang Xuan in disguise.

With the surge in his cultivation, he had wanted to try out how powerful he was at the moment. It was only after trying it that he realized how fearsome the Saint Ascension Decipher was. Putting aside those of a similar cultivation realm, even an Otherworldly Demon possessing a higher cultivation was no match for him at all!

They weren't even able to withstand a blow from him.

Let me see what they have. Zhang Xuan grabbed the storage rings from the fingers of the two Otherworldly Demons and immersed his consciousness into them. A moment later, he shook his head.

While these fellows possessed strength comparable to 6-star master teachers, their wealth was clearly nowhere near their master teacher equivalents. Adding up the both of their entire fortune, it wasn't even worth ten high-tier spirit stones!

It is no wonder these Otherworldly Demons wish to invade the Master Teacher Continent. Most likely, the otherworldly battlefield is lacking in resources as well.

Shaking his head, Zhang Xuan tapped on the two bodies, destroyed them, and smoothed out the depressions in the ground. After all was done, he was prepared to set off and find his next target. However, at that moment, a thought came to his mind, and he morphed his appearance into one of the two Otherworldly Demons he had just killed.

It was impossible for him to kill the two hundred or so Otherworldly Demons simultaneously, but it was still possible for him to dwindle their numbers bit by bit.

In any case, he had plenty of time to spare, so he was in no hurry.

After thoroughly preparing, he advanced ahead, and not too long later, he encountered two more Otherworldly Demons. Using the same method, he slayed them easily.

Most of the Otherworldly Demons who were out combing the area were only at Saint realm 1-dan. Given his current prowess, dealing with them wasn't a problem at all. Even without making use of his puppets, he could eliminate them easily.

Proceeding forward like that, he arrived at the base an hour later.

It had been entirely reduced to rubble, but a significant number of Otherworldly Demons were standing upon it, seemingly attempting to rebuild the base even though they knew what they were doing wouldn't amount to much.

After all, they had spent nearly two months constructing the base. To restore it entirely within a short period of time was completely impossible.

The Greenleaf King and Goldenleaf King seem to be around here. Among the crowd, there were two extraordinarily powerful Otherworldly Demons floating in the air. It was the two Kings from before.

At this moment, there was a deep frown on their foreheads, indicating their displeasure.

"Reporting to Your Highness, there isn't any signs of the master teachers in this direction.

"Reporting to Your Highness, there was nothing on my side either."

"It is as if they have vanished into thin air, there is nothing over here either."

From time to time, there would be Otherworldly Demons stepping forward to report the current situation to them.

As Zhang Xuan had fled in his soul form, which was both intangible and invisible, he hadn't left any traces behind. It would take a miracle for these Saint realm 1-dan Otherworldly Demons to be able to track him down.

"Damn it, how could forty people just vanish into thin air like that? Just what is happening?"

"How did that bastard do it?"

Not only were the Otherworldly Demons perplexed by the situation before them, even the Greenleaf King and Goldenleaf King were baffled as well.

Around forty old, weakened master teachers, who seemed like they were on the verge of collapsing, actually succeeded in fleeing from right under the noses of two hundred of them, and they actually weren't able to find anything at all. It was simply too inconceivable and eerie.

At this point, the Goldenleaf King suddenly recalled the bizarre sensation he had felt while waiting outside the hall earlier, and he narrowed his eyes. "Could it be… the means of a soul oracle?"

"Soul oracle?" the Greenleaf King replied doubtfully, unsure of what the Goldenleaf King was getting at.

"Un. When we were guarding outside the hall, didn't I tell you that I felt something pass by us? I feel that he might have gotten away then. Think about it, to be able to escape right in front of our eyes without being discovered, there can only be one possibility… that fellow has utilized the means of a soul oracle!" the Goldenleaf King said.

The Greenleaf King frowned. "Soul oracle? Didn't the Master Teacher Pavilion eradicate that occupation because they pledged loyalty to us?"

Soul oracle was a rather unorthodox occupation in the Master Teacher Continent. Back then, they had pledged loyalty to the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, and after the Master Teacher Pavilion found out about it, the Master Teacher Pavilion had launched a devastating assault to wipe them off the face of the world, terminating their heritage for good.

But for a master teacher, who was most likely the principal of a Master Teacher Academy, to be skilled in the means of a soul oracle… that didn't sound too likely.

"The heritage of the soul oracles has indeed disappeared from the face of the world, so I am rather puzzled by the situation, too. But other than that, I can think of no other possibility," the Goldenleaf King answered with a frown.

While the duo was speaking with one another, a tribesman suddenly flew before them hurriedly and reported, "Your Highness… I think I found the trail of the master teachers!"

"You found their trail?" Hearing those words, the eyes of the duo immediately lit up as they turned their gazes to the tribesman hurriedly.

"Un. I found traces that are distinctive of the footsteps of humans, but I dared not follow them too far. Thus, I rushed back here to report the matter to you!" the tribesman explained.

The Greenleaf King nodded. "Well done!"

Considering that their tribesmen were only at Saint realm 1-dan, it was very likely that they would have been killed if they had attempted to follow the trail recklessly.

"Which direction is it in? Bring us over to take a look!" the Greenleaf King swiftly commanded.

"It's in that direction…" the tribesman replied.

"Alright, we shall head over to take a look."

Nodding, the Greenleaf King was just about to get that fellow to lead the way when the Goldenleaf King suddenly stopped him. "Wait a moment!"

The Greenleaf King glanced at his companion in bewilderment. "What's wrong?"

"Have you forgotten about the bizarre means that fellow possesses?" the Goldenleaf King asked.

"This…" The face of the Greenleaf King immediately tensed as he recalled how that fellow was even able to disguise as an Otherworldly Demon King. If the tribesman before them was that fellow in disguise, it was very likely that the other party was trying to lead them into a trap.

"I will take a look!" Frowning, the Greenleaf King swiftly extended his Spiritual Perception to the tribesman before him.

"Your Highness…"

The tribesman also didn't expect that the two Kings would suddenly do this, and his face immediately paled with fright. The fists hidden within his sleeves tightened subconsciously.

"He is…"

After taking a closer look at the tribesman before him with his Spiritual Perception, the Greenleaf King was just about to speak when a loud explosion sounded.


Mist swiftly pervaded the surroundings, shrouding a radius of several hundred meters around them.


Those who were trapped in the mist found themselves losing their ability to discern which direction they were facing altogether. It was as if their senses had been confounded all of a sudden, robbing them of the basic ability to perceive their surroundings properly.

The Goldenleaf King's eyes narrowed as his body stiffened in astonishment. "This is… a grade-7 Beguilement Formation!"

Against a Beguilement Formation of such a high grade, even he would be unable to escape from it in the short term.

He swiftly shot a glance toward the Greenleaf King beside him, only to find the latter had disappeared without a trace. He tried to look around him, but he found that his mind was a complete mess. He had already lost track of where he was.



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