Vice Hall Master Ming Zhen was a 7-star primary poison master, and he possessed a cultivation of Saint 2-dan primary stage. Exerting his full might, an immense pressure fell from the heavens, crumbling the walls of the courtyard into dust.

Seeing that Ming Zhen had made a move, the other two also stepped forward without any hesitation.

Just like Ming Zhen, they were also Saint 2-dan primary stage cultivators who possessed astounding fighting prowess.

With the three experts collaborating with one another, an overwhelming force swept into the surroundings like a calamitous tide, destroying everything in its path.

"What is going on?"

Seeing the collapse of the courtyard walls and sensing the fearsome shockwave that lingered in the air as a result of the fighting, Li Yuan and the others, who were still standing guard outside at the moment, turned their eyes over, and upon taking a look, their faces began twitching uncontrollably.

Wasn't Vice Hall Master Ming going to just get even with Poison Master Sun over this matter? Why would they suddenly start fighting like that?

Not to mention... for the three vice hall masters and all of the elders to gang up against a mere Nascent Saint cultivator... Weren't they being a little too shameless?

"It seems like... Elder Huang has died…" A quivering voice sounded in the air.

It was only after hearing the voice did Li Yuan notice that an old man was lying on the ground with his head sunk into his neck, as if someone had smacked it in with his palm. It was an extremely eerie and bone-chilling sight.

Without a doubt, that was definitely a fatal blow!

"Most likely, they must have provoked Poison Master Sun, and out of anger, the latter ended up doing this…" Li Yuan's heart jolted in fear as he continued staring intently at the situation.

With the three Saint 2-dan vice hall masters joining the fray, the tables seemed to have been turned. Having to fend off more than 22 experts simultaneously, Poison Master Sun was placed under great pressure. With a forceful strike, Poison Master Sun knocked two of the elders who were engaging him at the moment before swiftly flicking both of his wrists.

A spear appeared in his right hand and a sword appeared in his left.

Hu la!

With a simple pierce, the spear whizzed across the room and appeared right before an elder. In the blink of an eye, the spear had already impaled the other party's throat. Under the immense force of the pierce, the lifeless body of the elder was sent flying out.

Moving simultaneously along with the piercing spear, the sword in Zhang Xuan's left hand moved in an elegant arc, and a sword qi harnessing the inviolable authority of the heavens abruptly burst forth.

The elder who was standing to the left of Zhang Xuan hadn't expected that he would be able to effectively utilize both weapons simultaneously... Before he could react, he suddenly felt a chilling sensation strike his neck. In the next moment, as his head rolled off its base, a fountain of blood spurted forth from the neck of the decapitated body.

"He is killing the elders…" A chilling sensation abruptly assaulted Li Yuan and the others, and they began shivering involuntarily.

Each of these elders was reminiscent of transcendental existences to them, mighty figures whom they could never hope to equal... Yet, at this moment, it was as if someone had torn the veil of mystery and grandeur shrouding them. Like any other mortals, they were bleeding and dying...

That powerful impact from the sight left their throat tensing up, rendering it difficult for them to breathe.

"Doesn't it seem like... throughout the course of the entire battle, Poison Master Sun hasn't even opened his eyes once?" Someone amongst the group suddenly exclaimed in astonishment.

After hearing those words, it suddenly dawned on Li Yuan and the others that that was indeed the case. From the start of the battle until now, Poison Master Sun Qiang had his eyes tightly shut, seemingly only retaliating instinctively to whoever who was attacking him.

Every spear that whizzed forth would have the throat of an elder in its path. Every single sword slash would send an elder into death's embrace...

It was as if the other party was Yama himself, an unstoppable force which they couldn't hope to contain no matter how they struggled.

In just a few moments, another ten more elders were killed.

"This won't do. If this goes on, all of the elders will be killed by that fellow…" Seeing the number of elders of the Poison Hall swiftly diminishing, Vice Hall Master Ming panicked.

If this were to go on, in less than ten breaths, every single elder in the Poison Hall could very well lose their lives here!

To think that a Nascent Saint cultivator would be able to claim the upper hand while rivaling 22 Saint realm experts simultaneously and even kill ten of them consecutively... Just what kind of monster was he?

"All elders, listen to my command! Retreat to the backline, I, Vice Hall Master Ming, and Vice Hall Master Qian will deal with that fellow ourselves!" Realizing the same, another vice hall master commanded with an authoritative voice.

As there were too many people involved in the fight earlier, and most of them were their close friends on top of that, they were unable to exert their full might as Saint 2-dan cultivators for fear of harming them accidentally. What they had to do now was to have the other elders back out of the battle first so that the three of them could better collaborate with one another to kill the fellow before them!

"Yes!" Upon hearing the command, the remaining elders heaved a sigh of relief. They hurriedly leaped out of the battle with fear reflected in their eyes.

Honestly speaking, there was really something unsettling about that fellow. It was one thing for the other party to be impervious to their poisons, their greatest weapon, but how could the other party wield such frightening physical and zhenqi strength as well?

It was as if he was a gargantuan monster packed in the form of a human, wielding inhuman might in every single one of his strikes.

Despite so many of them teaming up against him, he was still able to emerge unscathed and even kill more than ten of them so easily... Not to mention, from the start to the end, he had never opened his eyes at all!

If he was already so powerful without his eyes, how frightening would he become when he opened them?

If only they had known earlier, they would have never gotten involved in this matter... From the very start, this was a matter caused by the student of Vice Hall Master Ming. It had nothing to do with them, and they were supposed to be there as mere spectators…


Right after the elders left, the three vice hall masters swiftly surrounded 'Sun Qiang'. Driving zhenqi in their body to the limits, they launched powerful blows one after another towards the other party.


With the combined strength of three Saint 2-dan cultivators acting against him, a powerful force sealed the space around Zhang Xuan tightly, effectively caging him in.

Despite being trapped, Zhang Xuan showed no signs of faltering at all. On the contrary, he seemed to be getting more and more powerful as the fight went on.

All of a sudden, with a piercing shrill, the spear in Zhang Xuan's right hand burst forth.

Ding ding ding ding!

The spear tip struck the walls of the cage forcefully. In the blink of an eye, cracks began appearing on the stable wall of zhenqi. Following right after, a sword sliced through the cracks in the wall.


Just like that, the powerful Zhenqi Spatial Lock was sliced into two.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Vice Hall Master Ming Zhen and the others spurted fresh blood simultaneously as horror surfaced in their eyes.

For a Nascent Saint cultivator to tear apart the Zhenqi Spatial Lock set up by three Saint 2-dan experts so easily... the other party's strength had far exceeded their expectations! Furthermore, what was even more frightening was that the zhenqi harnessed by the other party seemed to have no bounds!

Despite executing such powerful attacks multiple times within a short frame of time, the other party was still as vigorous as ever, as if those attacks hadn't depleted him in the least!

Just how in the world did he do it?

"Trinity of Heaven and Earth Formation!" Bellowing anxiously, Vice Hall Master Ming swiftly flitted to the side and assumed a specific position.

Hearing his words, the other two vice hall masters nodded and swiftly got into their positions as well.

Trinity of Heaven and Earth Formation!

This was a formation that could amplify their combined fighting prowess. As long as they were to use it well, even a Saint 2-dan pinnacle expert would be no match for them!


As soon as they got into position, their raging zhenqi began connecting with one another, forming something reminiscent of a metal chain.

Seemingly sensing a threat from their movements, 'Sun Qiang' took a step back and kept the spear in his hand with a flick of his wrist. Even so, his eyes still didn't open.



With the formation augmenting them, the aura of the three vice hall masters surged. Drawing their swords, they flicked their wrists and sent innumerable surges of sword qi towards Zhang Xuan as they charged forward.

However, before any of the sword qi could strike 'Sun Qiang', the latter abruptly leaped up and kicked thrice consecutively in the air.

The three kicks didn't seem to have any particular rhythm to them, but yet, they landed accurately in their path of movement. With just this simple move, their collaborative offense was sent into disarray.

"He... broke the Trinity of Heaven and Earth Formation?"

Upon seeing this sight, the surviving elders narrowed their eyes in astonishment.

The three kicks might have seemed to be random and illogical, but they had destroyed the tempo of the Trinity of Heaven and Earth Formation, thus effectively nullifying it!

To be able to overcome such a formidable formation with just a couple of kicks, could it be that the other party possessed a deep understanding of formations as well?

It was one thing for the other party to be so powerful, but to have such a deep understanding of formations on top of that... how were they supposed to win against this freak?

Not only would their formations be completely ineffective against the other party, the other party could even utilize formations against them as well. The situation was very disadvantageous to them.


While the elders were still overwhelmed with shock, 'Sun Qiang', who was still surrounded by the three vice hall masters, abruptly swept his sword forth, severing Vice Hall Master Ming Zhen's arm along with his entire shoulder. Blood immediately spurted frenziedly in the air.

"AHHHHH!!!!" With a cry of agony, Vice Hall Master Ming Zhen hurriedly retreated backward with a pale face. At this point, he could no longer find the strength to fight on any longer.

No matter how he thought about it, the situation was just inconceivable to him. How could the collaboration of three Saint 2-dan experts fail to subdue a mere Nascent Saint cultivator?


WIth the formation broken, there was no longer anything to fear from the trio anymore. 'Sun Qiang' advanced towards the other two remaining vice hall masters. With the sword in his hand, he rendered them completely incapable of retaliating, leaving them no choice but to retreat continuously.

"Wait a moment... is it just me, or is Sun Qiang's offense always targeted towards the person who is attacking him at the present moment? As long as one were to stop his attack, he wouldn't pursue the other party any further…" All of the sudden, an elder suddenly exclaimed.

"Now that you speak of it... that does seem to be the case!" Another elder nodded in agreement.

Thinking back, as powerful as Sun Qiang's fighting prowess was, he didn't just attack any of them randomly. Instead... it seemed like his attacks were only focused on whoever was attacking him!

It was almost as if... he was moving on reflex...

"Vice Hall Master Qian and Vice Hall Master Sun, stop attacking him! There is a very good chance that he will cool down once you stop your offense!" Upon realizing this point, one of the elders hurriedly shouted over.

"Stop attacking him?" Hearing that shout, the two vice hall masters suddenly recalled the details of the battle and realized the same anomaly as well. With a frown, they leaped out from the area of battle.


As soon as they leaped away, the other party, who had been was sending out innumerable lethal sword qi at them a moment ago, abruptly lowered his sword before keeping it with a flick of his wrist.


Following which, he sat down cross-legged on the floor once more, paying no heed to the huge crowd around him at all.

"This…" Seeing that the other party had finally stopped his offense, the duo heaved a sigh of relief. As the tension finally left their body, they realized that they were completely soaked with cold sweat.

Had it not been for that elder realizing the anomaly regarding the other party's attack, it would have just been a matter of time before they were killed.

For a Nascent Saint to kill a dozen Saint 1-dan pinnacle experts and corner three Saint 2-dan experts to the point where they could hardly catch a breath...

Where did Elder Xu find this monster from?

"It seems like... he was in some kind of trance due to his cultivation. Rather than attacking us consciously, it is a reflex action from his body in response to danger…" Vice Hall Master Qian remarked.


Hearing the other party's explanation, everyone contemplated for a moment before nodding in agreement.

There was some sense in what the other party had said. From the start to the end, 'Sun Qiang' had been sitting there silently. It was only upon their offense that he was forced to retaliate...

Furthermore, throughout the course of the battle, he only retaliated against those who were attacking him at that moment. Those who had attempted to claim his life ended up having their lives claimed by him instead. Thinking about it now, it seemed they had only survived the ordeal because they had held back in their attacks...

"If even his reflexes are so powerful... just how formidable will he be in a conscious state?" An elder trembled in fear as he spoke.

Everyone fell silent.

Reflexes were the instinctive reactions of a body in the face of a certain stimulus. Actions made under such circumstances were devoid of consideration, so naturally, one's fighting prowess would be limited.

Yet, under such a state, the other party was actually able to corner nearly all of the elders and vice hall masters of the Poison Hall... If that Sun Qiang fellow were to recover from his state of cultivation, wouldn't he become a huge threat to all of them?

Who in the Poison Hall would be able to stop him?

"Quick, call Elder Xu over!" Unable to stand it any longer, Vice Hall Master Qian commanded anxiously.

"It seems like Elder Xu has gone to meet the hall master…" One of the elders replied.

"Call the hall master here as well then!" Vice Hall Master Qian snapped.

Gritting his teeth, he turned his gaze towards the dead elders by the side, and tears began streaming down his eyes.

What the heck was this?

When had their Poison Hall suffered such great grievances?Yama is the God of Death for Buddhism and Hinduism.



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