Chapter 1034: Crushed to Death
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To think that the devastating might that threatened to decimate everything within a radius of thousand kilometers would have originated from there!

Who would have thought that it was a result of the Otherworldly Demons' attempt to break the seal?

It was no wonder the burst of energies abruptly started acting up a few days ago. Most likely, those fellows had been trying to break the seal since then.

He recalled what he had heard from Mu shi and Wu shi, about how a Transcendent Mortal 4-dan master teacher keeping watch over the area noticed an Otherworldly Demon loitering around the seal.

That matter had left Zhang Xuan perplexed for some time, but upon seeing this sight, everything suddenly came together like pieces of a puzzle.

Most likely, the Otherworldly Demons knew that their attempts to break the seal would result in the accumulation of energies within the area, and naturally, if an explosion were to occur as a result of it, they would be the first ones to be annihilated, standing at the very center of the blast. Thus, they intentionally let out news to the local Master Teacher Pavilion regarding their activities in the area before continuing their attacks.

Naturally, when the local Master Teacher Pavilion learned about the problems occurring with the seal, they would have no choice but to step in and intervene. While their efforts did save countless lives living in the area, it would be doing the Otherworldly Demons a huge favor as well.

This also explained why the interval between each burst of energies was irregular as well.

To break the seal, the Otherworldly Demons were launching their attacks in waves, taking a short breather in between so as to recover their strength. Naturally, the short breather that they took couldn't possibly be exactly the same each time around.

If that's the case, it means that the Otherworldly Demons have a way to effectively communicate with their fellow brethren remotely, Zhang Xuan analyzed grimly.

If that was truly the case, their expedition to the ancient domain would be more dangerous than ever.

The Otherworldly Demons that were attempting to enter the ancient domain at the moment might have been able to liaise with those who had entered two years ago, along with the old principal. That would mean that the other party commanded greater intelligence regarding the ancient domain than their expedition team.

After taking a look, Zhang Xuan finally understood what was going on, and a bitter smile surfaced on his lips. If the Otherworldly Demons hadn't attacked the seal, the heat emanated by the door would have gradually accumulated, and eventually, it would have grown too powerful and induced an energy storm that would part the lava above it, creating a natural passageway straight into the ancient domain. It is likely that the old principal made use of this energy storm to enter the ancient domain.

In the end, the reason they weren't unable to find the ancient domain wasn't because they had found the wrong place but due to his formation flag releasing all of the energies accumulated within the seal! If he hadn't made a move a few days ago, the Otherworldly Demons might very well have stopped their attacks due to fears that they would die from the explosion.

When the seal eventually opened, they would have been able to enter the ancient domain with ease through the energy storm. They would have been spared a great deal of trouble.

What the heck was with that!

Forget it, I should return to set up the formation now.

Having made sense out of what was happening, there was no point in Zhang Xuan remaining there. Thus, he beckoned to his clone before diving back up to where the Golden Origin Cauldron was.

It had been roughly been four hours since he had entered the lava to cultivate, and the others were likely worried sick about him by now.

This time, his clone was extremely obedient, not causing any trouble at all. After returning his clone to the Myriad Anthive Nest, Zhang Xuan had the Golden Origin Cauldron surface.

Just as Zhang Xuan had guessed, the master teachers and combat masters outside were indeed very worried about him. His emergence from the lava left all of them heaving huge sighs of relief simultaneously.

Zhang Xuan scanned the crowd and said, "I am finally done scanning the geographical terrain below, so it is time to start setting up the formation. Everyone, prepare yourselves! Enter Ding Ding and await my command. Once we succeed, we will set forth immediately!"

Knowing how important the matter was, the crowd nodded grimly. "Alright!"


With a loud bellow, the Golden Origin Cauldron expanded itself to tenfold its previous size, around twenty meters wide. The crowd hurriedly got within it.

Instead of entering the Golden Origin Cauldron like the others, Luo Ruoxin headed toward Zhang Xuan and said, "I won't be going in; I will accompany you outside."

"It will be safer for you to get into Ding Ding. I fear that you might meet with danger following behind me." Zhang Xuan frowned.

If something happened, at least the Golden Origin Cauldron could bear the brunt of the blow. If Luo Ruoxin remained outside, she would be potentially exposing herself to grave danger. Furthermore, if she couldn't keep up with the group and the lava caved in on her…

"Don't worry, I still have a couple of life preservation means up my sleeves," Luo Ruoxin said with a light smile.

"… Alright then." Seeing how confident Luo Ruoxin was and recalling how she could very well be an offspring of the Luo Clan, one of the Sage Clans, Zhang Xuan relented.

"Ding Ding, listen to my command. When I order you to set forth, you are to move immediately. There mustn't be the slightest bit of hesitation from you!" Zhang Xuan turned around to command the Golden Origin Cauldron before flying up to the area right above where the burst of energies was headed towards.

It had already been around eight minutes since the last burst of energies, so the next one was due soon.

Flicking his wrist, Zhang Xuan took out more than a hundred formation flags, and they floated right before him. Activating his Eye of Insight, he stared intently at the lava beneath him, waiting for the right moment to move.


A moment later, the lava beneath began to flurry. A sharp glint flashed across Zhang Xuan's eyes as he flicked his wrist, and the formation flags swiftly flew down into their respective positions.

"Activate!" While standing in midair, Zhang Xuan stomped his feet, and powerful gusts of air spread into the surroundings like water ripples.


A massive formation instantaneously came to life.


The moment that the formation was activated, the lava beneath finally couldn't house the burst of energies anymore. As if a scissors tearing across a piece of silk, a massive rip appeared in the lava as the burst of energies headed right toward the massive formation.

Hong long long!

The instant that the burst of energies collided with the formation, it was absorbed and accumulated within the formation.

The Great Heaven Reversal Formation, when used in battle, had the effect of blocking the opponent's attack and returning it back at the latter. When utilized well, it could return the attack back at one's opponent without any loss of energy.

In other words, on top of being a defensive formation, the Great Heaven Reversal Formation had offensive means as well.

Of course, that was easier said than done, and the formation had its limits, too. For one, if the absorbed energy was beyond the durability of the formation, the person who set up the formation could very well suffer strong backlash and possibly die on the spot.

Seeing how the absorption of the power contained in the burst of energies hadn't resulted in the shattering of the Great Heaven Reversal Formation, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief as he wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead.

In truth, he had not been too sure if the formation would be able to withstand the immense might contained in the burst of energies either. It was fortunate that he had learned the 7-star Heaven's Path Formation Art earlier. Otherwise, even if it was Guild Leader Han setting up the Great Heaven Reversal Formation, the imperfections in setting it up could have resulted in the other party's formation being unable to withstand the violent burst of energies.

Worried, the crowd in the Golden Origin Cauldron had been keeping an eye on the situation outside with their Spiritual Perception, and upon seeing this sight, Guild Leader Han couldn't help but narrow his eyes in shock. Principal Zhang sure has a deep understanding of formations!

His initial plan had been to have Zhang Xuan hide within the Golden Origin Cauldron while he set up the Great Heaven Reversal Formation. However, upon seeing this sight, he felt relieved that he had decided to go with Zhang Xuan's call instead. If he had obstinately chosen to take on the task himself, not only would the expedition team have failed to get into the ancient domain, he could very well have died from the backlash as well.

Even though the Great Heaven Reversal Formation was a grade-7 pinnacle formation, the other party had managed to set it up so perfectly that it harnessed prowess on par with a grade-8 formation. There was not the slightest flaw that he could see in it—not only was it perfectly harmonized with his surroundings, it was even further reinforced by the heat of the lava beneath, granting it unimaginable prowess.

Amidst his shock, the burst of energies finally calmed down, and the formation was done charging up as well. Zhang Xuan's eyebrows shot up as he flicked out a formation flag, and he tossed it forward powerfully.

Tzzzz la!

Just like how he dealt with the huge accumulation of energies within the seal a few days ago, the formation flag struck an opening of the Great Heaven Reversal Formation, and an inconceivably massive burst of might blasted forth along the formation flag.


Under the incredible might of the blast, a huge opening was ripped through the lava.

" Go! " Knowing that this was their chance to head through, Zhang Xuan bellowed loudly, and the Golden Origin Cauldron hurriedly dashed into the opening.

Zhang Xuan swiftly shot a glance at Luo Ruoxin before dashing into the opening as well.

Knowing that the passageway through the lava would only remain open for a brief moment before closing in on them, he executed the Heaven's Path Movement Art and darted forth at the fastest speed possible.

Over the past few months, he had been trying to merge the Heaven's Path Movement Art together with the Red Dust Heaven Ascending Steps, and just a few days ago, he had finally managed to do so perfectly. With the strengths of the two techniques merged together, Zhang Xuan was able to move as swift as a streak of lightning, allowing him to keep up even with the Saint 4-dan pinnacle Golden Origin Cauldron.

Luo shi… Fearing that Luo Ruoxin might have been unable to catch up, Zhang Xuan turned around to take a look, only to see her only around three to four meters behind him. No matter how fast he traveled, the distance between them didn't seem to lengthen at all.

As expected of an offspring of a Sage Clan, her speed sure is fearsome! Zhang Xuan nodded in awe.

Honestly speaking, even up to this point, he was still unable to discern how powerful the young lady behind him was. Nevertheless, considering how the other party was able to keep up with his Heaven's Path Movement Art—and judging from her leisurely look, it seemed like she wasn't anywhere close to exerting her full strength yet—there was no doubt that she was an expert.


The Golden Origin Cauldron and Zhang Xuan passed through the hundred meters of lava in the blink of an eye. With a resounding crash, they landed in the ancient domain.

"Everyone, hurry out! There are Otherworldly Demons in the area, so be careful!" Zhang Xuan roared deafeningly as he quickly took his stance in front of Luo Ruoxin.

Based on what he had seen earlier, there were dozens of Otherworldly Demons in the area. While most of them were only at Saint 1-dan, there were quite a number of them around, so it was still imperative that they remained careful.

If the Otherworldly Demons were to attempt to launch an assault on them at this moment, their unprepared expedition team could potentially suffer quite a few casualties.

"Otherworldly Demons?"

The crowd hurriedly flew out of the Golden Origin Cauldron and swiftly put up a defensive formation, assessing their surroundings warily. However, with a look, they couldn't help but fall into a daze.

Wu shi looked at Zhang Xuan with a doubtful look on his face. "Principal Zhang, is this the ancient domain you spoke of? Shouldn't it be filled with buildings? Why is it… all rubble?"

"Rubble?" Zhang Xuan was surprised by the question.

He quickly took a look at his surroundings as well, and just as the other party had said, the exquisite buildings that he had seen just a moment ago had collapsed into rubble. Huge puffs of white smoke were rising from them, indicating that they had just fallen a moment ago.

"Could it be that… the Otherworldly Demons knew that we were coming, so they decisively chose to destroy the ancient domain in advance?" Zhang Xuan remarked.

"Cough cough…" Seeing Zhang Xuan's incensed look, Guild Leader Han said awkwardly, "They weren't the ones who destroyed it. Rather… it seems like the impact of the rebounded burst of energies was too great, to the extent that it not only tore the lava apart but jolted the ancient domain into the current state it is in as well."

The rebounded blast generated by the Great Heaven Reversal Formation was so great that it had ended up devastating the ancient domain as well.

"I was the one who did it?" Zhang Xuan's lips twitched in embarrassment. He had been praising his clone a moment ago for not causing any trouble this time around, but who would have thought that he would end up causing trouble instead?

What the heck was this?

"Right, where are the Otherworldly Demons? Did they flee?" Embarrassed, Zhang Xuan hurriedly changed the topic. Recalling those fellows that he had seen earlier, he quickly scanned his surroundings, but in that moment, a sheepish voice sounded in the air.

"Master, I think that… I might have accidentally… crushed them."



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