Chapter 1037: The Frenzied Luo Ruoxin!
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Noting the peculiar expression on Zhang Xuan's face, Wu shi couldn't help but ask, "Principal Zhang, is there something wrong with the seal?"

In his view, Principal Zhang was a person who would retain his composure even if the world was about to collapse on them. Yet, for him to show such an expression at this moment… something huge must have happened!

"Oh, it's nothing much. I just find it a little weird…" Zhang Xuan's words petered out into silence, seemingly not intending to say anything more about it. He walked to a distance of forty meters away and beckoned everyone over. "Everyone, halt your cultivation for just a moment. Let's discuss how we should break the seal and enter the door."

Hearing those words, the crowd hurriedly rushed over with eyes lit up in excitement. "Principal Zhang, have you found a way to overcome the seal?"

"I did manage to find a way, but…"

Scratching his head, Zhang Xuan had no idea where he should start from. What he had just seen was simply too inconceivable for anyone to believe to be true. Thus, he decided to just get straight to the point. "Do any of you have the Spirit Solution of Vigor with you?"

"Spirit Solution of Vigor?"

Everyone glanced at one another in astonishment, not knowing why Zhang Xuan was asking such a thing.

Spirit Solution of Vigor was the academic name for the urine of saint beasts so that it didn't sound as crass. Usually, cultivators would take some when they travelled so that they could demarcate a zone to prevent spirit beasts from harassing them at night.

Back when Zhang Xuan challenged You Xu to a Physician Life-and-Death Duel, he had forced You Xu to drink it, leaving him feeling so indignant that he nearly spurted blood.

"Considering how old the ancient domain will be, I assumed that there wouldn't be any saint beasts and spirit beasts, so I didn't bring any along with me."

"Same as well. I usually bring some with me, but as I grew stronger, I found that the occasions I needed any were growing fewer and fewer. Furthermore, it feels a little crass to have such an item in my storage ring, so I threw it away!"

"We of the Combat Master Hall never use such a thing. If spirit beasts dare to engage us, we just slaughter them. As long as enough blood is shed, the others know better than to provoke us."

The crowd shook their heads.

Those who had participated in the expedition were all respectable individuals; Han Xu was the head of the Qingyuan Empire Formation Master Guild; Wu Rufeng and Mu Yuan were 7-star master teachers; Wo Tianqiong, Shen Pingchao, and Wu Ran were the principals of Master Teacher Academies.

Given so, they would never keep something as crass as the urine of saint beasts in their storage rings.

As for the Combat Master Hall, they didn't have the habit of bringing the Spirit Solution of Vigor with them. Thus, it turned out that there was no one in the expedition team who had it!

"None of you have any?" Zhang Xuan pinched his glabella before turning to Luo Ruoxin.

Noting Zhang Xuan's gaze on her, the young lady snorted, "I don't have any either!"

"I see. Since no one has any with them…" Zhang Xuan shook his head regrettably before taking out a pile of pots, bowls, gourds, and woks and saying helplessly, "We will just have to do it ourselves."


Everyone staggered weakly and nearly spurted a mouthful of blood.

From searching for the Spirit Solution of Vigor to having us produce it ourselves… What the heck is with this twist?

Furthermore, we are all respectable figures! To urinate like that…

Everyone felt like their mind was going to blow from the sheer insanity of the situation they were facing.

Ignoring the conflicted faces around him, Zhang Xuan waved his hand and said, "Hurry up. Also, we will need as much as possible. Whether we can break the seal or not will depend on how much you are able to produce!"


In that moment, everyone felt like crying.

"Alright. Gauge your own personal circumstances and grab a tool that is the most suited for you," Zhang Xuan said as he gestured at the pots, bowls, gourds, and woks beside him.

He had obtained all of those from the storage rings of the Otherworldly Demons. Those were probably the tools that they used to cook, and they were exceptionally clean, making them ideal containers to store their urine.

"Alright then…"

Seeing the earnest look on Zhang Xuan's face, the crowd could tell that he wasn't just trying to make fun of them. Thus, after exchanging glances, they eventually nodded before grabbing an item each with gritted teeth.

Hu hu hu!

In the blink of an eye, they disappeared from sight.

There was no way they were going to urinate in front of so many people; it was too embarrassing!

Soon, only Zhang Xuan and Luo Ruoxin were left in the square.

Seeing that the young lady hadn't taken anything yet, Zhang Xuan hesitated for a moment before picking up a cup from the ground. "Cough cough. This is for you."


Luo Ruoxin's teeth were gritted so tightly together that it seemed as if they were going to chip from the immense pressure between them. She glared coldly at the fellow before her, tempted to kill him with a single slap.

"What's wrong?" Noticing Luo Ruoxin's look of displeasure, Zhang Xuan panicked. "Is it too small? Then… what about this?"

After saying those words, Zhang Xuan hurriedly passed a huge pot over.

"Scram!" Luo Ruoxin bellowed furiously, nearly driven insane by Zhang Xuan's actions.

She had always been considered a goddess regardless of where she went, an existence whom others looked up to. Yet, this fellow actually passed her a cup… And, as if that wasn't bad enough, he even tried to pass her a pot afterwards!

Are you trying to say that I will be able to fill that huge pot up?

Shall I show you what hell looks like?

Not expecting the other party to snub his goodwill and even bellow at him to scram, Zhang Xuan pouted in indignation. "If you are unwilling to do it, so be it. There is no need to get angry over it…"

"You…" Luo Ruoxin felt the final string of rationality in her mind threatening to snap.

In her entire life, she had never gotten emotional over anything, as if a spectator of the world or a still painting. However, ever since she met this fellow, she had found all kinds of emotions coming to her. It was as if someone had vanquished the silence from her life.

"Alright, alright. I'll leave." Seeing how Luo Ruoxin would erupt if he said a word more, Zhang Xuan hurriedly turned around and fled.

However, even after Zhang Xuan's departure, Luo Ruoxin still felt the flames of anger burning intensely within her, unable to be quelled without a good beating of him. While she was considering whether or not she should catch up to fellow back and give him a piece of her mind, she suddenly heard a distressed voice from not too far away.

"I don't have anything to pee out of! What do I do? Can anyone help me?"

Luo Ruoxin turned her gaze over and saw the Golden Origin Cauldron looking around anxiously, seemingly looking for help.

"Don't leave! Won't any of you aid me? Or, Master, can you smith one for me?"


Dark lines streaked across Luo Ruoxin's face.

Just what kind of people had she gotten involved with?

Oblivious to the reason behind the young lady's rage, Zhang Xuan found himself an isolated area as well. However, at this moment, a thought flashed across his mind, and he slapped his forehead in realization.

How could I have been so silly?

The next moment, he disappeared from the spot and entered the Myriad Anthive Nest.

Floating in midair, Zhang Xuan loudly bellowed, "All of you, come over!"

Hu hu hu!

In the blink of an eye, all of the saint beasts within the Myriad Anthive Nest flew over.

Knowing that the ancient domain would be dangerous, he had made sure to bring a few more saint beasts with him when he returned to the Master Teacher Academy. Taking into account the Byzantium Helios Beast and the nine kings of the Cloudmist Ridge as well, he had more than several dozen saint beasts in the Myriad Anthive Nest in total.

"I need all of you to urinate for me!" Saying those words, Zhang Xuan passed a pile of pots toward the beasts as well.



The beasts were bewildered by the abrupt command, but considering that the other party was their master, they dared not act against his command. Thus, they took a large pot each and turned around.

In an instant, an overwhelming stench filled the Myriad Anthive Nest.

A few moments later, the beasts returned with huge pots in their hands, each weighing ten jin 1 at the very minimum.

Quite a number of these saint beasts had massive physiques, boasting both heights and lengths of several meters. Naturally, the amount of urine they released was also proportionate to their size.

"Not bad!"

Seeing how the bunch of fellows didn't disappoint, Zhang Xuan nodded in satisfaction. With a swift movement, he poured all of the Spirit Solution of Vigor together into a massive pail. All in all, it weighed more than two thousand jin!

"Alright, you all can get back to whatever you were doing previously!" Zhang Xuan dismissed the saint beasts with a wave of his hand before leaving the Myriad Anthive Nest.

Returning back to the door, he noted that there were quite a few people who had returned. Most of them were from the Combat Master Hall.

"Here is what you needed!" Feng Xun harrumphed as he passed a pot over.

The others also hurriedly did the same as well, but the quantity wasn't a lot. The ten or so members of the Combat Master Hall had only produced around half a pot in total.

"So little?" Zhang Xuan glanced at the pot before turning his gaze back to the powerful-looking members of the Combat Master Hall with a deep frown.

So many lively young men, and yet, this was all they could produce?

Recalling how badly he had been pummeled, Feng Xun suddenly felt a surge of rage and lashed out. "Little? What about yours? Why don't you bring yours out to show us then?"

"I…" Zhang Xuan was just about to speak when Wu shi, Mu shi, Wo Tianqiong, and the other master teachers flew over. Their faces were all reddened in embarrassment.

Putting theirs together, they realized that their amount didn't even come close to the combat masters'.

"This…" Zhang Xuan couldn't help but feel a surge of helplessness.

It was fortunate that he was sharp enough to think of a backup plan, or else, with that pitiful amount that all of them had produced, it wouldn't even be enough to water a plant, let alone break a formation.

"Forget it, the amount you all have is too little. Let's use mine instead!" Seeing how the amount from everyone combined did not even add up to a single pot, Zhang Xuan shook his head and tossed it aside casually.

Feeling humiliated by Zhang Xuan's words, Feng Xun lashed out furiously. "Use yours? Can yours be more than all of us combined?"

"This is mine."


A massive wooden pail weighing over two thousand jin 2 fell onto the ground, raising a cloud of dust in the air.


"How is that possible?" Seeing the massive pail, the eyes of the combat masters and master teachers couldn't help but fly around the place, frenzied by what they were seeing.

Even if your bladder is big, surely there should be a limit to it. With so much water, it could easily drown you several times over. How in the world did you manage to find so much water within you?

The one who took the heaviest blow from this matter was naturally Feng Xun. He felt blood gushing up his throat once more.

Just how in the world did you manage to pull this off?

It is one thing for you to be strong, but to be able to urinate so much… is there a folded space in your bladder?

If we had known that you were able to produce so much, we wouldn't have bothered going through all the trouble!

"Alright, I'm going to break the seal now."

Ignoring the looks on the faces around him, Zhang Xuan raised the pail with his hand, and with a step, he flew into the sky, heading for the seal.

On the other hand, hearing that Zhang Xuan was about to break the seal, the others quickly snapped out of their frenzied states and hurriedly turned their gazes toward the door.

They had studied the seal carefully earlier, but they had not been able to find any other method to break it. Even the Otherworldly Demons that had come before them had been left with no choice but to resort to brute force, attacking it relentlessly. Yet, Principal Zhang was actually able to find a solution just by touching it, instructing them to gather their urine right afterward.

Everyone was curious to see just what the method of breaking the seal was for it to require urine.


Before everyone's gazes, Zhang Xuan arrived directly above the door, and with a grim look, he tapped on the bottom of the pail.


A huge hole immediately appeared in the pail, and the content stored within fell toward the seal.


As if sulfur meeting metal, upon contact with the seal, a sound of corrosion immediately sounded from the seal. In an instant, the incomparably sturdy seal dissipated into nothingness.



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