that gesture was directed toward Wu shi's response or a contemplative gesture on her part.

Only Saint 9-dan experts are capable of comprehending the laws of space? Zhang Xuan blinked in astonishment.

In truth, he hadn't thought that spatial manipulation would be such an advanced ability.

He had once entered a folded space back at the Saint Ascension Platform, and he had even ordered the Myriad Anthive Queen to assimilate it into her nest. If that was the case, did it mean that the place had been left behind by a Saint 9-dan expert as well?

Back then, Kong shi had only achieved a breakthrough to Saint realm, so it was impossible for him to have set it up himself. That would mean that there was already a loyal Saint 9-dan subordinate following him even back then.

However, considering the incredible prowess and the unique charisma that Kong shi commanded, it would not have been too difficult for him to take in a couple of followers who boasted strength greater than him.

Back then, when I first met Luo Ruoxin in the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy during the public lecture event, she was able to maneuver through the bustling crowd without anyone coming close to touching her at all. That seems to have been spatial manipulation as well.

Such an idea emerged in Zhang Xuan's mind, but he soon shook his head with a bitter smile. No, that should be impossible. She's only a 6-star master teacher, so even if she is stronger than me, she can't possibly be too far ahead. It is probably some kind of secret art or unique artifact.

Having read all of the books in the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy, Zhang Xuan had learned that the Master Teacher Continent was filled with all kinds of wonders. On top of unique constitutions that could emerge randomly among fortunate individuals from time to time, there were also formidable clans who possessed special bloodlines. Through the power of their bloodline, they could draw forth exceptional strength that had the potential to exceed any battle techniques in the world.

This was also the reason the Sage Clans wielded immense power in the Master Teacher Continent, with only few daring to oppose them.

Perplexed, Zhang Xuan turned to Luo Ruoxin and asked, "How can you be certain that it isn't a formation but a type of spatial manipulation?"

Hearing those words, Wo Tianqiong and the others turned their gazes over as well.

Concepts relating to space were extremely profound, far beyond what they could comprehend at their current level.

Luo Ruoxin pointed a finger forward and said, "That's simple. Just look ahead and you will know."

The crowd hurriedly turned their eyes over, and at the other end of the passageway they were currently in, the scenery abruptly changed.

Meandering mountains that stretched into the horizon were filled with lush greenery. The air was comfortable, very different from the warm and dry environment around Firesource City. It was as if they had stepped into an entirely different world.

"Is this… a folded space? It's massive!" Zhang Xuan was stunned.

He had encountered quite a few folded spaces so far, and he even possessed a decent-sized one himself. However, one as large as the one before him… he had never thought that it would be possible for a folded space to be that large, let alone see one!

He had thought that his folded space was already rather incredible to span several hundred meters from one end to the other, but the one before him could house mountains and rivers that extended to the horizon. Frightening!

The larger a folded space was, the greater the pressure it would face from the external world, thus making it less stable.

How in the world did the master of the ancient domain manage to create and maintain such a large folded space?

Just as Zhang Xuan was completely astounded by the sight before him, Guild Leader Han's voice suddenly sounded at that moment. He quickly turned his gaze toward the latter, only to see the latter's body completely stiffened in shock.

"No, this isn't a folded space; this is a Spatial Formation!"



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