"Spatial Formation?" Zhang Xuan asked in confusion.

He had heard of Confinement Formations, Illusory Formations, and Slaughter Formations, but a Spatial Formation… How was it different from folded spaces?

"Spatial Formation refers to the construction of space within a formation itself. Its stability is inferior to folded spaces, but its structure is more suited to contain other formations within it. In other words, there could be many Slaughter Formations, Beguilement Formations, Illusory Formations, and the sort hidden within it, making it extremely dangerous. Often, those who step into Spatial Formations aren't even aware of it themselves," Guild Leader Han said with a trembling voice.

As a 7-star pinnacle formation master, he knew how fearsome Spatial Formations were. Those who stepped into one would find their minds being led on by the distorted spatial laws within it, making it impossible for them to escape it. More importantly, it was possible that there could be other formidable Slaughter Formations or the sort hidden within the Spatial Formation, making it extremely dangerous for even the strongest of experts. As long as one hadn't reached Saint 9-dan, it would be near impossible to overcome it.

After hearing those words, the crowd couldn't help but frown.

They didn't fully comprehend how frightening Spatial Formations were, but for the composed Guild Leader Han to show such a response, there was no doubt that they were something extremely frightening.

"What if we were to destroy the Spatial Formation?" Zhang Xuan asked.

Regardless of how formidable a formation was, there was nothing that couldn't be overcome with a kick from him. There was really no need for the other party to be so worried over this matter!

"Putting aside the fact that it is near impossible to destroy a Spatial Formation, unless you are capable of surviving the shattering of space, it would be wiser for you not to do so," Guild Leader Han said.

Zhang Xuan's lips twitched upon hearing those words.

The shattering of space was not something that he could withstand even if he were to raise his cultivation by seven realms at this very instant. In shattered space, even a Primordial Spirit would be torn to shreds in an instant!

How could beings who existed in space possibly survive in the absence of it?

To make an analogy, what would hair latch onto in the absence of skin?

"Indeed! This is precisely why we can only advance along the path that the creator of the Spatial Formation has determined step by step." At this point, Guild Leader Han's voice suddenly grew grim. "At this point, I believe that we can say that we are already in the ancient domain. Every step that we take from this point onward will be fraught with dangers."

"Fraught with dangers…"

Those words left the crowd with grave expressions on their faces as well.

It was indeed very difficult for them to bypass the first two trials that they faced, but at the very least, it couldn't really have been considered dangerous.

For the first trial, even if they had not passed through the lava to reach the area beneath it, they would have been in no immediate danger for the time being.

As for the second trial, as long as they didn't attack the seal, it would have been possible for them to have survived in the area for several years without trouble.

But at this point, Guild Leader Han's words seemed to be indicating that danger was lurking everywhere around them. Regardless of whether they chose to move or remain stationary, to take on a passive approach or explore actively, danger could still spring forth at any moment.

They were going to face the true trial of the ancient domain from this point on.

"Since we are already here, we can only look forward and deal with whatever comes our way. If we are really in the ancient domain now, Zhang Yinqiu and the others should have passed through this area as well. As long as we can find a way to trace their route, we should be able to steer clear of most of the danger!" Wo Tianqiong said.

"You're right!" Others quickly voiced their agreement.

They had already prepared themselves for death when they made the decision to join the expedition back then. If they were truly already in the ancient domain, they should be glad that they were on the right track.

"Zhang Yinqiu and the others came by two years ago, so any traces they have left behind should have been erased by now. However, since he was able to send his Principal's Seal out, there is a good chance that he is currently trapped at a certain part of the ancient domain. If that deduction holds true, we should be able to find something while advancing ahead," Wu shi said as he took the lead.

There was no one who could say for sure at this point whether the old principal was dead or not. However, given that the latter had been able to send his Principal's Seal out, there was a good chance that he was still alive at this point. If so, he would have surely left some traces behind so that they could find him. Otherwise, there would have been very little meaning to him sending a help signal to them.

"Un." Zhang Xuan nodded as he activated his Eye of Insight to examine his surroundings.

A moment later, he couldn't help but shake his head.

Regardless of whether they were in a Spatial Formation or a folded space, there was one thing for sure—the person who had created the ancient domain possessed a cultivation far greater than his. The vast disparity in strength made it impossible for him to discern anything even through the powerful Eye of Insight.

Flaws! Zhang Xuan willed.

A moment later, he shook his head once more.

The Library of Heaven's Path could only compile a book on the items that he was in contact with or were currently active.

While the Spatial Formation was a formation as well, as the mountains and rivers in his surroundings weren't the direct manifestation of the Spatial Formation, he was unable to compile a book on it in the Library of Heaven's Path. The only way he could do so was probably only if he could get an overview of the functioning of the entire Spatial Formation.

This was similar to how he couldn't possibly use the sunrise and sunset or the changing weather to compile a book regarding the flaws of the Master Teacher Continent.

Even the overpowered Library of Heaven's Path couldn't work its wonders against something as expansive as the Spatial Formation they were in.

It seems like we can only proceed forward a step at the time. Seeing that there were no shortcuts he could take, Zhang Xuan sighed deeply in frustration before following behind the crowd.

Honestly speaking, the Spatial Formation was truly incredible. Had they not known that they were deep underground, beneath a hundred meters of lava, they might have really thought that they had entered a warm mountain range in the midst of spring.

Surrounded by lush green plants, the crowd couldn't help but forget the fear of being within an ancient domain. Slowly, a feeling of leisure crept upon them.

A light mountain breeze blew, and the leaves rustled under its tugging. The sound of nature left them feeling incredibly relaxed, as if they had entered a utopia free of hardship and struggles.

"It doesn't seem like there is any danger around?"

"Indeed! Not only so, the area is also very rich in spiritual energy. If the day comes when I wish to retire and back away from the material world, I think I would want to live here!"

"This is indeed a good environment, very suited for cultivating one's heart…"

The leisurely atmosphere in the air made the combat masters and master teachers a little more talkative than usual.

Previously, when Guild Leader Han spoke about how there might be dangers pouncing on them at every step, they had been scared out of their wits. But when they began making their way through the Spatial Formation, they realized that it was far from what Guild Leader Han had said. Rather than threatened, they felt calm and peaceful.

They couldn't help but desire to live in a place as peaceful as this for the rest of their lives.

Hearing those words, a thought suddenly sprouted within Guild Leader Han's eyes, and sharpness abruptly returned to his glazed eyes. "No, something is wrong. Everyone, stay alert! We are already under attack!"

One of the combat masters chuckled. "We are under attack? Guild Leader Han, you must be joking! I'm sure that we will know if we are under attack!"

Another combat master nodded in agreement. "Indeed. I think Guild Leader Han is just being a little too apprehensive. There is no way so many of us wouldn't notice it if we are being attacked!"

As veterans of the battlefield, they were conditioned to instinctively retaliate toward any offense directed at them. If there was truly an attack against them, they couldn't possibly still be in the leisurely state they were in at the moment.

"An attack that is unnoticeable is the most fearsome of all!" Guild Leader Han exclaimed lividly.

If it was a direct attack, they would at least still have been able to put their lives on the line and fight their way out. What was truly frightening would be when one didn't even realize that one was being attacked. As if frogs being cooked in warm water, they wouldn't even notice what was happening to them until their moment of death!

"Did Guild Leader Han notice something?" Wu shi asked.

"Did you notice how our wariness has slackened ever since we entered this ancient domain? In our current state, there is no way we will be able to put up any defenses should danger abruptly spring on us!" Guild Leader Han said. "More importantly… did you notice that we have already been walking for some time now? Yet, the end is nowhere in sight. It is as if there is some kind of power pulling us along, making us walk for all eternity to come! There is something really amiss with the situation here."

"This…" Wu shi was taken aback.

Now that the other party had pointed it out explicitly to him, he also realized that there was something very wrong with the situation as well.

In the first place, it was bizarre that they would be in such a leisurely state, neglecting to even put their guards up, considering the fact that they were venturing into uncharted territory. As veteran master teachers and combat masters, there was no way they would make such an elementary mistake.


While the duo was still speaking, a peculiar sound echoed clearly behind them. Turning their gazes over, they saw that the face of the combat master who had just said that Guild Leader Han was being too apprehensive had turned ghastly pale, and blood was streaming down the corner of his mouth profusely. Yet, a smile remained plastered on his face as he trudged forward resolutely.


That fellow was clearly in a bad state, his face turning paler at a visible rate as blood rained down his chin, but his lips were still curled up into the most peaceful of smiles.

This sight left goosebumps rising on the hands of the duo.

It was simply too eerie!

As knowledgeable and well-read as they were, they had never encountered something as sinister as this.

After taking a look, Wu shi observed with an awful complexion, "His current state is caused by exhaustion. His zhenqi is about to be depleted clean, and his stamina is swiftly approaching its limits."

As a 7-star master teacher, it wasn't too difficult for him to discern the source of injury of the combat master.

But… it hadn't been long since they had started walking?

Combat masters were renowned for their astounding endurance in battle, and yet, that fellow was already at his limits after such a short walk?

Guild Leader Han couldn't help but be deeply perplexed by the bizarre matter. At this moment, Wu shi suddenly exclaimed, "Guild Leader Han, take a look at your dantian!"


Taken aback by the abrupt words, Guild Leader Han hurriedly looked into his internal state, and what he saw left his eyes narrowing uncontrollably.

To his astonishment, the overwhelming zhenqi that he possessed had nearly been depleted as well. If one were to compare a cultivator's dantian to a lake, his would be one that had dried up to the point where one could already see the seabed.

"My zhenqi… How has it been depleted so quickly?" Guild Leader Han's body trembled in shock.

As a 7-star pinnacle formation master, a Saint 4-dan pinnacle expert, he was one of the strongest in the expedition, and he boasted the greatest zhenqi capacity as well. Putting aside walking, he could easily fight for four hours straight without being depleted.

But this… he had only walked for a short while—they weren't even flying—and yet, his dantian was nearly empty. What was happening?

This was really frightening!

Pu! Pu! Pu!

While Guild Leader Han was astonished over his internal state, the sound of someone spurting blood echoed around them once more. A few more combat masters who had lower cultivation levels began spewing blood, and even Wo Tianqiong, Shen Pingchao, and Wu Ran had pale faces, and veins were popping from their temples. It looked like they were on the verge of running out of strength and collapsing.

This was exceptionally apparent for Wo Tianqiong, whose hair was turning white as well due to exhaustion. In this moment, it looked like he had aged by more than ten years.

"This…" Guild Leader Han's body shook fearfully as he turned a horrified glance toward Wu shi.

He knew that the Spatial Formation would be fraught with dangers, but he didn't expect such a thing to happen. In fact, he wasn't able to make sense out of what was happening either.

"I have no idea what's going on." Wu shi shook his head, too.

It was always difficult for those who were trapped within the box to obtain a clear view of their current situation. Despite the many books they had read, they were still unable to comprehend the bizarre situation they were in.

At this moment, Zhang Xuan spoke.

"It is probably the sound of the breeze in the mountain. It is placing us into a trance in which our bodies deplete zhenqi faster than normal, and even our life force is gradually being sapped as well. If we don't find a way out of this situation, we will only continue walking tirelessly forward until we finally exceed our limits and die!"

The duo hurriedly turned their gazes over, only to see the young man with a deep frown etched on his forehead, seemingly deep in contemplation over something.



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