Chapter 1043: Field of Lightning
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The elder staggered. For a moment there, he nearly dissipated on the spot.

The reason he had left his fragmented soul behind was to accept new students so as to pass down his secret art to the later generations, not to acknowledge other people as his teacher!

Yet, not only did he fail to score himself his student, the other party was even intending to take him on as a student. The immense frustration that he felt left him feeling like he was going to explode on the spot.

But thinking back, he was the person who had said 'If you wish to obtain my heritage, you have to join my lineage. Otherwise, how can I impart my secret art to you?'

Now that he wanted the other party to impart the perfected Unbounded Voyager to him, it went without saying that the same rules should apply as well. Why should the other party teach him otherwise?

"Alright, I was being too superficial then…" Shaking his head, the elder decided to ask no more. Turning his gaze to Zhang Xuan, he said, "The true ancient domain lies beyond me, and you will face far greater danger than this. I wish you the best in your journey."

After saying those words, the silhouette of the elder began to fade.

Normally, the other party should have been able to maintain his existence for some time. However, after suffering the heavy blow from Zhang Xuan, the other party found himself unable to hold on any longer.


The elder vanished from sight, and cracks swiftly crept across the stone tablet before him.

Kacha, kacha!

In the blink of an eye, it had already collapsed into a pile of rubble on the ground.

"You haven't told me what your name is…" Not expecting the other party to vanish so abruptly, Zhang Xuan was dazed.

In truth, when he said that he could correct the flaws of the Unbounded Voyager and improve it, it had been nothing more than a ploy to lure the other party into taking out the manual. The movement techniques that he had collected thus far were simply too weak; it was impossible to compile them with such an advanced technique.

As such, even though Zhang Xuan could easily point out the flaws regarding the Unbounded Voyager, it was impossible for him to correct them.

Seeing how earnestly the other party was seeking guidance from him, he had no choice but to use the other party's words against him. Who would have thought that the other party would vanish shortly after he finished saying those words?

He had received the other party's Unbounded Voyager manual, but in the end, he realized that he didn't even know the other party's name.

Facing the shattered stone tablet before him, Zhang Xuan bowed deeply. "Elder, thank you for your movement technique. I will surely bring it glory so as to not let you down!"

No matter what, the other party deserved an earnest bow from him.

This Unbounded Voyager might be powerful, but I am still unable to cultivate it yet.

After paying his respects to the elder, Zhang Xuan turned his attention back to the movement technique that he had just obtained, and he couldn't help but shake his head helplessly.

His zhenqi and physical body did meet the required mark, allowing him to execute the technique without his zhenqi running dry or his physical body being strained beyond its limit. However, there was another issue that Zhang Xuan was particularly concerned with… there were simply too many flaws with the technique!

He really couldn't bring himself to practice such a flawed technique.

Just the flaw in the first dan of the movement technique could potentially deprive him of his vision. He didn't wish to become blind from practicing this technique.

It seemed like he would really have to find higher tier movement technique manuals to compile together with the Unbounded Voyager so as to perfect it when he got out.

In any case, the Heaven's Path Movement Art was sufficient for the time being, so there was no need for him to take the risk.

Alright, I should return first. Since the sound of the breeze has stopped, they should have all recovered from their trance too. I should head back to find them now.

Putting aside the Unbounded Voyager for the time being, Zhang Xuan turned around and returned in the direction he had come from.

The other expedition members had been under the control of the demonic tune previously, but with the disappearance of the sound of the breeze, they should have recovered from their trance.

Along the way, he took back the various formations he had set up on the way to point out the direction for him, and not too long later, he finally returned to where he had parted with Wu shi and the others. Taking a look at the surroundings, he couldn't help but frown grimly.

There was not a person in sight, but the entire area was a mess. Innumerable depressions could be seen all around, and fresh blood was scattered here and there. It seemed as if a ferocious fight had just happened in the area.

Zhang Xuan clenched his fists tightly. What happened?

Wu shi and the others were Saint 4-dan experts. What kind of danger could they have encountered that would result in such an intense battle, such that they wouldn't even have the time to leave a message or the sort for him?

Eye of Insight!

Knowing that the expedition team might have met with danger, Zhang Xuan dared not hesitate. He swiftly scanned his surroundings carefully, and before long, a faint trail appeared before his eyes.

Follow it!

Zhang Xuan immediately tracked the trail with hastened footsteps.

The Otherworldly Demons?

Not too long later, he stumbled by yet another battlefield. This time, not only was there the blood of humans, there were also the carcasses of two slaughtered Otherworldly Demons.

Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes in alarm. This is bad…

It might have taken some time for others to analyze the carcasses to deduce the power level of the Otherworldly Demons before their deaths, but as one who possessed the Eye of Insight, Zhang Xuan could do it with just a swift glance. He could tell that the two deceased Otherworldly Demons were Saint 3-dan experts!

With such strength, the duo could be considered experts even among the Qingtian royalty.


With a thought, the Violetleaf King appeared before Zhang Xuan.

"Do you recognize these two fellows?" Zhang Xuan asked gravely.

Based on previous experiences, it was apparent that the Qingtian royalty had set their eyes upon the ancient domain as well. Thus, it was safe to assume that any Otherworldly Demons that appeared were related to the Qingtian royalty.

The Violetleaf King examined the two carcasses in front of him for a brief moment before turning to Zhang Xuan to report. "Reporting to Young Master, I don't know those two. However… judging from their features, they are most likely the subordinates of the Stoneleaf King!"

"Stoneleaf King?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

That was the Otherworldly Demon King who was ranked fourth of the Five Upper Kings!

"The Stoneleaf King is known for his superior physical body. When his cultivation technique is active, his entire body will gain toughness comparable to the strongest granite in the world, granting him foolproof defense! Considering how the skin of these two Otherworldly Demons is dry and rough, it appears that they have practiced a similar cultivation technique to that of the Stoneleaf King, so it is very likely that they are his subordinates," the Violetleaf King analyzed.

Zhang Xuan nodded.

Back when he examined the duo with the Eye of Insight, he did notice that their skin was a little cracked and grayish, reminiscent of a stone. He had thought that it might have been a result of the poor environment they had grown up in, resulting in the aged appearance of their skin. However, judging from the Violetleaf King's words, it appeared that it was the result of the practicing of some kind of unique cultivation technique.

After understanding what was going on, the Violetleaf King remarked, "The Stoneleaf King is a Saint 4-dan pinnacle expert, and he boasts indomitable physical prowess. Even I dare not stand up against him as an enemy. I fear that it will be extremely dangerous for Wu shi and the others to face him!"

Zhang Xuan couldn't help but feel a little apprehensive at those words. Not daring to waste any time, he hurriedly followed the trail forward.

Hong long long!

Proceeding forward for a while longer, a rumble abruptly sounded from the front. Gazing ahead, Zhang Xuan saw that the area in front of him was filled with dark, ominous clouds. Innumerable streaks of lightning flashed furiously across the area, and the deafening rumbling of thunder roared ceaselessly in the air.

The Spatial Formation they were in had conditions that deeply resembled those of the external world. There were varying seasons and weather conditions, and naturally, there was spring lightning 1 as well.

Seeing that the trail led into the field of lightning, Zhang Xuan couldn't help but frown. They are in there…

The spring lightning before him was extremely fearsome; just a brief moment of carelessness could easily result in one being struck to death. Under normal circumstances, he would surely have fled as far away as possible, not daring to get close at all.

Yet, the expedition team had actually dared to step into such treacherous lands. It seemed like the danger they were facing was far greater than he had imagined.

I really should have left the Golden Origin Cauldron with them, Zhang Xuan thought in self-reproach.

He thought that the only danger that the crowd would face in the Unbounded Formation was from the sound of the breeze, so he didn't bother leaving the Golden Origin Cauldron behind to protect them. Yet, who would have thought that they would end up encountering Otherworldly Demons?

"Young Master, the lightning is very dangerous. Are you really intending to enter?" The Violetleaf King couldn't help but cower at the field of lightning.

"You should enter the Myriad Anthive Nest for the time being!" Knowing that an additional member would just mean an additional target for the lightning to strike, Zhang Xuan had the Violetleaf King return to the Myriad Anthive Nest. Just as he was about to step into the field of lightning, a thought surfaced in his mind, and he halted.

He quickly searched for a discreet area where he could hide at and sat down cross-legged. After ensuring that there was no one in the vicinity, he drew his soul out from his glabella.

If the expedition team was truly being pursued by the Otherworldly Demons, he had to get to them quickly to save them. If he attempted to enter with his physical body, there was a good chance that the lightning could be drawn to him, resulting in his advancement being slowed significantly. Thus, it would be much safer and faster to head in with his soul.

His soul was intangible and possessed no attribute, so as long as he didn't intentionally show himself, the lightning wouldn't be able to notice him.

Zhang Xuan swiftly stowed his physical body into the Myriad Anthive Nest as well before placing it into his storage ring. After which, holding onto the storage ring with his soul energy, he dived into the field of lightning. Tracing the trail on the ground with his Eye of Insight, he swiftly proceeded forward.

The trail had mostly been erased by the force of the lightning, making it impossible for even a 7-star high-tier master teacher like Wu shi to trace it. It was only due to Zhang Xuan's extraordinarily sharp eyes that he was still able to follow it.

After flying for a while, Zhang Xuan felt a disturbance in the spiritual energy ahead of him. The lightning streaks seemed to concentrate right ahead, and amid their thunderous roars, he could barely make out the din of combat.

Rushing forward, Zhang Xuan soon found an extremely ancient city at the very center of the lightning. Within the city, the lightning seemed to have weakened considerably.

Two groups were currently clashing with one another intensely within the ancient city. Wu shi and the others were seated cross-legged on the ground, their faces pale from the injuries they had sustained. On the other hand, there were eight ferocious-looking Otherworldly Demons surrounding them.

"Violetleaf King, is the Stoneleaf King among the group there?"

For Wu shi and the others to be left in such a state, their opponent was definitely no pushover. Knowing that he couldn't act recklessly at such a moment, Zhang Xuan hurriedly communicated with the Violetleaf King in the Myriad Anthive Nest in hopes of obtaining more intelligence regarding the enemy forces.

After taking a look, the Violetleaf King replied telepathically, "Young Master, the Stoneleaf King isn't among the group. The eight Otherworldly Demons over there are likely his subordinates. Even so, they boast superior defense and are unafraid of death, making them fearsome adversaries."

"The Stoneleaf King isn't there?"

Hearing that the Stoneleaf King wasn't amid the group, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. He quickly slipped his soul back into the Myriad Anthive Nest and returned back to his body before silently reappearing on the spot.

He was the only reinforcement the expedition team had at the moment. If he wanted to save them, he would have to defeat all of the Otherworldly Demons in a single sweep. Otherwise, if the enemy were allowed time to regroup and encircle them once more, he could very well be placed in a very dangerous position.

Zhang Xuan summoned the Golden Origin Cauldron out and instructed it grimly, "Ding Ding, you will be attacking with me in a moment."

"Young Master, rest assured. I will reduce that bunch to cinders!" the Golden Origin Cauldron declared confidently.

It had always loved fighting, but it was a pity that it didn't have many opportunities to do so. This was a rare chance for it to go all out, so how could it let such an opportunity slip through its fingers?

"Alright. Move!"

Identifying the best possible timing to strike, Zhang Xuan commanded the Golden Origin Cauldron before dashing forward.

Executing the Heaven's Path Movement Art, he charged right up furiously and rammed forcefully into an Otherworldly Demon.

His physical body was currently on par with Saint low-tier artifacts. The sheer force he harnessed in his ram was far greater than the might of any weapon that he could wield.


The Otherworldly Demon that he struck was immediately killed on the spot. Just as Zhang Xuan was about to turn around and launch an attack toward the next enemy, he suddenly heard cries of agony behind him.


Turning around, he saw that the Golden Origin Cauldron, with its size enlarged to its maximum, had fallen down upon the remaining seven Otherworldly Demons, crushing them into meat paste.

Even in the moment before their deaths, the seven Otherworldly Demons had dazed looks on their faces, not knowing what was happening at all.

That is too savage.

Stunned, Zhang Xuan didn't even notice that his mouth was wide open.

He had thought that it was already very formidable that he could ram an Otherworldly Demon to death with his body, but who could have known that Golden Origin Cauldron would top his feat? It was as if what he had done was nothing more than child's play.



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