Chapter 1050: Jadeleaf King
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The Otherworldly Demon's height and aura paled in comparison to the Stoneleaf King, but there was a look of utmost coldness in his eyes. His skin was smooth like jade, and the intervals between his breaths were extremely long—a sign of his deep cultivation.

"Young Master, he's the Jadeleaf King!" the Violetleaf King anxiously sent a telepathic message to Zhang Xuan with a quivering tone. "He cultivates the Broken Jade Technique, and not only does he possess a powerful physical body, his Primordial Spirit wields frightening strength as well. His cultivation has also reached Half-Leaving Aperture realm…"

"Half-Leaving Aperture realm?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback. Turning his gaze back to the Otherworldly Demon who had just arrived, he noticed that there was an inconspicuous gleam at the other party's glabella. It seemed as if the other party was just a step off from freeing his Primordial Spirit from the constraints of his body.

Saint 5-dan Leaving Aperture realm; the term 'Leaving Aperture' referred to the Primordial Spirit fleeing from an aperture in the body and soaring freely in the heavens. In such a form, a cultivator would be more closely aligned with the world, allowing to draw forth more power from his surroundings to exert far greater fighting prowess.

The gap between Primordial Spirit realm and Leaving Aperture realm was a major demarcation line. Take the current Zhang Xuan for example, if he could catch a Primordial Spirit realm expert off guard, he would still stand a chance to slay the latter. However, if he were to encounter a Leaving Aperture realm expert, the only viable course of action he could take was to flee as far as he could.

Even a breakthrough to Saint realm wouldn't grant him the strength to face Leaving Aperture realm experts!

While Half-Leaving Aperture realm cultivators had yet to wield the devastating strength that true Saint 5-dan experts possessed, they still weren't existences that could be killed with simple physical attacks.

It was no wonder why the Violetleaf King was so fearful of the Jadeleaf King. Even in comparison to the Stoneleaf King, the strength that the Jadeleaf King wielded was frightening.

"I miscalculated. I should have relayed information regarding the Qingtian Ten Great Kings to the Qingyuan Conferred Empire Master Teacher Pavilion and have them dispatch more powerful master teachers over…" Zhang Xuan sighed deeply.

Given that he had killed quite a few Otherworldly Demon Kings himself, and considering the fact that the seal had been closely guarded by the Master Teacher Pavilion, Zhang Xuan thought that it should have been impossible for Otherworldly Demons to enter the ancient domain. Thus, he didn't think much of the matter.

The most powerful experts they had at the moment was Wu shi, Guild Leader Han, Mu shi, and Feng Xun. However, even they were a far distance away from matching up to a Half-Leaving Aperture realm expert.

It could be said that the overall prowess of their expedition team was on a different level from that of the Ten Great Kings...

If only he knew that there were such powerful enemies lurking in the ancient domain, he would have definitely requested for the Qingyuan Conferred Empire Master Teacher Pavilion to dispatch more powerful master teachers over.

While it was only a branch, they should have quite a few Saint 4-dan pinnacle master teachers.

"Forget it, it's too late for regrets now. I should focus on what's before me now…" A moment after the thought surfaced in his mind, Zhang Xuan tossed it aside decisively, not allowing it to bother him.

There was no point thinking about what he could have done better back then. In any case, he did manage to kill six out of the ten of them. If he were to work a little harder than before, the remaining four should still be doable!

"There's an urgent matter which I require your help on." the Stoneleaf King stepped forward and said.

"Hm?" the Jadeleaf King looked at the Stoneleaf King questioningly.

"It's like that. According to the sources we have received, that human lying over there is said to be a very noble existence amongst mankind. Thus, we hope that you can help us verify his true identity!" the Stoneleaf King pointed to Feng Xun and said.

The Stoneleaf King decided not to speak about the matter concerning the Celestial Master Teacher first. At the current point in time, it was best not to reveal too much first.

"Verify his true identity?" the Jadeleaf King asked as he turned his gaze upon Feng Xun. "Judging from his clothes, he should be a combat master. Does he possess some other identity? Also... Violetleaf King, why are you here?"

After saying those words, the Jadeleaf King turned a piercing gaze towards Zhang Xuan.

"It's like that…" Zhang Xuan repeated the same lie that he had told the Stoneleaf King. However, he also chose neglected to mention the words 'Celestial Master Teacher' as well.

"You are saying that in order to track down that noble existence amongst mankind, you chose to blend in together with them so as to lure the other party here?" the Jadeleaf King asked with a frown. A moment later, he nodded slightly and said, "Very well then. Let me see just what kind of existence this human is for you to go so far for him. If he is really as noble as you put him out to be, I will help you report this matter to His Majesty on your behalf and beseech him to reward you generously!"

After saying those words, the Jadeleaf King whipped out an altar. It was different from the one which Zhang Xuan had procured from the Violetleaf King. Bronze and large, it was filled with many bizarre inscriptions that could send one's head spinning with just a look.

"That is the Immaculate Jade Altar that only the Jadeleaf King possesses. Of the Ten Great Kings, the Qingtian Emperor only bestowed it upon him... Through this altar, one can summon the Spirit God to ascertain a person's true identity and verify the authenticity of their words!" the Violetleaf King informed Zhang Xuan telepathically.

"The Qingtian Emperor bestowed it only to the Jadeleaf King?" the Jadeleaf King was neither the strongest or the weakest of the Ten Great Kings. Why would the Qingtian Emperor make such an exception for the other party?

"The Jadeleaf King lords over the Hall of Crime, and he is in charge of interrogating and punishing all criminals of the Qingtian Lineage…" the Violeleaf King explained.

Hearing those words, Zhang Xuan nodded in realization.

As one who was in charge of interrogation and punishment, it was important for the Jadeleaf King to possess such an ability. Otherwise, it could cause great disorder in their judicial system.

Taking a closer look at the altar, Zhang Xuan couldn't help but feel a little confused. Somehow, he just couldn't make the association between the ability to discern a person's identity together with an altar.

His confusion didn't remain for too long.

In the next moment, the Jadeleaf King whipped out a couple of tributes and placed it on the altar. The altar released a dim glow which consumed the tributes with a blazing flame. Following which, a sacred white glow suddenly fell upon him and Feng Xun.

Seeing how the Violetleaf King was covered amidst the glow as well, the Jadeleaf King frowned.

The Stoneleaf King's complexion wasn't too good either, and he bellowed, "Violetleaf King, we are in the midst of verifying the identity of that human. You should step aside for the moment."

"Don't worry, my presence here won't affect the results. I caught this fellow with my own hands, so I want to see for myself just who he is…" Zhang Xuan replied.

He wasn't too sure how the other party's verification technique worked, but if one thing was for sure, Feng Xun definitely wasn't a Celestial Master Teacher. If he were to step away from the glow, there was no doubt that the white glow wouldn't be able to pick up anything at all.

Standing within the white glow could potentially reveal his identity, but Zhang Xuan was confident in his ability to maintain his disguise while revealing the presence of the Celestial Master Teacher amongst them.

And of course, the revealed Celestial Master Teacher would be Feng Xun as well.

"Anything that pleases you!" Seeing the wariness in the Violetleaf King's eyes, the Stoneleaf King thought that the other party was afraid that they would steal his prey, so he could only shake his head helplessly.

"I'll continue then." the Jadeleaf King said as he continued placing more tributes on the altar.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Zhang Xuan discreetly tapped his leg on Feng Xun's back and infused the aura unique to Celestial Master Teacher into the latter's body.

This aura was the distinctive mark of a Celestial Master Teacher, but if it wasn't driven, it would be impossible to notice it either.

It was through this means that Zhang Xuan dared to say that Feng Xun was a Celestial Master teacher without fear.


The glow surrounding the duo gradually grew brighter and brighter. Zhang Xuan was still unable to notice anything special, but the Jadeleaf King's already had a frown deeply etched on his forehead.

"There's indeed something bizarre about that person's identity…" After saying those words, the Jadeleaf King continued placing a few more treasures on the altar.

The tributes that were previously placed on top of the altar had already been burned dry.

On the other hand, the Stoneleaf King couldn't help but tighten his fists upon the sight.

While Zhang Xuan might not have much of an understanding regarding the workings of the Immaculate Jade Altar, as one of the Upper Five Kings, he had a rough conceptualization of how it worked. The more tributes required for the altar, the higher standing the other party possessed.

After refilling the tributes time and time again, the white glow of the tribute finally gathered together as one to form four huge words—Acknowledged by the Heavens!

"As expected!" Upon seeing the words, the eyes of the Stoneleaf King reddened as his breathing hastened.

It seemed like the Violetleaf King wasn't lying. The human lying not too far away was indeed a Celestial Master Teacher just like Kong shi!

As long as he handed that human to the elders, his standing would soar through the ranks.

"Acknowledged by the Heavens... He is a Celestial Master Teacher?"

At the same time, the eyes of the Jadeleaf King also began burning with greed.

As the third strongest expert of the Five Upper Kings, he was well aware of the significance of these four words.

"That explains why these two fellows were in such a rush to find me... So they have caught themselves a huge fish…" the Jadeleaf King clenched his fists tightly in agitation.

"Jadeleaf King, this human was captured by me and Stoneleaf King. Since we have verified his identity, we intend to return to the tribe this instant to hand him over to the elders!" Seeing that his plan had succeeded, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

As innocent as those words sounded, it was intended to strike a stake between the relationship of the Stoneleaf King and the Jadeleaf King.

By mentioning that he had worked with the Stoneleaf King to capture the Celestial Master Teacher before adding that they intended to return to the tribe right now, that was as good as saying that they didn't intend to give the Jadeleaf King a share of the credit!

"This…" Hearing those words, the Stoneleaf King's face immediately warped in horror.

He too understood the significance of those words. It was a given that they would have to return to the tribe to hand the Celestial Master Teacher over to the elders, but... surely the Violetleaf King didn't have to point it out at this instant? Those words were as good as saying that they were intending to keep the benefits of this matter all to themselves.

And as he had expected, the Jadeleaf King's complexion immediately turned awful. Following which, his lips curled up to reveal a smile completely devoid of warmth, "We haven't accomplished the mission entrusted to us by His Majesty yet. Don't you think that it is inappropriate for you to leave right now?"

"Inappropriate? Why would that be so? Don't worry, we won't implicate the other Kings in this matter. We will take full responsibility for this matter. We are willing to accept any punishment His Majesty accords us due to this matter…" Zhang Xuan replied earnestly.

Hearing those words, the Stoneleaf King nearly fainted on the spot.

At this juncture, they should be trying their best to soothe the other party's rage by emphasizing that the merit of capturing the Celestial Master Teacher belonged to everyone... And yet, that fellow actually said that the other Kings wouldn't be 'implicated' in this matter at all...

Were there any better words to provoke the Jadeleaf King than that?

"Jadeleaf King, that's not what he means…" The eyelids of the Jadeleaf King began twitching uncontrollably, and he hurriedly rushed forward to explain.

However, halfway through his words, the red-faced Jadeleaf King interjected, "Is that your opinion on this matter as well?"

"Of course, I have already discussed this matter with the Stoneleaf King! If you back down at this point, we can still consider letting you off. However, if you dare to lay your hands on our merit, we don't mind ending your life right here!" Zhang Xuan replied ferociously, seemingly desperate to protect his merit.

Right after hearing those words, the Stoneleaf King's body staggered, and he nearly blacked out on the spot.

When in the world did I say those words?

You said that you were going to sound him out, not to taunt him!

Are you a three-year-old kid? Don't you know how to hide your intentions? To voice it out right before the other party... you are dragging the both of us down to our graves!

"Good. Very good! It has been many years since anyone dared to threaten me like that…" With teeth gritted tightly in rage, the Jadeleaf King stared at the duo before him with killing intent raging in his eyes.

"Jadeleaf King, it's not what you are thinking! We have captured the Celestial Master Teacher to…" While cursing the Violetleaf King for being an incompetent ally, the Stoneleaf King hurriedly tried to explain the matter so as to calm down the situation when a groan suddenly sounded from not too far away.


The human who was lying on the ground, Feng Xun, had woken up. Rubbing his head, he slowly got up with a dazed look in his eyes.

"What's going on? What Celestial Master Teacher?"

In his groggy state, Feng Xun heard a particularly striking phrase and subconsciously asked about it.



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