Chapter 1063: Zhang Xuan's Confession
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After being pummeled so badly, how could Jiang Yuan hold himself back after learning who the culprit was? Without any hesitation, he charged right up to Feng Xun.

Granted that it was in a moment of danger that Feng Xun had done so, but Jiang Yuan was still unable to quell the rage in his heart without returning the favor!

Jiang Yuan had achieved a breakthrough to the Primordial Spirit realm, so naturally, Feng Xun could not possibly be a match for him. As a result, he was pummeled mercilessly. Unable to stand it any longer, he quickly looked to others for help.

"Principal Zhang, Wu shi, save me!"

However, Wu shi, Zhang Xuan, and the others simply averted their gazes, as if they hadn't heard the pleading at all.

"This formation sure is difficult to decipher!"

"Indeed. If we can find a way to decipher it, we will be able to escape from here."

"Isn't the weather great today?"

"A cloudless sky with a nice breeze, the perfect weather for an expedition!"

Save you? You must be joking! You sure had your fair share of fun when you pummeled him earlier, shouldn't you let Jiang Yuan vent his frustrations on you too? Otherwise, that would be really unfair for him, don't you think?

After a session of pummeling, Jiang Yuan's anger was finally quelled.

By that point, Feng Xun's head was already completely swollen, a truly hideous and miserable sight.

Seeing the state that Feng Xun was in, Zhang Xuan's eyes suddenly lit up as an idea came to his mind. "Right! Why didn't I think of it previously? We might be unable to break the formation, but we can always have the Scarletleaf King do it for us!"

"Have the Scarletleaf King do it for us?"

The crowd was taken aback.

"That's right." Zhang Xuan nodded. He flicked his wrist, and a bundle of formation flags appeared in his grasp.

Previously, Guild Leader Han and the others had given him a handful of grade-7 formation flags, and he still had quite a number of them remaining.


With a formation blueprint in his mind, Zhang Xuan muttered softly, and the formations flags swiftly flew forth from his hands.

Currently, Zhang Xuan already possessed capabilities on par with a 7-star pinnacle formation master. Even though he could not set up most grade-7 pinnacle formations due to his lacking cultivation, setting up ordinary grade-7 formations was still very well within his means.

As soon as the formation flags got into position, Zhang Xuan stomped his feet forcefully on the ground.


The formation came to a life, and a cloud of white mist swiftly shrouded the crowd.

"Principal Zhang, are you intending on concealing us in a formation so as to lure the Scarletleaf King over?" Guild Leader Han's eyes suddenly lit up upon realizing what Zhang Xuan was trying to do.

One of the main reasons why they were in such a disadvantageous position within the formation was because they were in the open whereas the enemy was hiding in the shadows. This allowed the enemy to launch wave after wave of attacks against them through controlling the formation, and they were completely helpless to retaliate against it. However, with a grade-7 formation hiding their trail, the enemy would be unable to see them. This would level the playing field, making it harder for the Scarletleaf King to harm them through the formation.

Perhaps, this might even become the impetus for turning the tables on the Scarletleaf King.

Of course, that was easier said than done. As a 7-star pinnacle formation master, he knew full well the intricacy behind pulling that feat off.

To set up an inner formation within a larger formation was exponentially more difficult because one would need to have a near perfect understanding of the larger formation, as well as the various transformations it could pull off. Otherwise, if the conditions in the larger formation changed, the inner formation could very well unravel by itself.

Even the most talented of formation masters wouldn't dare dream of attempting it. In all likelihood, only a monster like Principal Zhang could truly pull it off.

"That's right." Zhang Xuan nodded in response to Guild Leader Han's words.

Upon hearing the confirmation, the crowd also finally noticed what Zhang Xuan was up to, and their eyes lit up in excitement. Only Feng Xun was standing by the side with a dumbfounded look on his face.

So, this is what you have been thinking of while watching Jiang Yuan pummel me viciously?

"With this formation to conceal our trail, we don't have to worry about coming under the Scarletleaf King's attack for the time being. Let's rest while we can and recuperate," Zhang Xuan instructed.

Ever since entering the celestial palace, they had been leaping from one crisis into another. By this point, both their minds and bodies were completely exhausted.

"Alright!" Nodding, the crowd took a seat on the ground before whipping out several recovery pills and spirit stones to recuperate.

Seeing that they were finally out of danger for the time being, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. He was just about to check on another one of his hypotheses regarding the formation they were trapped in when he suddenly caught a whiff of a fragrance. Turning around, he saw Luo Ruoxin walking up to him with complicated emotions in her eyes. She hesitated for a brief moment before speaking softly.

"Thank you."

Knowing that Luo Ruoxin was thanking him for the previous matter, Zhang Xuan replied with a smile, "There's no need to stand on ceremony!"

He knew from the very start that Luo Ruoxin was not the Skyleaf King, and all he did was to speak of the truth as well.

Shaking her head, Luo Ruoxin said, "No, what I mean is thank you for believing me."

At this point, the young lady seemed to have thought of something, and a forlorn look crept onto her face. However, that look only surfaced for a moment before vanishing. Stretching out her hand, she continued. "If you wish to break this formation, I might be able to offer some help."

"Oh? You know of this formation?" Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

"I don't, but I do have an idea in mind. This formation is made up of many smaller formations, and if we attempt to find a way out by barging our way through the smaller formations, it is likely that we might find ourselves running in circles, unable to find the exit no matter which direction we take. To escape from a formation of this design, the best way is to leap out of the formation!" Luo Ruoxin said.

"Leap out of the formation? How can we leap out of it?" Zhang Xuan asked with a frown.

He also understood that logic as well. If he knew how to leap out of the formation, he would have long led the expedition team out.

The Library of Heaven's Path could only reflect the flaws of the smaller formation within the door that he was presently in. It was unable to analyze the overall layout and workings of the larger formation, and without sufficient information, Zhang Xuan was unable to deduce a feasible way to leap out of the formation.

"We have been through quite a few courtyards, and every single one of them is around several hundred meters wide. Judging from the size of the celestial palace from the outside, even if we have not leaped out of it yet, we should be nearing its edge by now. However, even if we barge through a few more courtyards, chances are, we will still find ourselves within the formation. Don't you think that it is perplexing?" Luo Ruoxin queried.

"This… You are saying that the formation also harnesses the laws of space as well?" Zhang Xuan's eyes narrowed.

Indeed! Judging from the distance, they should have already escaped from the celestial palace by now. Yet, for the end to still be nowhere in sight, there was only one possibility… Spatial Formation!

"You're right! Why didn't I think of it? Ancient Sage Qiu Wu is highly skilled in spatial manipulation, and it is also due to his skill that the seals he set up in the Subterranean Gallery have been able to last for so many years. Furthermore, we encountered a Spatial Formation right after we entered, so I should guessed it." Zhang Xuan smacked his face in realization.

Considering Ancient Sage Qiu Wu's expertise in spatial manipulation, he should have long guessed that the formation that they were trapped in harnessed the laws of space as well… How could he have neglected something that was so apparent?

Excited, Zhang Xuan leaped forward to peck the young lady on the cheeks before laughing heartily. "Your words have truly opened my eyes. Thank you, Ruoxin. You are really the love of my life!"

"You…" Not expecting Zhang Xuan to suddenly make a move on her, Luo Ruoxin eyes widened, and a crimson blush spread across her face.

That fellow looked quite honest normally, so why would he… he…

"I'm not going to bother with you anymore." Luo Ruoxin turned around and walked away. It was after walking a distance away that she realized her face was burning red.

"I…" It was in a moment of excitement that Zhang Xuan had acted like so, and it was only after Luo Ruoxin left that he realized what he had just done. His face reddened in embarrassment, but touching his lips… he could still feel a soft, supple sensation.

Will she really ignore me from now on?

As someone who had no experience with romance whatsoever, Zhang Xuan could not help but panic upon hearing those words. In this moment, he seemed nothing like the valiant man who faced the Skyleaf King squarely a moment ago.

However, he knew that this was not the moment for him to be troubled by such affairs either. He drove his Soul Depth to calm his mind before flicking his wrist, and the Myriad Anthive Queen appeared before him.

He knew next to nothing about Spatial Formations, but the Myriad Anthive Queen had been born with the innate ability to manipulate space. Perhaps, under the latter's lead, they just might be able to find an escape route.

Thus, he swiftly informed the Myriad Anthive Queen of their current plight.

The Myriad Anthive Queen nodded before lying on the ground to sniff the surroundings.

In truth, while the Myriad Anthive Queen possessed an inherent ability to manipulate space, it actually did not have much of an understanding regarding the laws of space.

To make an analogy, it was just like how bees instinctively knew that they had to build honeycombs with hexagonal shapes because it was the most efficient geometry to use, but that did not necessarily mean that they were skilled architects!

After sniffing for a moment, the Myriad Anthive Queen stood up.

"Master, we are indeed within a folded space. I think I can find the way out of here."

"Wonderful!" Hearing that the Myriad Anthive Queen indeed knew the way out, Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up in excitement. He hurriedly turned around to inform Wu shi and the others telepathically.

Very soon, everyone had gathered together discreetly.

As veterans who had braved through many battlefields, they knew how to make use of their resting time efficiently. Even though it hadn't been long since they started recuperating, they had already recovered roughly half of their strength.

"Everyone, follow the Myriad Anthive Queen closely. Make sure not to lag behind!" Zhang Xuan instructed sternly before walking over to Luo Ruoxin's side. Noting that the young lady was not intending to shun him, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. "Let's head over as well!"

Saying those words, he reached out to grab the young lady's hand.


The young lady instinctively tried to pull her hand back, only to realize that the young man's grasp was growing tighter and tighter. She could not help but frown.

Just because she had not reprimanded him, he was getting more and more overboard.

As this thought flashed across her mind, she made up her mind to retract her hand forcefully and teach the young man a lesson. However, before she could do anything, the young man suddenly spoke.

"In the Verdant Mountain of Huanyu Empire, I met you for the first time. You were standing quietly before a waterfall, reminiscent of a beautiful ink painting. It was in that instant that I realized that I have a goal in life.

"When I saw that you were going to be attacked by the spirit beasts, I couldn't stop my feet from heading toward you. After we managed to flee from the spirit beasts, I suffered a rebound in my soul and fell unconscious, and you were the one who saved my life. But by the time I woke up, you had already left. I had no idea who you are or where you came from, and I thought that I would never meet you again. A feeling of emptiness struck me at that moment, and I felt as if I had lost something very precious to me.

"Thus, when I met you once more in the Master Teacher Academy, I felt as if my heart was going to explode. I knew that I had to ask for your name, or else I might regret it my entire life…"

Recalling the times together with the young lady, a sweet smile gradually surfaced on Zhang Xuan's lips.

He had met many charming women ever since his reincarnation. Some were graceful, some were gentle, some were domineering, some were adorable, and some even harbored some feelings toward him. But for some reason, only the young lady before him was able to evoke such emotions and nostalgia in him.

He knew that she was very important to him, and he did not want to miss his chance!

"We visited the Saint Ascension Platform together. Even though we managed to meet Kong shi and obtain the scroll that he wrote personally, my greatest gain from that trip was actually the time that I was able to spend with you. In those days, whenever I opened my eyes after I was done cultivating, I would always see you seated serenely not too far away. In those days, we spent our time chatting with one another and discussing the flaws and strengths of cultivation techniques. To tell you the truth, I really wished that time could have stopped forever then.

"Do you know how happy I was when you said that you wanted to come to the ancient domain as well? Everyone said that it is an extremely dangerous place, and we might very well lose our lives here. But as long as I could be together with you, I would be willing to brave through any danger.

"It was in that moment that I finally realized my feelings for you. I really want to be with you. I want to spend an eternity with you."

Turning toward the young lady beside him, determination gleamed in Zhang Xuan's eyes.

"Ruoxin, won't you allow me to continue holding your hand as we tread down this long journey together?"



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