Chapter 1064: You Are a Good Man!
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Up to this point, he still did not know the true background of the young lady before him, and the other party had never mentioned it to him. However, despite having encountered many people in the midst of his journey, his heart had only leaped for the young lady before him. It was embarrassing for him to say such words, but he did not want to let her slip past him just because of his own embarrassment.

"I…" Not expecting Zhang Xuan to suddenly say such words, Luo Ruoxin's body tensed up. "I-I need to consider…"

"Feel free to consider all you want. In any case, just know that I won't be releasing your hand." Grasping the young lady's hand firmly as if guarding his most precious treasure, Zhang Xuan smiled.

Not expecting the fellow to refuse to release her hand, Luo Ruoxin's face turned completely red. She tried to tug back her hand, but her action only caused the young man to further tighten his grip. "You… Let go!"

"I won't. Once I let go, you will start avoiding me," Zhang Xuan said determinedly.

"I promise that I won't avoid you, alright? Let go…" Luo Ruoxin looked at her surroundings anxiously, only to realize that the master teachers and the Myriad Anthive Queen had already departed and were nowhere to be seen. Within the mist, there were only the two of them. The realization of that caused her face to redden further, and she dared not look up anymore.

"I won't!" Zhang Xuan replied resolutely.

There was a brief moment of silence.

Luo Ruoxin slowly looked up, and seeing the other party's earnest and unwavering eyes, she suddenly felt a surge of warmth. "You are… a good man."

"I am not a good man. I am a baddie, a big baddie!" Zhang Xuan quickly refuted those words.

He did not confess just to be given a good man card 1 !

"Pffft!" Luo Ruoxin burst into laughter, and in an instant, the awkwardness between them vanished.

That fellow sure was… While others were trying to show the best side of themselves in their confessions, that fellow was adamantly insisting that he was a baddie.

Where in the world could one find another who confessed in such a manner?

That silly man!

Shaking her head, Luo Ruoxin said, "Let go."

"I won't let go, not even if you beat me up!" Zhang Xuan shook his head. "Unless you accept my confession!"

"You… How can you be so unreasonable?" Luo Ruoxin said in agitation.

"I am just that unreasonable. No matter what, unless you agree to my confession, I will never let go!" Zhang Xuan said adamantly.

He could tell that the young lady did not dislike him. Since that was the case, he wanted to push the matter through. Otherwise, if he were to miss this opportunity, who knew when the next one would come his way?

"You…" Luo Ruoxin did not think that Zhang Xuan would be so shameless. In that moment, she could not even tell whether she wanted to laugh or cry. Several thoughts flashed across her mind, and her face sunk a little. "I don't dislike you, but… I have my difficulties. If you were to choose me, you will be put through much suffering, and even so, we might still not end up together. Despite knowing this, are you still willing to tread down this path?"

"I am!" Zhang Xuan nodded. "All along, you have never said a word about your identity, and you have never revealed your true strength either. I know that you have your own considerations for doing so, so I won't ask you to tell me everything. However, I hope that you can trust me on this. I won't allow anyone to get in our way. Even if the world stands in our way, I will shatter the heavens into pieces!"

Be it in his previous life or his current one, he had never been one to look back after making up his mind. This was the belief that he had lived by. It was either he chose to stay out of it altogether, or else he would persist with his decision and walk it to the very end!

Even death would not change his mind!

It was also with this belief that he managed to advance from an ordinary teacher in Tianxuan Kingdom to a 6-star pinnacle master teacher and the principal of a Master Teacher Academy within less than a year, becoming a figure respected and admired by many.

"You…" Despite the lack of contemplation from Zhang Xuan before his response, his words were filled with utmost resolution and earnestness. Luo Ruoxin's eyes could not help but redden as sweetness spread from her heart. She halted for a brief moment before nodding her head slightly.

"Alright, I will tread down this long journey along with you…"

So what if the future is unknown?

So what if the road ahead is filled with thorns?

As long as I have your company while walking down this road, it will suffice!

Even if the road leads to the edge of a cliff, even if our paths must diverge at the very end… at the very least, we have faced the world together.

"Really?" Hearing Luo Ruoxin's response, Zhang Xuan was stunned. For a long moment, he could not believe ears. Then, all of a sudden, he leaped up and held the young lady up in his arms as he spun her around twice on the spot.

"Really." Seeing how the young man before her was acting so childishly, Luo Ruoxin chuckled softly.

Having placed aside her worries, she decided to look straight ahead. There was no point worrying about the future now. They would just have to deal with it when it came their way.

The young man had said that he had fallen in love with her the first time he met her, but the same could be said about her as well. The first time she met him, she felt that something had struck a chord in her heart.

Those spirit beasts had come to repay her kindness, but he thought that they had intended her harm. Despite possessing unspectacular strength, he had still rushed right in and forcefully dragged her away to flee. Truly, his silliness was a little adorable.

After that, they had been through all kinds of experiences together, such as going to the Saint Ascension Platform together and meeting Kong shi. There were so many others whom she could have found to accompany her there, but she had found herself looking toward him instead. Who could say whether it was that little desire in her heart that swayed her decision?

Having said everything that she wanted to say, she felt an incredible feeling of lightness and happiness.

Chuckling, Zhang Xuan carefully placed the young lady down. "Alright, let's proceed ahead. Otherwise, we might not make it in time."

The Myriad Anthive Queen had already found the exit and was in the midst of leading the others over. If they were to continue dilly-dallying, they might just end up trapped there forever, unable to escape.

"Un." Luo Ruoxin nodded.

Grasping onto the hand of the young lady tightly, Zhang Xuan led Luo Ruoxin forward with widened strides.

He was the one who set up the formation, so he could easily sense where the others were heading. After circling a few rounds on the spot, an object that resembled a door came into sight.

It was the exit that the Myriad Anthive Queen had found and torn open.

The duo quickly stepped into it.


A moment later, a massive waterfall appeared before their eyes. Swiftly turning around, they saw the Black Sandstorm of Oblivion ravaging behind their backs. They had returned to the entrance of the celestial palace.

"We have managed to escape from the formation!" Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up in agitation.

Even though he had deduced it to be a feasible solution, he had not been entirely sure that it would work. It was only when they finally got out that the burden weighing down on his heart finally lifted, and he heaved a sigh of relief.

The formation within the celestial palace was simply too powerful, such that even he was helpless before it.

"Wait a moment, the celestial palace isn't real?"

"That… You're right! Why didn't we notice it before?"

Shocked voices sounded from Wu shi and the others.

They had left the formation earlier than Zhang Xuan and Luo Ruoxin, and they were currently staring at the celestial palace with a flabbergasted look.

Hearing those words, Zhang Xuan also lifted his gaze to look at the celestial palace, and what he saw left him completely stunned.

Just like before, the celestial palace was still floating right before the massive waterfall. However, unlike what they saw before, it was currently hung on the top of the cliff together with the waterfall, as if an oil painting.

"The celestial palace is actually… a painting? In other words, we were inside a painting earlier?" Zhang Xuan widened his mouth in shock.

"Legend has it that upon reaching the very peak, a painter is able to create a world within their painting, and the lifeforms they can depict are able to reproduce and further their kind, just like humans. I always thought that it was just an exaggeration, but to think that it would actually be true…" Guild Leader Han gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

"Indeed. If I had not witnessed this with my own eyes, I never would have believed that this would actually be possible," Wu shi said hoarsely.

As a 7-star formation master and 7-star master teacher, there was no doubt that they were knowledgeable. Yet, upon seeing the painting of the celestial palace, they could not help but display expressions reminiscent of a child seeing the world for the very first time.

"Look, is that the Scarletleaf King?" someone among the crowd suddenly exclaimed with a hushed voice.

Zhang Xuan turned his gaze over, and as expected, he saw a figure sitting on a stone pillar above the waterfall with his eyes tightly closed, seemingly searching for something.

Gazing at the Scarletleaf King, who sat motionlessly on the stone pillar, a thought suddenly came to Zhang Xuan. The formation that I have set up has obstructed his vision and Spiritual Perception. Perhaps, he still doesn't know that we have already escaped…

The formation within the celestial palace was at least at grade-8. Even if the Scarletleaf King was able to gain ownership of it, it would still be extremely difficult for him to fully control with his Half-Leaving Aperture realm cultivation.

As such, it would be extremely difficult for him to kill the entire expedition team just by himself. It was for this reason that he had intentionally tried to turn them against one another so that they would diminish their own forces, making it easier for him to deal with them.

Zhang Xuan turned around and addressed the crowd. "He hasn't noticed us yet. Let's quickly find a place to hide first. I will try to approach him and see if I can find an opportunity to kill him."

"Principal Zhang, we'll go along with you!" Wu shi and Guild Leader Han stepped forward and volunteered themselves.

They were the two strongest experts of the expedition team, and if anyone among them could match the Scarletleaf King, it could only be them.

"There's no need for that. I have a plan in mind, so it won't be convenient for me to bring you with me. Don't worry, if I am unable to hold on anymore, I will definitely call the both of you over!" Zhang Xuan replied.

The Scarletleaf King was bound to be even stronger than the Jadeleaf King. If he became desperate, even with the combined strength of Wu shi and Guild Leader Han, it was hard to say whether they would be a match for him. Since that was the case, it would be best for him to avoid a direct encounter. This way, the risk could be minimized, and there would be more room for him to maneuver around as well.

Wu shi and Guild Leader Han knew that the young man must have had an idea in mind to say such words. Thus, after a brief moment of hesitation, the both of them nodded.

"Alright then."

"Be careful!" Luo Ruoxin said.

Zhang Xuan directed a confident smile at Luo Ruoxin before leading the expedition team to a safe hiding place some distance away. After settling everyone down, he left the group to find a remote place.

Geji! Geji!

In a few moments, he turned into the form of the Violetleaf King.

Not even Feng Xun was aware that he had turned the Jadeleaf King against the Stoneleaf King after disguising as the Violetleaf King. Naturally, Jiang Yuan was unaware of the matter as well, and so was the Scarletleaf King.

As such, disguising as the Violetleaf King would be the ideal way to catch the Scarletleaf King off guard.


Flying ahead, Zhang Xuan soon arrived in the vicinity of the stone pillar where the Scarletleaf King was. He quickly used his Eye of Insight to scan the area.

Just as he had deduced, the stone pillar was indeed the core of the celestial palace. The person on top of it would gain control of the massive formation within the celestial palace.

"Violetleaf King? Why are you here?"

Just as Zhang Xuan was still surveying the surroundings, the Scarletleaf King's voice suddenly sounded.

"Reporting to the Scarletleaf King, while conducting the mission entrusted to me by His Majesty, I uncovered vital intelligence in the Poison Hall. In order to avoid alarming anyone, I could only lie low and observe quietly from the dark. Finally, my efforts paid off, so I quickly rushed here as fast as I could!" Zhang Xuan said.

"Vital intelligence? What kind of vital intelligence?" the Scarletleaf King asked.

In his view, while the expedition team had used a grade-7 formation to conceal their trail, it was not a matter of great concern at all. In any case, it was impossible for them to escape from the painting without knowledge of the laws of space, so he did not even think of doubting the authenticity of the Violetleaf King before his eyes.

Zhang Xuan carefully scanned his surroundings before whispering in a lowered voice, "It is regarding the map."

"It is regarding the map?" The Scarletleaf King narrowed his eyes before leaping up in agitation. "Where is it?"

"Calm down for a moment and allow me to finish speaking first. Based on the news that I have received, the booklet obtained by the Skyleaf King is only an introduction and not the complete map of the ancient domain. It is said that the real map was taken away by Wu Yangzi more than two thousand years ago," Zhang Xuan said.

"You're right. The Skyleaf King has already learned of this matter from the mouths of Zhang Yinqiu and the others!" Seeing that his intelligence was the same as what the other party had, the Scarletleaf King nodded.

Zhang Xuan heart jolted, but not the slightest hint of it could be seen on his face. Instead, with a curious look, he asked the Scarletleaf King, "Zhang Yinqiu? That old principal of the Master Teacher Academy… isn't dead yet?"

The Scarletleaf King shook his head. "Of course not! That fellow is currently trapped at the deepest region of the ancient domain together with the Skyleaf King and the others. Without the map, no one is able to enter or exit, so they can only bide their time there."

"The Skyleaf King is trapped in the ancient domain? Then, in the Poison Hall…" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

Didn't the Skyleaf King just head to the Poison Hall a while ago? Furthermore, they had just met several minutes ago. If even a severed portion of his Primordial Spirit could escape from the ancient domain, surely the Skyleaf King himself should have been able to do so!

"The Skyleaf King knew that he would face grave danger here, so two years ago, before he entered the ancient domain, he left a portion of his soul outside. Firstly, it was to ensure his survival even if his main Primordial Spirit dies within the ancient domain. Secondly, it also serves as an effective medium of communication to the rest of us. Most of the intelligence that we have originates from him," replied the Scarletleaf King.



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