Chapter 1065: The Scarletleaf King Coughs Blood
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"I see…" Hearing that explanation, Zhang Xuan came to a realization.

No wonder!

He had been wondering why the Skyleaf King would choose to send his severed Primordial Spirit after them when it would have been safer for him to do it personally, especially for something as important as the map. It turned out that it was not that he did not want to do so, but he could not! Trapped in the depths of the ancient domain, he had no choice but to leave this job to his severed Primordial Spirit.

A thought came to Zhang Xuan's mind. Having reached the Leaving Aperture realm, the Skyleaf King's Primordial Spirit is capable for existing for extended periods of time outside of his body. However, that is not the case for the severed Primordial Spirit. Inevitably, it is weaker and unstabler than a complete Primordial Spirit, so it is incapable of surviving independently for too long a period of time. Perhaps, the severed Primordial Spirit was hiding in the Earthleaf King's body back then.

It was possible for the Primordial Spirits of Leaving Aperture realm cultivators to survive independently, but the same could not be said for severed ones.

Most likely, the Skyleaf King had sneaked into Jingyuan City while possessing the Earthleaf King.

Later on, when the severed Primordial Spirit realized that what he had received was only an introduction and not the full map, he decided to possess Jiang Yuan's body and infiltrate the expedition team. He deeply believed that the map was within the expedition team, and he was hoping to steal the map once it appeared.

If not for that reason, the severed Primordial Spirit would have probably killed them long ago when it had the chance to do so.

After finishing his story, the Scarletleaf King looked at the contemplating Violetleaf King and asked, "So, where is the map?"

"According to what I know, it seems like the map is in the hands of that fellow who goes by the name of Zhang Xuan!" replied Zhang Xuan.

"Zhang Xuan?" The Scarletleaf King shook his head. "The Skyleaf King has been paying close attention to him, and while that fellow has many tricks up his sleeves, it is unlikely that the map is in his hands. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been trapped in the celestial palace in the first place!"

While that Zhang Xuan had been able to lead the expedition team through trial after trial, it was mainly through his wits. It was unlikely that he had the map on his map.

Otherwise, he would have long reached the depths of the ancient domain!

Zhang Xuan shook his head and replied, "He doesn't know about the map, but the map is definitely in his hands!"

"Oh?" the Scarletleaf King frowned in incomprehension.

"That fellow managed to obtain Wu Yangzi's inheritance, and the map was within it as well. However, as he could not understand the language of the ancient gods, he was unable to make sense of it, so he was unaware of the ties between it and the ancient domain. As such, he ended up not using it at all," Zhang Xuan explained.

"This…" The Scarletleaf King was taken aback.

He had never considered such a possibility.

The Scarletleaf King pondered for a moment before asking, "Where did you obtain this information?"

"I infiltrated the ranks of the humans a while ago and headed to the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy to confirm this matter. I am very certain of the intelligence I have procured!" Zhang Xuan said confidently.

"What you said isn't entirely impossible…" The eyes of the Scarletleaf King lit up. "If what you say is true, I will report your contribution to His Majesty and request that he reward you handsomely! Alright, wait here for a moment. I will rip apart the formation that fellow set up and apprehend him…"

"Wait a moment," Zhang Xuan hurriedly interjected. "Even though I am certain the map is in Zhang Xuan's hand, I cannot confirm where he placed it or whether it is with him at the moment or not. After all, he is unaware of the ties between the map and the ancient domain, so it won't be odd if he chose to leave it in his academy."

"Hmm…" The Scarletleaf King mused over those words.

The Violetleaf King was right. If that Zhang Xuan fellow was unaware of the connection between the map and the ancient domain, given the dangers of the ancient domain, he might have chosen to leave it behind in the Master Teacher Academy so that it could be passed down to others even if something were to happen to him. If so, that would be a huge trouble.

"Why don't we do this instead? Doesn't the Skyleaf King have the introduction to the ancient domain? I think we can use it to obtain the true map," Zhang Xuan suggested.

The Scarletleaf King frowned. "Use it to obtain the true map? How?"

If there was such a convenient method, they would have long used it.

"Sage Clans possess certain means to find their lost kin through resonance in their unique bloodline. Since the introduction and the map are both written using the language of the ancient gods, I believe that it might be possible to induce a resonance between the two and find the map. It is because of this that I went to the effort of looking up and learning one such secret art back when I was at the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy. As long as I am in physical contact with the introduction, I am confident that I will be able to locate the whereabouts of the map!" Zhang Xuan replied.

"Resonance in their unique bloodline… I did hear that there was such a thing among the Sage Clans. Well, I am a little doubtful as to whether the technique can be extended toward the introduction and map, but there should be no harm giving it a go." The Scarletleaf King frowned for a moment before eventually nodding. Flicking his wrist, he passed a jade box over and said, "Here is the introduction to the ancient domain. The Skyleaf King left it with me earlier on."

As the Skyleaf King had chosen to possess Jiang Yuan's body, naturally, he could not have kept the introduction with him. Thus, he had chosen to entrust it to the second strongest member of the Ten Great Kings, the Scarletleaf King.

"Alright." Taking the jade box, Zhang Xuan opened it lightly and took a look inside, and his eyes lit up.

There was an ancient book within that deeply resembled the map he had received from Wu Yangzi's inheritance. There was no doubt that they had come from the same origin.

Zhang Xuan lightly placed his finger on it, and the knowledge harnessed within it immediately surged into his mind.

It was written in the same incomprehensible language used for the map, making it nigh impossible to understand what was being written within.

I should be able to find a thing or two by examining it closely.

The introduction had quite a few flaws reflected, and by comparing the words, he would be able to understand some of the content. However, he knew that this was not the time to do so.

Casually closing the jade box, Zhang Xuan turned to the Scarletleaf King once more and said, "Actually… to use the secret art, I will have to set up a grade-7 pinnacle formation. As you know, my understanding of formations is far beneath yours, so I might require your help later on…"

"Set up a formation? Alright." The Scarletleaf King nodded.

Just by how the Scarletleaf King was able to control the massive formation in the celestial palace showed that he had a deep understanding of formations.

"Un. I will tell you where the flags should be positioned. I will have to trouble you to help me set it up," Zhang Xuan said as he retrieved a couple of grade-7 formation flags from his storage ring.

"Alright," the Scarletleaf King replied as he took the formation flags from Zhang Xuan's hands.

"30 meters to the left, at the Jiaxu position. After that, 27 meters to the right, at the Hangu position…" Zhang Xuan began reciting.

The terms that he was using were precise terminologies often used by 7-star formation masters. Those who had some mastery in formations would know of them.

Hearing the Violetleaf King listing out the precise positionings of the formation flags, the Scarletleaf King could not help but be impressed. Driving his zhenqi, he carefully nailed each and every one of the formation flags in place.

Halfway through the construction of the formation, the Scarletleaf King suddenly noticed something, and he frowned. "Wait a moment, something is wrong. Why does this formation resemble a Slaughter Formation?"

Even though the formation that the Violetleaf King was asking him to set up was foreign to him, through his deep understanding of formations, he was still able to deduce its core function, and it appeared to be a Slaughter Formation!

Weren't they going to set up a formation to find the map?

Why were they constructing a Slaughter Formation instead?

In that instant, doubts filled the Scarletleaf King's mind.

"Slaughter Formation? How could that be? Scarletleaf King, you are worrying unnecessarily. While the formation might resemble a Slaughter Formation, you will soon notice that it is something else entirely once it is activated."

"Something entirely else? This setup can be nothing but a Slaughter Formation! These three formation flags serve to draw in the handle of the Big Dipper whereas these positions serve to trigger the Malignant Star." The Scarletleaf King frowned. "Once trapped within it, not even a Half-Leaving Aperture realm would be able to escape from it easily."

"If you look at from that perspective, it does resemble a Slaughter Formation. However, if you look at it from below, it will be an entirely different sight altogether. This is also where the brilliance of the formation lies. If you don't believe me, come here and take a look!" Zhang Xuan moved to the center of the formation and placed a formation flag there before beckoning the Scarletleaf King over with a smile.

"Un." the Scarletleaf King was perplexed by what the Violetleaf King was up to, but he still moved toward the latter nevertheless.

In any case, the Violetleaf King was there as well, and the formation was still incomplete, so it was impossible for the other party to activate it and use it against him.

"Stay here and don't move. Look in that direction… That's right… Alright, I am going to move the formation flags right now, and once you see it, you will understand the profoundness of the formation…"

Seeing that the Scarletleaf King had gotten into position, Zhang Xuan slowly backed away and flew up while shouting, "Make sure not to move. If you move, you won't get a clear glimpse of what that is going to happen. Yes, it's that direction…"

Before finishing his words, he had already whipped out several more formation flags, and the formation flags abruptly burst forth in multiple locations.

"That is… Hundred Flags of Void Sealing? You aren't the Violetleaf King! Who are you?" The Scarletleaf King was standing still on the ground, waiting for whatever the Violetleaf King was going to show him when he suddenly noticed the formation flags in the latter's hand flying in multiple directions. His eyes immediately narrowed in wariness, and zhenqi burst forth from his body.

At this point, it was apparent that something was amiss.

Hundred Flags of Void Sealing was a technique that allowed formation masters to swiftly set up a formation so that it could be instantaneously utilized in the midst of a battle. However, it was an advanced ability that only 7-star formation masters could possibly pull off. Considering how the Violetleaf King didn't specialize in formations, how could he possibly be capable of using it?

Obviously, the fellow before him was not the real Violetleaf King!

Sou sou sou sou!

He immediately stepped against the ground to leap toward the fake Violetleaf King to end his life, but in that instant, the latter abruptly stomped his leg lightly.

Hong long!

The formation came to life, and tides of sword qi immediately came surging in his direction.

"You…" The Scarletleaf King narrowed his eyes in horror, unable to believe what he had just seen.

As a 7-star pinnacle formation master, he was capable of pulling off the Hundred Flags of Void Sealing as well. However… to be able to activate a formation with just a stomp of his feet, how did the other party manage to do it? It was inconceivable!

Him willingly stepping into the formation in the first place was based on the notion that there was no one in the world who could activate a formation so quickly. Even if the Violetleaf King meant him harm, he should have been able to escape in time.

Yet, who could have known that not only was the other party capable of pulling off the Hundred Flags of Void Sealing, he could even activate the formation so swiftly, leaving him no time to escape at all?


Before he could react, he was already struck in his chest by the sword qi, and blood gushed forth from his wounds.

He had managed to prevent the sword qi from wounding his vitals, but he was left in a terribly unkempt state. His composure had disappeared without a trace.

Gritting his teeth, the Scarletleaf King roared furiously, "Who in the world are you?"

To think that the second strongest expert of the Qingtian Ten Great Kings would end up being fooled by another like that! So much rage was coursing through the Scarletleaf King's veins that he felt as if he could explode at any moment.

"Who am I? I am the person whom you are trying to kill!" Zhang Xuan chuckled softly as he reverted back to his original appearance.

"You are… Zhang Xuan? But… that killing intent… how did you…" The Scarletleaf King was so shocked that he found himself unable to speak coherently.

Humans were unable to cultivate the Zhenqi of Slaughter, so how could the other party emanate killing intent like them? Not to mention, the purity of it was even on par with Otherworldly Demon Kings like them!

At this moment, the Scarletleaf King suddenly thought of something else, and his body shook. "You… You killed the Violetleaf King?"

Right after saying those words, the young man outside of the formation stroked his lower jaw in embarrassment and said, "That… It isn't just the Violetleaf King. Other than you and the Skyleaf King, the remaining members of the Ten Great Kings have all died by my hand!"


The Scarletleaf King spurted blood.<script>chaptererror();</script>



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