Chapter 1076: He Slaughtered Nine of Them
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"You?" Hearing Zhang Xuan's interjection, everyone paused for a moment.

All of them looked at him as if they were looking at a fool.

"Cough cough!" Unable to stand the awkward silence that drifted in the air, Wu shi coughed loudly before continuing on, "Principal Zhang, I know that you possess superior talent, and you have a unique interpretation to cultivation. However... Celestial Saint is not something which anyone can just become. In fact, it could be said that it is impossible for anyone to succeed!"

"Indeed. I have specially looked into the process how Kong shi ascended to Sainthood, traveling to the Saint Ascension Platform myself and flipping through many records. Based on my deduction, the first requirement to becoming a Celestial Saint is to be a Celestial Master Teacher. Only when the heavens recognize your occupation will you be qualified to become a Celestial Saint. Other than that, you must also practice a peerless cultivation technique which grants you incomparably condensed zhenqi. That is the basic requirement for you to knock on the doors of the world and rid yourself of all impurities, thus stepping on the path to unparalleled greatness!"

Hearing Zhang Xuan speaking such words, Zhang Yinqiu couldn't help but offer a word of advice as well. "The fact that you are able to decipher the secret hidden amidst Ancient Sage Qiu Wu's palm art shows that you have an exceptional understanding of battle techniques. Also, considering how you were able to come so far through the ancient domain despite only being a Nascent Saint, you must possess an extraordinary cultivation technique as well. However, just that in itself wouldn't suffice for you to become a Celestial Saint!"

"Ascending to Sainthood is no child's play. Throughout history, how many geniuses do you think have emerged amongst the Sage Clans and the Combat Master Hall? Yet, for several dozen millenniums, there was not a person who was said to have succeeded in becoming a Celestial Saint. This goes to show how difficult it is. Principal Zhang, you can give it a try, but you really shouldn't put too much hope into it…" Guild Leader Han said with a bitter smile.

There was not a person who thought well of Zhang Xuan.

"This... Alright then!" Zhang Xuan was considering on whether he should reveal his identity, but eventually, he chose to shake his head and remain silent.

In truth, while he was a Celestial Master Teacher and he had cultivated the Saint Ascension Decipher, he was still unsure whether he would truly be able to become a Celestial Saint either. He didn't want to give them false hope only to have it shattered eventually.

Besides, he was a humble person at heart, and boasting about his own achievements wasn't something that a person like him would do anyway.

"Un. It's good that you have managed to think it through. Becoming a Celestial Saint is no easy task. Of course, it'll be best if one of us succeeds in doing so, but otherwise, there's no need to get too disappointed either…" Vice Principal Ji Yan nodded. He was just about to continue speaking when the layer of light atop the round platform abruptly wavered, and gradually, it began dimming.

Upon seeing this sight, Vice Principal Ji Yan's face immediately turned grave. "Time's up, everyone. We have to leave quickly. Principal Zhang Yinqiu, we will visit you again tomorrow…"

After saying those words, Vice Principal Ji Yan quickly led the group down.

Seeing how anxious Vice Principal Ji Yan was, the crowd quickly followed behind him. Not too long later, they finally returned to the narrow room they were in previously, and only then did Vice Principal Ji Yan heave a sigh of relief.

"What's going on? Why do we have to rush back so anxiously?" Wu shi couldn't help but ask.

"Didn't I say earlier that we only have an incense's time?" Vice Principal Ji Yan asked.

"Un." The crowd nodded.

The other party did say such words before.

"For nearly a year now, the Saint Ascension Platform has been releasing a brilliant glow every single day. During the period of time which the Saint Ascension Hall is permeated by the light, the Skyleaf King would have no choice but to remain in his hiding spot, not daring to move in the least. Otherwise, he would risk being burned by the sacred light and suffer severe damage to his Primordial Spirit. We have been making use for this period of time to explore the Saint Ascension Hall... However, the light will only remain for roughly an incense's time, and once it retreats, the Skyleaf King will rush out and slaughter any of us who is still loitering vulnerably in the area!" Vice Principal Ji Yan explained.

Everyone came to a realization.

This explained why Vice Principal Ji Yan was so anxious when he saw that the sacred light as about to die out. If the Skyleaf King were to assault them before they made their way back to the room, they would have been in grave danger.

"I was wondering why the rest of you are able to make such a great advancement in your cultivation realm over the past two years whereas the Skyleaf King still remains in Leaving Aperture realm primary stage... It seems like the sacred light that you have spoken of does play a huge role in this matter!" Wu shi remarked in realization.

"You're right. Master teachers are able to raise their cultivation by absorbing the sacred light, but Otherworldly Demons aren't able to do the same. As such, the Skyleaf King hasn't been able to grow as quickly as the rest of us. However, he has conquered the entire Saint Ascension Hall for himself... Back then, probably in order to ensure that there would be at least one amongst the later generation who would be able to become a Celestial Saint as well, Kong shi had left behind quite a fortune behind, but it is currently being dominated by the Skyleaf King! Over the past two years, even though he hadn't achieved a breakthrough yet, his Primordial Spirit has been getting more and more powerful. With our current strength, we won't be able to deal with him." Vice Principal Ji Yan shook his head.

"You said that the Saint Ascension Platform only began releasing a brilliant glow every single day within the past year? Does that not happen in the past?" Zhang Xuan's focus was a little different from the others. He was more interested in the Saint Ascension Platform.

"A year ago, the Saint Ascension Platform was still rather normal. While it would emanate sacred light from time to time back then, the intensity was nothing close to what we saw previously, and its frequency was irregular as well. It's only around the end of the eighth month last year that it suddenly began releasing huge bursts of light, as if heralding the arrival of a certain someone. Well, I don't really know the details myself either…" Ji Yan pondered for a moment before replying with a nod.

Trapped within the Saint Ascension Hall, where the concept of day and night didn't exist, they were gradually losing their grasp over time. Nevertheless, as master teachers, they were still able to fathom a rough guess

"Who could it be waiting for? Kong shi?" Right after saying those words, Guild Leader Han shook his head with a helpless smile.

Kong shi had gone missing several dozen millenniums ago. Even the 72 Sages knew not about his whereabouts, let more the others.

It was inconceivable that he would return all of a sudden after so many years.

"Not even Saints possess a longevity of several dozen millenniums, so I don't think it's possible that the Saint Ascension Platform is waiting for Kong shi. Perhaps, you might have triggered some kind of mechanism within the Saint Ascension Hall after arriving here, thus resulting in the emanation of sacred light every day…" Wu shi remarked.

"That might be the case…" Vice Principals Ji Yan and Tan Qing nodded.

Limited by their strength and eye of discernment, there were many things that were beyond their understanding. Putting everything aside, they had no idea where the sacred light emanating from the Saint Ascension Platform had come from. It was also inconceivable to them why it could keep the Skyleaf King at bay while benefiting the master teachers.

"Alright, let's not talk about this matter anymore. Those are simply too far away from us at the moment, so there's no point discussing it. Vice Principal Tan Qing, I have a Grand Intermittence Pill here. Give it a try, perhaps it could resolve your current condition…" Shaking his head, Wu shi turned to Vice Principal Tan Qing and whipped out a jade bottle.

At this moment, Vice Principal Tan Qing had both of his legs and right arm severed, crippling his movements. Only the legendary grade-7 Grand Intermittence Pill, said to be able to induce the regrowth a severed limb, would have a chance to resolve his condition.

Back then, Zhang Xuan had also had a Grand Intermittence Pill forged for Wei Ruyan in order to restore her physical health.

"Thank you, Wu shi!" Upon seeing the pill, Vice Principal Tan Qing's eyes lit up in excitement.

He had already spent two years as a cripple, and there was no way he could turn down an opportunity to regrow his severed limbs.

He swiftly took the jade bottle and corked it open. There was exactly one Grand Intermittence Pill inside, but its tier wasn't too high, having only achieved Formation.

Consuming the pill, an incredible surge of vitality immediately gushed through his body. In that instant, Vice Principal Tan Qing felt an incredible itch overwhelming his body. The severed stumps of his limbs began to slowly grow out, but before they could form complete limbs, everything abruptly came to a halt.

Vice Principal Tan Qing shook his head bitterly and said, "The Grand Intermittence Pill can indeed resolve my condition, but the tier of the pill here is simply too low. Furthermore, as my limbs were severed by the Skyleaf King, there is still some of his killing intent lingering there that hinders the regrowth of my limbs... It seems like I won't be able to recover for the time being…"

The Grand Intermittence Pill contained an immense amount of vitality that allowed for the regrowth of a limb, but Vice Principal Tan Qing was simply too severely wounded. A single pill wouldn't suffice for his recovery.

"That... I only have one pill here…" Wu shi frowned.

The Grand Intermittence Pill was extremely valuable, such that it would be extremely difficult to find even one of it in the markets of Qingyuan Conferred Empire. Even Wu shi had to pay a heavy price in order to procure one, and he hadn't too willing to use it due to its immense value. However... who could have thought that even the seemingly miraculous pill wouldn't be enough to bring about Vice Principal Tan Qing's recovery?

"I have forged the Grand Intermittence Pill before. If we have sufficient medicinal herbs here, we can try forging it…" Zhang Xuan said.

"Forge it right here?... I should have most of the medicinal herbs required for its forging within my storage ring at the moment, but... I am still lacking the main ingredient, Grand Intermittence Grass." Wu shi said with a frown.

"Grand Intermittence Grass is simply too rare, I don't have any of it here either…" Guild Leader Han shook his head.

Zhang Xuan could only smile bitterly upon seeing this sight too.

The Grand Intermittence Grass was a rather elusive medicinal herb. Back then, he had to specially apply for one from the Qingyuan Empire Apothecary Guild in order to forge the Grand Intermittence Pill.

Even though he had obtained quite a few good stuff from slaying the Otherworldly Demon Kings, there wasn't any Grand Intermittence Grass in their storage rings.

"Actually, there is a Grand Intermittence Grass right in this Saint Ascension Hall!" At this moment, Vice Principal Ji Yan suddenly spoke up.

"There's one here?" The crowd was taken aback.

"Un. Didn't I say earlier that Kong shi has left quite a fortune behind here so that those of the later generations can successfully achieve a breakthrough to become a Celestial Saint? It happens that there is a Grand Intermittence Grass amongst the fortune he has left behind... Back then, I secretly sneaked into the area to take a look, so I am confident of it. However, the area is currently dominated by the Skyleaf King." Vice Principal Ji Yan said.

"This…" Hearing those words, bitter smiles emerged on the lips of the crowd.

If the Grand Intermittence Grass was just lying around the area, they could still secretly head over there while the Saint Ascension Platform was emanating its sacred light and retrieve it. However, if the Skyleaf King were to keep it with him... it would nigh impossible for them to lay their hands on it.

"Regarding the fortune you spoke about, where is it stored? I can secretly head over to take a look. If I could sneak away the Grand Intermittence Grass while I am at it, Vice Principal Tan could be relieved from his suffering." Zhang Xuan said.

Hearing those words, Wu shi and the others frowned, "That's too dangerous, the Skyleaf King is bound to be in the vicinity. Let's think of another way instead!"

"Indeed. The Skyleaf King is a Leaving Aperture realm expert, so there's no way you will be able to stand against him. Furthermore, just like us, he's bound to have installed all kinds of formations and mechanisms in his base so as to prevent us from assaulting him while his guard is down. If you were to head over recklessly and get caught in one of his traps, there's no way that we will be able to save you…" Vice Principal Ji Yan added.

"Don't worry, I have my means. Besides, I will just be taking a look. I will only grab the Grand Intermittence Grass if I spot an opening, or else, I will return straightaway. Rest assured, I am not so foolish as to challenge the Skyleaf King head on…" Zhang Xuan said.

"This…" The crowd glanced at one another hesitantly. Wu shi opened his mouth once more to dissuade Zhang Xuan from the matter, but before he could speak, Zhang Xuan had already interjected, "Don't worry. Even if I am captured by the Skyleaf King, I do have some means of my own to escape from him!"

"... Alright then." Seeing how confident Zhang Xuan was, Wu shi eventually relented.


"Alright, I will be heading out first then…"

After Vice Principal Ji Yan pointed out the directions, Zhang Xuan left the room with a reassuring smile, and after making a few turns, he disappeared from everyone else's eyes.

"This... Wu shi, it's too reckless to have him go on his own. He can't possibly deal with the Skyleaf King himself!" Vice Principal Tan Qing couldn't help but speak up worriedly.

He didn't want others to lose their life in the midst of saving him.

Vice Principal Ji Yan also shared the same thoughts as well, and he couldn't help but pace around the room anxiously.

"Well, I do think that it's a little reckless as well, but... if you were to know about Principal Zhang's accomplishments in his battles with the Otherworldly Demons, you will probably think that he just might succeed as well!" Knowing that they would respond in such a manner, Wu shi replied.

"Accomplishments? What accomplishments?" The duo looked at him curiously.

"Since you have been together with the Skyleaf King for so long, I believe that you should have heard of the Ten Great Kings of the Qingtian Lineage, right?" Wu shi asked.

"Of course. They are said to be experts on par with the Skyleaf King. Every single one of them wield incredible strength that could easily devastate any Tier-1 Empire. They are truly frightening existences!" Vice Principal Ji Yan nodded.

"Indeed. Most of them possess strength on par with me, some superior even. But singlehandedly, Principal Zhang…"

At this point, a helpless look appeared on Wu shi's face as he continued.

"... managed to slaughter the other nine of them!"



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