Chapter 1100: I Really Want To Keep a Low Profile!
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"Our guild has come to life?" Guild Leader Ruan was taken aback.

The other two vice guild leaders were also perplexed as to what they were hearing.

"Yes! For some reason, our guild building suddenly stood up from the ground and ran away!" the elder cried anxiously.


Before the elder could finish her words, the ground suddenly shook once more. Shortly after, outside the window, the top of the guild building, which bore some resemblance to the neck of a crane, suddenly leaned downward. The two windows at the very top seemed to serve as its eyes, as it assessed its surroundings curiously.

The many floors of the tower seemed to have become its body, and they shook non-stop, seemingly readying itself to take a step forward.

"This... the entire guild building has been enchanted with a spirit?" Guild Leader Ruan gulped down a mouthful of saliva and nearly cried.

Despite the unique design of their guild building, it was just an ordinary building and not an artifact. Given so, there should have been no way to enchant a spirit int it... How in the world did the fellow manage to accomplish it?

This was truly bad. Now that their guild building had a spirit, it seemed like it was about to run away at any moment...

If it were to really run away, how was she going to face the preceding guild leaders of the Spirit Awakener Guild...

"I heard that an elder of our guild has spent more than a hundred years to single handedly forge the support structure of our guild building. According to the rumors, it's said that the support structure has reached the level of a Spirit-tier artifact. Could it be that... he has succeeded in enchanting the support system?" At this moment, Vice Guild Leader Chen suddenly recalled something and asked.

The unique architecture of the Spirit Awakener Guild was in truth the effort of a single elder many years ago. It was said that she had forged the supporting structure using the same methods which one would use to craft weapons in order to grant it the enhanced durability and resilience it required... Perhaps that was the real reason why the enchantment succeeded.


Considering the sheer size of the supporting structure, just how huge of a spirit would one have to enchant into it in order to bring it to life?

"Regardless of how he did it, we have to stop him. Otherwise, where will we go if the guild building were to escape?" Guild Leader Ruan said anxiously.

This wasn't the time for them to be thinking how it was done—their guild building was already on the verge of escaping! Putting aside that they would lose their place of dwelling, more importantly, the Spirit Awakener Guild would becoming a laughingstock for the entire city once that were to happen!

Thus, the trio rushed out of the room and headed towards the library. Before they could arrive at their destination, they suddenly saw a young man walking over with a confused look on his face. The young man also caught sight of them, and he immediately walked up to them.

"Vice Guild Leader Xu, what is going on? Why is your guild building moving about?" Zhang Xuan asked in bewilderment.

The Spirit Awakener Guild sure was eccentric. He was still sitting in the library when the entire guild suddenly rose from the ground, seemingly ready to run off... Where did their civility go?

If such a huge building were to run through the crowded streets of Qingyuan City, many would be injured!

Besides, even if no one was harmed, it would bound to cause great damage throughout the city pavement and the nearby buildings as well.

"You still dare to speak about it…" Hearing Zhang Xuan's words, the trio nearly spurted blood.

Do you really have no idea what you have just done?

You were the one who enchanted it, so how can you shamelessly shirk responsibility now that it's on the verge of running away...

Also... what's that expression of yours?

"Did you enchant a black pillar earlier?" Suppressing her urge to blow up, Vice Guild Leader Xu asked with forced composure.

"I did." Zhang Xuan nodded.

Barely after he succeeded in enchanting the black pillar, the entire building suddenly began moving. Thus, he could only rush out before examining what he had enchanted and whether he had truly succeeded or not.

"Regarding that... the black pillar is the supporting structure of the guild building. Thus, when you enchanted it, the entire guild came to life…" Vice Guild Leader Xu explained through gritted teeth.

"Ah…" Zhang Xuan's lips twitched.

He was still wondering why the Spirit Awakener Guild was so inconsiderate as to make its building move around in the middle of the city... But it seemed like he was actually the true culprit...

While others were enchanting weapons and souls, he actually enchanted an entire guild...

"Since you were the one who enchanted it, the guild building should be filled with gratitude towards you. I beg of you, get it to stop. If it were to get away, it would surely surely cause a huge commotion... Our Spirit Awakener Guild would be in deep trouble then…" Seeing that Zhang Xuan had finally understood what was going on, Guild Leader Ruan urged.

"Alright…" Not expecting that he would unintentionally land others into trouble just by taking the 7-star spirit awakener examination, Zhang Xuan's face reddened in embarrassment. He quickly followed the trio out of the guild building.

Flying in the air, he looked at the massive building before him.

The building was extremely tall, almost reaching a hundred meters high. Its slender neck was swinging wildly in the air, reminiscent of a crane.

By this moment, everyone within the Spirit Awakener Guild had already evacuated from the building, and they were staring at that 'living' behemoth before them with flabbergasted looks.

"This... How do I get it to stop?" Seeing how the massive figure was preparing to sprint away as fast as it could, Zhang Xuan's mouth twitched. He quickly turned to Vice Guild Leader Xu and asked.

"I don't know either. You can try asking it, it should listen to you…" Guild Leader Ruan replied.

"Listen to me?" Zhang Xuan turned his gaze back to the massive figure before him with a doubtful look. In that moment, the Spirit Awakener Guild seemed to have caught sight of him, and it excitedly cuddled up to him with its thick neck.

"..." Zhang Xuan was stunned.

It seemed like his plan to keeping a low profile had backfired.

Before such a huge crowd, a guild's base of operation was cuddling up to him, as if an obedient pet fawning on its master...

Honestly, all I wanted to do is to keep a low profile and not cause any trouble...

Dark lines streaked across Zhang Xuan's face. Helpless, he could only reach out to stroke the other party's neck and say, "Alright, you should stay here obediently. Try not to move around if there's no need to do so…"


Hearing those words, the massive building swiftly stopped its movements and obediently planted itself back onto the ground.

"Alright, it's done…" Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. He quickly turned back to look at Guild Leader Ruan and the others, only to see them staring at him as if he was some kind of terrifying monster.

"Cough cough. This gongzi over here, please follow me back in. I'll pass your spirit awakener emblem to you. At the same time, our guild wish to discuss the matter of taming the guild building with you... As long as you can transfer the ownership of the guild building to us somehow, we are willing to reward you handsomely!" Seeing as more and more people were gathering in the area, Guild Leader Ruan knew that this wasn't the place to discuss matters, so she gestured Zhang Xuan back into the guild building.

No matter what, this building was the base of operation for their Spirit Awakener Guild. It was one thing while it was dead, but now that it had come to life, the least they could do was to claim ownership of their own building. Otherwise, if their building were to suddenly riot on them and escape, how embarrassing it would be for them?

"Alright." Zhang Xuan knew that he was at fault for this matter, and he also wasn't willing to continue serving as a public exhibit by remaining in the area. Thus, he followed the trio back into the guild building.


While Zhang Xuan was busy learning the art of spirit enchantment in the Spirit Awakener Guild, something was happening in the Combat Master Hall. A large group of combat masters had discussed together with one another to discuss how they should deal with the academy that they were going to hold an exchange with.

Xiao Qin was a Thousand Men Commander from the Martial Arts Division of the Combat Master Ten Divisions. Highly talented and driven, he was also known as his peers as Lunatic Xiao for his crazed passion for cultivation.

He had always regarded his identity as a combat master as his pride and honor. But recently, news regarding Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy kept echoing in his ears no matter where he went, and it had left him deeply displeased.

Just when did they, combat masters, had been lowered to the point where they had to conduct an exchange with an ordinary Master Teacher Academy?

The more he thought about it, the more furious he felt.

Unable to stand it any longer, he called his companion over and asked, "Is that Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy really as powerful as you all describe it out to be? No matter what, we, combat masters, are a gathering of top-notch geniuses chosen sieved out amongst the master teachers. Every single one of us wield strength that could easily rival those of higher cultivation realm than us. No matter how powerful their Xuanxuan Faction may be, it isn't possible for all of them to be on par with us. If that's truly the case, there would be no purpose in continuing the Combat Master Selection!"

"I share the same thoughts as well. But I believe you should have seen the reports sent back by Zhuo Qingfeng and the others too. I know Zhuo Qingfeng quite well, and he isn't one to spout nonsense on such matters!"

"I know that he won't spout nonsense, but I still find the matter hard to believe. Wait, those from the Xuanxuan Faction have just arrived in their accommodations, right? Why don't we take a look?"

"Now? Isn't the exchange three days later?"

"Yes, but it would be good for us to take a look in advance so as to gauge the strength of our opponents. This way, we will be able to dominate the exchange…"

"Sounds good. However, we must make sure that our hall master doesn't learn of this matter!"

"That's a given. Rest assured, we'll be heading there discreetly in plainclothes…"


All along, it had been their Combat Master Hall which had been conducting all kind of selection exercises to absorb the talents from the various organizations all over Qingyuan Empire. Yet, to think that a day would come where an ordinary Master Teacher Academy would knock on their door and have an exchange with them. In truth, Xiao Qin wasn't the only one who felt insulted by this matter. There were plenty of combat masters who felt that the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy was beneath them as well.

Thus, when the other combat masters learned of Xiao Qin's plan, they also wanted to tag along so as to see whether the rumors they had heard were exaggerations.

"Alright, let's go!"

Switching to their leisure clothes, the crowd began making their way over to the manor where the crowd from the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy were currently residing in.

Not too long later, they encountered another group of plainclothes combat master.

"Combat Master Sun... You are all intending to cause those of the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy some trouble as well?" Xiao Qin was slightly startled by the sudden appearance of the other group.

"Cause them some trouble? Of course not! We are just going there to see whether they are qualified to cross blows with us…" Combat Master Sun replied with a smile.

Seeing that their goals aligned with one another, the two groups decided to converge and proceed forward together. But after turning at a bend in the street, they met some familiar faces again.

"Combat Master Tan, you all…"

"Ah... We were just planning to pay our friends from the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy a visit so as to see if the accommodation is to their liking…"


The manor wasn't too far away from the Combat Master Hall, but in the ten minutes journey, Xiao Qin met with eight waves of combat masters. All in all, there were at least several hundred of them.

"It seems like there are many who share the same thoughts as us!" Seeing how so many combat masters shared the same view as him, Xiao Qin nodded in satisfaction.

While the exchange was indeed set at three days from now, there was no particular rule stopping them from dropping by and greeting their guests!

"Guys, the other party will surely figure out that we are from the Combat Master Hall if we were to drop by just like that. How about we do this instead? For the time being, the rest of you will wait at the teahouse outside while I head over to try out their skills. Once I'm done, I'll come back to report to you all…"

As they were about to reach the manor, Xiao Qin called for the entire party to stop before saying.

It was fine for them to interact with those of the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy, but if so many combat masters were to drop by at once, they could be cast under the suspicion of being hostile to their guests.

"Alright, we will wait here for you then. Return quickly, don't keep us waiting for too long…"

Xiao Qin's suggestion sounded reasonable to the party, so it didn't take long before he was able to receive the approval of the majority.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Xiao Qin made his way over to the manor.

The manor was one of the properties of the Combat Master Hall, so Xiao Qin was able to maneuver his way through it easily. Before long, he saw a group of Hongyuan students cultivating in a vast courtyard.

"This friend over here, may I know who you are looking for? Perhaps I might be of some help to you." Before Xiao Qin could get far, a smiling young man suddenly walked up to him and asked.

"I am Xiao Qin. I wish to meet the leader of your Xuanxuan Faction." Xiao Qing clasped his fist and responded.

"I am Jun Ruohuan, and I can be considered as one of the leaders in the Xuanxuan Faction. May I know how may I help you?" Ruohuan gongzi asked.

"I heard that the students of the Xuanxuan Faction possesses exceptional fighting prowess, so I couldn't resist coming over to try out your skills…" Xiao Qin replied.

"I see. That won't be a problem, I can have it arranged for you." Hearing that the other party wanted to try out their skills, Ruohuan gongzi could already roughly fathom a guess what was going on.

Thus, he beckoned with his hand and 'huala!', several thousand people appeared around them.

"Here you go. They are all members of our Xuanxuan Faction. So, what kind of duel are you interested in? Feel free to state any request you have…"



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