Chapter 1104: Even The Division Heads Have Jumped Ships
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"Our combat masters have been taken in by the Xuanxuan Faction?"

"What do you mean?"

The crowd frowned. Even Hall Master Xing had a bewildered look on his face.

"The two hundred combat masters who went to challenge the students of the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy have all joined the Xuanxuan Faction…" Division Head Zhen Ying uttered in a daze.

"They have all joined the Xuanxuan Faction?"

Everyone was dumbfounded for a moment before those words could finally be processed in their minds. A stabbing pain struck their chests, leaving them unable to catch their breath.

Hall Master Xing even nearly stumbled and fell out of his chair.

It was just a moment ago that he confidently claimed that the Combat Master Hall would be able to make use of this opportunity to bring in some new blood and bolster their forces. And yet, before they could even manage to poach the other party's students, they ended up losing their men instead...

What the heck was this!

"Preposterous, this is preposterous! A bunch of combat masters actually joined a rural organization... Tell them to return back to the Combat Master Hall this instant, or else I shall have their names erased from the records!" one of the division heads stood up and bellowed furiously.

All along, the Combat Master Hall had always been the one selecting men from other organizations. Never once had anyone managed to poach their men before.

"But would it be inappropriate for us to do so? Our Combat Master Hall has no rules that prevents our members from joining other organizations, and we don't have the right to restrict them from learning the other occupations, either…" Another division head raised an objection.

While the Combat Master Hall was a little more rigid than the Master Teacher Pavilion, it wasn't governed by too many rules either. Combat masters were still granted a considerable degree of freedom, so to threaten them seemed to be going a little overboard...

"There are no rules in the Combat Master Hall that hinders them from joining other organizations, but if all combat masters were to do so, what would become of our Combat Master Hall? If everyone were to fool around like that, who will stand up to protect mankind when disaster strikes? We need to sever the problem at the root before it gets out of hand!"

"Indeed! There mustn't be a precedent for such a matter, or else, what would become of the pride and dignity of our Combat Master Hall?"

Two of the division heads harrumphed.

The crowd fell silent.

Those words did make some sense.

The Combat Master Hall had no explicit rule that prevented its members from joining other organizations, and all along, there had been no need for there to be such a rule, either. Most combat masters were highly devoted to their training, so very few of them had any time to join other organizations.

However, it was a different matter this time around. Two hundred combat masters were intending to join another organization together, and this could potentially pose to be a problem. If combat masters were to start segregating themselves by their affiliations, it would affect the camaraderie and morale of the Combat Master Hall.

As such, precedence mustn't be allowed!

If their members were no longer united, how were they supposed to defend mankind from its threats?

There were simply too many empires that had fallen to factional rivalry, and an organization that stood at the frontlines to protect mankind from threats, the Combat Master Hall couldn't afford to risk such a thing happening!

"Alright, I'll inform them right now…" Division Head Zhen Ying hesitated for a moment before nodding. He tapped his finger on the Communication Jade Token and sent a message over.


A few moments later, new words emerged on Division Head Zhen Ying's Communication Jade Token, and after browsing through it swiftly, he staggered and nearly fell to the ground.

"What's wrong?"

Taking Division Head Zhen Ying's reaction into sight, the crowd couldn't help but ask anxiously.

The head of the Martial Arts Division had always been as a composed individual, so why did he seem so edgy today?

Just what kind of news was it that would leave him so deeply jolted?

"My subordinate has just relayed the commands to Xiao Qin and the others... and the response he received was that if the Combat Master Hall were to force them to back out from the Xuanxuan Faction, they would rather renounce their identities as combat masters…" With twitching lips, Division Head Zhen Ying revealed the news he had just received.

"They would renounce their identities as combat masters?"

"How is that possible? They have just barely come into contact with the Xuanxuan Faction, and they are already so deeply loyal to them? Just what kind of charm does Zhang Xuan possess for them to act in such a manner?"

A huge commotion broke out within the room. The others didn't take the news any better than Division Head Zhen Ying.

Becoming a combat master was something which countless cultivators dream of every single day. It was an honor, as well as a calling... Those bunch of rascals had only come into contact with the Xuanxuan Faction once, and yet, they were already willing to go to the extent of renouncing their identities as combat masters just to join them?

"Just what kind of spell did that Zhang Xuan cast over them? This won't do... I must teach those arrogant fellows a lesson!" an elder roared furiously as he stood up.

The head of the Fist Division, Chen Zhuqing!

He was the most hot-headed individual amongst the Ten Division Heads, so he was the first to lose his temper upon hearing that his subordinate had been beguiled and poached by a measly little organization from a vassal Tier-1 Empire.

"I'll go with you!" Another elder stood up as well.

The head of the Footwork Division, Lu Wangqiu!

Lu Wangqiu was a good friend of Chen Zhuqing's, and he knew about the latter's fiery temper. Thus, he felt that it would be best for him to tag along so as to defuse the situation if required to.

Besides, even though he was much more rational than Chen Zhuqing, he shared the same thoughts as the latter, so he wanted to see what was going on too.

"If possible, try to avoid any conflicts. Zhang Xuan might only be the principal of a Tier-1 Master Teacher Academy, but he has close ties with Wu shi and the others from the Master Teacher Pavilion. More importantly, he's Zheng Yang's teacher... It would suffice to teach him a lesson so that he understands that the Combat Master Hall isn't to be trifled with, there's no need to make this matter bigger than it is!" Hall Master Xing instructed.

As fellow master teachers, there was no need for them to fall out with one another. Such a thing wouldn't benefit either of them.

Not to mention, Zhang Xuan was even the teacher of that incredible genius, Zheng Yang!

Zheng Yang was a rare genius that emerged only once every few millennium, so there was a very good chance that he could clear the examination and become their Progeny of Combat. If that were to happen, as Zheng Yang's teacher, Zhang Xuan's standing would soar beyond measure as well. Thus, it was best to avoid offending him, or else it could turn out bad for them in the future.

While Zhuo Qingfeng and the others had reported Zhang Xuan to be an extraordinary genius as well, the information which the Combat Master Hall had regarding the latter's capability was severely limited as the latter rarely made a move. As such, they didn't think that Zhang Xuan would be more formidable than Zheng Yang.

Even though Zhang Xuan was Zheng Yang's teacher, it didn't necessarily mean that Zhang Xuan would be more talented than Zheng Yang. After all, the main job of a teacher lay in clarifying doubts and guiding the students towards the right path. It wasn't too rare to see students surpassing their teachers.

"Rest assured, Hall Master Xing."

"We know what we to do!"

The two hall masters replied before leaving the room.

Their departure left the room plunging into silence.

At this point, the group was still unable to overcome the fact that the infallible Combat Master Hall was actually outdone by a rural organization... This was something unthinkable to them.

"Actually, this isn't necessarily bad for us. Our Combat Master Hall has been in a lofty position for too long, so this might be a good opportunity to dispel the complacency amongst our members…" Noting the low morale in the room, Hall Master Xing consoled with a smile.


The crowd nodded.

Indeed. The Combat Master Hall was too used to being in a higher position than others, and this matter could make their members understand that even the Combat Master Hall wasn't infallible.

"Division Head Chen is a little hot-headed, but with the rational Division Head Lu with him, nothing bad should occur... We should make sure to question those rascals thoroughly when they return so as to find out why they would rather renounce their identities as combat masters just so that they could join the Xuanxuan Faction!"

"There would be nothing for us to say if the combat masters have chosen to stay in the Xuanxuan Faction by its own merit, but if the Xuanxuan Faction has resorted to bribery and beguilement... Hmph, we will have to report it to the Master Teacher Pavilion and have them deal with those black sheeps!"

"To attempt to poach our members, that Zhang Xuan sure is brazen!"


The various division heads and elders harrumphed with wintry faces.

While the others were still discussing the matter, Division Head Zhen Ying took out his Communication Jade Token and said, "The both of them have already arrived at the manor, and they are currently in the midst of communicating with the members of the Xuanxuan Faction…"

Division Head Chen had sent a message over to report their progress.

"Tell Division Head Chen to bring those rascals over here right after he's done. I wish to question them personally to find out what happened!" Hall Master Xing said.

"Alright!" Division Head Zhen Ying nodded as he raised his Communication Jade Token to write on it. In that moment, a burst of light suddenly flashed from his Communication Jade Token, and a line of words surfaced on it.

Division Head Zhen Ying lowered his gaze to take a look at the newly-arrived message, and with just a look, his body stiffened for the third time.

"You... What has happened this time around? It can't be that the other members still refuse to return even though two division heads have headed there personally to pick them up?" Hall Master Xing asked coldly as an air of hostility emanated from him.

For the Xuanxuan Faction to refuse to release their men even when they had already dispatched two of their division heads, weren't they looking down on them a little too much?

"That's not it…" Division Head Zhen Ying quickly shook his head. With utter disbelief and shock reflected in his eyes, he mumbled with quivering lips, "It seems like Division Head Chen and Division Head Lu... have joined the Xuanxuan Faction as well! They said that they won't be returning to the Combat Master Hall for the time being…"


"What did you say?"

"The both of them... have joined Xuanxuan Faction as well?"

The crowd was frenzied by what they had just learned.

Those who went to the Xuanxuan Faction to challenge them ended up joining them, and those who went to retrieve their missing members also decided to jump ships... Just what kind of sorcery did the Xuanxuan Faction possess for those who headed there to be unwilling to return?

"Are you certain?" Hall Master Xing's body was trembling uncontrollably. Completely overwhelmed by the situation, he didn't even realize that he had tugged away a huge chunk of his beard.

He knew Division Head Chen and Division Head Lu very well. The both of them would never condone such matters, which was also why the both of them had volunteered themselves to head over there in the first time. So... how in the world did they end up joining the Xuanxuan Faction?


The other elders and division heads glanced at one another at a loss.

"Everyone, follow me over to the manor. I want to see with my own eyes just what kind of charm has that Zhang Xuan cast over our combat masters!" After a moment of tense silence, Hall Master Xing rose to his feet and flung his sleeves furiously.

"Yes, Hall Master Xing!"

The others nodded in agreement.

To be honest, they were also perplexed as to why even the two division heads would choose to remain at the Xuanxuan Faction. Was the Xuanxuan Faction really that great?

Leaving the hall, it didn't take long for them to be standing in the aerial space above the manor.

"Look, they are all below…"

Beneath their feet, they spotted Division Head Chen and Division Head Lu standing amidst a huge crowd.

"Who of them is Zhang Xuan?" one of the division heads asked.

"Zhuo Qingfeng has passed a painting of him to me, and it doesn't seem like he's amidst the crowd…" Hall Master Xing shook his head.

He had scanned the entire surroundings with his Spiritual Perception right after he arrived at the area, but there wasn't anyone which fitted Zhang Xuan's description.

The situation was a little bewildering to him. If Zhang Xuan wasn't around, why did the combat masters choose to stay in the Xuanxuan Faction on their own accord?

"Don't head down first. Let's watch what they are up to before we decide on what to do…" Hall Master Xing raised his hand to stop the others from making a move before focusing his senses on perceiving what was happening below.

With his sharpened hearing, he could hear the voice of a male sounding below, "Little Chen, your fist art is actually not too bad. The main reason why you aren't able to defeat me is because your mind is plagued by too many miscellaneous thoughts. Fist art requires one to converge their mind, spirit, and psyche into a single point before bursting forth. In your current state, there's no way you will be a match for me!"

"Little Chen?"

The others also heard those words, and they glanced at one another with twitching lips.

It was one thing for a seventeen-year-old fellow to be talking to Division Head Chen with a lecturing tone, but to call him Little Chen on top of that...

"It'll be easier for you to comprehend it through a demonstration. Alright, suppress your cultivation to Nascent Saint pinnacle for a moment, I'll give you an example of what a decent punch should be like!" the young man said.

"Alright!" Nodding, Division Head Chen suppressed his cultivation to Nascent Saint pinnacle. After which, he raised his fist, and an incredible aura burst forth from him.

"That is... Division Head Chen's strongest fist art, Ravaging Dragon In the Wild?"

"That young man is going to suffer badly!"

Seeing that Division Head Chen was going to use his famed move, the faces of the combat masters tensed.


Two fists collided together, causing a powerful shockwave to ripple in the surroundings.


In the next instant, Division Head Chen was sent flying.

"Cough cough. I failed to hold myself back yet again, pardon me…" the young man scratched his head helplessly.

"..." The crowd.



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