Chapter 1108: Pummeling the Guild
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As fearsome as the secret art was, it had its limits, too. It was best to execute it within a distance of three hundred meters so as to ensure its effectiveness.

As Primordial Spirit realm experts, they were able to conceal their aura and hide their presence easily. In the blink of an eye, they had already made their way over to another alley not too far away from the Spirit Awakener Guild without catching anyone's attention.

After swiftly assessing the distance, Cang Xu noted that it was precisely three hundred meters, and he heaved a sigh of relief. He looked at Zhang Xuan in the sky with narrowed eyes as he said menacingly, "Let's do it here!"

"Alright!" Dao Kou nodded as he warily scanned the surroundings.

Cang Xu would be in a vulnerable state while he was executing the secret art. He would not be able to move, so someone had to protect him during that period.

As Cang Xu took a seat on the ground, he drove his zhenqi furiously. Blood suddenly began seeping from the crimson scar on his glabella, producing a hair-raising sight.


A sinister killing intent slowly drifted from his glabella. Something that was reminiscent of a Primordial Spirit floated above his head, and it slowly morphed into the shape of a mini altar.

The mini altar had a peculiar form unlike any other. If Zhang Xuan had witnessed this scene, he would have immediately recognized the altar as identical to the one that he had snatched from the Jadeleaf King, except for the fact that it was much smaller.

Upon seeing the appearance of the altar, Dao Kou heaved a sigh of relief.

As mystical as his brother's secret art sounded, it was rather simple in theory. It involved using the cultivator's Primordial Spirit as a medium to draw in the target's soul. Once this happened, the target, being deprived of their soul, would die unknowingly. It was troublesome to execute, but its value lay in how discreet it was. Even a 7-star pinnacle master teacher might not notice the attack even if it was happening right before his eyes!


As Cang Xu drove his zhenqi, light shone from the altar, and a bizarre-looking figure emerged from it. The bizarre-looking figure made some peculiar movements similar to an awkward tribal dance to summon Zhang Xuan's soul.

Soft mutterings reminiscent of dream talk echoed in the air as a slight glow radiated from the altar. The slight glow, invisible to the eyes of others, slowly crept up and gathered around Zhang Xuan's body, shrouding him entirely in it.

Got him!

Sensing that the other party's soul was within his grasp, Cang Xu smiled in excitement. He quickly used his Primordial Spirit to drag Zhang Xuan's soul toward the altar.

How can it be so heavy?

A tug, and Cang Xu knew that something was amiss. For some reason, the other party's soul felt as heavy as a mountain. Despite his tug, it was not budging in the least!

In this moment, he felt like a cricket trying to fell a tree.

Cang Xu was perplexed. What is going on?

With his strength as a Primordial Spirit pinnacle cultivator, even if he assaulted an expert of the same cultivation realm as him, he would still be able to easily drag the other party's soul toward him. Yet, how could the soul of that Saint 1-dan young man possibly be so heavy?

I don't believe that I won't be able to pull him over.

Narrowing his eyes, Cang Xu harrumphed coldly within as he tugged with even greater force.

While Cang Xu was straining himself over there, Zhang Xuan was currently communicating with the spirit of the guild building.

"Be a good boy and seal the contract with that nice auntie over there…" Zhang Xuan communicated his thoughts over to the spirit of the guild building.


Upon hearing those words, the spirit of the guild building suddenly rippled anxiously, seemingly expressing its opposition to the notion.

It was the young man before it who had awoken its spirit, so naturally, it was only willing to submit to him. It was deeply reluctant to be contracted to another being other than him.


Just as Zhang Xuan was about to continue persuading the spirit of the guild building, he suddenly felt a light yank on his soul. The sensation… felt a little similar to being bitten by a mosquito or being tugged by a little child. He instinctively retaliated by pulling back on whatever was tugging on his soul, but before he could process what it was, the guild building before him suddenly leaped up furiously.


Due to the sheer size of the guild building, it was able to cover several hundred meters within a single leap. A resounding squish sounded beneath where it landed, and following shortly after was a shriek of agony similar to the sound of a pig being butchered.

" Brother! "

For some reason, Zhang Xuan found that shriek peculiarly familiar. Lowering his gaze, he saw Dao Kou, the man whom he had sent flying some time before, staring at the ground before him with a look of horror.

And in front of him, an old man was crushed into a meat patty under the sheer weight of the guild building.

While conducting the soul attack on Zhang Xuan, Cang Xu had been unable to move his body at all. Despite all the precautions he had prepared beforehand, he had never thought that the massive guild building would be able to move so energetically, and he ended up being crushed to death before he could even react.

No one would have thought that the Sky Bearing Bandit Cang Xu, who had the entire Northern Meadows trembling in fear at his name, would end up dying at the hands of a building.

"It really ended up trampling someone to death…" Zhang Xuan's lips twitched as he watched his worst nightmare come to be.

Previously, he had been thinking that if the guild building ran amok, someone would eventually be hurt. To think that it actually happened…

Looking downward at the crying Dao Kou, he could not help but feel deeply apologetically.

It was just a moment ago that he had beaten the other party up, and now, the guild building that he had awoken ended up crushing the other party's brother into a lump of meat. This fellow sure was unlucky!

Swiftly flying downward, Zhang Xuan sighed deeply and said, "My condolences. Rest assured, I'll teach this guild building a lesson!"

"You bastard, I'll kill you!"

However, for some reason, Dao Kou only seemed to become even more incensed upon hearing Zhang Xuan's consolation. With eyes reddened in anger, he roared furiously and charged forward.

In his view, Zhang Xuan was the culprit who severely injured him and killed his brother, and his words appeared to be mocking him. Hatred clouded his mind, and he felt as if he would never be able to vent his anger unless he ripped the bastard in front of him into pieces.


Before Dao Kou reached Zhang Xuan, an intense gust of wind tore through the area, and in the next moment, a massive figure suddenly came crashing down.


Crushed under the guild, Dao Kou was flattened like a pancake, just like Cang Xu.

"You…" Zhang Xuan's eyebrows shot up in fury.

Building, you are too much!

How can you blatantly murder others right before my eyes? Do you think I'm blind? Unforgivable!

Angered, Zhang Xuan flew up to face the guild building before raising his palm.

Hong long!

A massive palm print formed of zhenqi gathered before him before bursting forth toward the guild building.

In face of Zhang Xuan's wrath, the guild building whimpered indignantly, not daring to move in the slightest.

Hu hu!

Hall Master Xing and Division Head Liao were making their way over to the Spirit Awakener Guild.

While travelling, Division Head Liao had sent a message over to his acquaintances at the Spirit Awakener Guild through a Communication Jade Token.

After reading the message that had just appeared on his Communication Jade Token, Division Head Liao informed Hall Master Xing with a troubled frown, "Guild Leader Ruan is currently in the guild, but… it seems like she's currently preoccupied with some matters at the moment. She might not be free to enchant your Primordial Spirit."

It was a necessary formality for the head of the Combat Master Hall to send a notice before visiting the Spirit Awakener Guild. Otherwise, if there was no one there to receive him, it would not look good on Hall Master Xing's part either.

"Preoccupied?" Hall Master Xing frowned. "Tell her that I'm willing to pay any price as long as she agrees to help me!"

The matter concerning the Xuanxuan Faction was extremely urgent. He had to resolve it as soon as possible, or he would be risking the utter disgrace of the Combat Master Hall. In order to prevent that, Hall Master Xing was willing to pay any price he needed to.

"Alright, I'll relay your words to her!" Division Head Liao swiped his finger on the Communication Jade Token, and a moment later, he frowned. "She says that… she really has urgent matters to attend to, and she won't be able help you today!"

"What about the other two vice guild heads?" Hall Master Xing asked.

"It seems like they are also with her," Division Guild Liao replied.

"With her? What in the world are they up to?" Hall Master Xing flung his sleeves. "Tell them that our Combat Master Hall is willing to settle any problem they are facing as long as they are willing to nourish my Primordial Spirit!"

"Alright, I'll try asking…" Knowing that this matter was of grave importance, Division Head Liao nodded and sent another message. A moment later, the Communication Jade Token in his palm glowed, and a line of words emerged.

Upon seeing what was written on it, Division Head Liao's body stiffened, and he nearly fell from the sky.

Hall Master Xing frowned. "What's wrong?"

"They said… They said…" the usually-composed Division Head Liao stuttered.

"They said that they are currently in the midst of watching someone pummel their guild!"



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