Chapter 1134: Who Is the Opponent Whom I Need to Defeat?
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Hall Master Xing and the others felt as if they were on the brink of insanity.

We saw you kicking the Chrysoprase Soul Beast in its face with our own eyes; you nearly killed it with that blow. And yet, you are telling us that it made the first move?

Has anyone ever spouted such bullsh*t before?

Just how on earth did it offend you that you have to go so far against it?

Was there a need for a genius like you to get so serious against a beast?

Sighing deeply, Hall Master Xing explained, "Sun shi, if the Chrysoprase Soul Beast has offended you in any way, I beseech you to forgive it. The Combat Master Hall had to pay a hefty price before we managed to convince it to become the guardian of the Trial of Soul. If something happens to it, the operations of the Soul Division will be affected."

"Hu…" As Zhang Xuan had expected, the other party really did not believe his words. Knowing that it would not make a difference no matter how much he argued, he shook his head and said, "I understand. I'll help you treat it then."

Seeing that Sun shi did not hold any hostility toward the Chrysoprase Soul Beast, Hall Master Xing heaved a sigh of relief. "It's fine. Our Combat Master Hall has top-notch medicine to deal with injuries. I'll just get my men to bring some over."

"There's no need to waste good medicine for this. Allow me to treat it instead," Zhang Xuan said. "Don't worry, I am a physician too. I won't stoop so low as to harm my patient!"

"Ah, I nearly forgot that Sun shi is a formidable physician too!" Hall Master Xing came to a realization, and he burst into a hearty laughter.

The man before him was a formidable physician who could treat a poison that even Elder Qi was helpless before. With him treating the Chrysoprase Soul Beast, it should not be long before the latter was nursed to full health.

"Indeed, Sun shi's medicinal skills are nothing short of amazing. Considering that the Chrysoprase Soul Beast has only sustained physical wounds, it shouldn't be a problem for him." Elder Qi nodded. "It would be a pleasure to see Sun shi's medicinal skill in action…"

But as he said those words, his smile abruptly froze as his words came to a halt. Right before his eyes, he saw the young man walking up to the Chrysoprase Soul Beast and kicking it forcefully once more!


The Chrysoprase Soul Beast flew right into the sky once more.

"…" Elder Qi, Hall Master Xing, and Division Head Liao.

Didn't you say that you are a physician and you wouldn't stoop so low as to harm a patient?

Didn't you say that you are going to treat it?

Is there a physician in a world who treats their patient like that?

The trio nearly burst into tears.

Unable to stand it any longer, Hall Master Xing dashed forward and grabbed the hand of the young man before him and asked with a deep frown, "Sun shi, just what on earth do you want?"

If not for the fact that the other party was a benefactor to him and the Combat Master Hall, he would have definitely sent the other party flying with a slap at this very moment.


With his hand grabbed by Hall Master Xing, Zhang Xuan had no choice but to stop what he was doing. He turned around and faced Hall Master Xing with a peeved look on his face and said, "Hall Master Xing, I am in the midst of my treatment. Move aside!"

"Ah?" Hall Master Xing was slightly taken aback by Zhang Xuan's forceful words.

Before he could respond to those words, the Chrysoprase Soul Beast suddenly rose to its feet and walked up to Zhang Xuan before lowering its body subserviently. "Sun shi, Bro Sun, Grandpa Sun, won't you kick me a few more times? As long as you give me a few more good kicks, I'll even acknowledge you as my master!"

"…" Hall Master, Division Head Liao, and Elder Qi.

Hall Master Xing was afraid that the Chrysoprase Soul Beast would leave the Combat Master Hall out of rage from a conflict with Sun shi, and that was why he had rushed over as soon as possible to mediate between the both of them. Yet, who would have thought that the Chrysoprase Soul Beast would actually have an extraordinary interest in pain?

As long as he kicks you, you will even go as far to acknowledge him as your master?

The heck! When I recruited you over back then, you were so arrogant, as if you were the master of the world! Why are you so subservient now?

Are those who specialize in soul arts as perverted as you are?

Wait a moment, isn't this an opportunity as well? If I can get it to acknowledge me as its master, I won't need to worry about it leaving the Combat Master Hall anymore, right?

After pondering for a moment, Hall Master Xing walked up to the Chrysoprase Soul Beast and cleared his throat. "Ahem! Chrysoprase Soul Beast, why don't you acknowledge me as your master instead? I'll kick you whenever you desire it!"

"…" Chrysoprase Soul Beast.

"…" Zhang Xuan.

Ignoring the sudden eccentric words from Hall Master Xing, Zhang Xuan turned to the Chrysoprase Soul Beast and said, "By now, you should know that I am not a soul oracle, right?"

The Chrysoprase Soul Beast's lips twitched slightly as it quickly replied. "Erk… Of course you're not!"

If he were to say that the other party was a soul oracle once more, it might just be killed on the spot.

Hearing those words, Hall Master Xing turned to the duo and asked, "Soul oracle? What are the both of you talking about?"

"Due to my abnormally powerful soul, it thought that I was a soul oracle and made a move against me," Zhang Xuan explained.

"You suspected Sun shi of being a soul oracle?" Hall Master Xing turned to the Chrysoprase Soul Beast and shook his head. "You must be misunderstanding something here. Sun shi over here is a particularly formidable spirit awakener, and that's why his soul may appear to be abnormally powerful. In fact, he was the one who helped treat the huge rift in my Primordial Spirit!"

"He's a spirit awakener?" The Chrysoprase Soul Beast was stunned for a moment before awkwardness spread across its face.

Despite their differing field of specialties, spirit awakeners had a deep understanding of souls just like soul oracles. Otherwise, there was no way they would have been able to enchant weapons, nourish souls, and reinforce Primordial Spirits.

To think that he would actually suspect a spirit awakener of being a soul oracle and even make a move on the other party…

Seeing that the other party no longer doubted him, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. At this point, he could not help but recall a particularly intriguing piece of information he had heard from the other party, so he asked, "I remember that you said earlier that you have met a soul oracle, but didn't the soul oracles go extinct many years ago?"

For it to have witnessed the means of a soul oracle in person, could it be that there were other soul oracles who had survived the wrath of the master teachers?

"That's what I thought too. But a few decades ago, back when I was still traveling around the world, I encountered a soul oracle. He possessed exceptionally powerful means that allowed him to devour the souls of others to nourish his own. With my own eyes, I saw the soul of a good friend of mine being consumed, and I was nearly devoured myself. It is only due to my powerful soul that I was able to withstand his soul art and escape. This is also why I got particularly agitated when I saw you utilizing means reminiscent of a soul art and acted recklessly. Please do pardon me for that," the Chrysoprase Soul Beast said.

Hearing those words, Zhang Xuan frowned.

There was indeed a soul art that allowed one to devour the souls of others to nourish their own. However, that was an extremely depraved technique, so Zhang Xuan had opted not to learn it.

"Where did you encounter the soul oracle?" Zhang Xuan asked.

The Chrysoprase Soul Beast pondered for a brief moment before replying. "I encountered the soul oracle in the Marshlands of the Northern Meadows."

"The Marshlands of the Northern Meadows?" Zhang Xuan was startled.

Could it be related to Vicious?

Back then, when Cang Xu attempted to kill him back in the Trial of Inner Demons, he had used Soul Search on the other party and learned that Vicious had a body part hidden in the Marshlands of the Northern Meadows. For the Chrysoprase Soul Beast to say that he had encountered a soul oracle there… it seemed too much of a coincidence for the both matters to not be related to one another.

"There are soul oracles in the Marshlands of the Northern Meadows? Why have you never spoken of it before?" Hall Master Xing's face darkened.

The duty of the combat masters was not only in fending off the Otherworldly Demons but to protect mankind as well.

If a soul oracle capable of consuming souls appeared, it was their responsibility to defeat them.

"I intended to do so, but it's a pity that the Combat Master Hall has no one who stands a chance against him at all. If I had spoken of it, it would just have resulted in unneeded deaths of combat masters!" the Chrysoprase Soul Beast replied.

"This…" Hall Master Xing's face reddened.

Clearly, the Chrysoprase Soul Beast lacked confidence in the Combat Master Hall's strength.

"Hall Master Xing, there's no need for you to feel embarrassed by this. The means of the soul oracles are extremely difficult to deal with. Putting aside unprepared combat masters, it would be difficult for you to deal with the soul oracle even if you headed there personally." As the Chrysoprase Soul Beast spoke, hostility surfaced in its eyes. "In fact, I only chose to accept your invitation to the Soul Division back then in hopes of tempering your Combat Masters' souls and my own so as to exact vengeance for my good friend one day!"

Seeing its state, Hall Master Xing nodded in realization.

It was no wonder the Chrysoprase Soul Beast had never spoken about any further remuneration over these years. It seemed like its main purpose at the Soul Division was to avenge the friend whom it had lost to the soul oracle back then.

Zhang Xuan pondered for a moment before asking, "Can you explain the situation to me? If the other party is truly a soul oracle, I might be of some help!"

His soul cultivation had already hit a bottleneck due to lack of further soul cultivation techniques. Thus, it was about time for him to search for new ones, and this could very well be an opportunity for him. Besides, considering that this matter was likely related to Vicious, there was a need for him to head over there personally.

Hearing those words, the eyes of the Chrysoprase Soul Beast lit up. "Given that the strength of Sun shi's soul exceeds even mine, it would be great if you could help us defeat that soul oracle!"

Over the years, it had assessed many combat masters, but not a single one had been able to satisfy its demand. On the other hand, even though the person before it was still young, his soul was exceptionally powerful, such that even it was not a match for his soul. If the other party could help it in dealing with the soul oracle, they might be able to subdue him!

"My friend was a Verdant Cloak Beast, and his cultivation had reached Primordial Spirit realm, just like me. We heard that the Marshlands of the Northern Meadows had Afloat Soul Flowers, which are rumored to be able to enhance one's soul significantly upon consumption. Thus, we headed there together.

"However, before we could find the Afloat Soul Flowers, we met that soul oracle and ended up fighting him. He was unable to match the both of us, so he turned around and fled. However, in the middle of the night, he assaulted us in his soul form, and with a bellow, he extracted my friend's soul from his body and captured it. I tried every single method at my disposal, but I was unable to retrieve my friend's soul from his grasp. Eventually, I could only watch with my eyes as he devoured my friend's soul whole.

"After that, he tried to capture my soul as well. However, fortunately, due to my powerful innate soul, I was able to withstand his soul art and flee. Otherwise, I would have lost my life there as well!"

Recalling the situation back then, the Chrysoprase Soul Beast could not help but feel a little frightened.

As a master of soul arts itself, it knew how frightening soul oracles were. Soul arts might have appeared to be relatively weaker in a direct battle, but due to their elusive nature, it was nearly impossible to guard against them. If a soul oracle put their mind to it, they could easily draw out the soul of another in the middle of their dreams.

"With just a bellow, he was able to draw out your friend's soul?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

There was no record of such a formidable soul art from the heritage he had obtained from Mo Hunsheng.

The Chrysoprase Soul Beast nodded. "Indeed. Just by calling out the name of my friend, the soul oracle was able to extract his soul. No matter how my friend retaliated or how I tried to save him, it didn't work at all."

Recalling the various means he possessed as well, Zhang Xuan nodded in agreement. "It's indeed difficult to guard against the means of a soul oracle…"

Just as he was about to continue speaking, Division Head Wei suddenly rushed into the room.

"Hall Master Xing, they are here!"

"They are here?" Hall Master Xing nodded. "Sun shi, let's discuss this matter later. The big trouble that I told you about previously is here."

"Great. I have been wanting to meet the man who dared provoke the Combat Master Hall. Don't worry, I will have his teeth knocked out for you!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

Following behind Hall Master Xing, they swiftly left the Soul Division, and before long, they arrived before a vast square.

Before they could enter the square, an excited exclaim suddenly sounded.

"Teacher, we have been looking all around for you!"

Turning around, Zhang Xuan saw Wang Ying and Zheng Yang rushing up to him.

Behind them, the many members of the Xuanxuan Faction were lined up neatly. Upon seeing Zhang Xuan, they immediately clasped their fists and greeted him. "Principal Zhang!"

"Un, you came at a good time. It happens that I'm about to clash with an expert, so it'd be good for you to watch carefully!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

He had been thinking of asking Hall Master Xing to allow the members of the Xuanxuan Faction to spectate the battle as well. After all, it would be a good learning opportunity for them. However, considering how gravely Hall Master Xing regarded the matter, it did not seem right for him to turn it into a spectacle for others.

But since the entire Xuanxuan Faction was already there, he was spared from the dilemma.

"You are going to clash with an expert? Who is it?" Wang Ying asked curiously.

"It's with… Wait a moment, let me ask first."

It was only at this moment that Zhang Xuan realized that he still did not know whom his opponent was. Thus, turning to face Hall Master Xing, he asked with a polite smile, "Hall Master Xing, may I know whom the big trouble is? Who is the opponent whom I need to defeat?"



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